I Want That Man!
Diana DeRiggs

Iella's excellent story describing Anakin and Tehiri's romantic couplings aboard the Lady Luck en route to Myrkyr got my gears turning and the juices flowing. This story follows that one. Thanks to Carmen for encouragement!

Kneeling in the small, cramped space, Tahiri was glad to be wet, for it lubricated her svelte young body and allowed her to slip down onto the floor of the space. Squatting on her heels, she looked up at the whimpering youth, who was gripping her hair and standing with difficulty above her. "Hush! Stop! Someone will hear!"

The tall, well-proportioned object of her ministrations gritted his teeth, his breath hissing. How cruel the impish girl on her knees is! First, she took him into her soft mouth, telling him she had read men like this sort of thing. Now she was ordering him to not make a sound, when all he wanted to do was explode and shout out the news of his pleasure. But he loved her, and he'd promised to do anything for her. So he had to find a way to keep silent. Must think ... of ... something else! Zoneball ... voxyn ... aaaah ... sabre drills ... Chewbacca ...

Long moments later, leaning against the wall of the shower, Anakin and Tahiri let the low pressure water run over their quivering bodies. He whispered, hoarsely, "I'm sorry ... I just ... you're amazing ..."

The blonde girl nuzzled the hollow of his neck, "Actually, I'm flattered. Never thought you'd like it so much. We should add this to our repertoire, maybe even outside the refresher."

Savoring her aroma, he embraced her more closely. "If the galaxy had ended right now, if the voxyn were shooting acid at my buck naked ass, if my mom walked in and caught us together, I still would regret nothing, I would definitely die happy. You've given me everything a man could ever want! You are so good!"

Suddenly shy, the talkative girl was momentarily speechless, stunned by his passion and his gratitude. Not fair, she thought, he can always make me blush! To cover her embarrassment, she settled for a long, deep kiss. Lots of tongue, just the way she liked it.

Lips still locked together, Anakin lifted her up and turned, propping her up against the shower wall. "My turn to try something I've only read about," he murmured. He was rewarded with the glazed look Tahiri got when he managed to work his member into her, the large head popping in suddenly and clumsily. He adored her little gasp, the straightening and arching of her back, the look of wonder and surrender. Soon she'd close her eyes and put all her energy and concentration on the join between them. He savored the kinky moment: feeling her legs wrap around his waist, hearing the thudding of her backside against the wall, the slap of the skin of his groin against her belly, both wet and glistening from the shower spray and ...

Later, Anakin stood at the portal of Tahiri's room, kissing her deeply. "Sleep, my love. We'll need our rest." He hated being separated from her, even for a few hours of sleep. But there'd be no way to get any sleep at all if they were spending the night together.

The slight blonde sighed, "I know. You know I'm not done yet. But I hear, I obey. Good night, my sweet. I'll miss you. Dream of me."

She watched him back down the hallway toward his own quarters, holding his gaze for long minutes. Finally, as if on a signal, they touched their fingers to their lips and blew kisses at one another, then stepped into their respective quarters and shut the doors simultaneously.

Sighing, fighting the urge to run down the corridor and demand entrance, Tahiri unwrapped the towel her lover had placed around her naked body when he carried her back here from the post-coital shower that turned into a love-making session to remember. Glowing from the memory, she turned to climb into her bunk, and she froze. "Wh-What are you--"

The Twi'lek stretched sensuously along the length of the bed, arranging her lekku over her breasts, drawing attention to them. "Oh, pooh .... it's you! I got the wrong room!" Pouting petulantly, Alema sighed. "Well, this is a bit of a palaver. I'm all ready for some love, but I seem to have mis-prepared. I'll have to zap R2D2 for giving me bad information!"

Coming to her senses, the blonde human grabbed the towel she's dropped and tied it around her. "You thought this was his room??"

Alema winked at her. "Maybe."

"What do you mean, maybe??? You -- you -- stay away from him! He doesn't want you!"

Alema sat up on the bunk, and the covers slid off her. Despite the tone of the conversation, Tahiri really hadn't expected the other girl to be naked!

"Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. Only one way to find out."

Alema stepped off the bed and made for the portal.

In that instant, Tahiri's jealousy raged and she moved rapidly in front of the Twi'lek. "Oh, no you don't!" Her shriek would have been audible through the insulated door. "You stay away from him, you -- hussy! You deathstick-sucking hussy!"

Eyes flashing, Alema slapped the younger girl very very hard, raising a hand-print shaped welt. "Don't you make judgements! I know what you two were doing in his room and in the refresher! Don't think everyone on the ship doesn't know! We were making bets how long he would last, haha! You're just a tramp, throwing your body at him, and we all know it! And if he'll do you, he'll certainly --"

With jealousy fed by her rage, Tahiri grabbed the other girl and knocked her violently against the wall of her tiny cabin. "Don't even think it!! How dare you talk to me like that! How dare you stick your nose where it's not wanted!!" She was shaking Alema, slapping and hitting her. In the small space available, no big swings could be thrown, and the damage was thankfully minimal. But the temperature in the room was rising significantly as the two women battled.

Then, without warning, the clawing and screaming stopped and transformed into moaning and panting. Lustful sounds filled the air in the cabin. One of them had unexpectedly brushed her needy lips into the lips of the other, and the other had responded. Subconsciously or otherwise, pushing and shoving had evolved into squeezing and pressing breasts, knee-jerks had become urgent thrusts and rubbings. Suddenly it felt good, and the two women ground against each other.

Lips in motion, fingers dancing and darting, mouths closing over nipples, the intense energy continued. Alema, long without sex, since before her sister died, let the flood of emotion feed her need. Tahiri, recently and frequently loved, was riding the sexual energy wave she'd experienced with Anakin. The two young women used mouths and fingers and palms and thighs to attack one another.

In a room down the corridor, Anakin moaned in his sleep. The many times he and Tahiri had peaked and orgasmed together that night hadn't seemed to relax him. Instead, sleep brought only dreams of her, positioning herself over him, pressing her flesh to his. Mysteriously, they segued with dreams of the sexy and attentive Alema, licking parts of him he was afraid to admit he wanted licked. Sweating and heaving, the young Jedi's erection strained for satisfaction. Compounded with the soreness from having been used excessively just a short time ago, Anakin's sleep was active and disturbing, to say the least.

The scene in Tahiri's room was growing more erotic and sensual. The two beautiful girls were naked, entwined around one another. First one dominated, then the other. Alema's full lips found themselves mouthing over Tahiri's fresh sex, kissing and tonguing it as if it were a mouth itself.

Tahiri shivered as her orgasm overtook her, never wanting the Twi'lek to stop what she was doing. No wonder Anakin couldn't control himself she thought, remembering his surge of pleasure in the shower. She closed her eyes and imagined Anakin between her legs, something he'd not done to her yet ...

"Oh no!" the blonde shrieked, sitting up quickly, "Anakin! Oh, I'm so sorry! Get out of here!" She kicked at Alema, who was surprised at the sudden change.

"I most certainly will not!" declared the slighted girl, "It's your turn!" She quickly pushed Tahiri down flat on her back and mounted her face. Locking her dancer-trained thighs around the hapless girl's head, Alema stayed there until Anakin's girlfriend realized she couldn't breathe or move away unless she did as demanded. This gave the Twi'lek a lot of satisfaction.

And unsuspected by Alema, Tahiri made sure her ministrations satisfied her rival very well, the better to keep her way from Anakin.

* * * * *

At breakfast, he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Where Tahiri had been hostile to Alema before, now she seethed and raged murderously. Yet, through the Force, Anakin felt a certain unexpected emotion he couldn't quite place. It was a mixture of many feelings: smugness, victory, satisfaction, sacrifice ...

Guilt? Tinged with ... pleasure??

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