Jade's Scion: Chapter 9 — Valin Rating: PG

Valin sits in the middle of the common area of the Big Eye, performing another futile attempt at finding his sister by using the Force. Every time he probes the Force, he either is slammed against a dark shroud, or is given strange, odd visions.

As he sits there on the floor, his eyes closed, deep within a meditation trance, the memory of the last vision once more floats to the top of his mind.

It is a green room, with lots of shadows, little lighting and a low roof, one which makes him feel claustrophobic. There are no chairs, no tables, just seven cylinders along the wall, three of which are filled with a vicious, rolling crimson fluid. So dark, it almost appears black.

He sees two men dragging in a woman with short brunette hair, wearing a StealthX flightsuit. She appears to be in her early thirties. A third figure walks over to her, and he can see her spit at him. He ignores the spittle, and pressing an injector to her neck, injecting her with something. Then the first two strip her of her flightsuit and place her into one of the cylinders, quickly closing it. That cylinder fills with red fluid, as the brunette screams and pounds against the transparisteel. He has the distinct impression that he should know her, that he does know her, yet who she is, refuses to come to his mind.

He continues to watch as the third figure dismisses the first two with a wave of his hand, and then picks up a second syringe. The figure pulls up the sleeve of his tunic, and presses the injector to the crook of his arm. As the fluid enters the figures arm, Valin can tell the process is not an easy one, and just before the figure can lift his face into the light, before the figure is able to show Valin his face, the vision abruptly ends.

Even the memory of that vision, is enough to jolt him out of his meditation trance.

Valin sighs as he gives up the attempt at meditation. Deciding to take a more logical approach in his hunt, he picks up his datapad and opens the file on Whitesun.

Height:1.73 meters
Birth Date:Unknown
Birth Planet:Unknown
Known Alias:N/A
Suspected Ship's Aliases:The Winter Belle, The Darklighter, Jade's Scion (suspected current), The Blood Princess, Allana's Tears (reported destroyed), The Thousand Hawks, Green Flame, The Blade of Light (reported destroyed), A Fosh's Dream, The Sun of the Sons, Lelila's Pride (reported destroyed)

Whitesun appeared on the smuggling scene approximately fifteen years ago. He had been working previously with the remnants of the Kardde Organization. It should be noted that he has never smuggled spice, or black membrosia, and former associates have expressed that he has a disdain for slavers. There are rumors that he slaughtered a band of Trandoshan Slavers preying on the Wookies. Various planetary security forces and Federation Intelligence have made numerous attempts at apprehending Whitesun, currently all have failed.

His current ship is reported to be a Horizon-class star yacht, but he has also been reported flying a Buado-class starship, a Correlian Engineering YT-1300, YT-2400, and YT-2500.

Frowning at how useless the data is, Valin presses a button looking at the list of all the places that Whitesun had been sighted.

Muttering a curse under his breath, Valin tosses the datapad back onto the table.

Standing, Valin walks to the cockpit and drops into the pilot's seat, staring out at the stars. Leaning back, he closes his eyes and wonders what he should do, where they should go.

He feels a gentle breeze across his face, and can smell something beside the smell of recycled air. It is a new fragrance, one that is clean and pure, like the smell of the water in the deep coves and springs on Yavin 4. It is a smell that reminds him of childhood, of playing, and or swimming with Anakin, Tahiri, and Sannah.

As he ponders it, he feels a slight poke to his forehead. He opens one eye, and is staring into one of Sannah's yellow ones. Pulling his head back slightly, he opens the other eye and sees the mischievous smile on her face. "You need to smile more."

Frowning, Valin is slightly confused. "Why do you say that?"

"I say that because your Force presence is bunched right there, right over your forehead." As she says that, she pokes him again with one of her fingers in the center of his forehead. "I'm guessing it's because you don't smile enough."

Valin is still confused. "Okay."

He watches her as she sits in the co-pilot's chair, humming softly to herself. Adding to his confusion, she notices his attention and she suddenly stuffs her hands into her robes and looks at him. "So, where are we going?"

Collapsing back into his chair, Valin turns his attention back to the stars. "I'm not entirely certain. We don't have a lot of information on him, and there doesn't appear to be a pattern to the runs he accepts. The file tells us that he won't take drug or slave runs, but beyond that there's nothing. We don't even know what planet he's from."

Valin turns his head to watch her, and notices that she is playing with a lock of her hair. "Well where do smugglers spend their time?"

"Nar Shadaa, Mos Eisley, the Smuggler's Run, and then little bolt holes throughout known and wild space."

"Well, maybe a smuggler at one of the places other smugglers stay around, would know how to find him."

"Great idea Sannah! Which shall we go to first?"

"Mos Eisley?"

Smiling for the first time in hours, Valin turns to Sannah and performs a half bow from his chair. "At milady's command."

And once more he wonders at why she suddenly shoves her hands into her robe sleeves.

Deciding the answers to that can wait for another day; he quickly plots a course for Tatooine. He gives power to the sublight engines, building speed, and as soon as the navicomputer chimes, he pulls back the levers launching them into hyperspace.

Valin sits there watching hyperspace for a moment as a profound sense of loneliness settles over him. He and his sister have been partners, and usually assigned together on missions for the past 15 years. Even though they have been separated like this for a few days, he still can feel the anger and loneliness.

He is startled out of his reverie by the soft feel of lips on his cheek, and then he hears Sannah's whispered voice, her breath warm against his ear. "It will be okay Valin."

By the time he turns to look at her, she is gone from the cockpit.

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