Jade's Scion: Chapter 5 — Valin Rating: PG

Valin sits in a dark room. Meditating, trying to find his calm center. But the only emotions that he finds are frustration, anger and hate. Frustration because he still is having trouble feeling his sister in the Force, anger at her for allowing herself to get caught and hate of the smuggler for capturing her.

Rubbing the tears of frustration and anger from his eyes, Valin once more attempts to meditate.

As he meditates, he receives a small vision.

It starts out with a swirl of colors and flashes of lights and fire.

Then he sees Jysella sitting at a table, eating a simple meal with the smuggler. She appears to be laughing.

Then he sees a grey bearded man with a cigar in his mouth.

That fades away and he once more sees the smuggler. Whitesun is holding Jysella’s lightsaber, fighting someone that Valin cannot see.

And then he sees a red star destroyer.

Suddenly he is bombarded with negative emotions and feelings. Pain, death, hate, anger, despair, nausea, they all flow over him, through him, leaving him gasping for breath.

Into this maelstrom of negative emotions, enters a calm collected pool of Force energy. Valin opens his eyes as Jedi Master Jacen Solo sits down on the mat across from him. With a wave of his arm, Jacen turns on the room's lights, revealing Valin's red-rimmed eyes.

"You know Valin; sitting in a dark room crying will not bring her back."

Valin pushes down his anger as it attempts to bubble over. "I've been trying to meditate, to see if the Force will tell me where to find her."

"Do or do not. There is no try."

The silver blade of Valin's lightsaber is ignited as he holds it in a mid ready; a silver light flashing in his eyes. "Do not mock me, Jacen."

"I would not dream of it Valin. But I'm right; you need to get out there and find her, and do it fast before something bad happens."

Valin shuts down his saber, deflating a little; a trace of fear enters his eyes. "Something bad? Did you have a vision or some insight from the Force?"

"Something like that. The Council wants Jysella returned to Ossus immediately. We are teaming you up with another Jedi Knight for this mission."

Valin brightens a little at the prospect of a team mission, of not having to do this alone. "Tahiri, maybe?"

"You know Tahiri is still in exile on Dagobah. The Council is going to send you out with Sannah."

Valin watches as Jacen pulls out a handheld hologram machine, and thumbs it on. A three-dimensional representation of a star destroyer appears in the air above the machine. It slowly rotates, and Valin notices some differences between it and a standard star destroyer, outside of its red coloring. The main one of those differences is what appears to be a super weapon embedded within the hull of the ship.

As Valin is mesmerized by the sight of the ship spinning in the air, Jacen begins talking. "This is the Errant Venture. It is imperative that Jysella not be taken on board her, nor are you to board her under any circumstances. If you board her, you will be dismissed from the Jedi. If your sister boards her, she will be dismissed from the Jedi."

At that Valin eyes pop up from the hologram, locking with Jacen's golden brown ones. "Master?"

For the first time, Valin notices just how old Jacen appears. Even though Jacen is only a few years older than himself, yet at this moment Valin thinks he appears at least a decade older than that. "This is that serious Valin. On this the future rests. Neither you nor your sister can be Jedi and visit the Errant Venture."

"I don't understand Master."

"And you don't need to. You just need to do as the Council says."

Valin bows his head at the vehemence in Jacen's tone. "Yes, Master."

When Valin raises his head back up, Jacen is once more smiling. "Good, now go talk with Sannah and tell her that the two of you will be going on this mission. As well, you will be provided with the Big Eye for transportation."

"Yes Master."

"Very good Valin. May the Force be with you."

With that Jacen stands, and walks from the meditation room, leaving Valin to wonder just why he is not allowed to board the Errant Venture.

Valin runs his hands through his hair and gives voice to the other question that plagues him. "Why did he take you, Jysella?"

Standing, he walks out of the room, and goes to find Sannah.

Valin finds her sitting by a fountain in one of the small meditation parks that dot the landscape around the Jedi Academy on Ossus. For a second, he watches as she twirls her finger in the water, a far off look in her eyes, an air of heavy sadness clinging to her.

He sits on the ledge beside her and watches as she gives a slight shake and notices his presence. "Valin! What a surprise."

"A pleasant one, I hope."

"Of course, how are you?"

"I've been better. Jysella was kidnapped, and I'm being sent out to find her. The Council has given you orders to accompany me on my mission."

He watches as first worry and then fear crosses her face. "But Valin, what if I start to transform?"

"It's been nearly thirty years since you were supposed to, don't you think if it was going to happen it would have by now?"

She sighs and turns back towards the water. "You're probably right."

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