Jade's Scion: Chapter 2 — Valin Rating: PG

"Great work, Valin."

He can hear the caustic tongue of his sister, even if he can't see her. He blinks his eyes, a couple times, once more attempting to get the white from his eyes.

He is Valin Horn. The son of Corran Horn and Mirax Terrik, one a former smuggler, the other a cop turned fighter pilot turned Jedi Knight. And he just got outwitted by a runt of a smuggler his sister's age.

With a frown, he assumes his sister can't see he replies. "Well, since you handled it so well, why don't you run to where we think his ship is berthed and arrest him for us."

He can feel the burst of frustration that rolls off of his sister. "I think I will."

With that said Jysella Horn storms out of the cantina.

Valin blinks his eyes again, and sighs as he can finally start to make out dark blurs in the white.

He hears a melodious voice, recognizing it as Tionne's, one of the two Masters that were in attendance, supposedly observing him as a test for his own Mastery. "That went better than expected, if I do say so myself."

Valin gives voice to the confusion he feels, as from his point of view; this arrest attempt was an unmitigated disaster. "Master?"

In reply is the baritone of Tionne's husband, the other Master that was observing him and his sister. "Why do you think Jedi were sent to arrest this smuggler? The authorities have been after him for years now. He seems to have a preternatural ability to evade capture and escape traps lain for him."

Blinking his eyes again, and smiling as he can once more start to see things, he considers Kam's response. "Does the Council believe that this smuggler is a Force Sensitive?"

"That is exactly what the Council believes, Knight Horn."

At the voice, all three spin towards the speaker. The final effects of the flash grenade are fading, allowing the three to see the Grand Master of the Jedi as he slowly walks from the backroom of the cantina.

At 81 years old, Luke Skywalker is beginning to show his age. His hair has thinned and become grey, his face is creased, and he walks with a slight slump to his shoulders, as if he is carrying the weight of the galaxy. Yet in the Force he is a shining beacon, a standard of the Force, and appears as timeless as the stars themselves.

In near unison, the three Jedi bow before the Grand Master; showing him obeisance and greetings.

Luke chuckles and claps Kam on the shoulder. "How many times must I tell you to not do that, old friend?"

Then turning his attention back to Valin, he asks, "So what does the Force tell you of this, Valin?"

Valin gulps, once more feeling like the thirteen year old learner, who so often got into trouble with Anakin and Tahiri, as he replies, "That's just it Master, I felt nothing in the Force. If I had not seen him sitting at the bar, I would have never known he was there. When he dropped the grenade, it caught me off-guard entirely. I don't think we ever stood a chance of capturing him."

"Do you believe he was a Yuuzhan Vong?"

"No Master, he was something else. The Vong leave a hole in the Force that can be felt and probed. This smuggler just was not there."

Luke turns his attention back towards Kam and Tionne. "And the two of you are in accord with this account?"

Kam grimaces. "I hate to say it, but Valin is right. I never knew he was in the cantina until I heard him scrape his barstool pulling it out. And like Valin, I was caught unprepared for the flash grenade. Yet at the same time, I felt like I knew him, like I should know him."

Luke turns his eyes towards Tionne and sees her nodding in agreement with her husband.

Valin looks between the three Masters, and hesitantly speaks. "Grand Master, is there more to this smuggler than we were told?"

Luke focuses on Valin once more, and Valin starts to take an instinctive step back from Luke's grey eyes. He stops his movement, as he recognizes that shade of grey as one of the really bad summer storms that would sweep across Yavin 4.

"What did he say his name was?"

"Whitesun. That was the only name he would give."

"And the name of his ship?"

"We think he came in on a Horizon-class star yacht named the Jade's Scion, but we're not entirely certain on that fact."

Luke blinks, his eyes are now once more a cloudy blue. "A Horizon-class star yacht you say?"

Then without another word, Luke turns from the Jedi and walks towards the cantina's exit.

Valin begins to turn towards Tionne and Kam when he feels a sudden surge of adrenalin, and then he feels his sister fade from the Force.

Gasping he slips to the ground, and cries out his sister's name.

Tionne quickly kneels beside him. "What has happened?"

Valin closes his eyes and reaches out into the Force, trying to find his sister. Stretching hard, he finally feels her, recognizes the feel of her as she is sleeping or unconscious, and then he feels her presence as it is speeding away from him, the feel of somebody going into hyperspace.

He opens his eyes and turns to Tionne. "She was unconscious and just taken to hyperspace. I think our smuggler has just turned kidnapper as well."


Valin jumps and looks towards the doorway, and sees the Grand Master's hard stare. A look of anger briefly clouds his eyes and Valin watches as Luke finishes turning away from them and finally leaves the cantina.

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