Jade's Scion: Chapter 3 — Jysella Rating: PG

"I think I will."

Jysella Horn curses her own recklessness as she steps outside the cantina. The midday sun is bright, hurting her already over-exposed eyes just that much more.

She stretches out with her feelings, trying to once more get a lock on her prey, failing in that task as miserably as she did when he walked into the cantina.

Then ignoring the looks of passer-bys as she brushes past them, she arrives at the landing bay that her brother and she believe is Whitesun’s.

She enters an override code into the lock and quickly steps inside, allowing the door to close behind her.

She looks up at the ship before, a battered and tired old yacht, almost a mixture of Master Skywalker's ship and the Millennium Falcon. She slowly circles her, and notices the numerous recessed weapons, and a Mer-Sonn Torpedo Array. As she completes her circuit of the ship, she hears the door to the landing bay open behind her, and someone utters a curse out loud.

She spins, and comes face to face with the smuggler. He is kind of cute. As the thought flickers through her mind she pushes it away with an effort.

She is amazed at the speed at which his blaster appears in his hand, and she ignites her lightsaber.

His face hardens slightly. "What do you want Jedi?"

He nearly spits out the last word. She smiles at him, a big one, bright and shining. She knows that males can't help but be disarmed by it, and she feels triumphant as she sees him start to return it. "Merely to arrest you."

The triumph quickly starts to fade at his reply. "Then you talk too much."

She feels a flicker of warning in the Force, and raises her blade to bat the blaster bolt back towards him. But instead of the focused beam of a blaster, she is hit with the diffused wave of a stun blast.

She quickly attempts to use the Force to shunt the effects away, as he quickly stuns her a second time.

Then she knows only darkness.

What? Where am I?

Jysella looks around, and instinctively knows that she is experiencing a vision, a sending of the Force.

She looks around, and sees the Pulsar Skate as she lifts off from a red star destroyer.

The vision shifts, and she finds herself on the bridge of the star destroyer, giving her a clear view of the man that stands in command. He is tall, nearly two full meters and powerfully built. A grey beard obscures the cut of his chin, and his grey hair, though still thick, rests atop his head in a pronounced widow's peak. There is anger and frustration clearly evident upon his face. Most telling of that anger is the way that his teeth clench the cigar that sticks from his mouth.

She watches wide-eyed with interest as the man turns to the Twi'lek beside him. She smiles at the sound of his rumbling voice; it evokes feelings within her of happier times. She can almost smell the distinctive odor of the cigar.

"I can't believe that that Corsec Jedi would do such things! What right does he have to tell me that I can no longer see them?"

The Twi'lek's red eyes watch the floor. "I know. It does not seem like the Corran I remember, but the wars have changed us all."

She searches, yet can find neither person within her memory, yet they clearly know her father.

At the sound of a thrown datapad, she once more focuses on the man and the Twi'lek's conversation.

"— believe she went along with it!"

The Twi'lek mutely nods his head; she can see the sorrow evident in his eyes, in his stance and wonders what had caused it.

Then the vision shifts again, this time she finds herself on Ossus in her parent's house. She looks around the living room and sees her father, sitting in a chair, a worried look on his face, as he stares towards the bedroom.

Jysella walks that way and comes face to face with her mother. Even in the dream she can feel the anger and disgust that pours off of her mother. Looking around, she notices that her mother is packing a bag.

Then a wash of soothing calmness comes flowing through the Force.

Mother and daughter turn towards the door as Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo walk into the room.

The viciousness and anger in her mother's tone surprises Jysella. "You both are welcome to leave right now."

Jacen smiles at Mirax and Jysella can feel her heart flutter. Childhood memories of a girlish crush on the Jedi Master rise up quickly within her.

Luke opens his mouth to begin speaking.

And with a start Jysella awakens.

She sits up, pushing the sheet that covers her off, and looks around the room. Her eyes lighting upon the various objects, as she recognizes a simple onboard cabin.

She reaches down to grasp her lightsaber and her fingers fail to find it. She looks around the room once more, searching for it. She frowns as it is nowhere to be seen.

She can feel the thrum of the hyperspace engines. So she stretches out with the Force, and worries slightly when she can feel no one else aboard the ship.

She cautiously stands, waving with the slight dizziness which accompanies a stunning and walks to the door.

To her surprise, the door slides open at her touch, opening into a large common area. Looking around she sees the smuggler at the food prep station. At the sound of her door opening, he looks up at her, mischief appearing in his eyes. "Sleep well?"

"Where are we?"

He glances around the room. "If I didn't know better, I'd say my ship."

Her eyes narrow slightly in anger. "What are you doing?"

A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. "Fixing some lunch, would you care for some?"

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