Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO
Chapter 3
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place very soon after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. It is a prequel to Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. Thanks to meathead96 for editing this entire story for me.

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Sixteen days into basic ...

So, Recruit Solo, you want to be a TIE fighter mechanic?” the late-twenties Sergeant asked her.

“Yes Sergeant,” Jaina replied. She had been thinking about it for a couple of days, and talking with Moff Fel yesterday had only confirmed it. This morning, she had mentioned it to Drill Sergeant Morrgin, who told her that she thought it was a good idea. That afternoon she had been sent to the enlistment office.

Sergeant Paage looked down at Jaina's file. “You do know that you will be enlisting in the Imperial Navy for at least three years?”

“Yes Sergeant,” Jaina replied with a nod of her head. She had already looked up the options for enlisting as a TIE mechanic. Three years was her shortest option.

“Alright, Recruit Solo, put your thumbprint in the box,” Sergeant Paage told her as he passed her the datapad.

Jaina quickly scanned her enlistment contract, selected three years for her length of service, then put her thumb in the box at the end of it. Once it locked her thumbprint in, Jaina handed him the datapad back. Now she was stuck in the Imperial Navy for the next three years, whether she liked it or not.

Later that evening ...

Jaina sat on the floor next to her locker, and read the message on the datapad from Moff Fel through her spectacles. He congratulated her on her enlistment, and told her that a Major Drasi would be seeing her in a couple of days, to talk to her about a special opportunity that might be right for her.

Jaina turned off the message and her spectacles went back to their default transparent pattern. She was getting used to them now, and was even able to improve her reading speed with them.

Then Recruit Leader Ross came over. “Hey Solo, I hear your gonna be a regular trooper now, like the rest of us, instead of a fancy officer,” she said as she sat down on the edge of her bunk, about a meter from Jaina.

“Yes, Recruit Leader,” Jaina replied. Even in a casual setting like this, Jaina always called her Recruit Leader, and not just Ross.

“That's too bad,” Ross said, leaning in closer to her. “I kind of liked having an officer's tongue in my pussy,” she said softly, with a mischievous smile.

Jaina blushed, and looked around to see if anyone had overheard. Not that she thought that their relationship was a secret with forty women living together in such a small space. “Sorry to disappoint you, Recruit Leader,” she replied with a hint of embarrassment in her smile.

“Oh, it's alright. I'll just have to settle for having a famous Jedi's tongue in my pussy,” Ross said softly, with a wink and an even bigger smile.

Now Jaina blushed furiously; too embarrassed to even reply. The entire unit knew who she was. The Drill Sergeants had told everyone on the first day of basic. They had also told them that Recruit Solo was no one special; she would be treated the same as every other recruit.

At first the other recruits were wary of being around a Jedi, especially since she was the daughter of two of the Empire's most famous enemies. After a few days though, she was just part of the group. Now she didn't really want anyone to bring up her being a Jedi.

“Come on, you can shine my boots later, Solo. Right now I want that Jedi tongue in my pussy,” Ross said as she stood up.

“Yes, Recruit Leader,” Jaina replied as she quickly put everything away, and secured both of their lockers.

A minute later they were in the refresher's supply closet. Earlier that day, Jaina had rearranged it so there was enough room for someone to sit on an upside down bucket, and someone else to kneel in front of them.

Recruit Leader Ross pulled off her shorts and panties with one motion, and sat down. Jaina quickly knelt in front of her, and started licking her pussy. As she did, she slipped one hand down her own panties, like she had been doing.

“None of that tonight, Solo. You just concentrate on pleasing me, then afterwards maybe I'll consider letting you jill yourself off,” Ross told her firmly.

Jaina was stunned by her audacity. Still, after barely a moment's hesitation, she pulled her hand out of her panties like she had told her to do. “Yes Recruit Leader,” she said obediently, then went back to licking her domme's pussy.

Somehow, the humiliation of being told not to masturbate made her even hornier. Not quite as horny as if she were masturbating, but horny.

Less than five minutes later, Jaina had the young Recruit Leader moaning out in orgasm. Jaina was close herself, but Recruit Leader Ross had ordered her not to orgasm, so she fought the urge to finish herself off. Instead, Jaina looked up at her pleadingly as she recovered from the orgasm she had given her.

“Aww, you look so cute down there like that,” Ross said after she regained her composure.

“Can I please finish, Recruit Leader?” Jaina asked, practically begging. Orders or no orders, Jaina had already decided that she was going to orgasm tonight.

“Of course you can, my little Jedi pet,” Ross told her sweetly. “After all, you did make this great little love nest for the unit.”

Jaina was very annoyed at being called a Jedi pet, but her hands were in her pussy before Recruit Leader Ross had even finished talking. Less than three minutes later, Jaina moaned out in orgasm.

“Is that better?” Ross asked her once she was mostly recovered.

“Yes, Recruit Leader,” Jaina answered breathlessly. Then, before she could respond, she said, “Recruit Leader; please don't call me your Jedi pet anymore. I just want to be a regular recruit, and not be reminded of my past.”

Ross stared down at her for several seconds.

“I don't mind being your sub, but just please don't call me anything like that again, Recruit Leader,” Jaina said earnestly.

“Well, okay,” Ross finally replied. “I can't have my pussy licking recruit upset.”

“Thank you, Recruit Leader,” Jaina said with a smile. Then she glanced down at Recruit Leader Ross's bare pussy, less than thirty centimeters from her face. “Would you like me to do it again, Recruit Leader?” she asked with an eager smile.

“Solo, you are a gem,” Ross told her as she smiled down at her. “But there are probably some other girls in our training unit waiting for their turn in here.”

“Yes Recruit Leader,” Jaina answered as she climbed to her feet. She reached out with the Force, and sensed a pair of presences in the 'fresher. “I think you are right, Recruit Leader,” she told her as Ross dressed.

When they came out, there was indeed a pair of recruits waiting, pretending that they were using the sinks.

“It's all yours, girls,” Ross told them with a wave of her hand towards the supply closet. “Let me know if you need Solo to show you around,” she added.

Jaina blushed furiously as she followed her. The two recruits just chuckled at her embarrassment.

Seventeen days into basic ...

“Recruit Jaina Solo, reporting as ordered Sir,” Jaina said with a crisp salute.

Major Drasi returned her salute, then told her to have a seat. As Jaina sat down, she automatically glanced at the armrests for the magnets, and was slightly disappointed that they weren't there.

“I see you are wearing your spectacles and earpieces, Recruit Solo. How do you like them?” he asked her.

“I love them, Sir!” Jaina replied enthusiastically. “I wear them every night, Sir.”

“That's good,” Major Drasi said. Then he glanced down at his datapad. “I see that Moff Fel sent you a chrono and comlink before you even came to the Empire, and that you wear them both nearly all the time now?”

“Yes Sir. I love them too,” Jaina replied promptly, holding up her wrists so he could see them. She knew that her use of her chrono, comlink, earpieces and spectacles was monitored while she was in basic training. While that had bothered her at first, she had quickly gotten used to it. Now she didn't even really think about it anymore. She actually liked the fact that the Empire was ensuring that she stayed disciplined and focused on her training.

“You do know that your chrono and comlink are completely waterproof, and can be worn in the shower, right?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir. I'll start wearing them both at all times,” Jaina answered the implied order. It was one that she wanted to obey anyway.

“Good. And since you've worn them during all of your training for the past week, there's really no need to take them off at all, is there?”

“Um, no Sir,” Jaina agreed.

“Excellent. You won't mind if I make it so you can't take them off until you finish your training then?” Major Drasi suggested.

“Um, no Sir,” Jaina answered tentatively.

Major Drasi smiled as he reached over to a remote on his desk and hit a button. “I'm glad you agreed to that, Recruit Solo. It makes me even surer that High Moff Fel and I have selected the right person for this special opportunity.”

“Thank you Sir,” Jaina replied, now even more curious as to why Major Drasi was here.

“Let me play this video for you, it will explain things much better than I could,” Major Drasi told her. “I'm gonna put the sound through to your earpieces, and your spectacles will greatly enhance the video, making you seem like you are practically in it,” he boasted.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied obediently.

The Imperial Prostitution Corps,” the voice in her earpieces said. An Imperial emblem appeared in the middle of the screen.

Jaina frowned, and wondered if she had heard right.

The vast Navy and Army of the mighty Galactic Empire have many different human components, from fighter pilots to logistics clerks. Each type of service person plays a heroic and necessary role, in ensuring the successful functioning of our great military.”

Jaina nodded. She understood that.

“Among the most important needs of any human being is sexual satisfaction. Imperial military scientists, after extensive research, have concluded that the sexual requirements of our brave troops MUST be correctly met, to maintain morale and mission focus at peak efficiency.”

Jaina nodded again. She’d been doing well in the logistical and psychological sessions, and she understood the way the decision had been made. This was standard Imperial doctrine, applied with confidence.

“To this end, a dedicated corps of troopers is maintained by the Moff Council, designated as the Imperial Prostitution Corps. They are trained as thoroughly as any other Imperial troops, and their duties are among the most demanding and important of all.”

Jaina frowned slightly at the name, but this was the Imperial military. It was always honest, always well-disciplined, and thoroughly practical. This made sense.

“As with any branch of the Imperial military, it takes a very special and specific type of trooper to join the Imperial Prostitution Corps. They must be physically strong, and willing to train their minds and bodies as loyal weapons of the Empire.”

The screen showed a group of girls working out in a gym, then suddenly shifted, to show them thrusting sex toys in and out of their pussies in an Academy training room. Jaina stared.

“They must also have strong sexual appetites—though often, they will be young people who have denied and disciplined their urges, or whose inclinations deviate from the mainstream.”

Jaina smiled faintly. That did sound like her.

The screen showed images of girls and boys in chains and collars, girls kissing girls, boys kissing boys, threesomes, moresomes... and even something VERY creative involving a Twi’lek.

“They must be far more intelligent and disciplined than the average Imperial recruit, able to memorize as many complex procedures as the best engineer, and able to obey orders as explicitly as a stormtrooper. If you are watching this video, it is because your training officer has a suspicion that YOU might have what it takes...”

Jaina blinked, watching one girl tying another into a very complicated bondage harness. Next was a girl getting whipped with a look of obedient satisfaction on her face. Then, to Jaina's shock, she saw Moff Lecersen, much younger, issuing orders to naked girls in gags and jackboots, who immediately jumped to obey. What they did after that did indeed look like a very complex and well-trained procedure.

“Many veteran ProCorps troopers also serve as personal aides to senior Imperial personnel.”

The screen showed a uniformed male secretary typing at a desk, pausing to adjust a durasteel collar hidden behind the neckline of his tunic as a female officer walked past. Jaina smiled.

And then the next shot showed a close-up of two beautiful blonde women, bare arms around each other’s shoulders in a lesbian embrace—wearing uniform caps and durasteel bondage jewelry: collars, cuffs, and corsets.

“We’re much happier in the Prostitution Corps!” the two girls said in unison, before turning inwards and kissing each other enthusiastically.

“The Imperial Prostitution Corps is recruiting! Do YOU have what it takes?”

The screen showed a marching squad of soldiers, girls of all different physiques, builds, and colors moving in perfect formation. They wore Imperial uniform caps and black leather boots, but apart from that, all they seemed to be wearing were durasteel corsets, chastity belts, and cuffs and collars on their wrists and necks.

The image froze, leaving Jaina with an image of happy, confident, committed... Imperial Prostitutes, she supposed.

“Well,” Major Drasi’s voice asked, from somewhere outside her thoughts. He sounded like he was smiling. “What do you think?”

Jaina's mouth was still gaped open in shock. She couldn't believe this was going on in the Empire, and especially that Jag thought she would want to do this. Then she thought about it some more, and realized that it did hold a sort of bizarre attraction. I bet Alema Rar would love it, Jaina thought.

“Um, I'm not sure about that, Sir,” Jaina said after a few moments. She was grateful to Jag for thinking of her, but what she knew the most about was starfighters. That was where she could serve the Empire best. “I really want to be a TIE mechanic.”

“I understand, Recruit Solo. You don't even have to decide right now. I'll be on Prefsbelt IV for few days, and I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you have.” he told her soothingly.

Jaina realized she actually had quite a few questions. “How many. . . people would I have to serve, Sir?” she asked.

Major Drasi smiled back at her. “That would depend entirely on your assignment, Recruit. But I promise, after your training, you'll be able to handle any task that the Empire commands you to,” he told her confidently.

Jaina thought about that a moment. “What about me being a TIE mechanic, Sir?” she asked.

“You'll still be able to do that some. You won't be servicing Imperial Personnel all day. You'll have time to perform other duties as well,” he replied.

Jaina sensed that he was hiding something, but she wasn't sure what. She knew that the Empire wouldn't expect her to fuck all day long though. “Can I think about it for a couple of days, Sir?” she asked.

“Of Course, Recruit Solo. The Empire only wants what's best for you. I'll also upload some more information to your comlink,” Major Drasi told her. He then punched a couple of buttons on his datapad, and sent the information to her.

“Thank you, Sir,” Jaina answered.

“I see that you've been in counseling since you've been in basic. Why don't you stop by and have a session now?

“Um, it's not my day, Sir.”

Major Drasi smiled. “Doctor Downing Street has a special therapy planned for you today,” he told her.

“Oh, well, yes Sir then,” Jaina answered.

“Good. Do you have any more questions right now, Recruit Solo?”

Jaina recognized the tone of dismissal. “No Sir,” she said as she rose to her feet, and saluted. Major Drasi returned her salute, and dismissed her.

After the intensive therapy session with Doctor Street, which incorporated her spectacles and earpieces, Jaina returned to her training unit to find Drill Sergeant Morrgin there. The rest of the unit was out training.

“So, what did you decide, Recruit Solo?” she asked her.

Jaina wasn't surprised that she knew what she had been offered. “Major Drasi is going to let me think about it a couple of days, Drill Sergeant,” she replied.

“Okay; and just to let you know, Drill Sergeant Aastin and I both recommended you for the ProCorps,” she told her. “We really think it's where you belong.”

“Yes Drill Sergeant, thank you,” Jaina replied, blushing.

“And since it's almost lunch time, after you eat you're going to stay here and clean my barracks for the rest of the day, Recruit Solo.”

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied obediently.

“As matter of fact, do you want me to hold you out of training tomorrow so you can have more time to think about it?” she asked her.

Jaina thought about that a moment. She hated to be apart from her unit, but tomorrow they were going to be practicing marksmanship. “That would be fine, Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied with a slight smile.

“Good. Now go to the mess hall and get something to eat. Then report back to me so you can start cleaning,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin told her.

“Um, Drill Sergeant, I'm not allowed to go to the mess hall by myself,” Jaina responded.

“Oh yeah,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin replied absently. “I'll make an exception this time, and just monitor you through your comlink, so you don't wander off.”

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” Jaina answered.

After waiting a few seconds to see if Drill Sergeant Morrgin had anything else for her, Jaina turned and started towards the mess hall, which was only about seven hundred meters away. As she walked, Jaina realized that since she couldn't take off her comlink anymore, they could track her no matter what. The realization didn't bother her at all. The Empire was just protecting her, after all.

At the mess hall, Jaina ate alone for the first time in weeks, since she came to the Empire. Even so, she finished her lunch as quickly possible without thinking about it, just like she had been trained.

Jaina reported back to Drill Sergeant Morrgin, and asked her if she could turn on her comlink, earpieces, and spectacles for her while she cleaned. After Jaina explained that it would help her relax and work better, she agreed to activate them.

Jaina contently spent the next seven hours cleaning the barracks from top to bottom. She even shined everyone's second pair of boots, cleaned their running shoes, and re-made their beds. Drill Sergeant Morrgin came in and inspected several times, and was impressed each visit.

When the other recruits returned, they were also very appreciative for all the work she had done, although that didn't stop them from promptly dirtying everything up. There was no avoiding that however, it was a daily occurrence.

Jaina sat down next to her locker, and began learning more about being a ProCorps trooper from the information Major Drasi had uploaded into her comlink.

Eighteen days into basic ...

After physical training and breakfast, the rest of the unit left for marksmanship training. Jaina stayed behind and cleaned the barracks again. That morning, Jaina realized that all her life, she had been trained to kill other beings.

All the Empire wanted her to do was please people. She stopped mopping the floor, and thought about that. Even Uncle Luke had named her the Sword of the Jedi when she had made Jedi Knight. She didn't want to kill people anymore. Someone else could do that. Jaina Solo was going to be a ProCorps trooper.

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