Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO
Chapter 4
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Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place very soon after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. It is a prequel to Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. Thanks to meathead96 for editing this entire story for me.

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That afternoon ...

“So are you sure about this, Recruit Solo,” Major Drasi asked her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied confidently.

“Okay. I've checked into it, and since your previous enlistment contract hadn't been completely processed yet, I was able to get it voided, which will make this whole thing simpler,” Major Drasi said.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina answered with a nod.

“First, here is your new enlistment contract, and a separate statement saying that you are not being coerced in any way,” he said as he slid a datapad to her.

The first document displayed asked her to confirm that she wasn't being coerced in any way into joining the Imperial Naval Prostitution Corps. Jaina quickly scanned it, then put her thumbprint in the box. Next her new enlistment contract appeared.

This one had options for five, seven, ten, and fifteen years. Jaina selected the five year option. It also said that if she failed to complete her enlistment for any reason, then the Empire could make her spend the remainder of her service performing whatever duties the Empire wanted. Jaina reached the end, and put her thumbprint in the box as well. Then she passed it back to him.

“Congratulations, Recruit Solo,” Major Drasi said with a smile as he reviewed her thumbprints. “There are a couple of more things we need to take care of, that pertain to you specifically, and aren't standard for ProCorps troopers.” Then he brought up another document on his datapad, and passed it back to her.

This one stated that she was renouncing all ties to the Jedi Order, for the entire period of her service to the Empire. It also said that she would not attempt to contact or receive any form of communication from any Jedi or Force sensitive individual, even through intermediaries, without prior permission from the Empire. Last it said that she would report any violations of this, or suspected violations, to her superiors immediately, in detail.

“Um, Sir, what about my Mom, and Uncle Luke?” Jaina asked him. She was sure that she would want to see them, and talk to them before five years was up.

“You will be able to contact your parents, Uncle Luke, and your cousin Ben periodically, although you will need approval each time,” Major Drasi explained.

“Oh, okay Sir,” Jaina replied. Then, after a few seconds' consideration, she put her thumbprint in the appropriate box, and passed the datapad back to him.

Major Drasi checked her thumbprint again, then brought up another document and passed it back to her. This one said that she was transferring ownership of her X-wing and astromech to the Empire. Jaina re-read it as she thought about it. She didn't have any particular attachment to the X-wing, past it being pretty much all she had at this point. The astromech had been with her awhile though. It didn't matter, she was a ProCorps trooper now, she didn't need either. She liked the idea of surrendering her life to the Empire. She put her thumbprint in the box, and passed the datapad back to Major Drasi.

Major Drasi checked her thumbprint once again, brought up another document, and passed the datapad back to her. This one said that she was relinquishing ownership of her lightsaber to High Moff Jagged Fel for the duration of her service to the Empire. Jaina sat and stared at it for several seconds. Finally, she sensed Major Drasi getting impatient, so she hastily put her thumbprint in the box, then passed it back to him.

After she did, Jaina realized that the one about her X-wing hadn't said anything about her getting it back once she completed her service to the Empire. She shrugged her shoulders; it was too late to worry about now. Then she thought of Jag having her lightsaber for the next five years. That made her think of his Personal Assistant, Fifty-Eight.

Now that Jaina understood that Jag's PA was a ProCorps trooper, she had a pretty good idea just how personally she assisted Moff Fel. Actually Jaina had wondered when she first saw Fifty-Eight, but now she knew. Then Jaina wondered if she would be replacing Fifty-Eight under Jag's desk once she completed her ProCorps training.

Jaina imagined herself wearing a ProCorps uniform with towering heels, cheerfully bringing Moff Fel caf while he ran the Empire. Then he was upset with her for misfiling a datapad. The scene changed to her naked, lying across his lap while he spanked her with the datapad until her ass turned red. Next she was still naked except for her chrono, comlink, a collar, and towering high heeled kneeboots. She was standing with her face in the corner and her hands cuffed behind her back while Moff Fel ignored her and blithely discussed Imperial business with several Moffs.

Frakk, I'm getting horny, Jaina thought to herself.

“Thank you, Recruit Solo,” Major Drasi said as he reviewed the document. “I'll have your personal property from your training unit sent to my ship, and you'll stay here with me,” he told her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied obediently, trying to calm down from her fantasy. Her personal property had been put into storage along with all the other recruits' when she arrived at the training unit. It consisted of a couple of changes of clothes, and her Jedi robes. The recruits had been allowed to keep their datapads, for writing messages during their small amount of free time. Jaina's was in her uniform pocket. All of her personal hygiene items had even been issued by the Imperial Navy.

“Um, Sir, I don't need any of that stuff anyway, they can just throw it away or whatever,” Jaina told him.

“Great then,” Major Drasi replied. “I'll let Drill Sergeant Morrgin know. Also, since I have completed my business on Prefsbelt IV, we can depart immediately.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina responded. “May I send a message to my parents before we leave though, Sir?”

“Of course, Recruit Solo.” Then he paused a moment. “You do understand the need for discretion don't you, Recruit Solo?” he asked her.

“Oh, yes Sir,” Jaina replied. “They review all recruits' messages anyway, and won't send them if they have classified information,” she told him.

“I know that, Recruit Solo,” he replied in a mildly reproving tone. “I'll be reviewing your messages while you are at the ProCorps Academy anyway. I was just reminding you, Recruit.”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” Jaina replied quickly.

On the way to the spaceport, Jaina turned her music back on first. Then she composed a message to her parents explaining that she was leaving the Jedi order for awhile. She told them that she was enlisting in the Imperial Navy, and that she still loved them. She didn't mention that she was enlisting for five years, and certainly didn't mention what she was enlisting for. Jaina also told them that she wasn't sure when she would be able to talk to them again. She felt a little excited, and nervous as she wrote the message.

Jaina finished, re-read it, and then passed it to Major Drasi. While she knew that someone was monitoring her communication with the outside galaxy while she was in basic, it was different when she had to physically hand her private message to her parents to an Imperial Officer and watch quietly while he read it. Still, she obeyed.

By the time they arrived, Major Drasi had sent the message. The military speeder took them to a sleek yacht about forty-five meters long, a little longer than the Falcon, but not nearly as wide, built more like Lando's ship, the Lady Luck. Jaina turned off her music, so she didn't miss anything Major Drasi told her.

A brown-haired ProCorps trooper was waiting for them at the bottom of the ramp. Her gleaming Imperial Emblem belt buckle and towering heels were obvious. Now that Jaina knew what to look for, she could spot the edge of her durasteel collar underneath her uniform tunic. Jaina sensed that she was very happy and content. Major Drasi sent her to finish prepping the ship for launch, and took Jaina to the passenger compartment.

As Jaina walked in, there were eight comfortable looking seats facing forward in two rows of four, to her left. There looked to be plenty of room between each seat. Against the right side was a long couch, with six safety harnesses. Separate from the other seats against the rear bulk head were four more seats that looked a little less comfortable than the other eight. There was a medium-sized container, sitting on the couch.

“Alright recruit, I want you to take off your uniform, then you can put on your ProCorps training uniform in the container,” Major Drasi instructed her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied as she picked up the container to take it to the 'fresher—as soon as she found out where that was.

“No. You will change right here; now,” Major Drasi told her firmly.

Jaina stared back at him in bewilderment. Then she quickly regained her senses. Of course he wanted to see her naked, and since she had signed up to be a ProCorps trooper, he would, sooner or later. “Yes Sir,” she replied as she sat the container down and stripped off her dress uniform tunic.

Jaina calmed herself with the Force as she stripped naked in front of a man she had only met yesterday. Finally she was down to her chrono and comlink, which she couldn't take off, and her spectacles and earpieces. She started to cover her breasts and crotch, but quickly dropped her hands to her sides.

“I'm glad you kept your spectacles and earpieces on, recruit,” Major Drasi told her with a smile, as he started slowly walking around her, inspecting her.

“Thank you Sir,” Jaina replied, blushing furiously with embarrassment as he studied her.

“You have a fantastic body, recruit. Many of our eighteen or twenty year old recruits aren't in as good as shape as you are,” he commented.

“Thank you Sir,” Jaina replied, blushing an even deeper shade of red.

Major Drasi completed two slow circuits of her, then told her to put on her training uniform. Jaina knew what the ProCorps Recruit training uniform was from the information Major Drasi had uploaded into her comlink.

First Jaina wrapped the twenty centimeter wide black nerfhide waist cincher around her stomach. Then she pulled the four three centimeter wide straps that went over it as tight as she could. Each strap had a tension lock that kept it taut until it was unlocked with a remote. There were D-rings at regular intervals all around the waist cincher.

Then Jaina put on the black nerfhide breast harness. It consisted of a strap around her chest just below her breasts, and more straps that went around her breasts, connecting to the two that went over her shoulders. There were four straps going over each of her breasts, leaving plenty of skin exposed for both stimulation and punishment. The straps connected to a three centimeter wide durasteel ring that went around her nipple. The breast harness also had several D-rings on it.

Next Jaina put on the black nerfhide chastity belt. It had a ten centimeter wide waist strap, and a wide strap that tapered to go between her legs before widening again to connect to the waist strap at the small of her back. There were also several D-rings on the outside of it.

The chastity belt had a durasteel plate with dozens of small holes over her pussy. Jaina knew this was so it could be worn while she peed. The plate could be removed if necessary, to provide access to her pussy for all but the most well-endowed of cocks.

There was also a durasteel panel in the back that could be slid up into the nerfhide to allow her to take care of that business, or to provide access to her ass. Jaina had shuddered a little when she had read that little tidbit. Now though, she was willing to trust the Empire. With those two features, there was no need to take the chastity belt off her except to shower, and then only occasionally. The Empire had complete control over her sex.

After the chastity belt Jaina put on the thirteen-centimeter high sandals. They had chunky heels about two centimeters in diameter, to make it easier to walk in them. Each sandal had a wide strap that went over her feet just above her toes, and two more that went up her ankles to connect to the wide ankle strap with the hidden maglocks built into it. Jaina knew that she would learn to walk in higher and thinner heels throughout her training.

“You look great, recruit,” Major Drasi said as he admired her.

“Thank you Sir,” Jaina replied.

“Now, I want you to kneel, and ask me to put your training collar on you,” Major Drasi told her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina answered as she dropped to her knees and crossed her wrists behind her back. She had also learned about this ceremony from the information he had sent her. Since they had just shaved her head three days ago, she didn't have to hold her hair out of the way.

“Major Drasi, will you please collar this Prostitution Corps Recruit so she can begin her training for her service to the Empire?” Jaina asked word-for-word. She sensed Major Drasi's happiness at her performance.

“On behalf of the Galactic Empire, I collar this Prostitution Corps Recruit,” he said as he closed the seven centimeter wide durasteel collar.

Jaina felt a jolt of excitement as the cold durasteel snapped shut around her neck. She knew that it was maglocked, and wouldn't be coming off very often for the next few months. Jaina also knew that the collar could deliver powerful shocks if she needed to be punished. A few days ago, she would have been frantic to get it off, but now, she calmly accepted it as part of her training to serve the Empire.

Major Drasi ordered Jaina to rise, then took her to the row of seats against the rear bulkhead. As they came into view, Jaina saw that each seat had two leg rests with grooves for the occupants lower legs, with open durasteel cuffs about twenty centimeters wide waiting to be closed over them. There were also grooves in the armrests, but without the cuffs. Then Jaina remembered the armrests in the counselor's office, and assumed that there were maglocks in the grooves.

Oddly, there were also groves in the seat, at the bottom of the backrest. They were about the correct angle for someone to put their wrists in while sitting in the seat. Jaina could see the maglocks in them, and as she got closer, the ones in the armrests. Jaina had a pretty good idea how she would be traveling to the ProCorps Academy at this point.

“Sit down, and lock your ankles into place,” Major Drasi instructed her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied. Then she took a deep breath, sat down in the seat, and closed the durasteel cuffs over her lower legs. There was about fifty centimeters between her ankles.

“Good. Now put your hands behind your back, and your wrists into the grooves there,” he told her.

Jaina obeyed, and felt the maglocks attach to her chrono and comlink, securing them. Then Jaina had a sudden realization. The reason that the chrono and comlink looked so much like cuffs is that they were designed to be restraints as well as a chrono and comlink. Jag had had her wearing shackles before she had come to the Empire without her even realizing it! Must have been why I liked them so much, she thought with a smile.

While she had been contemplating that, Major Drasi had fastened her safety harness on her. Jaina didn't doubt that it was locked on as well.

“Don't go anywhere, Major Drasi told her with a smile.

Then he used the remote to turn her music back on for her. The transparent patterns had been playing all day long on her spectacles.

“I won't, Sir,” Jaina replied, a little surprised that he could do that, but not too much.

Major Drasi smiled as he patted her on the inside of her thigh. Then he headed towards the cockpit. Jaina quickly relaxed in her restraints, listening to her music, and watching the patterns on her spectacles.

As a pilot, Jaina was always a little nervous when someone else was at the controls of a ship she was on. Being a thoroughly restrained and helpless passenger was nerve-racking. Jaina didn't know how she would have made it through the take off and jump into hyperspace without the Force, and her music and the patterns on her spectacles.

Actually, Jaina realized that she had only done one Force calming exercise, and that was right at the beginning, out of habit. Apparently the music and transparent patterns worked better than the Force for calming her down.

After they made the jump to hyperspace, Major Drasi came back, and released her from the seat. “How would you like to get started on your training, recruit?” he asked her.

“Um, sure, Sir,” Jaina replied nervously.

Major Drasi smiled, and pulled a remote out of his pocket. Then he unlocked the crotch plate on her chastity belt, and produced a synthrubber dildo about fifteen centimeters long. “You will masturbate with this while I observe you, and critique your performance,” he informed her.

Jaina stared at the dildo a few seconds. “Yes Sir,” she found herself replying.

As Jaina took the dildo from him, she wondered what her mom would say if she saw her doing this. Then Jaina stuck the dildo in her mouth, to get it wet.

“Look at me while you do that,” Major Drasi instructed her. Always remember, you are performing for your Imperial audience’s pleasure. Everything you do should be to make them happy and more aroused.”

Jaina blushed with embarrassment as she locked eyes with him. After a few more seconds, the dildo was wet enough. Jaina took it out of her mouth, and pushed it into her pussy. She kept her eyes on him as she began stroking the dildo in and out of her pussy.

It felt weird wearing the nerfhide chastity belt while she was masturbating. Somehow, allowing her to masturbate through the hole only emphasized that the Empire had complete control over her sex. They could access her pussy exactly as much as they wanted to, when ever they wanted to. The thought made Jaina even wetter.

“Faster,” Major Drasi told her after about a minute. “And keep eye contact with me,” he reminded her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina said breathlessly as she continued to masturbate herself for him.

About thirty seconds later, he told her to play with her titty with her free hand. Jaina promptly obeyed, maintaining eye contact with him. Then he had her pinch and pull on her nipple through the durasteel ring of the breast harness. Next he had her switch hands so her other titty wouldn't be left out.

After Jaina had spent a minute or so playing with each of her tits, Major Drasi told her to spank herself. “And I want to see hand prints on your ass,” he warned her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied breathlessly as she began smacking her own ass.

While Jaina had played some S&M games in the past, having to spank herself while she masturbated was distracting. Fortunately the humiliation of masturbating and spanking herself in front of someone was arousing enough to more than make up for it. Less than four minutes later, Jaina was almost ready to cum.

“Stop!” Major Drasi suddenly commanded her.

What? Jaina thought as she pushed the dildo back up her pussy. Less than a second, and another thrust of the dildo, Jaina got her first shock from the training collar.

“OW--Skrag!” Jaina shouted, more in surprise than pain. She dropped dildo to the deck, and reached up with both hands and pulled on her collar.

“Recruit! When you are told to stop, you will stop immediately,” Major Drasi said firmly. “Is that clear?”

“What?” Jaina asked in confusion, still tugging vainly at her collar. “I was so close though!” she complained.

“Recruit, how close you are to orgasming is not important. When you are told to do something, you will obey instantly,” he said vehemently.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied distraughtly.

“Now, I didn't say anything about dropping the dildo. Pick it back up,” he instructed her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina responded as she obeyed.

“By the way, that was the mildest setting on your training collar. There are nine, more powerful ones,” Major Drasi commented as she picked the dildo back up. “Now, while you're on break, let me see how you have been doing on your ass,” he told her.

Jaina obediently turned away from him, and displayed her reddened ass. Major Drasi declared it barely adequate, then ordered her to turn back around and resume masturbating, and spanking herself. Jaina eagerly obeyed the first part, and simply obeyed the second part.

A couple of minutes later she was on the verge of orgasm again. This time, she sensed him about to order her to stop, and when he did, she was able to pull the dildo out before she got shocked.

Jaina stood there panting in her tight waist cincher and breast harness, holding the glistening dildo in her left hand. Her pussy was quivering with desire, and dripping onto the deck.

“I didn't say take the dildo out. I simply told you to stop,” Major Drasi informed her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied as she carefully pushed the dildo back into her pussy. She didn't even want to think about what would happen to her if she came.

“Good, now see if you can hold it in without your hands,” he instructed her.

Jaina squeezed the dildo with her pussy muscles, and let go of it with her hand. It was just too slick. Jaina felt it sliding down centimeter by centimeter. She knew that she could easily hold it in with the Force, but she also knew that Major Drasi didn't want her to.

“Get it,” he told her just before it slipped out.

As Jaina quickly reached down and pushed the dildo back in, she braced herself for a shock.

“There's no need to worry, recruit. That was simply an exercise to see what you were capable of. Soon you'll be able to stroke that dildo in and out of your pussy with nothing but your cunt muscles,” Major Drasi told her with a smile.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina said, relieved that she hadn't been shocked again.

“Resume,” he commanded her, once again serious.

They repeated the cycle of Jaina masturbating until she was on the edge, and Major Drasi making her stop for the next half hour. He also made her alternate between spanking herself and playing with her tits and nipples.

Currently Jaina was pinching her left nipple, and shoving the dildo in and out of her pussy with her right hand. She couldn't believe how horny she was.

“Stop,” Major Drasi ordered her again.

Jaina was so close she just had to give it a couple more strokes. At the first sign of disobedience, Major Drasi activated her shock collar.

“OOWW!” Jaina screamed in pain as she dropped the dildo and frantically clawed at the collar with both hands.

“Pick up the dildo, recruit,” Major Drasi instructed her.

Jaina mind was reeling. That shock had definitely been more powerful than the first one. Jaina instinctively gathered the Force to deal with the threat ... and stopped. Major Drasi had every right to discipline her for not stopping when he told her to. “OW!” Jaina said again as she was shocked again; except not as powerfully this time.

“I said pick up the dildo, recruit,” Major Drasi told her again.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” Jaina replied as she quickly picked up the dildo, pushed it back into her pussy, and held it in place without moving it.

“Do you think you deserve an orgasm after disobeying me twice so quickly?” Major Drasi asked her.

Jaina desperately wanted to say yes, but she knew she couldn't. “Please, Sir,” she responded, almost begging him. The shocks had taken a big chunk out of her arousal, but she knew she could get it back very quickly.

“Answer the question, recruit,” he replied firmly.

“No Sir,” Jaina admitted dejectedly

“You are correct. A ProCorps trooper should never disobey orders. However, a ProCorps trooper's primary purpose is to please the Imperial Naval personnel they are assigned to. Right now it would please me if you crawled over here and gave me a blowjob. If you do a good enough job, you may be able to earn your own orgasm,” he informed her.

Jaina hesitated perhaps a half a second before she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards him. She kept the dildo in her pussy as she did, and kept her eyes locked on his as she crawled. Once she had gently taken his cock out of his uniform pants, he locked her chrono and comlink together behind her back with a short chain.

Jaina licked her lips, and then slowly slid them down the shaft of his rapidly hardening cock. “Keep your eyes on your client,” Major Drasi told her. “Even if they aren't paying attention to you, look up at them while you are pleasuring them.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina said as she momentarily raised her mouth up off him.

Major Drasi moaned in pleasure, then asked, “Tell me recruit, is this the first time you've sucked a dick with your hands cuffed behind you?”

“No Sir,” Jaina replied with embarrassment.

“Well, it shows,” he replied as he leaned his head back.

Next Jaina slid her lips all the way down his cock, deep throating him. Nearly ten minutes later, Jaina had him on the edge of orgasming. Within a few seconds, she felt him tense, then shoot his load down her throat. Jaina kept her mouth on him the whole time, sucking down every drop.

“You're a natural, recruit,” Major Drasi told her, smiling as he looked down at her.

Jaina slowly slid her lips off his cock. “Thank you Sir,” she replied with her own smile.

Major Drasi unlocked her wrists, and allowed her to go use the 'fresher.

Once Jaina had used the 'fresher, Major Drasi had her secure herself in her seat again, and he turned on her music and transparent patterns for her. Jaina relaxed in her bondage, listening to her music, and drifted blissfully off to sleep.

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