Jade's Scion: Chapter 1 — Ben Rating: PG

With a flash, the starship slips out of hyperspace. Her bruised and battered body barely recognizable as that of a Horizon-Class star yacht. Barely visible against the dark hull is lettering in aurebesh, the text faded and chipped spells her given name, the Jade's Scion.

Her pilot is just slightly younger than his ship. At thirty-five standard years, his frame has become long and lean. It is a fighter's physique, shaped not by the hours of lightsaber combat and training that shaped his father's, but shaped by countless cantina-clearing brawls. His hair, once a strawberry blonde, has shifted to a dark bronze color, and the first few grey hairs are appearing. Yet the most telling feature of what has happened to him during his short life are his eyes. Once they were a crystal blue, shining, happy. Now they are a cold grey.

The son of heroes, he has spent the last twenty years trying to forget it all. Hiding from his childhood friends, his cousins, his parents and most of all, he is hiding from the Force. He lives under a sobriquet, having long ago forsaken the family name which would bring him such troubles in the circles he runs. He is now known simply as Ben Whitesun.

He looks out at the planet which he is now circling. Corellia, a green and blue ball which is home to his Uncle Han and Aunt Leia. This is the closest he has been to family in nearly a decade, but he has a delivery to make.

He lands in a nondescript landing bay, one of many similar bays across the planet. Slipping the stack of datacards in an interior pocket of his jacket, he looks at himself in the mirror. Navy pants, knee high boots, open collar white shirt, and the spacer jacket to complete the look. At his side is a DL-44 Heavy Blaster pistol, the same model that his Uncle always used. He laughs slightly to himself, as he realizes just how much he looks like his Uncle did back during the Galactic Civil War.

He walks through Treasure Ship Row, keeping a low profile, ensuring that no one is following him. He finally arrives at his destination, a cantina that just borders on respectability named The Master's Fire. He glances at the name, and frowns for a moment, unwanted memories flitting across his consciousness.

Then he enters the dim cantina. He looks left and right, searching for his contact. There are not many people in there at this time of day, a dark-haired woman about his age sitting at the bar, and an older couple sitting in a corner booth, something about her silver hair eliciting more of those unwanted memories.

He sits on the opposite side of the bar from the woman, and orders a lomin ale. He gives another quick once over of the customers in the bar, and notices the woman looking at him. His breath catches in his throat at the sight of her green eyes.

The door to the cantina opens and his contact finally walks in. He appears about fifteen years older than Ben, with dark hair and blue eyes. He sees Ben and sits next to him. "You got it?"

"That depends, you got the credits?"

The man lays a credit chip on the bar, activating the currency display. Ben glances at it, and sets the package of data cards on the bar, and slips the chip into his pocket. With a quick gulp, he finishes his drink and stands, turning towards the door. From behind him, he hears the man speak. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

Without turning around Ben replies, "Too many memories on Corellia. No offense, but I don't come here all that often."

He starts to get a really bad feeling as the man once more speaks. "Well Corellia isn't all that bad, not like say, Kessel for those caught smuggling."

Ben's hand drops to his blaster as he spins back to the man. "What exactly are you implying?"

The man just shrugs. An emotion which almost appears to be amusement flickers in his eyes. "I just hope those credits bring you the felicity you're searching for."

Ben tries to suppress the feeling that comes at him, yet as he jumps backwards, he knows that the Force is still haunting him. As he is moving, he can hear the snap-hiss of a lightsaber, and he spins to find the dark haired woman, holding a silver-bladed lightsaber.

Her voice is light and clear. "Your behavior is aberrant, and as a Jedi Knight of the Galactic Federation I am hereby placing you under arrest."

The man at the bar chuckles. "Come now Jys, no need to be so melodramatic."

Ben smiles as he lifts his hands to his head, and drops the compact flash grenade that hides in the cuff of his jacket. He squeezes his eyes shut as the flash goes off. He opens them, noticing the white glare that covers everything and runs towards the door.

He hears the woman's voice as he runs out the door. "Great work, Valin."

He slips into the flow of life of Treasure Ship Row, making his way to the Jade's Scion, cursing his own recklessness slightly. He frowns to himself as the memory of those green eyes cross his thoughts.

He opens the door to his landing bay, and utters the first word that comes to his mind. "Shavit."

The dark-haired woman from the bar is standing there, and turns towards him. He pulls his blaster and has it aimed at her as her saber ignites.

"What do you want Jedi?"

Her smile is brilliant. "Merely to arrest you."

He can't help but return it. "Then you talk too much."

Ben fires his blaster. Jysella tries to deflect the stun blasts, but Jedi have a hard time deflecting them. Ben frowns slightly as he watches her crumple to the ground.

Ben starts to walk past her, intent upon leaving her there. Instead he kneels down beside her, and runs a hand through her hair. Ben can feel the pressure from the Force, and once more mutters a curse as he gives in to the prompting.

He grabs her saber and attaches it to his belt. Then he lifts her and takes her and puts her in one of the cabins of his ship.

Ignoring the cries of the ground control crew, he smiles as he launches the ship straight out of the docking bay, and is in hyperspace long before the planetary defense forces can catch up to him.

— To Chapter 2 —

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