Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO
Chapter 6
Rating: X / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place very soon after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. It is a prequel to Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. Thanks to meathead96 for editing this entire story for me.

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Several days later, at the ProCorps Academy's tattoo center ...

Jaina looked at the machine with a little trepidation, and quite a bit of excitement. It wasn't the assortment of nerfhide straps attached to it that made her nervous. She had spent most of her time at the ProCorps Academy restrained in some way. The straps were part of what excited her though. The two articulating arms with needles on the end didn't bother her. Even before basic training, the Imperial Navy had given her an assortment of shots. She had received more when she had arrived at the ProCorps Academy.

The thing that made her nervous was if her parents ever found out she had gotten a tattoo. The thing that excited her though, was getting a pair of tattoos, and just where, and what, they were going to be.

Alright sexy, you're SX-51472, right?” the mid-twenties raven haired woman asked her.

The attendant was wearing a tight black synthhide bodysuit. Over that she had a short black dress, with what looked like a built in corset. She had black eighteen-centimeter high-heeled nerfhide ProCorps boots on her feet. A chrono and comlink were on her wrists, and a silver collar around her neck. She was also wearing a wide silver durasteel belt around her waist, with the Imperial Emblem on the front. Except for the Emblem, the belt was a lot like the one that Alema Rar used to wear.

Jaina wasn't sure if she was an instructor, but everyone except another recruit was her superior at the ProCorps Academy.

Yes Ma'am,” Jaina replied promptly.

By the way, my name's Stormie,” she said as she hit a button on her remote, causing Jaina's chastity belt to unlock with a click. “Take off your chastity belt,” Stormie instructed her.

Jaina obeyed, and noticed that Stormie was watching her very closely. Jaina made sure to give her hips an extra wiggle for her as she stepped out of her nerfhide chastity belt.

Good, climb up and let's get you strapped in,” Stormie told her with a smile.

Yes Ma'am,” Jaina replied as she stepped forward and lay down on her stomach on the machine.

Stormie quickly strapped her wrists, biceps, head, chest, hips, upper thighs, knees and ankles tightly to the machine. The straps around her hips and upper thighs were especially tight. Once that was done, the attendant offered her a ballgag, which Jaina politely declined. Jaina couldn't believe what she was about to get tattooed on herself, or where at, but she was excited to be doing it.

Do you want to watch it?” Stormie asked her as she sat down behind her control panel.

There was a deactivated holomonitor in front of Jaina's face. Since her head was strapped down, she couldn't really look anywhere else anyway. “Yes Ma'am, thank you,” Jaina replied. The screen came on and Jaina was looking at a close up view of her own ass.

Jaina heard a few beeps from the control panel, and the machine began scanning her ass, which took about thirty seconds to complete. Then the needles moved down until they were almost touching her skin, one over each butt-cheek.

Now relax, and let the straps do their job,” Stormie told her.

Yes Ma'am,” Jaina replied.

Suddenly, both needles pierced her skin, leaving behind a tiny dot of black ink. Since both needles were computer controlled, they moved blindingly fast across her skin. In less than three minutes, Jaina Solo, daughter of Han and Leia Solo, had the words Imperial Property tattooed across her ass in black, four centimeter high letters. Jaina was so proud she had them, too, and was eager to get her next ProCorps tattoo.

That looks fantastic on you, Seventy-Two,” Stormie told her in a very friendly sounding voice.

Jaina couldn't turn her head to see Stormie, but she sensed that she was very pleased with the tattoo, and attracted to her as well.

Thank you, Ma'am,” Jaina said with her own smile as she stared at the word on the screen, and her own ass. Suddenly her view was blocked, and she felt Stormie's warm breath on her skin.

You have a great ass,” she told Jaina, running her fingers underneath the tattoo. “That's Imperial Property now,” she added with laugh.

Thank you Ma'am,” Jaina replied, getting even more aroused. “And thank you for making it Imperial Property,” she added.

Stormie stood up, and laughed. “I didn't make it Imperial Property, Seventy-Two. The Empire just allowed you to become its property,” she explained. “I just get to label it is all.”

Oh, well thank you for labeling the Empire's Property, Ma'am,” Jaina answered.

Thanks, and lets get you flipped over, so we can have some more fun,” Stormie told her.

Five minutes later, Jaina was on her back, and strapped back down. Her legs were spread wide, and flexed, just like at a gynecologist's. The monitor was mounted on a movable arm as well, and the attendant had swung it around so she could see her second tattoo. Jaina looked up and saw a close up view of her crotch, just above her moist pussy.

The machine scanned her mons, then the needles took up position over her skin, one just above the other.

Ready?” Stormie asked her with a smile.

Yes Ma'am,” Jaina answered enthusiastically.

The needles immediately began tattooing her at the same blinding speed as they had her ass. In about ninety seconds they were finished, and Jaina had a seven centimeter tattoo of the Imperial Emblem tattooed on her mons, just above her pussy. Jaina thought it looked beautiful; especially there.

Stormie stepped out from her control panel, and leaned down until her face was only a few centimeters from her new tattoo. Jaina gasped as she felt her warm breath on her moist pussy.

Then she gently blew on the tattoo, and Jaina moaned and arched her back in arousal. Stormie laughed, and blew on her tattoo a few more times, then stood up, and walked away, leaving her strapped down. Stormie did some things around the room for a few minutes, then came back and began releasing Jaina.

As Jaina was being unstrapped, all she wanted to do was masturbate while she looked at her new tattoos. She knew that she couldn't though. A ProCorps trooper couldn't touch themselves without permission, even if they were wearing their chastity belt. She could fantasize though.

Thank you so much,” Jaina told her as she looked down at the Imperial Emblem on her mons. She glanced at the monitor, which was now displaying her other tattoo. Now anyone that fucked her would know just who's ass she was.

You're welcome, Seventy-Two,” Stormie replied with a smile. “It was completely my pleasure though. I love doing this,” she confessed.

Great,” Jaina replied as she pulled her chastity belt back on and locked it.

Stormie stared at her a moment, obviously deciding something. “Do you want to see mine?” she asked.

Um, sure, Ma'am,” Jaina answered, more than a little curious, and still aroused.

Stormie smiled, reached over to her control panel, and pressed a button. Then she pulled her durasteel belt apart, and set it down on a nearby table. Next she loosened and pulled off her corset dress. After that she pulled off her ProCorps boots, leaving her in just her synthhide bodysuit, chrono, comlink, and collar.

She turned away from Jaina and pulled the top edge of the bodysuit away from her collar—apparently it was magnetically attached to it—then reached behind her neck and began unzipping the bodysuit. As she peeled it off, Jaina was amazed at what she saw.

From just below her collar all the way to her knees she was covered in tattoos. Each one was highly detailed, and each scene was separated. Everywhere she looked Jaina saw something that represented the Empire.

A squadron of TIE Interceptors and TIE fighters were spiraling down each of her arms, from shoulder to wrist. The lead one was just above her chrono and comlink. Across her upper back were the words Galactic Empire. An Imperial Super-Star Destroyer was tattooed across the widest part of her back, practically from shoulder to shoulder. Her mid-back and lower-back had tattoos of six regular Imperial Star Destroyers, from various angles.

Between the Super-Star Destroyer and the Imperial ones were tattoos of the busts of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, with Grand Admiral Pellaeon, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Ysanne Isard below them. The words Imperial Property were tattooed across her ass, just like Jaina had. At the top of the back of each thigh was an AT-AT walker, with a pair of smaller AT-ST walkers below them. Every Star Destroyer, TIE fighter, and Walker was firing at some unseen enemy. Then she slowly turned around, and Jaina saw even more tattoos on her front.

On the front of each thigh was a stormtrooper holding a BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle. The barrel of each rifle was pointed, and firing, directly at her pussy. Just above her pussy was what looked like a tattoo of the Imperial Emblem, like Jaina had just gotten.

Across her lower belly were the words Peace Freedom Justice and Security. On her toned stomach was map of the galaxy that reached from that to just below her breasts. The worlds of the Galactic Empire were in black. The Chiss territory was in blue, and labeled as ally. The rest of the galaxy, including the entire Galactic Alliance, was red, and labeled as to be subjugated. The most outrageous thing of all was tattooed on her large breasts, though.

Each breast was completely covered in a tattoo of the first Death Star. The tattoos were done so that each of her tits looked like it was the Death Star. Each of her areolas had eight green laser beams that joined together at her nipple, which was entirely green, just like the Death Star's Superlaser.

All Jaina could say was, “Wow!”

You like 'em?” Stormie asked. “I was going to have the TIEs and Star Destroyers blowing up X-wings and other Rebel shik, but then I decided that I didn't want a single thing that reminded me of them in any way on me. Nothing but the awesome power of the Galactic Empire,” she said as she displayed her tats.

I love 'em, Ma'am,” Jaina agreed. She didn't mention that she had once flown X-wings. That wasn't important anymore. Growing up Jaina had always been taught that the Death Stars were the ultimate example of the Empire's evil, but seeing two of them like this was far more erotic than dreadful.

I planned every one except for the two ProCorps ones out before I started any of them,” Stormie said as she posed.

Jaina had been wondering about those, and the chastity belt. “Um, Ma'am, may I ask you a question,” Jaina asked tentatively.

Sure,” Stormie responded absently.

Are you a ProCorps trooper?”

Stormie looked up at her, and laughed. “Nope, I flunked out of the Academy. They said I was too independent minded to be a ProCorps trooper. That was after I got the tats though,” she said with a smile.

Oh, yes Ma'am,” Jaina said with understanding. She hoped that she wasn't too independent minded to be a ProCorps trooper. “Um, Ma'am, can you take off your collar?”

Sure,” Stormie replied with a smile. “I only wear it because I like it.” Then she brushed a couple of fingers over it lovingly. “I have a magnetic leash ring that I wear when I'm off duty,” she explained.

That sounds like fun,” Jaina said with a smile. Then she looked back at the map of the galaxy on her stomach. “Ma'am, do you really think the Empire should control the entire galaxy?”

Hell yes!” Stormie replied emphatically. “I wish I could blast the Rebel scum all into oblivion right now! With girls like you properly motivating our troops, we will someday,” she said as she licked her lips at Jaina.

Jaina wasn't a hundred percent sure about the Empire controlling the entire galaxy, but she certainly hoped she could properly motivate the Empire's troops. “I'll do my best, Ma'am,” Jaina promised.

Stormie chuckled, and picked up her bodysuit. “And I think right now you need to get back to your training, so you can earn your last tattoo, and your real chastity belt.”

Yes Ma'am!” Jaina replied enthusiastically.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A couple of days later ...

“Good morning Recruit Solo. Today you will began an aspect of your training that most of the other recruits won't get,” Instructor Witter told her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied promptly.

“From this point on, you will not respond to your former name in any way, is that understood, Recruit Solo?” Instructor Witter asked her.

Jaina sensed the trap and remained at rigid parade rest.

“Is that understood, Seventy-Two?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied promptly.

“Good. We will be testing you on this throughout your training. We will even try to call you that name to wake you up. If you respond you will be punished instantly. You will be trained until you dream of yourself as SX-51472, understood?”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied without a hint of defiance.

An hour or so later, Jaina was enthusiastically fucking a stormtrooper. She didn't know who he was, and didn't care. They had told her to fuck him, and she was. Her chrono and comlink were maglocked together with a short chain behind her back, and she was bouncing up and down on his sizable cock.

“Recruit Solo!” Instructor Witter shouted from a couple of meters to her right.

Jaina's eyes popped open and she snapped her head towards him; and was instantly hit with a shock from her collar. Jaina gasped in pain and fell off the stormtrooper. Luckily the bunk she was fucking him on was only about half-a-meter off the floor.

“Get up Seventy-Two!” Instructor Witter shouted at her. “You can't let your punishment interfere with servicing your client!”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina responded as she scrambled back onto him. She felt annoyance from the stormtrooper at the interruption, then satisfaction as she pushed down onto his cock again.

“Recruit Solo! Stop and come here this instant!” Instructor Witter shouted at her.

This time Jaina ignored him, and kept fucking her stormtrooper. She sensed approval from Instructor Witter, and felt a jolt of pleasure from obeying her orders.

Over the next couple of weeks they called her Jaina, Solo, Jaina Solo, and Recruit Solo at least a dozen times a day. They even threw in her nickname from Rogue Squadron, Sticks. They even had her clients call her some of them as she orgasmed.

Anytime she so much as glanced towards her person calling her, she received an instant shock from her training collar. If she stopped pleasuring a client for a second because she was being shocked, then she was punished for that as well. Finally, after she didn't react to any of her former names for a few days, they moved to the next level of her training.

Jaina was being fucked from behind by one of her trainers. Her arms were tightly encased in a nerfhide armbinder, and he was pulling the leash attached to be back of her collar hard enough to affect her breathing. She didn't think of complaining, she was busy concentrating pleasuring him as best she could.

Suddenly, she heard her mother's voice call her name. Jaina's eyes popped open in shock as she looked for her—and Jaina was promptly shocked by her training collar.

Jaina gasped for breath, and in pain, as her trainer continued to pull on her leash and fuck her from behind. Then she realized that it had been a recording. Somehow they had gotten a recording of her mother.

Less than an hour later, they used a different recording of her mom, and shocked her again. Then it was her dad's voice calling her, and she received another shock.

That was going to be a problem. She had been able to sense her trainers and clients calling her name with Force, and stop herself from reacting. Not only would she not be able to sense a recording with the Force, they were in the voices of her family.

The process continued over the next several weeks, with recordings of her mom, dad, Uncle Luke and even Jacen being played whenever they thought she was distracted. They had the recordings play without saying her name, and shocked her if she reacted to that.

Jaina was very aware that they were training her not to react to her own family's voices, and hoped she was up to the task. After all, she was going to be a ProCorps Trooper, and she trusted the Empire to do what was best for her.

A little over a month after she began the name training, she realized that she had been thinking of herself as SX-51472 for the past two days. She started to try and remember what people had called her before, but quickly abandoned the thought. It didn't matter who she used to be. Now she was Imperial ProCorps Recruit SX-51472, and she was much happier.

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