Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO
Chapter 2
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place very soon after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. It is a prequel to Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. Thanks to meathead96 for editing this entire story for me.

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Nine days into basic ...

“Recruit Solo, you will trade bunks with Recruit Forrd and bunk with Recruit Leader Ross,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin instructed her.

“Yes Drill Sergeant!” Jaina responded.

“Recruit Leader Ross will be directly supervising you from this point on,” she informed her.

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied as she hurried to her bunk to move her things. In just over a week, she had learned to obey orders practically without thinking.

Eleven days into basic ...

“Good afternoon, Doctor Street,” Jaina greeted him as she marched into his office.

“And good afternoon to you as well, Jaina,” he replied.

Jaina sat down in the form chair, and put her chrono and comlink over the magnets in the armrests. Doctor Street calmly reached over and activated the maglocks.

“So, how has your training been going?” he asked as he stepped around his desk and sat down across from her.

“Well, I'm still having trouble with the weapons and hand-to-hand combat, but I've passed all of my uniform, locker, and bunk inspections,” she replied proudly.

“That's good anyway. What do you think is the problem with your combat training?” Doctor Street asked her.

“I don't know,” Doctor Street,” Jaina replied with a shrug. “I try my best, but I'm just not that into it anymore.

“Well, it's important to find the right place for every Imperial trooper to serve the Empire.” He glanced down at his notes, then looked up at her sharply. “You are going to be a TIE fighter pilot?” he asked her in surprise.

“Yes Doctor Street,” Jaina replied with confidence. “I've flown X-wings in combat since the Yuuzhan Vong war. I was in Rogue Squadron. I'm Jaina Solo!” she said emphatically. Then she absently pulled against her restraints, as if she just realized they were there.

“I know all that,” Doctor Street replied soothingly. Then he glanced back down at his notes. “I just think maybe you should consider serving the Empire another way. You've excelled at cleaning the barracks and your uniform inspections. Perhaps the janitorial or laundry service would be a good fit for someone with your skills?” he explained.

Jaina opened her mouth to tell him what he could do with the janitorial and laundry services, but she closed it just as quickly. “Maybe,” she grudgingly admitted.

Doctor Street nodded his head in agreement. “Well, no need to decide that just yet,” he said. “How are things going between you and Recruit Leader Ross?”

“Oh, fine, Doctor Street,” Jaina replied with a shrug. Then she realized that her response didn't really answer his question. “I can't leave her sight anymore when we're not training, even to use the 'fresher. If she doesn't have time to take me, then I have to wait for her. Unless she's asleep though, in which case I have to get one of the night guards to take me,” Jaina explained.

Doctor Street considered that a moment. “What prompted that?” he asked.

Jain blushed slightly. “I got lost on a cross-country march, Doctor Street,” she admitted.

“I see. How did that happen, you should only be marching what, five kilometers at this point?”

“Yes, Doctor Street,” Jaina replied. “Well, I got distracted, and split up from the other recruits. Then I used the Force to guide me to the rally point, but before I got there the Drill Sergeant found me and said that I was lost.”

“Ah, okay. And did you explain that to your Drill Sergeant?”

“Well, I was, but then I decided that I didn't want to be given special treatment. If another recruit had been where I was at, then the Drill Sergeant would say that they were lost, so that meant that I was too, even if I really wasn't, Doctor Street,” Jaina explained.

“Well it's good of you to want to be treated like all the other recruits. How does not being able to leave Recruit Leader Ross's sight make you feel though?”

Jaina blushed again. “It's embarrassing to have to ask a woman fifteen years younger than me if she can take me to the 'fresher, but I know it's for my own good. Imperial Recruits don't need to go off on their own, even with the Force as their guide, Doctor Street,” she answered.

“That's right, the Empire is just looking out for you,” Doctor Street agreed.

“But I think they went overboard though. I mean Drill Sergeant Morrgin told me that they activated the tracking device in my comlink, which I didn't even know it had, so they can find me anyway.” Jaina paused a moment, then added, “At least I get to wear it all the time now, though.” She didn't resent the tracking device one bit, she knew it was her fault for wandering off on her own.

“Well, I'm glad you've found something to make you happy out of the situation,” Doctor Street replied. “Do they let you wear your chrono too?”

Now Jaina smiled. “Yes Doctor Street. It is only turned on during my free time in the evening, and at night, though, just like my comlink,” Jaina responded. “Except for the tracking device in the comlink, that is. It stays on all the time,” she added.

“Good, I know how much you like wearing them,” Doctor Street replied.

Later that night ...
Jaina was lying on her bunk, listening to her music and watching the patterns on her spectacles. It was thirty-eight minutes after lights out, and she had to use the 'fresher. Jaina rolled over, stuck her head over the side of her bunk and looked down at the figure on the lower bunk.

“Recruit Leader Ross,” Jaina whispered, “I need to use the refresher.” Jaina had sensed that she was awake before she had even asked.

“Sure, Solo, no problem,” Ross replied softly as she sat up. “I'd be happy to take you.” She nodded towards one of the recruits on night guard duty by the front door of the barracks.

“Thank you Recruit Leader,” Jaina said quietly as she climbed down. She wondered why she was willing to take her to the 'fresher this time. She usually sensed mostly annoyance from her.

The 'fresher had six toilets side by side, with no walls or partitions between them. The sinks were across from them, and to the right, as they walked in, was a large open shower area with six shower heads. There were a couple of benches in front of the shower area. A small supply closet was on the far left.

Jaina walked to the second toilet, pulled down her shorts and panties, and sat down. Recruit Leader Ross sat on the third one.

“So, how did you get completely hairless down there?” Ross asked her as she glanced at her smooth crotch.

Jaina blushed furiously. “I don't want to talk about it,” she replied.

“At least you don't have to shave all the time,” Ross told her.

“Yeah,” Jaina replied weakly as she wiped herself clean.

“Can I feel it?” Ross asked.

Jaina knew that the younger recruit was attracted to her. Jaina was more than a little attracted to Recruit Leader Ross as well. She was just under a hundred and eight centimeters tall, and her skin was perhaps a shade darker than Lando's. The stubble on her head was black, and her athletic body was well-toned, with long, lean muscles.

Even without the Force, it would have been hard not to notice that several of the women of Basic Training Unit 4317 had paired up, and quite a few more were on their way. Still, Jaina had resisted, mostly because she didn't want to get caught.

“Don't worry, the night guards will keep everyone out,” Ross said with a mischievous smile.

“I know,” Jaina replied with her own smile. “I've had some recruits wait while some others did some things in here during my times as night guard.”

Recruit Leader Ross smiled back at her. “Does that mean that we are going to do some things in here?” she asked.

Jaina shrugged, and smiled again. “I don't know, Recruit Leader. You tell me,” Jaina said.

Ross smiled, recognizing that the older woman had just basically said that she would do whatever she wanted. “Okay, spread your legs,” she instructed her.

Jaina complied, then watched as she reached out and gently stroked her pussy a few times. Then she let out a small gasp as she slipped a finger into her quickly moistening twat.

Suddenly, after a few strokes, Recruit Leader Ross stopped. “Come with me,” she told her.

“Yes Recruit Leader,” Jaina replied. She was disappointed that she had stopped, but curious as she followed her to one of the benches in front of the showers.

Recruit Leader Ross sat on the bench with her back against the wall, and spread her legs apart. “Have you ever licked pussy before, Solo?” she asked.

Jaina gazed at her shaved mound. “Some,” she answered with a smile.

“That's, Some, Recruit Leader,” she replied. “And get down there and show me what you can do then, Solo.”

“Yes, Recruit Leader,” Jaina answered as she dropped to her knees and began licking her pussy.

It had been awhile since Jaina had licked pussy, but she quickly had Recruit Leader Ross moaning with pleasure. Jaina had her fingers buried in her own pussy as well, finishing what Recruit Leader Ross had started.

Minutes later, Jaina had her moaning as she orgasmed. She kept her tongue busy licking up all her juices as she came.

After Ross came down from her orgasmic high, she looked down at Jaina, who was still kneeling in front of her. “Wow, you're amazing, Solo,” she said.

“Thanks,” Jaina replied, looking back up at her with a smile as she masturbated.

“That's, Thanks, Recruit Leader,” she reminded her with a mock serious expression.

“Yes, Recruit Leader, sorry, Recruit Leader,” Jaina answered quickly.

“That's better, Solo. Now, let me help you with that,” Recruit Leader said as she helped her to her feet.

Seconds later, Jaina was lying on the bench that was behind her, in the middle of the area. Recruit Leader Ross was straddling the bench, and leaning forward to return the favor.

Jaina arched her back as the sexy young Recruit Leader's tongue touched her clit. She didn't have the best tongue that had ever been between Jaina's legs, but since she had already been very horny from masturbating, not to mention the pleasure she felt through the Force from Recruit Leader Ross when she had orgasmed, it didn't take her long to cum herself.

Thirteen days into basic ...

“Recruit Solo! How the Frakk did you get shot less than five minutes into the exercise!?” Drill Sergeant Aastin screamed at her.

“I don't know, Drill Sergeant!” Jaina replied.

Currently Jaina was on her knees, sitting on the back of her boots, with her hands on top of her head. Her blaster carbine was lying on the ground in front of her, parallel to her body. The sensor on the middle of her chest was flashing orange. It was the regulation position for a recruit that had been shot on a training exercise, and a position that Jaina was getting very accustomed to.

“Well, you know the drill, Recruit Solo,” he told her.

“Yes, Drill Sergeant,” she replied as she picked up her weapon and attached it to the back of the target vest she was wearing. Then she put her hands behind her back, and waited for him to put the plastex restraints on her wrists.

Each recruit had to carry their own restraints on the back of their target vest. Jaina felt him reach down, and pull the restraints off hers, and slip them over her wrists.

“Frakk, Solo, sometimes I think you get shot on purpose, just to get cuffed,” he said as he tightened the restraints around her wrists, below her chrono and comlink.

“No, Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied weakly. While she certainly didn't mind being cuffed, she hadn't got shot on purpose. At least she didn't think she had.

“Let's go, Solo,” Drill Sergeant Aastin said as he grabbed the handle at the top of the back of her vest and helped her to her feet.

Drill Sergeant Morrgin was supervising the detainee area. As usual, Jaina was the first recruit detainee to arrive.

“Looks like you're just not cut out for ground combat, Solo,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin said as she took command of her from Drill Sergeant Aastin.

“I guess not, Drill Sergeant Aastin,” Jaina agreed shamefully.

“Do you know who shot you this time?”

“I'm pretty sure it was recruit Wyllyams, Drill Sergeant,” Jaina answered. She never had a problem sensing who had shot her, after her sensors were flashing.

“Well, you do seem to be her favorite target,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin said sympathetically.

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” Jaina agreed.

“Go ahead and have a seat, recruit Solo,” she told her. “I'm sure it'll be an hour or so before the exercise is over.”

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied obediently. Then she walked over to a comfortable looking spot on the ground, and carefully sat back down, and leaned against the log that served as the perimeter of the detainee area. Her hands would stay cuffed behind her back until the training exercise was over, which like Drill Sergeant Morrgin had said, would probably be an hour or so.

Later that night ...

A few days before, Jaina had sent a message to Jag talking about some of the problems she was having in basic training. She wasn't really complaining, she was just venting; to a friend. Now she read the reply from his Personal Assistant.

The message explained that Imperial Recruits should not attempt to contact High Moff Fel. It said that if she had a problem then she should utilize her chain-of-command, per Imperial Regulations. The message concluded by stating that since this was her first offense, a notation would not be made in her file, but warned her to obey Imperial Regulations at all times, or she would be disciplined.

I'm guess I'm just another anonymous cog in the Imperial machine, Jaina thought as she closed the message. Oddly, the thought didn't bother her as much as it should have. Or would have once, she mentally corrected herself contently. Jaina turned on the music in her comlink, and started shining Recruit Leader Ross's boots.

There wasn't a particular reason she was doing it. Recruit Leader Ross was just so busy running the training unit that she thought she would help her out by shinning her boots, doing her laundry, straightening her locker, and making her bed for her in the morning. Maybe if I had some one doing some of this stuff for me I might have lasted more than six days as recruit leader, Jaina thought absently as she started on her other boot.

Fourteen days into basic ...

“Good afternoon, Doctor Street,” Jaina said as she marched into his office.

Doctor Street returned her greeting as she sat down in the form chair. Once her wrists were secured to the armrests with the maglocks, he asked her how she was doing.

“Well, not so good, Doctor Street,” she replied. “I'm starting to have serious doubts about being a TIE fighter pilot. I mean, I don't want to go back to the Galactic Alliance, but I just don't want to fight anymore. I feel like I've been doing it all my life.”

“I see,” Doctor Street answered. “Have you thought about serving the Empire another way? Perhaps the janitorial or laundry service like we talked about before? Or maybe another support role?”

Jaina smiled patiently when he mentioned those again. “I was thinking of applying to be a TIE fighter mechanic, Doctor Street,” she said. “That way I would still get to fly them some, just not in combat.”

Doctor Street nodded his head in agreement. “You do know that there are no TIE mechanic officers in the Imperial Navy, right?”

“Yes Doctor Street,” Jaina replied with a nod of her head. “I don't really care one way or another about having a command anymore. I'm fine just being an enlisted Naval trooper, if that's where I end up.”

“Well, that's a healthy attitude for an Imperial recruit,” Doctor Street answered. “And how is your training going, by the way?”

Jaina grimaced a little. “Well, I've scored excellent on all my uniform, locker, and bunk inspections, and I'm at the top of the unit in physical training, but somehow I'm getting worse in the combat training, Doctor Street,” she replied.

“I'm sorry to hear that, Jaina,” he answered.

Later that night ...

“Damn you can lick some pussy, Solo,” Recruit Leader Ross said as she leaned back and spread her legs farther apart to give her better access.

“Thank you, Recruit Leader,” Jaina said breathlessly between licks. Her own fingers were busy between her legs.

A few minutes later, Recruit Leader Ross moaned out in orgasm. When she finished, Jaina expected her to tell her to lie down on the bench again, and she would return the favor.

“Sorry Solo, we don't have time for you tonight,” Recruit Leader Ross told her with a sympathetic smile. “Maybe next time I'll let you masturbate after you pleasure me,” she said as she patted Jaina on her head.

Jaina felt a strange jolt of pleasure when the younger woman had calmly told her that she wouldn't be cumming tonight, and that she might let her next time. Jaina's fingers were still busy between her legs, underneath her pussy, and she was still looking up at Recruit Leader Ross.

“Come on, Solo, stop that and get cleaned up, we've got to get to bed,” Ross told her when she kept masturbating.

Jaina stroked her pussy a few more times, and then reluctantly pulled her fingers out. “Yes, Recruit Leader,” she replied as she climbed to her feet.

Fifteen days into basic ...

Jaina had been mortified when she had been pulled out of training and sent to the base command building. Once she arrived though, she wasn't sent to General Mellar's office. Instead she was sent to the communications room, where she received a HoloNet call from Moff Fel.

“Good morning, Moff Fel,” she said, when he appeared, automatically coming to the position of attention.

“Good morning, Recruit Solo,” he replied with a smile. “At ease, Jaina,” he added after a moment.

Jaina spread her feet shoulder width apart, put her hands behind her back, and relaxed a little.

“I'm sorry about the message you got from my personal assistant. She didn't understand that you were a special case,” Moff Fel told her.

“Yes Moff Fel,” Jaina replied. “I'm sorry for trying to bother you with my problems anyway, Moff Fel.”

“Jaina, it wasn't a bother. I've been following your progress very closely,” he told her. “Also, I understand that you've had some problems, and are reconsidering being a TIE fighter pilot?”

“Um, yes, Moff Fel,” Jaina replied, wondering just how he had found that out so soon.

“So, does that mean that you want to be released from your Imperial Service?” he asked her with concern.

“Oh, no, Moff Fel!” Jaina answered quickly. “I just want to serve in more of a support role, is all,” she explained.

“Well, that's good then. I would hate to lose such a great recruit,” he replied. “How do you want to serve the Empire then?”

“Um, can I be a TIE fighter mechanic, Moff Fel?” Jaina asked.

“Of course,” he responded with a smile. “You do know you'll have to enlist for that, right?”

“Yes, Moff Fel. I don't really want to be an officer anymore. I think I'll be much happier just obeying orders, and working on TIE fighters,” Jaina answered with her own smile.

Moff Fel considered that for a moment. “Well, there will always be a place in the Empire for people who want to obey orders. I'll have the proper documents prepared and sent to the enlistment office.”

“Thank you, Moff Fel,” Jaina replied. Then she frowned slightly.

“What is it, Recruit Solo?”

“What about my lightsaber and X-wing, Moff Fel?” she asked him.

“Hmm,” he replied. “Once you complete your training, it shouldn't be a problem for you to have your lightsaber, although you won't be able to carry it on duty. As for your X-wing, we'll have to do something else with it. The storage fees would be very expensive, and it would have to be de-militarized for you to fly off duty. We can work that out later, though. Right now, concentrate on your training, Recruit Solo.”

“Yes, Moff Fel,” Jaina replied, automatically coming back to attention.

“Make the Empire proud, Recruit Solo. Moff Fel out.”

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