Invisible to All But the One Who Sees
Diana DeRiggs

"And then I told Wedge, 'It depends on what she looks like!'"

Raucous laughter followed. A group of men, obviously military types, had taken over a corner of the little restaurant. From what Sklarii could hear, some of the men had just returned from far away on some mission and were regaling the others with tales of their exploits. She wasn't particularly interested in their exploits, but that last comment rankled and ate at her. Typical men, worried more about what the girl looked like!

Sklarii sighed to herself, as she glanced up at the mirror behind the bar. No, she wasn't what anyone would call "pretty." On a good day, she might rate as "attractive, in a peculiar way," but that's what her friends said. To men, she was not so hideous you couldn't bear to look at her. That made her merely just about invisible.

Not that she minded, she scolded herself, as she hefted the trayful of lomin ale and whiskey to the noisy table. From what her friends told her, men were jerks, and treated girls like escorts at best, like their mothers at worst. She was lucky to be invisible, she thought, as she distributed the glasses and mugs.

She was so invisible that the men didn't even move out of the way like patrons normally did when a waitress was serving. She tried to slip her arm between them to give them their drinks, and had to watch the way they moved while talking, to wait for an opening before placing the mugs down.

Sklarii was watching the men's shoulders so attentively that she didn't see another table full of big men and women flagging her for another round. One of the women, obviously too drunk to reason with, stood up and weaved her way to the waitress. As Sklarii was about to place a glass between two of the men at the table in front of her, the big woman viciously poked between her ribs. Sklarii jumped in fright, and hit one of the men on the head with her elbow, and splashed the one sitting next to him with Whyren's Reserve Corellian whiskey.

Sklarii found herself on the lap on one of the men, looking up in shock at the woman, who slurred, "You bitches never pay attention to your own kind -- just to the cute fighter jocks. Well, I wants my drink, and I say it's this one!" She pinched one of the men on the cheek and took a swig of his lomin ale, and fell down, piss drunk.

The dark-haired man whom she fell on turned his attention from the big woman to Sklarii, "Are you all right?"

Sklarii realized she was sitting on the man's lap and jumped for the second time in that minute, and almost elbowed the tall, furry Thakwaash next to him. "I'm v-v-v-ery s-s-s-orry," she stammered, "let me c-c-lean up tth-this m-mess an-n-n-d I'll g-g-get you ann-n-oth-ther drinnkk." But as she tried to run off to the kitchen, the big men from the other table blocked her exit,

"What did you do to Gonidl?" bellowed one, "Ya muzt have slugged her! Yeah, dat's it! No one slugs my Gonidl!"

The other man was holding Sklarii by her arm and was trying to lift her up by it to look at her face, "Hey, ever seen one who looked so much lik--"

To Sklarii's surprise, she was dropped to the ground and the man holding her had let go. One of the men at the table she was serving pulled her out of the way and hid her with his body. She peeked over the short man's shoulder and her eyes bugged out at what she was seeing -- a huge, pig-like humanoid and the hairy Thakwaash were hauling the two big men and women off like sides of meat out into the street. The wobbly way the humans moved indicated that resistance was not possible, and neither was consciousness. It was all over very fast.

Just as suddenly, all the men at the table were asking if she was okay. She managed to convince them that she was just in shock, but she was fine. One by one, they say down to their drinks, and Sklarii cleaned up the mess and brought fresh drinks. The barman gave the men a round on the house. Sklarii knew it would come out of her wages for the night, but it was the least she could do for the men who had bothered to protect her.

The nice men left a generous tip, and to her surprise, the barman told her that the cost of the broken furniture, the glasses and the round of drinks were covered. The Gamorrean and the Thakwaash had emptied the wallets of the big patrons they had dragged out, and the credits they carried more than covered the costs.

Sklarii went home that night, lost in thought. She'd spent most of her life on this lower level of Coruscant, and most of her time dreaming of the surface, or working at various restaurants and bars. Unlike many of her friends, she had never taken up by the boys of the roving swoop gangs -- not pretty enough for status, she knew. Anyway, she was rather afraid that the glamour and glitz of the surface would be disappointing to her. If she had a boyfriend to accompany her, she would chance it. But boyfriends were just out of the realm of possibility in her life. She sighed. Not so ugly she couldn't find decent work, but ugly enough to be safe from unwanted attention.

Still, those men at the bar were really concerned that she not be hurt, and one had let her fall into his lap, then covered he with his body to protect her! And they left such a big tip -- nearly ten times the normal amount. The barman had joked that Sklarii should incite more brawls with such a payoff at hand. Why had they done that? They weren't like other men who gave her money -- they didn't even touch or grope her or leer knowingly when they left it -- just smiled and said goodnight. Well, maybe they were fools, but then again, maybe there were nice men in the universe, and her friends were just wrong.

Sklarii didn't know that she was being trailed as she walked home. She turned into the doorway and entered her apartment. Her follower stared up at the light of her apartment, and stayed there until she turned it off, before walking away, slowly.

* * * * *

It was her day off, and Sklarii was at one of the many underground markets in the middle and lower levels of Coruscant. She had decided to buy herself a gift that day with the money she'd been tipped while waitressing the other night. She had her hair washed and curled, and had a rather bizarre makeover at one of the beautician's shops, with a gray-green eyepaint as the predominant feature (to offset her eyes?), then headed for the dress and fabric district. She was looking at one of the many pretty but pricey dresses when a mechanical voice startled her from behind, "That would look nice on you."

Sklarii looked around quickly, thinking a sales droid was trying to pressure her into buying the dress. But to her surprise, it was a big Gamorrean. Though she might not have been able to tell one member of that species from another, she knew this was the Gamorrean from the bar.

She didn't know why, but she blushed, "Thank you," she answered shyly. Normally, she might have run off, but something told her to answer him. "I've never worn anything like this before. How can you know it would look nice on me?"

The Gamorrean answered in a synthetic voice, paired with grunt and squeals. Sklarii suddenly realized that the Gamorrean could not speak Basic, and had a vocoder implanted in his throat. "I have an imagination. Besides, it's somewhat simple conclusion -- the dress is pretty, you are pretty, I can't see how the combination could miss."

Sklarii heard a snicker to her left. Someone was obviously listening in to the odd conversation she was having, and she blushed again. "Well, pretty or not, it's out of my range. I don't have enough to buy the dress now. I'll just have to wait until the next bar brawl, won't I?" She surprised herself with the snappy answer. It was almost like flirting.

The Gamorrean raised his eyebrows. "That shouldn't be necessary. Please, allow me to present the dress to you, as a gift. Or rather, as an apology for the manner in which you were treated by those people. It's the least I can do."

Sklarii was confused. Why was this man apologizing to her? He's the one who had helped her! But before she knew it, he had taken the dress to a sales droid, who rang up the purchase, and folded up the dress in a big, beautiful, red box. The Garmorrean pointed to something behind the counter, and the droid placed a gorgeous shell-pink fabric ribbon on top of the box, with a card.

The Gamorrean walked over to her with the big package and offered his arm. In her dazed state, she took it, and walked with him to an elegant restaurant, where he proceeded to order the mid-afternoon specials -- delectable sweet treats served with a rich, strong caf. Later, he walked Sklarii home, took her hand, thanked her for the nice afternoon, made an appointment to see her again, and left.

Later, in her home, Sklarii sat on her bed, looking at the box on the floor. It was the single most expensive thing in her little apartment, and certainly the most beautiful. It looked like some alien being, and she didn't want to spoil it by opening the box. Of course, she knew what was in the box, but not opening it prolonged the specialness of it all, somehow.

Sklarii was still kind of stunned. Had she just been out on a date? With a Gamorrean? But she'd heard members of that race were violent and slow. This one was a pure gentleman, seemed smart, and obviously had a good-paying job. He could afford to throw his money away on expensive dresses and elegant snacks for poor waitresses.

She finally opened the card, to see what message the Gamorrean had written to her. It read, in tiny, elegant script, "I look forward to seeing you again soon. With regards and respect, Voort saBinring."

Sklarii had never heard that name before. Still, for a Gamorrean to have so much money, and to be such a gentleman, he must be somebody, right? She looked in her purse, and remembered that she didn't spend the money she intended to on a dress. She could go to the local news agency, and ask for an archive search. She knew someone there, and it would be cheaper than the Holonet. She recalled the men this Voort was with seemed to be military types, and thought he must be one, too. If she restricted the search to military personnel, she could definitely afford it with what was in her purse.

She learned only that Voort saBinring was the only Gamorrean in the New Republic military, but all other files on him were very highly classified. That, in itself, seemed to indicate he was really very important. Sklarii went to sleep wondering about this mysterious Gamorrean.

In her dreams, he came to her and told her she was beautiful. She was wearing the dress he bought for her, and they were walking hand in hand in a meadow toward a group of people in military dress uniforms, who cheered and welcomed them. Voort thanked everyone for coming, then presented Sklarii with a beautiful blue and green ring, which she accepted to the roars and cheers of everyone present. He tossed her high into the air at the end of the ceremony, and she felt the sensation of flying into the stars.

Sklarii woke up with a start. She had been dreaming of a wedding, and it was her wedding. Her's and Voort's. One part of her was shocked. Marry a Gamorrean? But another part -- a larger part -- was truly and genuinely pleased, and in her wonderment, a sudden realization dawned on her. Of course -- that's what she looked like! Imagine, all these years, she hadn't realized! She ran to her mirror and turned on the light. With the new hair-do and the greenish makeup, she looked exactly like a lithe, supple Gamorrean-human cross.

She thought the idea should be repulsive, but it truly was not. For she had suddenly, through the thoughtful gesture of Voort saBinring, had been transformed from a "peculiar" looking human to a beautiful Gamorrean. The idea of being a beautiful anything was a thrill to her.

Sklarii turned off the light and tried to get back to sleep. She thought of her parents, long dead. They were both humans. They found each other when they were quite old, and Sklarii was their only child. She pictured her parents, and how she had inherited her mother's lips, her father's upturned nose, her father's small but beautifully blue-green eyes, her mother's chin and lovely white teeth and smile. That's how it happened. Two people with a mish-mosh of unremarkable features somehow added together to form a beautiful little Gamorrean girl. She remembered that they were very poor, but they always lived in a comfortably furnished apartment on the lower level, she always had enough to eat and to wear, and she knew her parents loved her. She knew they regretted not leaving her more than what they had in the apartment when they died, but she did not fault them for it. They loved each other, and always told her that when the time came, she would find someone to make her as happy as they were.

Had her time come? Was she fated to live with a Gamorrean? What would her friends say? Sklarii felt tears forming in her eyes when she realized it didn't matter what her friends said. If Voort saBinring would have her, as important as he obviously was, then he would, and she might even go happily.

* * * * *

Voort couldn't remember a time when he felt so lightheaded and happy. Not even the day he and the founding members of what had been Wraith Squadron were informed that they had made the cut, and would be lead by none other than the legendary Commander Antilles and Lt. Wes Janson. Yes, he was giddy then, and really happy. He had found a family, to whom he belonged without question or judgement or harm, for nearly the first time in his life. The only thing blocking further happiness for him was the depressing thought that he would likely never find a mate.

Piggy, as he was known among his squadron-mates - nicknamed for his porcine features and because he reminded some oldtimers of Jek "Piggy" Porkins, had been biochemically altered. He was hyper-intelligent, had patience that was astoundingly frustrating to observe, and had genius level analytical capabilities. His mathematical and navigational genius was renown, and his hyperspace calculations were authorized to override any astromech's solution, in any situation. But because of this non-genetic altering, he was fated to never find a Gamorrean female who appreciated him or whom he could truly love, and he would never produce children with his intelligence or behavioral traits.

Sex was one thing, but love was different, or so Piggy suspected. The times he had taken up with Gamorrean females were certainly pleasurable, but only at first. After an increasingly short time, he would grow tired with their primitive sexual rutting preferences and silly games, and they would grow bored with his non-violent nature, and his desire to talk to them.

Shalla, a human female and his closest squadron-mate, often told him that though he might never meet a Gamorrean female to liking, and though he would not pass on his intelligence or temperament to any offspring, he shouldn't give up. Look at Face and Dia, Nawara and Rhysati -- human and Twi'lek each pair -- or to Gavin and Asyr, if she hadn't died. And look at Wes's and Hobbie's obsessions with Bothans! Sometimes, he considered asking Shalla how she felt about him, but he remembered when Falynn Sandskimmer, now long dead, became incensed at a prank Kell Tainer had pulled that made people think she and Voort had been married. Falynn was his friend, but she was still embarassed by his... Gamorrean-ness. He didn't want to make the painfully cute, but human, Shalla uncomfortable, and so had never broached the question.

But this girl he'd met at that restaurant was different. Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie and Wes had returned from Adumar, and the squads were glad to see them alive. It was a difficult mission that apparently put their lives on the line, and there was a need for celebration. He'd noticed the small waitress carrying orders from table to table. She was unusual for a human, in that none of the patrons took any notice of her. He didn't understand how he felt about her, until big, ugly humans from another table threatened her. Voort had sprung to her defense immediately. After quickly knocking them out, he carried the humans out of the bar. Runt Ekwesh helped him carry the unconscious people out. While outside and flagging the local security forces, Runt's joker mind -- one of many minds residing within the Thakwaash's skull -- ribbed Piggy mercilessly about the beautiful children a human Voort could have with the Gamorrean human. That's when Piggy realized why the girl was so appealing to him.

Over the hooting and teasing of the others, he'd decided to follow her home, to discover where she lived, though he convinced himself he was just making sure she remained unmolested by the patrons he and Runt had handed over to the local security officers. Like an adolescent, he stood outside her window, thrilling at glimpses of the girl. He hoped he would not be arrested.

Fortunately, his unit had not been called for new assignments while on leave, and he was able to follow the girl around on her day off. Though it is difficult to hide when you are a large, green-skinned Gamorrean, she hadn't spotted him at all, until he screwed up the courage to tell her she was pretty. Then he felt so embarrassed, he bought a dress for her. What fool buys a dress even before you know her size?

But all in all, that first meeting turned out well. She had stayed with him the rest of the day, talking about nothing in particular, eating sweets and sipping caf. He asked if he could see her again, and to his joy, she consented to breakfast the following week, and she offered to make it for him.

* * * * *

Sklarii didn't know what Gamorreans ate for breakfast, so she decided to make what her mother always did for her father on special occasions: doily-like kashi cakes and fragrant palli syrup. She'd had enough money left over to buy triple quantities of the ingredients she'd need, and splurged on a little black and gold lapel pin, as a gift for Voort. Sklarii had thought about the breakfast all week while at work, planning out the details. She decided to wear the beautiful dress he had bought her the day before. Amazingly, it fit perfectly, and as she twirled around in it, she knew she had never before been so beautiful. She was so inexplicably excited that she had to talk herself into calming down.

He arrived punctually -- ah, military men, she thought -- carrying a bag of ground caf and a bunch of flowers so massive they barely fit through the door. The flowers filled the little apartment with an astonishing fragrance. There was little room in the apartment, so they sat on her bed, and placed their plates on their knees. Voort ate all the cakes and syrup she served him, and nervously drank cup after cup of caf. Sitting so close to her made him edgy. He had a keen sense of smell, and her aroma was intoxicating. For her part, Sklarii was so nervous she hardly ate anything. Voort had trouble balancing the plate and utensils on his pudgy, short lap, and eventually, the plate tipped and the remaining syrup seemed to get all over his clothing.

As Voort apologized for the mess, Sklarii tried to keep calm, "Don't worry about it! Give me the clothes." In her desire to be helpful, she didn't realize she was asking him to undress in front of her. Voort looked around the little room, and noticed there wasn't a closet large enough or anyplace he could undress and preserve his modesty. Sklarii simply turned her back, and busied herself cleaning up at the sink, after handing him some sheets to cover himself with. After handing her the clothing, Sklarii cleaned off the rich, yellow syrup and applied a drying agent to the wet spots. It would take 20 minutes to dry the clothing, so all they could do is wait.

The two nervously made small talk. Voort told her a little about how he had come to be the only Gamorrean in the military, and she talked about her parents and her little life as a waitress. They had both has hard lives, and revealing them to each other put them more at ease. Eventually, Sklarii looked directly into Voort's eyes.

"Thank you for keeping those people from hurting me last week," she said softly. "I bought you a gift, so you would remember me." She brought out the box with the little pin in it, and watched as Voort's face lit up into a smile when he opened it. He took the pin out, and pinned it to the pleated sheets he was wearing, like a toga. He struck a pose like the Old Republic statues found on many civilizations, like a philosopher about to launch into oratory.

Sklarii didn't know why it was so funny, but she burst into laughter. She was glad Voort liked the gift, and she felt good and so comfortable with him there. He, too, grunted into laughter, until they both fell on the bed, giggling.

Sklarii discovered she had her arms around Voort, and that he was nuzzling her neck. It tickled, and she kept on giggling. He put his hand on her stomach, and slowly rubbed her body. She stopped giggling and stopped breathing.

"Am I doing anything wrong?" asked Voort.

"No, no... It's just that, I've never done anything like this, not even really with humans. I don't want to disappoint you, but I don't ... I'm kind of nervous!" Sklarii said it all at once, and she was forced to take a deep breath.

Voort sat up, "Then I will stop. I do not wish to make you uncomfortable." He stood up and unpinned the makeshift toga, and reached for his now-dry clothing. After quickly putting them on, he placed the pin on his lapel, and met her astonished gaze.

"Thank you for a wonderful morning, and a delicious breakfast. I am sorry if I have taken advantage of your kind hosp --"

"Oh, no!" exclaimed Sklarii. She jumped out of the bed, and in her little apartment, it put her nearly hard up against Piggy. "I didn't mean that! I just didn't want you to think I did this all the time. I'm not completely without experience, but, I mean, you're practically an unsung hero of the New Republic, and I'm just a waitress, and I know you've probably had plenty of experiences, and I ... I ... --"

Tears started coming to Sklarii's eyes, then the sobs she couldn't control. Nearly every night since she had met him, she dreamed of future happiness, of being the wife of Voort saBinring, and now she was messing it all up. Even if the fantasy was just that, she really did like Voort, and she didn't want him to go away. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be, she wept to herself. She was just... frightened of the prospect of disappointing him, even more than the prospect of whether their body parts would be compatible. He was the first and only man who was ever really nice to her and thought she was beautiful. She didn't want him to think she was a slut, or that she might have sold herself in the past. To her surprise, it was really important to her that he think of her as kind of virginal.

Piggy was stunned by the tears, and quickly moved to embrace and comfort her. He started humming a little song, and combined with the mechanical buzz of his vocoder, Sklarii started to calm down. She put her arms around his neck and put her head up against his chest and listened to his calm, slow heartbeat. The soothing noises and the warmth, the mellow, woodsy, kind of minty smell of Voort's skin lulled her to a doze.

They were on the bed again, and Voort found himself being tightly held by Sklarii. He was confused. Why was he even in the position of taking advantage of a woman who was probably a virgin, even to humans, when she had been so nice to him?

Voort looked down on the napping woman on his chest. She must like him a lot to be so upset that he would leave. Such a woman is a valuable thing to the likes of Piggy.

At that moment, Sklarii moved her face upward and slowly opened her blue-green eyes to look at Voort. "I think I might love you," she whispered, then held her breath, wondering how he'd respond to her sudden rush of feeling.

"You hardly know me," protested Voort, softly, "How do you know I would not leave you and break your heart?"

A small tear leaked from Sklarii's eye. "Because you offered to leave me alone when you thought you scared me. I know you won't hurt me. You're too much of a gentleman. Or, rather, I think you are. I hope so, anyway." She sighed, wondering why she couldn't say any of the right things.

But Voort's heart leaped a little at her earnest response. "You have been watching Face Loran's romantic but terrible holos, have you? I will have to tell him this." He gently wiped the tears from her eyes.

Sklarii blinked, "Do you know Face Loran?"

Voort replied with something between a giggle and a snort, "Perhaps. Would you stop being in love with me, then?"

"No, but I'd ask if I could meet him some day, and maybe ask for him to sign something for me."

"He is married to a Twi'lek, and you would need to ask her permission. Dia would be most jealous. Having lived her early life in slavery, she would insi- what are you doing?"

Sklarii started kissing the Gamorrean's face, and had rotated her body around, so that she could try reaching his lips. She discovered that Gamorreans can't really kiss the way humans do, but Voort's big, perfectly-textured, muscular tongue more than sensuously compensated.

She wasn't really a virgin, and she'd been subjected to a bit of groping and fondling in her past. But those men and boys would call her by another name while they lowered her head down past their navels, or when pulling her body up on all fours, facing away from them. She admitted to herself that she'd always been a willing party, telling herself she'd never learn about sex otherwise. But she'd never had sex with a man she felt she might love, and who might love her in return. She didn't really enjoy any of it.

This was the first time she really wanted to have sex. It wasn't going to be experimental, or on a dare. It was because she wanted it, and she wanted to make Voort happy.

Piggy was amazed that a human could do the things Sklarii was doing with her mouth on him. She was nibbling and breathing and pressing her lips up against his. He couldn't kiss her back properly, but he had heard that human women liked to be licked, and had many erogenous spots and zones throughout their bodies. So he licked her face, her neck, her ears, and discovered that when she whimpered, she was getting the most pleasure.

She unbuttoned his shirt and placed her hands on his chest and maneuvered them. Voort's firm roundness was somehow reassuring and pleasing. As he unfastened her dress, she let it fall to her waist and pressed her bare chest up against his. On Coruscant, in the lower levels of the city, it was always cold. But pressed up against his body, Sklarii fantasized a lifetime of warmth and solace.

Piggy pulled his body up off hers, and lifted Sklarii's body right out of her dress. He had been right -- the dress was beautiful on Sklarii, but more beautiful was the sight of it falling off of her hips and over her legs, onto the floor. Though a bit rounded and plump by human standards, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and he told her so as he gently laid her down. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck pulling his head down onto her chest, which he licked and stroked while she cried out and shuddered.

Voort continued to move down her body, massaging her thighs, turning her over to explore her back, then again to continue down her belly. He found that using his tusks to scratch her sent shivers up her body and caused her to gasp and coo. Unlike Gamorrean women, Sklarii was patient and seemed to enjoy the slow licking and scratching along her body. He enjoyed seeing her bring her hands up to her breasts to massage them and pull on her own nipples. He loved seeing her shiver or to hear her cry out when he located one of the intense erogenous spots he'd heard so much about from Wes and Hobbie. He was thoroughly enjoying exploring her body, tasting it, touching it, smelling it. She was the most sensuously enjoyable being he'd ever had the pleasure to know.

Sklarii sat up and pushed Voort up to stand. Her lust was growing, and she suddenly needed to see his penis. How big was it? Could it enter her? If she let herself get really wet, would it fit? She needed to know, to prepare herself for him. She pulled his pants down and came face to face with a member nearly twice as big in every dimension as a human's. She stared at it, fascinated and mesmerized. It was twisted and curved into a corkscrew-like shape, and Sklarii wondered how it would feel. She took it in her hands and leaned forward to plant little kisses along its smooth curves. She suddenly felt it move in her hands and she gasped -- it was curving and twisting slowly, like a fat, sensual drill.

The sensation made Voort rigid. No one had done this to him ever before, and he didn't want it to ever stop. But Voort felt he was losing control of himself, and considerate of her pleasure, pushed her shoulders down back onto the bed, and he continued licking and nipping at her body. He nuzzled his way down from his breasts back down to the soft skin covering her belly, to the little triangular patch of hair that covered her mons.

Voort spread Sklarii's legs open and licked up the inside of her thighs in long, broad strokes, making her cry out. Her fragrance, mixed with the scent of the flowers he'd brought, was the most beautiful thing he'd ever smelled. He felt compelled to taste her, and buried his tongue into her vagina and heard her gasp and moan. She moved her hips up into his face, and Voort grabbed the cheeks of her backside and gently massaged them as he licked and nuzzled Sklarii. He eventually made another discovery -- there seemed to be a button-like bump there that made Sklarii writhe and twist in ecstasy, and continuously and firmly lapping at it drove her wild. She screamed and panted, and held his ears tightly as he licked and probed her with his massive tongue. Voort was incredibly turned on by her holding his ears, and directing what she wanted him to do.

She pulled upwards on his ears, and Voort crawled up her body till he was face to face with her. She whispered to him, "I'm ready for you. Please, make love to me, please, please, I want you to, please ..."

Voort was already beyond control, and her plea set him shaking. He was sure he would hurt her, but she was begging, and he had made sure she was adequately lubricated. He couldn't deny that he had never been so turned on, and his lust was threatening to make him lose the control over himself that was his hallmark. He waited while she pulled her legs up, and placed her hands behind her knees. She looked down between her breasts at his member. Voort had never made love to anyone this way, and he felt his penis curl and twitch. He gripped it, and placed the tip at the entrance of her vagina. Sklarri's head fell back and her hips undulated slowly, trying to pull Voort's hard shaft into her. He slowly pushed up against her, and stopped as she moaned.

"No, no!" she cried, "Don't stop!" Her moans were enough of a plea for Voort, and he continued to press forward. He had never felt anything like the sensations Sklarii was making him feel. Gamorreans rutted quickly and hard, women expected it only from behind, and it was usually over before anyone knew it. Females would jump up and want to get back to whatever they were doing, and Gamorrean males would train or fight afterwards, bragging about their virility and expending more energy. Voort assumed the extra energy must come from frustration.

Sklarii knew she had been a virgin before this moment. Compared to making love to Voort, what any other man did to her melted away into insignificance. He was doing things with his tongue and hands no one had ever done, and feeling him slowly enter her was sending her into raptures. She had never been so abandoned to lust, had never wanted anything so badly as to be filled by Voort. She had never moaned or cried out like she was doing, and she felt strangely safe about letting go and doing it with him. All her life, her friends told her what good girls do and don't do, but none of that mattered as she felt Voort pushing into her, his large penis twisting and thrusting into her slowly stretching vaginal walls.

Voort felt intense waves of pleasure peaking and ebbing through him. Every time she drove her teeth into his shoulder or scraped her fingernails against his back and neck, he felt he would lose his mind. Making love to Sklarii was not just erotic and amazingly stimulating, but personal and beautiful. This was obviously what was missing from all of his other sexual experiences before. He knew he could never describe to anyone what he was feeling, or what Sklarii looked like to him at this moment. He felt protective of her, jealous even, and wouldn't be able to share any details of this experience with anyone. He realized that, he, too, had fallen in love. He wondered what he would do if anything happened to this gorgeous, sensual woman, who had given herself completely to him.

Sklarii was panting from the exertion, and moaning lustily. Her body was shiny with perspiration, and she was pulling Voort's body more tightly onto hers, her body bucking jerkily. Voort was still concerned he was hurting her, so pulled himself up off of her, and was startled when Sklarii pushed him onto his back and climbed onto him. She straddled his pelvis and started humping him wildly with a quick rhythm. Within moments, she cried out, her whole body tensed, and then just as suddenly, her body slumped into exhaustion and fell onto his. She looked at Voort with a glazed look, and, smiling at him, pulled his body close onto hers, rolling over in the process, placing him on top.

Voort was quite certain that it would be safe to orgasm inside Sklarii, since their species could not interbreed to form a child. But all logic and justification left his mind when he at last allowed himself to finally surrender to his straining orgasm. The sight of her riding him, the satisfied look on her face, her pulling him back onto her all put him over the edge. Sklarii cried out again when he did come, and she basked in the intensity of his grunting, of the feeling of his semen leaving his body, the great weight of his thrusting body. She had never felt so satisfied with anything in her life, as when making love to Voort saBinring.

The two slept, cuddled up against each other, squeezed onto her little bed. She basked in the warmth his body gave out, and she felt truly comfortable for the first time since her parents died. Sklarri had the wedding dream again, and Voort dreamed of his mother. He asked her permission to marry this human. Though unaltered by chemicals, Voort realized his mother had to be an exceptional specimen to have her child taken away from her for alteration. Gamorrean mothers were incredibly protective of their children, and he recalled hearing that she might have been executed for seriously wounding or killing the technicians who came to take him away. It was perfectly logical to speak to his mother, who he had not seen since birth, and to ask for her consent. He smiled in his sleep when she gave it.

* * * * *

A little less than a month later, Sklarri and Voort were married in a ceremony on a meadow, within one of the protected park buildings on Coruscant. The guests assembled on picnic blankets on the long grass, drinking to their health. As Master of Ceremonies, Runt's joker mind explained that he and Piggy both spotted her at the same time, but the Gamorrean had threatened to break the bones of at least a third of his minds if he didn't back off. Sklarii suspected this wasn't true, but it felt nice to know that Piggy's friends would go out of their way to tell stories about how attractive she was to them. And now they were her friends, too.

Face Loran, and his wife Dia Passek were there, and she was nowhere near as jealous as Piggy described her. Their adopted children were at the wedding, running amuck and picking meadow flowers. Commander Wedge Antilles even kissed her on the cheek, and Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Master, told them that she and Voort would have many children, some even Force-sensitive. It thrilled her to know that though any children she and Voort had would be adopted, she could be the mother of Jedi Knights! The dark-haired man who's lap she fell into that first meeting was there -- Wes Janson kept cutting in to dance with her. After all, he figured he was her personal hero, having saved her from that big woman when they first met. Piggy took it all in stride, but kept a close eye on Wes from then on.

Sklarii wore the dress Voort had first bought for her, and on his own initiative, he had made for her a ring to match her blue-green eyes, just like in her dream. She carried a bouquet of flowers dried from the original cut bunch that scented her apartment where they first made love, tied in the shell-pink ribbon. They exchanged deep and meaningful oaths, and some of the guests cried.

Sklarii heard comments like, "They make such a beautiful couple," and "I've never seen Piggy so happy," and "Have you ever seen a bride so radiant?" Her few friends still couldn't believe she was marrying a Gamorrean, but they came to the surface to attend her wedding. She appreciated them being there, even though she suspected they came to ogle at Corran Horn and Han Solo and Admiral Akbar. Sklarii didn't think they really believed it was real. She hardly believed it herself.

After the kashi and palli cake was cut, Piggy swept his new bride into his arms and tossed her in the air, out of pure joy. Through the glass walls of the building, she saw the stars reach down and she felt them brush up and kiss her. She'd never known such happiness or security, for she knew her new husband would catch her as she fell away from the stars. When she came down, they bid everyone goodbye, and Piggy carried her away in his arms onto their honeymoon.

* * * * *

Many years later, as a cheerful old woman, she would naughtily admit to her many adopted children and grandchildren that her new husband had to carry her away from the wedding because she could barely walk due to their vigorous and enthusiastic matings. Though they wanted to get married immediately, there were obstacles. "Coruscant required so many days for the license," Sklarii explained, "and Voort had to tell all his commanding officers and squadron mates, and we had to pick a time and day when everyone could come. And we had to book the meadow! We used the time productively, though! We made love at least every day unless grandfather was away on a mission -- it was always so difficult to be away from your grandfather!"

Voort would always reply, "Not so difficult as it was for me, my love!" And he'd bound across the room to gather his bride of many years into his arms and toss her happily into the air, to her squeals and laughter. Their great and undying affection made everyone teary and happy.

Their love for each other and for their many children of many species -- including the three who became Jedi Knights -- became famous, and story books were written and inspirational holos made of their times and trials. And even long after Voort and Sklarii left this world for the next, parents and teachers would tell their children stories of the great love between the Human and the Gamorrean, so that they would know not to judge others by their looks or their stereotypes. And so that they knew that love would come to them, if only they would recognize it.

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