Is He ... Corellian?   Rating: R
Diana DeRiggs

"Baby, are you worried about something? It wasn't good?"

"It was wonderful!"

"So why do I know you're upset about something?"

"Hmn? Oh, it's nothing, Han. Just scuttlebutt, you know how people talk. I don't believe anything I hear ..."

"Really? Tell me what they're saying."

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

"Leia, I worry. It bothers you, even if you say you don't believe it. You have to believe that I love you, even if you're upset at me and think nasty things of me." He spooned up to the woman he'd given everything up for, and pulled her top leg over his hip, "After all, what's important to me is entirely here right now."

Leia swatted as his hand, which had been caressing her naked belly, started making indications it was looking for a new location. "Han! Stop it, you pervert!"

He grabbed her firmly under her armpit and started wriggling his fingers, "Pervert? Are you calling me a pervert? You? Have you already forgotte-"

"STOP STOP STOP! No, I'm still recovering from ... STOP!!!" She was thrashing violently, trying to get away from the tickling torture Han was administering. He'd only just invoked an orgasm from her while tickling her, and the sensations intermingled and combined when she'd exploded. Her skin was still hypersensitive from what he called her whole-body orgasm and his reminder now was threatening to build into another orgasm, even with no contact to her sex.

She'd never enjoyed sex so intensely as with this man. He was creative, well-endowed, and most of all, he loved her completely.

As she breathed hard, recovering from the tickling-induced climax, she wondered how and where Han had come across that particular trick. She wondered a lot about his sexual experience. It's not that she was inexperienced herself, but hers were so ... normal. Just last month, she had asked Han for anal sex; it was something she'd done with a dildo, but never with a man. She had been terribly horny and terribly in love and it was a way to show him how much she trusted him.

He validated her trust, coaching her through all the phases: the foreplay, the relaxation, receiving his phallus, the pain, the acceptance and finally the opening and stimulation. She had orgasmed after what seemed like hours of enduring him in her back passage, when he massaged her clitoris as he held still inside her. To her surprise, she found herself moving back and forth along his length as she tumbled toward orgasm.

He smiled at her when she asked him if he'd had anal sex with women before. He smiled, "Of course!" and held her close, murmuring how she was the best of all. It became part of their lovemaking routine; every time, she asked him for more, and harder.

One night, she asked if he would like to be stimulated in the anus and he declined. When she pressed for a reason, he simply said, "Some like to pitch. Some like to catch. I'm a pitcher."

Leia was puzzled by this response, and she asked her brother Luke if he understood what a pitcher/catcher was. He'd blushed a lot and mumbled an excuse to leave, but she made him tell her. It made sense: between two men, one would be "the bitch" and receive the other's penis. The receiver was the catcher, while the other one was the pitcher.

She assumed Han meant he was "all man" and that he would not accept something that might make him appear feminine? That surprised her, since she knew that in Han's life, he likely had to make compromises and do things in order to survive. She had assumed that meant he'd had sex with men, women, and aliens. Chewbacca had giggled when she had brought it up, which seemed to confirm her suppositions.

Lately, she'd heard rumors that Han was ... gay. She knew it was silly because he was with her and they were having sex just about every day, often more than once. She mentioned it to Luke once and he blushed redder than usual. Leia had thought it was because he once had an "unbrotherly" infatuation toward her, before they discovered their genetic relationship to one another. But now as she thought about it, she did wonder at the somewhat more-than-brotherly feelings Han and Luke seemed to share.

In talking some more to Luke, he admitted that he'd had some homosexual and interspecies relationships, and then in the gay partnerings, he was a "catcher." Well, duh, thought Leia. She did ask if he was gay?

Luke shrugged, "We all are, in a sense. If we're honest with ourselves, I mean."

She wondered if Han was like that, and Luke replied, "Well, yeah! He's Corellian, after all!" And he laughed at his own joke.

She wondered about that statement, and all the Corellians she knew. True, many were sexy, but she had never thought they might all be gay as well?

Luke looked exasperated, "It's not about being gay, Leia. What's sex about? What's being alive about? It's about seeking pleasure, and that's what makes beings selfish. If you get past the "this is gay" or "this is wrong" to instead thinking about what makes you feel good, why should it be any different if the lips against you belong to a human, alien, man or woman?"

Leia had been startled at Luke's rather mature analysis. Although he was her twin, she always thought of him as a much younger sibling.

"The Corellians," Luke continued, "have a certain sophistication about them, and it lets them accept what the rest of us might consider as sexual deviations are not only acceptable, but the person's own business. That's why it's sometimes hard to tell if a guy is gay ... or simply Corellian."

Leia understood now, for the women around her sometimes tittered as they tried to figure out if a good looking man was simply a suave Corellian -- well-groomed, knowledgeable, cultured, articulate ... she knew that before Alderaan was destroyed, that used to be wondered about men from her home planet, and before that from a planet called Naboo. The men of those systems dressed flamboyantly and colorfully compared to men from other systems and cared deeply about things like aesthetics and manners. They were romantic, caring, generous gentlemen. Like Han, she thought.

But it did nag at her, and she finally talked to Han one morning, when they weren't naked and rutting. "Han, sweetie," she started, "remember you asked me what was bothering me the other day?"

Han looked at her gravely for a few minutes while he tried to remember the incident she was talking about. He was not the type of man to dwell too long on anything, especially if the woman he loved told him he shouldn't. In contrast, Luke had told him that if a woman mentions anything at all, he should pay attention. But what did that farmboy know about women? Han nearly giggled at how much Luke didn't know about women ...

Leia waited till what she thought was the light of recognition flickered across her beau's face, then continued, "There are rumors, and I want you to know that I don't believe them. But they are persistent and they are bothering me, I'm ashamed to sa-"

"It's not my fault," grinned Han.

Leia laughed, remembering Han's on-going protest whenever something went wrong. "Of course not! It's not about fault. But I wanted to ask you ... you know that saying about men from Alderaan? That they are ... um ... not interested in women? Have you heard that?"

Han looked confused, "Uh, yeah. It's not true, I mean, not from my experience anyway. They tended to be "pan-sexual," you know? Or what's that new term? "Metrosexual"? They were classy, they knew what they wanted and weren't ashamed of it."

Leia nodded, "Exactly ... but they say that about men from Corellia, too ..."

Han suddenly understood, "You think I'm cheating on you with another man? Who the heck told you that??"

"No!" Leia didn't think that at all, "The rumors, I don't believe any of that. I know you love me, I'm not worried. But ... so many seem to wonder ... if you're gay ..." She flushed, suddenly much more embarrassed than she ever thought she might be. "You know ... "Is he Corellian, or is he gay" ... you've heard that?"

He smiled that infectious grin, and she felt her heart melt. She was so grateful he wasn't angry. "Well, you know," Han was very matter of fact, "every being is gay. Luke and I had this conversation a while back, about how sex is about politics and pleasure, and "gay" is kind of an artificial designation. It's not about if you are gay or straight ... it's more about where you are comfortable on the sexual spectrum."

Leia tried not to stare and blush when Han removed his shirt and lay back on the settee, "I told Luke that a person can slide around that spectrum, but it doesn't mean they're warped or anything. It's just where you are at that time and place. That's what's important -- the response to what's going on in your life. Whether you prefer men, women or banthas doesn't define you like some people think it does."

She took his hand in hers, "Yes, Luke told me that; was it you who explained that to him? I thought it was awfully mature of him!" She didn't resist when Han pulled her toward him and placed her next to his body. He pulled open her nightshirt and kissed her breasts lightly; Leia felt her heart flutter and her pulse quicken. He rolled over so he could lean over her. "Mmm, Han ..."

He moved up to stroke her hair, enjoying how it framed Leia's face, "That's actually a compliment you know. The Corellians aren't ashamed to want things, and they aren't ashamed to learn to please. I like to think everything I learned was build-up toward meeting you. I'm proud of my skill, baby ... it makes me incredibly happy to have you enjoy it ... I know you want it, and it makes everything I've done really worthwhile ..."

He looked into her eyes, and put his right hand between her legs. "I'm with you now, you're my whole world. I don't want anyone else." His fingers skillfully pressed against her, making her short of breath. He enjoyed how she fought to suppress a groan and keep her eyes focussed on him.

His face drew closer to hers and he murmured softly, with great feeling, "Leia, everyone is gay; everyone is straight." He smiled as her hips moved in response to his ministrations, "but not everyone is Corellian ... and no one else is Han Solo."

As Han's experienced and confident manipulations cast their spell on her -- physically and emotionally -- Leia wondered how she could have met someone so desirably perfect ... to hell with what anyone else said about him! Gay or straight, what did it matter? Let them wonder ...

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