Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO
Chapter 5
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Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place very soon after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. It is a prequel to Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. Thanks to meathead96 for editing this entire story for me.

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Jaina awoke and was momentarily startled that her hands were trapped behind her back. She quickly remembered that she was on board Major Drasi's ship, and that she had joined the ProCorps. She also remembered what she had done last night.

She glanced in front of her, and found Major Drasi in the same seat he had been in last night when she had given him a blowjob. “Well, good morning, recruit,” he said with a smile.

“Good morning Sir,” Jaina replied.

“Would you like me to release you so you can use the 'fresher and eat breakfast?” he asked her.

“Please Sir,” Jaina answered politely.

Major Drasi released her, and she went aft to use the 'fresher. When she returned, Four was there with a breakfast tray for her. Jaina reached out with the Force, to get a sense of how a fully trained ProCorps trooper felt. She was surprised at just how peaceful and content Four was. Jaina had felt like that herself in a long time. . .

“We'll be arriving at the ProCorps Academy in about two hours,” Major Drasi told her while she ate.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied between bites. She wasn't used to talking while she ate. “Um, Sir, May I ask where we are going?” She hadn't even thought about that until now.

“No you may not, recruit. The location of the ProCorps Academy is classified,” Major Drasi answered.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” Jaina responded after another bite. She thought of trying to sense the answer with the Force, but quickly discarded the idea. If the Empire needed to keep secrets from her, then so be it. After all, she was just a lowly enlisted recruit. She would have to earn trust.

“Recruit, I understand that Jedi can gather information from other beings thoughts. Have you done that just now?” he asked after a few moments thought.

“No Sir,” Jaina answered quickly, and a little guiltily for thinking of it.

“Good. Would you have told me if you had?”

Jaina started to answer, then stopped and thought about it a moment. “Yes Sir, I wouldn't lie.”

Major Drasi stared back at her a few seconds. “Good. I have no way of verifying this of course, but until you prove otherwise, I will trust you not to do this under any circumstances while at the ProCorps Academy. That is a direct order, by the way.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied after she took her last bite of breakfast.

“You are allowed, and even encouraged to use the Force to sense others' emotions, and especially their desires. We feel that this will make you a better ProCorps trooper,” Major Drasi explained.

As a Jedi, Jaina had always used the Force to sense her lover's, >and lovers', emotions when she was having sex. “Yes Sir,” she answered. “Um, Sir, may I ask a question about something else?”

“Yes recruit,” Major Drasi replied with a smile.

“Thank you Sir. High Moff Fel called his assistant Fifty-Eight, and you call yours Four. Can you tell me why?”

“That is the last digits of their ProCorps serial numbers. Four's is SX-41104. ProCorps troopers don't normally use their names. Their identities are confidential. In your case this will be even more important, since you are relatively well known.”

Jaina had read something like that in the information he had uploaded to her comlink. She still didn't completely understand, but she was willing to accept his answer. “So I'll have a serial number that I'll be known by as well, Sir?”

“Yes recruit, you'll be issued one at the Academy,” Major Drasi replied. “Right now, let's get you restrained for the rest of our trip.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied as she obediently shackled her leg back into the leg rests. Then she put her wrists behind her and into the slots in the seat. Major Drasi fastened her safety harness, then went forward, into the cockpit.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Once they landed, Major Drasi escorted Jaina to the ProCorps Academy medical clinic, on a leash. She was a little embarrassed at being led on a leash, and more than a little at only being allowed to wear her ProCorps training uniform.

In the clinic, he told her to obey every instruction explicitly, and trust the Empire to take care of her. She promised him that she would, and he left her in the care of a ProCorps Academy Instructor, and a nurse.

“At the ProCorps Academy you will address all staff members as Sir or Ma'am, as appropriate, is that understood?” the thirty-something female instructor told her.

“Yes Ma'am,” Jaina replied obediently as the instructor glanced at a nearby computer monitor.

“Alright recruit, your ProCorps serial number is SX-51472,” the Instructor told her. “It will be displayed at the top of your comlink, and on your spectacles. You will only answer to your serial number, or the last two digits. If you answer to your former name, you will be punished, is that understood, Seventy-Two?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Jaina answered. It felt sort of weird having her new name assigned randomly by a computer.

“Now, I want you to clearly say your first name, last name, and any nicknames that you use,” the instructor told her.

“Yes Ma'am, Jaina answered in confusion, then obeyed, even saying her nickname from Rogue Squadron, Sticks.

“Alright, by the end of the day your collar will be programmed to automatically shock you if you repeat any of these words. Since your last name and nickname are real words, you should be careful not to try to use them for their other meanings, as the collar won't be able to tell the difference, understood, Seventy-Two?”

Jaina was stunned by this insidious training method. Still, she had to admit that it would be very effective. “Yes Ma'am, Seventy-Two understands,” she replied.

“Good girl,” the instructor replied with a smile. Then the instructor picked up two durasteel strips. Jaina glanced at them, and saw that they were about as wide as her collar, and had her serial number on it in easy-to-read black lettering.

The instructor reached up, and attached one to each side of her collar. “And your serial number will also be displayed on your training collar, for easy identification,” she told her.

“Yes Ma'am,” Jaina replied.

Then the nurse gave Jaina a complete medical exam. Jaina wasn't surprised that they were able to take off her chastity belt, and conduct a vaginal and rectal exam.

After lunch and some more processing, the instructor finally took Jaina to the ProCorps barracks. There were five beds on each side of the room, with two ProCorps recruits leashed to the foot of each bed.

“Do not speak without permission, and raise your hand for permission,” the instructor told her, and the rest of the recruits.

As the instructor leashed her to the foot of what she assumed was her bed, Jaina scanned the room, and was surprised to see a trio of male recruits spread out amongst the sixteen female ones. Then Jaina wondered if the recruits would be sharing beds with each other. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another leash being attached to the other side of her bunk.

Jaina glanced over, and saw the profile of an attractive blonde woman a couple of years younger than her, that looked familiar. Jaina reached out with the Force, and was stunned to sense Tahiri standing next to her.

Tahiri sensed her Force probe, and nodded back towards her.

“H—” Jaina started to say, and promptly received a moderate shock from her collar. Jaina gasped, and clutched at her throat.

“Welcome to the Imperial Naval ProCorps Academy, recruits. As Seventy-Two here as just demonstrated, your training collars' voice shock feature is activated. If you don't understand what that means, just say so now,” she said with amusement.

All of the recruits naturally remained silent, and glanced towards Jaina, amused.

“Good then,” the instructor continued. “All of you are here to become Imperial Prostitutes. While most of your training will be done individually, you will be sharing a bed most nights, to get you use to accommodating yourself to others. You won't be talking to each other very much though.”

Jaina was still shocked to find Tahiri here. She wanted to talk to her, but she couldn't. When she reached out with the Force, she sensed that Tahiri was happy to see her, but distracted by something.

That night, Jaina and Tahiri were pulled aside. Neither had said more than a few words to each other all day. Either they weren't able to because of their collars, or were busy with their training.

“The two of you are both former Jedi. While you are at the ProCorps Academy, you will not attempt to communicate with each other with the Force, other than sensing each other's emotions, is that understood?” she asked them as she held their leashes in her hand.

“Yes Ma'am,” Tahiri replied, followed by Jaina a moment later.

“Good, now, since both of you are here, we believe you will obey all orders, including that one. However, if either of you attempts to use the Force for anything other sensing others emotions, I expect whichever of you that did it, even if my accident, to report it, so you can be punished. If the other one finds out that you did it, then I expect her to report it, is that understood?”

“Yes Ma'am,” they both replied.

“Good, now let's get you two to bed,” the instructor said as she tugged their leashes back towards the bunk room.

A minute later, Jaina and Tahiri were laying side-by-side on the small bed. Each of them were leashed to a corner, at the head of the bed. They were both still wearing their complete training uniform, which included their waist cinchers, breast harnesses, chastity belts, chronos, comlinks, and of course, their training collars. Recruits were only allowed to remove their shoes, and Jaina knew that in a few weeks they would have to sleep in those as well.

Jaina still wanted to ask Tahiri how she ended up here, but couldn't. Instead she smiled at her, and was relieved when Tahiri smiled back. Almost in unison, they slid closer together, and shared a brief kiss. Then they drifted off to sleep with their limbs entwined, listening to the relaxing music that was playing over the speakers in the bunk room.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Everyday, ProCorps training included at least two hours in the gym. For recruits that were in less than the best shape, they would add an extra hour to their time.

The recruits also had a pair of two hour classes everyday that could be described as advanced sex-ed classes. There they learned about seemingly every sex practice and fetish imaginable that they might encounter as an Imperial ProCorps trooper. The classes incorporated their spectacles and earpieces, for greater impact. As their training progressed, the class time would be cut, and they would spend more time perfecting their sexual techniques.

From day one the recruits began having sex. Jaina lost count of the number of men that had fucked her by the third day. She knew she had thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them though. Jaina was also paired up with many of her fellow recruits for various acts, including Tahiri.

To help train the several hundred ProCorps recruits that were at the Academy at any given time, Imperial Naval personnel were allowed to come in while on leave. To protect the location of the Academy, they were all transported in from another planet. They still had to pay a small fee to have sex with the recruits, but it was much cheaper than the cost of a fully trained ProCorps Trooper. The rate was also pro-rated based on the client's pay-rate, so lower ranking troopers paid a smaller percentage of their pay than higher ranking enlisted and officers.

While assisting in the training of the ProCorps recruits, the Naval personnel were often watched by the instructors, and they had limited control over how the recruits pleased them. Still, the ProCorps Academy was an extremely popular destination for leave. This ensured that there were always an abundance of cocks, and enough pussies, for the recruits to train on.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

As Jaina had expected from the recruitment video, ProCorps training involved nearly non-stop sexual acts, alone under supervision, and with one to several partners, also under supervision. One of the first things that the instructors taught Jaina was erotic dancing.

They explained that anytime a ProCorps trooper was being observed, even if on holocam, they should be performing for their audiences' pleasure. After nearly eight hours of lessons over two days, Jaina Solo, under the name SX-51472, made her stripping debut.

For her first performance, Jaina wore a fetish Imperial TIE fighter's uniform, without the helmet. She wondered if they had chosen the outfit because she had planned on being a TIE fighter pilot once. She was still wearing her training collar, but not the rest of their training uniform.

The rules in the ProCorps Academy strip club were similar to other strip clubs. The customers weren't allowed to touch the dancers; because it wasn't time yet, and they hadn't paid for that. They were allowed to buy table dances, and private dances in backrooms. Just like in most strip clubs, it was expected that the dancer would have sex in the backroom.

Thanks to her ProCorps training, and what little Alema Rar had tried to teach her years ago, a pair of TIE pilots on leave quickly bought Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 for a thirty minute private dance. Jaina smiled and flirted with them as she escorted them to the room. She was naked except for her collar, chrono, comlink, and black fifteen centimeter heeled knee boots. Idly, she wondered if she would have been their commanding officer had she not chosen the ProCorps.

With two men and only thirty minutes, Jaina danced for about twenty seconds before they started fucking her. One of them leaned back in a pouf chair, and had Jaina straddle him. The other quickly moved behind her, and started fucking her ass as she fucked his friend. Jaina loved the feeling of one cock in her pussy and another in her ass at the same time.

After they both came in her, they moved to the floor where Jaina got on her hands and knees. The second TIE pilot started fucking her from behind, in her pussy this time, while the first one stepped in front of her for a blow job. To Jaina's delight, she was able to bring both of them to a second orgasm before their thirty minutes were up. She was also happy to orgasm herself, just as the second one came in her pussy.

Afterwards, Jaina went back to the dressing room, and used the 'fresher to clean up. She had three more sets to do that night, and was looking forward to each one.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A couple of days later, in the instructors' office ...

“Seventy-Two, as you know, we monitor all of your communications,” Instructor Lanne told her.

“Yes Ma'am,” Jaina replied promptly. The Empire had done the same thing when she was in basic training. At first she had resented it a little, but she quickly accepted it.

“We have noticed that since you are so busy with your training, you haven't been replying to your parents as often as they have been sending messages. Would you like us to help you with that?” she asked.

Even in basic, Jaina hadn't felt like writing a whole lot. Now that she was at the ProCorps Academy, she would much rather train, which usually meant have sex, than send messages to rebels, even if they were her parents. She definitely didn't want to lose any training time. “Yes Ma'am, thank you, but how?” Jaina asked.

“Well, since we are already reading your messages, we can just respond to your family for you. That way you'll have even more time for your training,” Instructor Lanne informed her.

Jaina was surprised that she would suggest something like that, and even more surprised that she didn't seem to mind at all. “Thank you Ma'am, I'd appreciate that,” she replied with a smile. “What about my other family, and friends though, Ma'am?” Since coming to the Empire, she had sent a couple of messages to Uncle Luke and Ben, and one each to a couple of her friends, including Tenel Ka.

“We will take care of your uncle and cousin as well. As for your friends, we'll decide on a case-by-case basis. If we feel that you need to answer one, we'll let you know, okay?” she answered.

“Yes Ma'am, that will be fine,” Jaina replied, happy that the Empire would be handling all of her personal correspondence so she could concentrate on her ProCorps training.

“Also, since you're not allowed to use your old name at the Academy, if we do decide that you need to read any of the messages, it will be deleted. If you respond to any, you will not use your name either, including at the end. We will add it if we feel it is necessary,” Instructor Lanne told her.

That made sense to Jaina. “Yes Ma'am,” she agreed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jaina woke to the pain of someone pinching and pulling her nipple—hard. Her eyes shot open and she realized that it was Tahiri, reaching around from behind her. They had fell asleep spooning each other, with Tahiri behind her. Jaina turned halfway over, and gave her a good morning kiss. Neither of them spoke, since they knew their collars voice shock feature was activated. In fact, Tahiri had probably pulled her nipple to get her to make a sound, and get shocked.

As they explored each others' mouths with their tongues, Jaina reached out and tickled her side, just above her nerfhide waist cincher. Tahiri let out a yelp of laughter—that quickly turned into a yelp of pain as the collar shocked her. Jaina grinned triumphantly at her. Tahiri responded by smiling apologetically back at her. Then they both kissed again. Jaina was thrilled to wake up another day in the ProCorps Academy.

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