Jade's Scion: Chapter 7 — Jysella Rating: PG

"Okay Ben, I'm Jysella, well my mother used to be one, long before I was born. My mother and ..."

Jysella stops talking at her sudden confusion. It seems to her that there should be someone else that she knows who is a smuggler, yet as she searches her memory she comes up empty.

And for some reason, a stab of bitter pain fills her heart at that emptiness.

She works hard to keep the frown from her face as she starts talking again. "Yes, my Mother used to be one of the best. But when my dad became a full-time Jedi Knight she stopped the trade. To stay home and raise me and my brother, but when I was growing up, she would tell me stories of those times."

She can feel herself biting her lower lip again, trying to figure out where this feeling of disconnectedness had come from. Ben's sudden change of topic startles her. "So you still have not answered the question. Which shall you be? Prisoner, hostage, or guest?"

She looks into his eyes, and feels the intensity of his stare. She lowers her gaze. "Guest, I think I'll be your guest."

She can hear the happiness in his voice. "Perfect! Now as a good guest, that does mean you won't be trying to arrest me anymore right?"

She laughs lightly, and looks up into his eyes once more. "So tell me about yourself, Ben."

"What is there to know?"

"How exactly did you get into the smuggling business?"

She watches as a guarded look enters his eyes. "Well my mother and uncle were smugglers, and oddly enough, they both got married and got out of the business."

As he finishes talking his eyes dart off towards the wall, looking away from her for the first time in awhile. Jysella gets the impression that he doesn't like talking about his family.

"So as your guest, do you mind telling me where we're going?"

He turns back to her and gives her a mischievous smile. "Yes actually, I do. But I will let you sit in the cockpit with me when we come out of hyperspace."

She watches him as she continues to eat, slightly perplexed by everything about him.

As they finished their meal, a small alarm goes off, and Ben gets up and starts walking towards the cockpit. When he is about halfway there, he turns back towards Jysella, and with a smile on his face asks, "So you coming with me or not?"

"Of course."

Jysella stills feel her confusion at how Ben acts towards her. She was someone who, just a few hours ago, was trying to arrest him, yet he now acted as if they had known each other for years.

Yet for some reason, she feels that they had, though she can find no recollection of him at all in her memory.

She gets up from the table, and follows him into the cockpit. As she enters, she sees an R2 astromech plugged into the droid socket, which Ben pats on the head as he walks to the pilot's station. Without glancing over his shoulder, he calls out, "The little one there is Fiver; he's feisty but wont bite."

She looks warily at the droid. She knew her father and Master Skywalker talked to their droids as if they were sentient, but for some random smuggler to do the same ... It slightly unnerved her.

Hesitantly she talked to the droid. "Hello, Fiver."

She smiled as the droid happily tootled a reply. Then she strapped into the co-pilot's station and turned her attention to the mottled swirls of hyperspace.

She can feel his eyes on her as he reaches out and pulls the levers to drop them out of hyperspace.

They drop from hyperspace and into confusion. There before them is one of the strangest of the galaxy's phenomenon, the Maw. A cluster of black holes, the tidal energies of which could crush and rend the small yacht they travel in without hesitation.

Jysella can feel an irrational fear take hold of her heart, as she quickly looks from the black hole cluster to Ben and back again. "What are we doing here?"

"You'll see."

Jysella can feel her heart rate shoot upwards, as Ben engages the sub-light engines, and dives into the Maw. Her breath is coming in low, shallow gulps, verging on hyper-ventilating.

She wants to scream in fright, but is too scared that the sudden noise would startle Ben into making a wrong move.

She squeezes her eyes shut tight, as the fear pounds in her head and heart.

In the Force, she can feel the tidal energies attempting to grasp hold of the Jade's Scion.

Then it is over. The tidal energies flow away from the ship and she slowly opens her eyes.

She can feel the black holes all around them, yet amazingly they exist in a safe bubble, a small pocket of safety amidst the dangers of the Maw. Even more amazing is the fact that there is a space station there. A motley collection of rocks and old habitat modules, yet it still appears active and livable.

She notices Ben's sideways glance at her, and she wishes once more that she was able to feel him in the Force. That she could glean some idea of what he's thinking as he looks at her like that.

As her heart rate finally begins to settle down, and her hands are finally able to unclench from the armrests, she turns her attention to Ben.

He is smiling at her. "Welcome to Shelter, Jysella, welcome to my home."

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