Jade's Scion: Chapter 6 — Sannah Rating: PG

She is simply called Sannah. She is a Melodie from the planet Yavin 8. She spends most of her time sitting by one of the fountains which surround the Jedi Academy on Ossus.

Melodies are an amphibious people, who live on dry land for the first twenty years of their life, and then spend the remaining years living underwater in the caves and coves of Yavin 8. Or at least that is what they did prior to the Yuuzhan Vong wiping out all life on that planet.

Sannah is now the last of her kind. Unable to make the final transformation into full adulthood, unable to bear the children she wishes she could have because she has yet to undergo the transformation, and because there are simply no other Melodies.

As often as she can, she finds a fountain and sits in the shadow of it, most often this one, which produces a fine mist all around the fountain.

She loves and loathes being near the water. She loves it, because it is her element, it reminds her of her home and childhood. She loathes it because it represents all that she will never be able to have.

She is unable to stay away from it, yet being near the water causes her to dwell upon her depression and melancholy.

She looks down, and sees that she had been absently playing with the water again, shivering slightly, she looks up and feels a smile on her face as she sees one of her childhood friends, one who was almost more than that, one of the few who survived the Vong War and the Swarm War. "Valin! What a surprise."

She has always been enthralled by how blue his eyes are. She watches his face, his eyes as he replies. "A pleasant one I hope."

She can feel her hands begin to warm with embarrassment, and quickly shifts them so the sleeves of her robe hide the reddening of her hands. She works to keep the smile on her face, to continue looking at him and not drop her eyes in embarrassment. "Of course, how are you?"

Then she can feel his sadness and longing. She can sense that something has happened. "I've been better. Jysella was kidnapped, and I'm being sent out to find her. The Council has given you orders to accompany me on my mission."

Her breath catches in her throat. She can feel a primal fear take root in her heart. She has managed to stay on Ossus and around water for years now, since the Academy was put here. To be aboard a starship if the transformation began, would be a death sentence for her. "But Valin, what if I start to transform?"

Yet she can feel another emotion, it is lighter than the fear that grips her, not as urgent, but there nonetheless. She feels shock. This is the first mission the Council has ever sent her on. The first time anyone has recognized her existence since the Vong War ended. Pushing those thoughts away, she focuses her attention on what Valin is saying to her.

"It's been nearly thirty years since you were supposed to, don't you think if it was going to happen it would have by now?"

She sighs, feeling the old fears and sadness well up within her once more and turns back towards the water. "You're probably right."

She closes her eyes as the first of the tears start to fall.

Then she can feel a light touch as Valin wipes them away, he draws her close and whispers. "Hey, it'll be okay. There's no need to cry. It'll be all right."

She looks up at him. "How can you say that? I am all alone, the last of my kind, never to swim the depths and never to bear young."

"I'm sorry Sannah. I didn't think of that."

She leans into his embrace, and rests her head on his shoulder. Happy at the simple embrace.

At the sound of a cough, the two pull apart, and spin towards the newcomer.

Sannah looks up at the newcomer and sees Jedi Master Corran Horn. She can feel his anger coming off of him in waves. She looks at his green eyes, and can see the anger flashing in them. "Why aren't the two of you gone yet?"

She glances at Valin as he replies. "Sorry sir, we were just about to leave."

"There should be no just about to leave, the two of you need to get out there and bring my daughter back home."

Valin lowers his head. "Yes sir."

Sannah does the same. "Yes, Master Horn."

She lifts her head and watches as Corran storms off, the cloud of anger and frustration following him as he leaves.

She turns to Valin, and sees him watching his father. "Dad doesn't like anyone threatening his family. It makes him grumpy."

Sannah giggles.

She quickly hides her hands again, as she can feel the blush giving them a pinkish tone.

She looks up to Valin once more. "Thank you."

He smiles at her and stands. "Don't mention it; now let's get going before my dad comes back this way."

They walk in the comfortable silence of old friends as they go first to their rooms to pack, and then to the landing area. Sannah looks around curiously. Attempting to push the fear from her mind, she looks at Valin. "Which ship are we taking?"

Valin smiles and points to one of the skipray blastboats. "That one, her name is the Big Eye."

Once more she is plagued with doubts. "Doesn't look like a lot of room."

"Crew compliment is four, but only one is needed to fly her, so the two of us should have plenty of room. Besides, I'm hoping this won't take that long."

She closes her eyes and slowly lets out a breath, forcing herself to be brave and calm. Opening her eyes she looks to Valin and grabs his hand. "Okay, I'm a Jedi, I can do this. Lead the way."

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