Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute HC-00001
Chapter 3
Rating: NC-17 / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story overlaps with the last chapter of Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 ZERO. It should be considered a sequel to that story. Please read and enjoy all of my stories!

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When Tenel Ka arrived at her room, she found a pair of her guards on duty outside. Unfortunately neither of them were ones she had shared her bed with; or dungeon. The sergeant told her that both Officer Trista and Taryn Zel had left word that they were going out, and that Her Majesty could comm them if she needed anything. Tenel Ka thanked her, then thanked Jaina for escorting her to her room.

“My pleasure, Your Majesty,” Jaina replied with a bow. “Do you need me to do anything else for you, Your Majesty?”

Tenel Ka was very tempted to see just what she had learned in her sex training. “No thank you Jaina,” she said after a moment's hesitation. “I'll be fine.”

“Yes Your Majesty,” Jaina replied with a smile. “If you change your mind, please comm me and I'll respond immediately,” she said as Tenel Ka stepped into her room.

“I will,” Tenel Ka assured her. “Have a good night.”

“You too, Your Majesty,” Jaina replied with another bow.

Once Jaina had stepped away, Tenel Ka closed the door, and locked it. Then she started shuffling around her room looking for the remote to her hobble skirt and corset; not to mention the rest of her outfit. She found it on her night table next to her bed.

It took Tenel Ka nearly five minutes just to get out of the hobble skirt. Her panties came off a second later. That was all she really wanted to take off at the moment though. She strutted over to her dresser, and pulled out a flesh colored synthrubber vibrator about twenty centimeters long.

Then Tenel Ka went back to her bed, and fell onto it. She quickly pushed the vibrator into her already wet pussy, and started masturbating with it. Nearly eight minutes later, Tenel Ka screamed out in orgasm. Fifteen minutes after that, she had a second.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning Tenel Ka informed her advisors and the Song of War that she would be leaving with Moff Fel for a few days. Then she, along with Trista, Taryn, Lady Galney, Lieutenant-Colonel Espara, and seven more Royal guards boarded Moff Fel's Star Destroyer, Bloodfin, and left. Tenel Ka's lightsaber was left on board the Song of War.

As soon as they got underway, Moff Fel told them that he had another update for their spectacles and earpieces. By the time they arrived, nearly a full day later, not only had Tenel Ka agreed to go through the sex training, her advisors and guards wanted to go through it with her.

“Moff Fel, I've decided to go through the training,” Tenel Ka told him as they were eating dinner. They were in his private stateroom, on board the Star Destroyer Bloodfin.

“Excellent,” he replied as he took a sip of his wine. “I know you'll love it.”

“My guards will be accompanying me as well, but there is one thing I want to make sure of. All of the instructors have to be women,” Tenel Ka informed him.

Moff Fel smiled back at her. “I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as you will, Your Majesty,” he replied. “And female instructors have already been arranged, and briefed. You will be taught how to please men as well as women though.”

“I know that, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied, blushing at the thought of being taught how to please men. “Hapan women just don't respond to men trying to boss us around.”

“So I've been told,” Moff Fel replied dryly. “There is one thing I need you to do, however. Since you are a Jedi, I want you to promise me you won't try to influence the Empire's instructors with the Force. If they tell you to masturbate while they spank you, then I expect you to masturbate while they spank you, understood?”

Tenel Ka blushed furiously, then smiled. “Yes Your Excellency,” she replied.

“I also want you to understand, and tell your guards, that this will be a very pro-Imperial course. We normally train men and women to serve the Empire, after all. The training also involves some elements of BDSM,” Moff Fel told her.

“Yes Your Excellency,” she answered with a smile. “I'll let them know, but I think they've already figured the BDSM part out.”

“Good. I'll be uploading an orientation program to all of your comlinks. Make sure all of you review it before we arrive,” he told her.

Tenel Ka found herself getting turned on by Moff Fel's commanding attitude. “Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied obediently.

“Also, since you are a visiting head of state, you can call a stop to either a particular session, or to the entire training program at any time,” Moff Fel told her.

Tenel Ka had assumed that she could, but hearing Moff Fel say it made her feel better. “Okay,” she replied with a nod.

“In order for you to stop your training, all you have to do is say Hapes Slave,” Moff Fel explained.

Tenel Ka's eyes went wide with surprise. Moff Fel certainly knew how to pick a safeword. “Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied with an amused smile. She knew that he had chose that because there was virtually no way she would say that.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The twelve Hapan were taken to the surface. None of them knew what planet it was, nor did they seem to care. They were directed into a large room where four women in black Imperial uniforms were waiting for them.

There were about two dozen footprints painted on the floor, in four rows of six. The first two rows of prints had an open and a closed container sitting in front of each set of prints. There was a name tag on top of each closed container, with one of the Hapan women's name on it. They were instructed to stand on the footprints behind their name.

“While you are here, you will address all staff members as Sir or Ma'am, as appropriate, is that understood?” the thirty-something female instructor told her.

“Yes Ma'am,” the Hapans replied. Tenel Ka could tell some of them were a little put off by the Sir.

“Alright trainees, strip down to your chronos and comlinks, and put your clothes in the open container in front of you,” Instructor Odumm told them once they had found their places.

“Yes Ma'am,” Tenel Ka, along with a couple of the others, replied.

They all obediently began stripping off their clothes, however. Tenel Ka put her Dathomiri Lizard-hide in the container marked HC-00001.

“Now, close your container, and stack them neatly against the wall,” she instructed them, gesturing towards where she wanted the containers. “Labels facing out. Then go back to your spot and stand at attention.”

Tenel Ka was surprised at how well her Hapans were obeying their Imperial instructors. She quickly placed her own container in the stack, and returned to her painted footprints on the floor.

“Now open the other container, and put on your training uniform,” Instructor Odumm told them.

Tenel Ka reached down, opened the container, and pulled out the first thing she touched. It was a black nerfhide sandal with a chunky heel about thirteen centimeters high, and about two in diameter. Tenel Ka pulled it on, and closed the wide ankle strap. It seemed to close with a maglock. Then she pulled out the other sandal, and strapped it on as well.

Next Tenel Ka reached in and pulled out a thick black nerfhide chastity belt. It had a waist strap about ten centimeters wide, and another strap that tapered down between her legs before widening again to connect to the waist strap at the small of her back. The chastity belt also had a durasteel plate with small holes in it over her pussy. A durasteel panel in the back of the belt could be slid up into the nerfhide to allow access to her ass as well.

Once her chastity belt was secure, Tenel Ka pulled out a twenty-centimeter wide black nerfhide waist cincher, and wrapped it around her stomach. It had four nerfhide straps about three centimeters wide that she used to tighten it. Each strap had a tension lock that kept it tight. There were D-rings at regular intervals all around the waist cincher.

Tenel Ka sensed surprise from the instructors that she was able to put on the sandals, chastity belt, and waist cincher so easily with only one hand. Then she pulled out the black nerfhide breast harness.

The breast harness proved a bit more difficult to put on with only one arm. When Taryn saw her having trouble, she stepped over to help her.

“Get back to your place trainee,” Instructor Birkk told her. “You will not move unless told to!”

Tenel Ka sensed a flash of anger from Taryn. “Yes Ma'am,” Tenel Ka quickly replied, locking eyes with Taryn, then she looked back at Tayrn's spot on the floor, gesturing for her to go back.

“Yes Ma'am, I apologize,” Tayrn said as she stepped back onto her footprints.

Another instructor stepped forward and strapped the breast harness onto Tenel Ka. It consisted of a strap around her chest just below her breasts, and more straps that went around her breasts, connecting to the two that went over her shoulders. There were four straps going over each of her breasts, leaving plenty of skin exposed for both stimulation and punishment. The straps connected to a three centimeter wide durasteel ring that went around her nipple. The breast harness had several D-rings on it as well. The instructor also tightened her waist cincher.

“Now, since this is a special training session, all of you will be kept separate from the other trainees as much as possible. However, you will have to interact with Imperial troopers. Well, you'll be having sex with them,” Instructor Odumm said with a smile. “So to keep your identities a secret, we designed these hoods for all of you.”

The other instructors gave each of the Hapans a black nerfhide hood. Each hood had a two digit number in four centimeter high silver lettering on the forehead. Tenel Ka's was Zero-One, and she glanced over to see that Tayrn's was Zero-Two. Instructor Birkk helped Tenel Ka put hers on. There were two eye holes, two small nostril holes, and a mouth in the hood. There was also a hole in the back to pull their hair through.

Instructor Odumm explained that there were small ear bud speakers built into the hood. The nerfhide over them was thickly padded, so the wearer could only hear very loud sounds. The instructors could also allow the Hapans to hear what was going on around them through the ear buds.

There were thin magnetic strips hidden between the layers of nerfhide around the eye holes and mouth. The strips were designed so a blindfold could be maglocked to the hood, or one of the assorted gags that were designed to go with them. She explained that their music and transparent patterns could be played through the earbuds, and on the inside of one of the blindfolds, if they were good.

“Once you finish putting on your training uniform and hood; kneel, and put your hands behind your back,” Instructor Odumm told them.

One by one the Hapan women knelt before their Imperial instructors. Once the instructor finished tightening her hood, Tenel Ka joined them. A few seconds later, Tenel Ka sensed Instructor Odumm approach her from behind, and lock a durasteel collar around her neck. The other Hapans also received collars from the four instructors.

Then the instructors went back, and began locking their chronos and comlinks together behind their backs. Since Tenel Ka only had one arm, the instructor locked her chrono/comlink to the D-ring in the middle of the back of her waist cincher.

“Alright trainees, you are here to learn how to pleasure the men and women of the Imperial Navy. You will obey every command instantly and without question. Disobedience will bring immediate correction. You all know that your training collars can deliver shocks, correct?” Instructor Odumm asked them.

“Yes Ma'am,” the Hapans replied. That had been included in the orientation program Moff Fel had uploaded to their comlinks, spectacles, and earpieces.

“Good. They will also be set to shock you if you speak most of the time, so you should probably stay quiet unless we ask you a question.”

Tenel Ka wondered how she would stop things if she would be shocked at the first word, but quickly dismissed the thought. Everything would be fine. Besides, she fully expected to have too much fun to want to stop things.

“Yes Ma'am,” the Hapans replied.

“You will all refer to each other by the last two digits of the number on your training collar, which is also displayed on your hoods. This trainee here—” she put her hand on Lady Galney's head—“is Zero-Four. Understood?”

“Yes Ma'am,” the Hapans replied. Tenel Ka glanced over at Taryn, who was Zero-Two. Since Trista was next in line, she assumed that she was Zero-Three.

“Good. This also applies to trainee Zero-One here,” Instructor Odumm said as she patted Tenel Ka's nerfhide covered head. “All Imperial ProCorps trainees are equal, no matter who they were before.”

“Yes Ma'am,” the Hapans—Tenel Ka included—responded. The Hapan military operated the same way, so they understood the idea. Tenel Ka sensed amusement from her guards at being equal to her, even if it was just for a week or so.

Next the Hapan women were all taken to a classroom, still restrained and hooded. Then their chronos and comlinks were unlocked, at once, with a single remote. Tenel Ka wondered if she could restrain her advisors for meetings when she returned to Hapes. Then Instructor Odumm told them to remove their hoods, and put on their spectacles and earpieces that were waiting for them at their seats.

They spent the next two hours in what could only be described as an advanced sex-ed class. The class incorporated their spectacles and earpieces, for greater impact. After the class the Hapans were instructed to take off their spectacles and earpieces, and put their hoods back on. Once again one of the Instructors assisted Tenel Ka with hers.

The twelve Hapan women spent the rest of the day practicing their techniques on dildos and other sex devices. The even practiced licking and eating synthflesh pussies while the instructors watched, and critiqued them. The instructors liberally cropped the Hapans that weren't performing up to expectations. Tenel Ka didn't escape that punishment either.

After awhile, Instructor Birkk unfastened her pants, and ordered Tenel Ka to lick her pussy. Tenel Ka hesitated perhaps half a second before obeying. Soon the other instructors had Hapans licking their pussies as well.

Eventually, the Hapans were taken to a small mess hall, where they ate dinner. They ate wearing their complete training uniforms, including their hoods. Tenel Ka felt a little weird eating with her breasts exposed, but the music playing through the ear buds in her hood helped relax her.

After dinner, the Hapan trainees put their spectacles and earpieces back on, and masturbated while the instructors observed them. Tenel Ka felt a little weird masturbating through the hole in her chastity belt, but since that's what they had told her to do, that's what she did. The music and transparent patterns helped her concentrate though. The Hapans were also ordered not to cum without permission.

Tenel Ka brought herself to the edge, and stopped. Then she caught Instructor Odumm's attention, and asked her if she could orgasm. Tenel Ka felt so horny at the humiliation of the Queen of Hapes having to ask for permission to orgasm. She felt even more humiliated when Instructor Odumm told her no, and ordered her to hold her dildo in her pussy without fucking herself with it.

As Tenel Ka obediently held her dildo in her pussy, she sensed Trista about to orgasm. She also sensed that she wasn't going to stop. Then she sensed Instructor Birkk notice, and react. Suddenly, Trista was grabbing her collar in pain.

“You were told not to cum without permission,” Instructor Birkk calmly told her, still holding the remote that she had used to shock her.

“Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry,” Trista replied apologetically.

“Pick up your dildo and hold it in your pussy,” she told her.

“Yes Ma'am,” Trista answered as she picked her dildo up off the floor and inserted it through the hole in her chastity belt.

While Tenel Ka didn't approve of her disobedience, she did approve of her prompt apology. Before they had came down to the surface, she had told the other Hapans that she expected them to do their best, no matter what task they were given. Tenel Ka nodded her approval towards Trista as they both held their dildos in place.

“Zero-One, start masturbating again,” Instructor Birkk told her. “But you'd better not cum.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Tenel Ka replied obediently as she started pushing the dildo in and out of her pussy.

The Hapan women were each taken through several cycles of masturbating to the brink of climax, then having to stop and hold their dildos in their pussies until they had calmed down enough to start again. Several of them got shocked as well when they didn't stop when they were supposed to. Finally Instructor Odumm announced they could orgasm, but only the first eleven trainees would be allowed to.

Tenel Ka, along with the rest of the Hapans began furiously masturbating. The instructors amused themselves by cropping them as they were about to cum, to try and distract them. Tenel Ka just bit her lip in concentration as Instructor Birkk cropped her inner thighs with her quirt as she orgasmed. One of the guards didn't make the cut. Two of the instructors vigorously cropped her hands away while a third shocked her with her training collar.

Once she stopped, Instructor Odumm ordered them to lock the durasteel plates back onto their chastity belts, and to put their hoods back on. One of the instructors helped Tenel Ka again. Tenel Ka could sense her guard's frustration at not being allowed to cum after masturbating for so long.

Once their chastity belts were secure, and their hoods on, the Instructor Birkk pulled Tenel Ka aside.

“Zero-One, we have a little problem,” she told her.

“Okay Ma'am,” Tenel Ka answered in confusion.

“There aren't very many one armed ProCorps recruits around. Even with your hood on, someone might suspect who you are. So you are going to wear this when ever you might be around Imperials that might spread crazy rumors like the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium is under going sex training,” Instructor Birkk said with a chuckle.

With that she produced a black nerfhide armbinder. As Tenel Ka put her arms into it behind her back, she realized that the left side was partially filled with a flexible, fake arm. Instructor Birkk explained that it would effectively disguise the fact that she had only one arm.

Next the Hapans were taken to their barracks, and their hoods unlocked again. Tenel Ka's armbinder was also removed. They were leashed to the head of the beds, with two women to one bunk. They were mildly surprised that they would be sharing beds. Tenel Ka was paired up with Taryn, while Trista slept with Lady Galney. The rest of the Hapans were paired up in numerical order as well. Then Instructor Birkk told them that their collars voice shock feature was activated, and that they should get some sleep.

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