Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute HC-00001
Chapter 4
Rating: NC-17 / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story overlaps with the last chapter of Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO. It should be considered a sequel to that story. Please read and enjoy all of my stories!

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The next morning ...

“Alright trainees I hope everyone is ready to continue learning their place in the Empire?” Instructor Odumm asked them as they stood at parade rest at the foot of the bunks.

“Yes Ma'am,” the twelve Hapans replied enthusiastically.

Tenel Ka smiled. She knew that they were just playing along. Her guards didn't really want to continue learning their place in the Empire.

First the Hapans spent ninety minutes working out in the gym. After that they showered together, still wearing their chastity belts, waist cinchers, breasts harnesses, chronos and comlinks. Once they were clean, they strapped their high heels back on, put their hoods on, and the instructors took them to breakfast. Then they returned to their classroom for more training, where they took off their hoods and put their spectacles and earpieces back on.

A couple of hours later they put their hoods back on, and were taken to another room, with twelve small holes along one wall. The instructors locked their chronos and comlinks together behind their backs. In Tenel Ka's case, her chrono/comlink was locked to the back of her waist cincher. Then Instructor Odumm told them that they would be sucking real live Imperial dicks.

The instructors had each Hapan woman kneel in front of one of the holes in the wall, then they leashed their collar to the wall. The holes were about six or seven centimeters in diameter, and the room on the other side was dark. Tenel Ka could sense a dozen or so presences, though.

She heard Instructor Odumm through the ear buds telling her to suck the dick that would appear through the hole, then relaxing music began playing through the ear buds. One by one the men inserted their dick though the holes, and one by one the Hapan women wrapped their lips around them and started sucking.

The cock in front of Tenel Ka was about eighteen centimeters long and about four across. Tenel Ka had learned in class that she should always look up at a person while she was performing oral sex on them. With the wall though, she couldn't. The Hapan Queen didn't let that stop her from giving him the best blow job she could, though.

The Imperial instructors stayed busy giving their Hapan trainees individual instructions through the ear buds on pleasing the Imperial Naval troopers on the other side on the wall. They also emphasized certain points with sharp strikes of their quirts.

Tenel Ka sensed that they were using them for fun as well. She smiled around the cock in her mouth when Instructor Lanne smacked her ass for no apparent reason. Tenel Ka was surprised at how much she was enjoying sucking on an anonymous Imperial's cock while another Imperial cropped her ass.

Once a Hapan woman had swallowed, the man stepped back, and another cock quickly appeared through the hole. Nearly an hour later, the instructors stopped them for lunch. Tenel Ka had sucked seven Imperial cocks dry, and was sure that her guards had sucked almost as many.

After lunch the Hapans were paired up again, and ordered to fuck each other with dildos. This time Tenel Ka was paired up with Lieutenant-Colonel Moreem Espara, and Taryn with Lady Galney. All the Hapans were still wearing their complete training uniforms, including their hoods. The instructors told them that they had to make sure their partners didn't orgasm, but keep them on the edge as long as possible. They also told them they had to learn to read people's emotions, and be able to tell exactly when they were about to orgasm.

Tenel Ka knelt facing Moreem—Zero-Five—and they begin fucking each other through the holes in their chastity belts with the dildos. Within the first couple of minutes Tenel Ka could tell that Lieutenant-Colonel Espara was holding back, not taking her to the edge. Tenel Ka started to tell her to fuck her more, but as soon as she made a sound, her training collar shocked her. Instructor Lanne quickly noticed the lack of effort on Zero-Five's part as well.

Lieutenant-Colonel Espara promptly received a shock from her collar, and a terse order to fuck Zero-One like she had been told. She responded by bringing her Queen to the brink of orgasm, just like she had been ordered.

Once all twelve Hapans were on the edge of orgasm, the instructors had them stop. Then they had them lie down in a circle, with each trainees face by the next one's pussy. Instructor Lanne explained that they would have to lick the next trainee to orgasm, but the instructors would shock and crop them as they did. The point of the exercise was to stay on task while in pain.

Tenel Ka's face was between Trista's legs. She started to explain that Trista—Zero-Three—was her cousin, but her training collar shocked at the first sound. With no other choice, Tenel Ka began licking her cousin's pussy.

The five instructors walked around the circle cropping and shocking the Hapans seemingly at random. Tenel Ka felt like she was cheating since she could anticipate the blows and shocks with the Force, though.

About six or seven minutes later, Tenel Ka had Trista—Zero-Three—cumming. She kept licking her until she was finished, she just like had been taught. A few minutes later Tenel Ka had her own orgasm at the end of Lieutenant Colonel Espara's—Zero-Five's—tongue. After all the Hapans had orgasmed, Instructor Birkk put Tenel Ka's armbinder back on her.

Next the Hapan women were put into separate rooms, and told that someone would come in to fuck them. They would be monitored as well. Tenel Ka hoped they all did good, and pleased the Imperials.

Less than a minute later, the door to Tenel Ka's room opened and a tall, good looking man in a black Imperial uniform walked in. The uniform had Lieutenant-Colonel's rank on it, but no name tag. Tenel Ka reached out with the Force, and was mildly surprised to discover that he was the first man she had given a blowjob to that morning.

“Hey Zero-One,” he said with a smile. “I guess since you're wearing that armbinder I'll have to do you from behind.”

“Yes Sir,” Tenel Ka replied with her own smile.

A minute or so later the nameless Lieutenant-Colonel was naked, and Tenel Ka was happily sucking his dick to get him nice and hard for her. Then he flipped her over, attached a leash to the back of her collar, and started enthusiastically fucking her from behind. Nearly ten minutes later he came in her, pulling hard on her leash.

“Thanks Zero-One, you were great,” he said as he started getting dressed.

“You're welcome, Sir,” Tenel Ka replied, still lying on the bed, wearing her armbinder.

As soon as he left, Instructor Laane came in, and cleaned her up a bit. Apparently, Imperials didn't like to fuck sloppy pussies. A few minutes after she left, another Imperial came in. He seemed a little upset that he couldn't take off her armbinder, but didn't let that stop him from climbing on top of her and fucking her. He also muttered something about a discount, but Tenel Ka didn't worry about it. The Empire would take care of it, what ever it was.

Instructor Laane came back in when he left, and cleaned her up again. Then another Imperial came in, and fucked her. After the fourth one Instructor Laane took her, as well as the other Hapans to dinner. After they ate, the Hapans were taken back to the rooms, where they each fucked another half-dozen Imperials each.

After the Instructors decided that they had done enough for the night, the Hapans were taken back to the gym, to shower together. Then they were taken back to their barracks, and their hoods unlocked again. Tenel Ka's armbinder was also removed. They were leashed to their beds again, and left to get some sleep.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following morning the Hapans were taken back to the gym to work out. Then they showered together, and had breakfast. After breakfast they were taken back to their classroom for more instruction on pleasing Imperial Naval personnel. During the class, Instructor Odumm had Zero-Two and Zero-Three get up, and demonstrate kissing on each other.

Tenel Ka wondered if Instructor Odumm knew that Taryn and Trista were sisters. None of the Hapans could tell her because their training collar's voice shock feature was on. She watched as they stood up and quickly walked to the front of the classroom. Then they leaned towards each other, and began sensually kissing.

Tenel Ka reached out with the Force, and was surprised that they were happy to be obeying Instructor Odumm. They both understood that they were kissing their twin sister, but the joy of pleasing the Instructor was more important.

The whole class watched them open-mouth kiss each other for nearly a minute before Instructor Odumm stopped them, and told them what a good job they had done. It was hard to read their expressions through their nerfhide hoods, but Tenel Ka sensed that they were both pleased with the praise.

The Twelve Hapans spent the rest of the morning and afternoon having various forms of sex with Imperials while the Instructors supervised them. After dinner, instead of being taken back to a room like the other Hapans, Tenel Ka was blindfolded, and separated from them. She was also wearing her armbinder.

Tenel Ka didn't sense the slightest alarm from her guards as she was being led away from them on a leash. She knew that the Force would alert her if there was any danger. She wasn't sure exactly what she could do about it though, blindfolded and with her arms tightly restrained behind her back.

Tenel Ka was led to a turbolift of some sort, and it took off. She sensed that they mostly stayed horizontal though, instead of going up or down. She tried to ask where they were going, but her collar promptly shocked her when she made a sound. Then she heard Instructor Birkk through her ear buds telling her to relax, and that everything would be fine.

A few minutes later the turbolift stopped, and Tenel Ka felt a tug on her leash. She sensed other people around them as she followed Instructor Birkk. None of them seemed to take any special notice of a nearly naked and blindfolded woman being led on a leash while wearing an armbinder. After a few brief stops, Tenel Ka sensed that they had arrived ... somewhere. She sensed a single presence a few meters in front of her.

As Instructor Birkk removed her blindfold, she realized that it was the first man that she had had sex with the day before. Tenel Ka blinked her eyes to adjust to the sudden light.

“Hello trainee Zero-One,” the Lieutenant-Colonel said cheerfully.

“Hi Sir,” Tenel Ka replied tentatively. She still wasn't sure why she was here, or who he was.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lieutenant-Colonel Drasi, Commandant of the ProCorps Academy,” he said with a serious nod.

Tenel Ka's first reaction was a strange jolt of pleasure. Then she quickly became terrified that she—or one of her guards—had done something wrong. Since he was the commandant, she assumed he knew who she really was. That must have been why he made sure he was the first one I gave a blow job to, and the first one I had sex with, Tenel Ka thought. She hoped she did good, she was a Queen after all.

“Um, Hello, Commandant Drasi,” Tenel Ka said, still wondering why she was here.

“Zero-One, Moff Fel and I have been discussing your progress, and he was wondering how you and the other Hapans were enjoying your training?” he asked her.

Tenel Ka hadn't actually had much of a chance to talk with them, between training and her collar's voice shock feature, but they all seemed happy enough. At least she wasn't in trouble. “We're all doing fine, Sir,” she replied. “It's fun.”

“Good,” Commandant Drasi answered with a smile. “Some of your other advisors want to come go through training as well.” He hit a button and a list appeared on the holoscreen. “Moff Fel wanted your okay before he sent them, but he said that he thought they would all enjoy it.”

Tenel Ka looked at the list. There were about two dozen or so names of her advisors on it. If Moff Fel thought they would enjoy the sex training, then she didn't have a problem with it. “Sure they can come get trained, Sir,” she replied cheerfully.

“Excellent. I'll pass that along to Moff Fel. Ducha Ni'Rohh would like to speak to you as well. Normally we don't allow trainees to communicate off planet, but this time, I'll make an exception.”

“Thank you Sir,” Tenel Ka answered. She knew that she could call this whole thing off anytime she wanted to, but while she was a 'trainee' she wanted to act the part.

“It'll have to be voice only though. The Ducha might get the wrong idea about your training uniform, armbinder, and hood.”

Tenel Ka had forgotten that she was only wearing her training uniform. She didn't feel the slightest embarrassment standing in front of him practically naked. “Yes Sir,” Tenel Ka agreed.

Commandant Drasi activated a comm on his desk, and Tenel Ka spoke to Ducha Ni'Rohh on board the Song of War a couple of minutes. Tenel Ka assured her that everything was fine, and that her other advisors should come, as soon as Moff Fel could arrange for their transport.

“Now, don't you think you should thank me for allowing you to use my comm, and Instructor Birkk for bringing you here?” Commandant Drasi asked her once she was finished.

“Yes Sir,” Tenel Ka replied obediently. “Thank you for—” Her reply was cut off by a mild shock from her collar. She looked over at Instructor Birkk in confusion. Tenel Ka sensed amusement from both of them.

“That's not the way you'll be thanking us,” Commandant Drasi said with a smile.

Less than a minute later Tenel Ka was on her knees licking Instructor Birkk's pussy while Commandant Drasi fucked her from behind. After the two Imperials orgasmed, Instructor Birkk blindfolded Tenel Ka again, and took her back to one of the rooms that she had been in before, where all the Imperials had fucked her. She sensed Lady Galney in the next room.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next day the Hapans went to class, then had more sex training. Tenel Ka loved every minute of it. The day after that the other Hapans arrived. The instructors brought Tenel Ka into the in processing room to greet them. She was wearing her complete training uniform, including her hood and new fifteen-centimeter heeled sandals. She wasn't wearing her armbinder though.

Tenel Ka took a few minutes to tell them how much fun she had the other Hapans were having. She also told them that to get them that to get the full effect of the training they had to obey every command explicitly. The new Hapan trainees happily agreed.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few days later ...

Tenel Ka knelt submissively in the middle of the dungeon. She was wearing her complete training uniform, including her hood and armbinder. She wasn't blindfolded or gagged, though. Less than a minute later the door opened and a black-clad woman walked in.

The woman was wearing a glossy black synthhide bodysuit, with what Tenel Ka recognized as eighteen-centimeter heeled ProCorps boots on her feet. A silver durasteel collar was around her neck, and a chrono and comlink on her wrists. She was also wearing a glossy black corset with silver trim. The corset had a large silver Imperial Emblem on the front of it. A black riding crop was in her hand.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” the black-clad woman asked as she strutted towards Tenel Ka.

“Good evening Ma'am,” Tenel Ka responded politely.

“Zero-One,” she replied, reading off Tenel Ka's hood.

“At your service, Ma'am,” Tenel Ka answered obediently.

“Lieutenant-Colonel Drasi told me that you were a special ProCorps recruit. Then he told me that I couldn't take off your armbinder, or hood. Why?” she asked as she slowly circled the kneeling submissive.

Tenel Ka's armbinder and hood were both maglocked on, and only one of her instructors could remove them. That prevented any overzealous Imperials from taking it off her, discovering that she only had one arm, and possibly identifying her. Or taking off her hood, and identifying her. “Orders Ma'am,” Tenel Ka replied, just like she had been told.

“I see,” she responded. “Well sometimes I like to keep my hood on when I'm subbing.” Then she swung her riding crop.

Tenel Ka barely flinched as the crop hit her bare ass. In a flash she hit her again, on her inner thigh.

“Oh, the name's Stormie, by the way,” she said casually as she swung her riding crop again.

“Nice to meet you, Ma'am,” Tenel Ka replied as the crop hit her ass again.

After a few more licks, Stormie stopped, and opened the crotch of her bodysuit. Then she stepped in front of her kneeling sub, and spread her feet apart.

Tenel Ka was a bit surprised to see a tattoo of the Imperial Emblem above her pussy, but she just ignored it and began eating her out. Stormie responded by lightly swatting her with her crop, and grabbing the top of her head.

“You've got to kiss my Emblem,” she instructed her with a smile as she guided her mouth to it.

Tenel Ka obediently kissed the tattoo, several times. She felt a little weird kissing the Imperial Emblem, but shrugged it off. It wasn't like she was swearing eternal loyalty to the Galactic Empire or anything. Like Jaina and Tahiri, she thought with a smile as she returned to licking Stormie's pussy.

Then Tenel Ka imagined herself as a real ProCorps trooper, happily serving in some remote part of the Empire. She licked a little deeper as she fantasized about servicing an endless line of anonymous, sexy, Imperials.

About ten minutes later, Tenel Ka sensed Stormie about to cum. She gently bit her clit, and brought her screaming over the edge. Tenel Ka eagerly licked up all her juices as she orgasmed.

“You were great, Zero-One,” Stormie said with a smile, once she had recovered. “I would have let you see the rest of my tats, but Lieutenant-Colonel Drasi said not to,” she added as she patted her head.

“Thank you Ma'am,” Tenel Ka replied, smiling up at her. She wondered what other sort of tattoos Stormie had, and why Lieutenant-Colonel Drasi didn't want her to see.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

For the next few days, Tenel Ka and her group of Hapan's continued their training. They were mostly kept separate from the new group, as well as each other. They didn't even notice when male instructors began portions of their training. They simply obeyed their Imperial instructors, no matter who they were.

Eight days after they started, Tenel Ka and her group's training was complete. They were allowed to keep their hoods when they left, as gifts. Moff Fel arrived to pick them up on board his flagship.

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