Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO
Chapter 1
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place very soon after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. It is a prequel to Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. Thanks to meathead96 for editing this entire story for me.

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“Hey Jag, thank you so much for inviting me here,” Jaina said as she sank into the chair in front of his desk.

Jaina felt a flash of annoyance from the young aide that had escorted her in, but since she hid it well, she dismissed it. Probably about me calling him Jag instead of His High Imperialness, she thought to herself. She was curious about the unusual spectacles and earpieces that the aide was wearing, though.

Moff Fel glanced at the ProCorps trooper that was serving as his personal assistant. “That will be all,” he told her.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied with a smile, and walked out of his office, closing the door behind herself.

“Hello, Jaina,” Moff Fel said once the ProCorps trooper had left. “Welcome to the Empire.”

Jaina chuckled, then said, “Well, I just had to get away from everything back home for awhile.” Then she displayed the five centimeter wide silver durasteel chrono and comlink on her wrists. “Besides, you sent me such wonderful gifts.”

Moff Fel smiled a little wider. “I'm glad you like them,” he replied. Then he got down to business. “So, are you ready to begin your training and serve the Empire?”

“Of course,” Jaina answered with a smile. “You know how much I love being in a starfighter cockpit.”

“Oh, about that,” Moff Fel replied with a slight frown. “Instead of putting you straight into advanced flight training we are going to send you to basic training first; to acclimate you to the Imperial way.”

“What?” Jaina asked. “I don't need basic training. I'm Jedi, and starfighter pilot.”

“I know,” Moff Fel replied soothingly. “But the Moff council insisted that you complete basic before I give you an Imperial command.”

“Okay,” Jaina responded after a few moments consideration. “I'll do it. I can handle getting yelled at and doing push-ups for a few weeks.”

“Great,” Moff Fel said. “Imperial basic training is rather intense though. You'll have to obey every command without question.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Jaina replied sarcastically.

Moff Fel smiled back at her. “And absolutely no influencing the Empire's instructors with the Force,” he told her sternly. “If they tell you to drop and do fifty push-ups, then you'll drop and do fifty push-ups.”

“I won't,” Jaina promised with a smile.

Moff Fel nodded. “Good, I know I can trust you. There are a couple of things we need to take care of first. You already formally resigned your commission from the Galactic Alliance Military, so that's taken care of.” He glanced down at his desk a moment, then looked back up at her. “As an Imperial recruit, you are not allowed to carry a personal weapon, so I need you to give me your lightsaber,” he said as he held out his hand expectantly.

Jaina frowned as she unclipped her lightsaber from her belt. “Well, okay. As long as we understand that I get it back at the end of basic,” she said as she passed it over to him.

“It will be waiting for you, safe and sound,” he assured her as he locked it away in his desk drawer. “Now, there is the matter of the X-wing that you flew here in. You'll have to sign it over to the Empire for storage while you are in training as well.”

Jaina frowned again. “I can't just leave it with you?” she asked.

“Jaina, it's against regulations. I can't keep the personal starfighter of an Imperial Naval Recruit. I'm already making a big exception for your lightsaber.”

“Okay,” Jaina reluctantly agreed.

Moff Fel smiled brightly. “Good, I'm glad you understand. “I've got the appropriate documents prepared, all ready for you to sign.”

“Fine,” Jaina said, wanting to get it over with.

Moff Fel hit the intercom on his desk. “Fifty-Eight, we're ready for you,” he said.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” his aide replied cheerfully through the intercom.

Before Jaina could ask what kind of name Fifty-Eight was, his aide entered the office. She walked to Jag's desk in her absurdly high heeled boots, and held a data pad out towards her. As Jaina took it from her, she noticed the silver durasteel comlink around her right wrist. It looked just like the one around her own wrist.

“Nice comlink,” Jaina told her with a smile as she began scanning the document displayed on the datapad.

“Thanks,” Fifty-Eight answered with her own smile. “I like yours, too.”

“Thanks,” Jaina answered, blushing slightly.

“Oh, Jaina, don't forget to include the access codes for your X-wing and the astromech,” Moff Fel reminded her.

“Okay,” Jaina replied reluctantly. She sensed annoyance from Moff Fel's aide, and glanced back up at her. She was still smiling politely. Jaina went back to the datapad and punched in the access codes for her X-wing and astromech. Then she put her thumb print in the appropriate place, effectively signing the document, which also prevented it from being changed. Once that was done, Jaina passed the datapad back to the aide.

“I hope you enjoy your training,” Fifty-Eight said as accepted the datapad from her.

“Thanks,” Jaina answered with her own smile.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jaina spent the next two days getting ready for Imperial basic training. As part of her processing she had to speak to a psychologist. She recommended counseling sessions twice a week during basic training for Jaina, due to the recent death of a sibling, and underlying sexual issues. Jaina didn't really understand what she meant by the “underlying sexual issues” part, but didn't argue the point.

Jaina was also given a complete physical exam, and a half-dozen shots. She knew that she didn't need them, but since she was being just a regular Imperial recruit, she stoically accepted them. It was harder to accept being given a birth control shot that would keep her from getting pregnant for one year, though. The Doctor insisted the shot was standard for all female Imperial Recruits, based on the length of their enlistment. Since she was only going through basic training, she got the shortest option.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Four days later (Two days into basic training) ...

Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, now Imperial Naval Recruit Solo stood at rigid attention while a short, stocky drill sergeant barked instructions at her, and the other women in training unit 4317. Jaina had been a little surprised upon arriving two days ago when they had all been marched to the training center's barbershop, and the drill sergeants had all forty of the women's heads buzz-cut.

Apparently since the male recruits had to get buzz-cuts, so did the women. The Empire was all about equality now.

Besides their buzz-cuts, all thirty-nine women were wearing black undertunic tank tops with built in support for their breasts, short black gym shorts, and black slip-on shower shoes. They were all also wearing black panties, although they weren't visible. The Imperial Emblem was on the front of each top, in silver. Written across the back of each pair of shorts were the words Imperial Property, also in silver.

“Yes Drill Sergeant!” Jaina, as well as the rest of training unit 4317 shouted in unison. Due to her previous military experience, Jaina had been made recruit leader of the training unit.

“I can't hear you!” he insisted loudly.

“Yes Drill Sergeant!” they screamed louder.

“Good. Now bunk up!” he instructed them.

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” they shouted as they quickly climbed into their bunks. By chance, Jaina had been assigned a top bunk. She laid down face up, put her hands at her sides, and assumed the position of attention again, just like every other recruit was doing.

“Good night recruits!” the Drill Sergeant barked at them.

“Good night Drill Sergeant!” the replied in unison.

After he left, Jaina relaxed, and quickly fell asleep from the long day of training.

At 0430 hours, the lights came back on and another drill sergeant immediately began screaming at them to get out of their bunks. Jaina awoke, and quickly scrambled to the floor where she put her black socks and running shoes on. It seemed like she had just fallen asleep. Less than ten minutes later, all forty recruits were on the exercise field, ready to begin their morning physical training.

Later that evening ...

Every evening the recruits got one hour of free time. That was the only time Jaina was allowed to wear her chrono and comlink, as well as the spectacles and earpieces that Jag had given her before she had come to basic training.

The comlink wouldn't connect to the Imperial HoloNet while she was in basic training. It did have some great—and very relaxing—music stored on it that she was currently listening to through her earpieces though. The comlink also had Imperial training manuals that she could either listen to, or read through her spectacles. Right now she was looking through one of the many colorful, transparent patterns that were also stored on the comlink. She was still getting used to seeing everything through the patterns on the spectacles, though.

When Jaina sat down, she had planned on writing her parents, but it didn't seem important anymore. Instead, she set the datapad in her locker, leaned back against the wall, and contently stared at the patterns on her spectacles, and listened to the music through her earpieces.

Five days into basic ...

“Recruit Solo, my refresher floor looks great,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin told her.

“Thank you Drill Sergeant!” Jaina replied instantly. She had spent nearly an hour and a half on her hands and knees, scrubbing it.

“You have a real talent for this,” she said as she admired the light gray tile. “Some of those stains have been there for years.”

“Thank you Drill Sergeant!” Jaina repeated. She wasn't sure if she considered cleaning a 'fresher floor a talent, but she was still proud of it.

“What's your specialty, recruit Solo,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin asked her.

“TIE fighter pilot, Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied.

The tall woman stared down at her a few seconds. “An officer? I would have figured you as a janitorial tech, or the ProC—nevermind. I'm sure the Empire will find you a suitable position for you to serve,” she said.

“Yes Drill Sergeant!” Jaina replied instantly, wondering what she meant by that.

“Maybe we'll let you be the unit's recruit leader a few more days since you're supposed to be an officer,” Drill Sergeant Morrgin commented.

“Whatever you think is best, Drill Sergeant,” Jaina replied. She really didn't want to be recruit leader anymore anyway. It was too much of a hassle.

Eight days into basic ...

Recruit Jaina Solo walked into her twice-a-week, hour-long counseling session. She was wearing the Imperial dress uniform, along with her chrono, comlink, spectacles and earpieces.

“Hello, Doctor Street,” she said as she closed the door behind her.

“Hi Jaina, how are you today?” he replied.

“Fine, Doctor Street, thank you,” Jaina answered as she sat down in the form chair.

“I told you Jaina, it's Downing in here. You don't have to call me Doctor Street,” he told her.

Jaina frowned a moment. I'm sorry, Doctor Street, it just doesn't feel right,” she replied.

“Alright then, whatever makes you feel comfortable,” he said soothingly. Then he glanced at her wrists. Her chrono and comlink were both directly over the magnets in the armrests. “I assume you want me to activate the maglocks?” he asked her.

“Please?” Jaina asked earnestly. “I felt so much more relaxed the other day restrained during my session, Doctor Street,” she explained. He hit a button on his desk, and Jaina felt her wrists lock to the armrests.

“Comfy?” he asked her.

“Yes Doctor Street,” Jaina replied with a sincere smile. “Thank you.”

“Okay then. How has your training been going?” Doctor Street asked her after he moved from behind his desk to the form chair across from her.

Jaina frowned slightly. “Not so good. We did some ambush exercises, and I was the first one to get shot once, and second the other three times, and I didn't shoot anyone, either. Since I got the lowest score in the unit, I have to shine everyone's boots,” she replied. “But I don't mind that part,” she added.

“Well, I'm sorry to hear that,” Doctor Street replied. Then he glanced down at his notes. “You mean you didn't shoot a single other recruit?”

“No, Doctor Street,” Jaina answered. “Not a single one.”

“I must say, that is surprising with your Jedi background,” he commented.

“I know, Doctor Street” Jaina replied. “I could sense them, but I kept hesitating.”

“Ah, okay then. How are you adjusting to not being recruit leader anymore?”

Jaina smiled softly. “That's just fine with me, Doctor Street. I'm glad I don't have to deal with all that stress anymore.”

“Good, I'm glad you're adjusting to your Imperial training,” he told her.

Later that evening ...

“Solo, those boots better be done by morning,” the tall, muscular eighteen year old recruit told the thirty-three year old Jedi.

“Yes Recruit Leader Ross, they will,” Jaina assured her from the floor, where she was shining her fourteenth pair of boots.

“And make sure you do your own, last, Solo,” Ross told her.

“Yes Recruit Leader,” Jaina replied.

Jaina knew that she would have to stay up long after lights out to finish all forty pairs. She would have to do it in the 'fresher too, so she didn't disturb the rest of her unit's sleep. At least she could listen to her music and watch the patterns on her spectacles while she worked, though.

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