Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute HC-00001
Chapter 1
Rating: NC-17 / Slash

Bethany Handcuff

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Prologue ...

Tenel Ka grimaced in pain, and pleasure, as the tails of the flogger hit her back. She anticipated the next blow with the Force, and tensed as it hit her—ass this time. Sergeant To'rik certainly knew what he was doing with it.

Currently Tenel Ka, the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, was strapped to an X-shaped bondage cross on the wall of the Royal dungeon. One of her guards, Sergeant To'rik, was flogging her with a multi-tailed flogger. The next blow hit her ass and upper thighs again.

After several more strikes of the flogger, Tenel Ka sensed him walk away. She wondered what he was doing, but since she was gagged she couldn't ask, and since she was blindfolded she couldn't see. A few moments later he returned, and she sensed him swing again.

Tenel Ka screamed through the gag as she felt a fiery pain across her back. Before she could collect her thoughts, he hit her again, just as hard. Tenel Ka ran through a Jedi calming exercise, and just as he swung again, she pulled the — whip — out his hand. She sensed his surprise as she used the Force to unlock her nerfhide wristcuff from the X-frame.

With one hand free — her only hand — Tenel Ka turned and gave him a Force shove. Then she reached up and pulled off her blindfold, and started unbuckling her ballgag.

“Your Majesty?” Sergeant To'rik asked in confusion — and fear.

Tenel Ka pulled the ball gag out of her mouth. “GET OUT!” she commanded him, backing the order up with the Force. Her left bicep and ankles were still strapped to the X-frame.

“Ye- Yes Your Majesty,” he replied, scrambling from the room.

Frakk, Tenel Ka thought as she unlocked herself. She couldn't believe she had given him so much leeway the first time she had let him dom her. By the time she was free from the X-frame, several more of her guards had come in, including Lady Galney.

Tenel Ka quickly assured them that she was fine, and sent them back out of the punishment room. Then she dressed as quickly as she could. A couple of minutes later, she gingerly emerged. Lady Galney and her guards escorted her to her room. There she dismissed the guards again, and had Lady Galney summon her doctor.

Once they had all left, Tenel Ka carefully pulled off her Dathomiri lizard-hide. Naked except for her panties and durasteel collar, she walked over to a mirror and looked at her back. Just as she suspected, there was a pair of angry looking welts. One went from her right shoulder blade to just above her left hip. The other was a little more horizontal, and crossed the first one in the middle of her back. They would take at least few days to heal.

Chapter 1 of 5

A few days later ...

Tenel Ka opened the package from Jaina and examined the contents. Her back still stung a little from the over zealous whipping Sergeant To'rik had given her. Today was the first day she had worn her Dathomiri lizard-hides since then.

Of course her security staff had already inspected the package, just like they did with every other item that arrived at the palace. There were two smaller packages inside the larger one. Tenel Ka opened the first one and found a datacard, a small hand-held holo emitter, and an interesting looking durasteel wrist cuff. The second package contained a pair of odd looking spectacles, a set of earpieces, a charging station that looked like it was for the spectacles and earpieces.

Tenel Ka looked over the contents of both packages for a moment, then turned on the holo emitter. A twenty centimeter high image of Jaina--from the waist up — appeared.

“Hello Your Majesty,” Jaina said with a smile. She was wearing the black Imperial uniform that she, and Tahiri, wore in all their messages these days, as well as spectacles and earpieces like the ones in the package she had just received.

“I talked Moff Fel into sending you a couple of presents. The wrist cuff looking thing is actually a combination chrono and comlink.” Jaina paused and pulled back her uniform sleeves, to display a silver cuff on each of her wrists. “Since you only have one wrist, Moff Fel had the chrono — ” she gestured with her left wrist — “and comlink — ” she gestured with her right, “redesigned and combined, especially for you.” Jaina paused again to pull her sleeves back down. “The controls for the comlink are mainly voice activated, because you obviously won't be able to use them while wearing it, since you only have one hand,” she said with a friendly smile.

“The chrono/comlink also stores some awesome new synth-pop music that plays through the earpieces,” she tapped a finger against her earpieces, and continued. “The comlink will also automatically go through to the earpieces when you are wearing them.”

Next Jaina raised a hand to her eyes. “The spectacles are designed for two main purposes; relaxation and interface. They mostly display very relaxing transparent patterns, but they can display just about anything, even readable text. They will take a little getting used to at first, particularly with the transparent patterns playing. They are especially relaxing when used with the music from the earpieces, though — better than a Force meditation, in my opinion. Try them out for a few weeks, and see what you think, Your Majesty.”

Tenel Ka really wished Jaina hadn't gone to the Empire. The Moffs had created a bioweapon just to kill her, after all. Even so, she couldn't let that get in the way of their friendship. She didn't know Jag — High Moff Fel — very well, but from what she had heard, he was nice enough; besides being Imperial, that is.

She knew that Jaina had strong submissive tendencies. That was probably why she was enjoying serving the Empire so much, she was just submitting and obeying orders. Tenel Ka wondered if Jaina's Imperial Superiors took advantage of her submissiveness, and how much she enjoyed it.

She certainly looked nice in her uniform; and Tenel Ka knew from experience that Jaina and Tahiri both looked fantastic out of one. Especially wearing shiny durasteel restraints.

First Tenel Ka inserted the datacard into her datapad and read more about the presents Jaina had sent her. Next she picked up the chrono/comlink and got a better look at it. It was about eight centimeters wide, and had nearly invisible hinges on either side. It closed with a maglock, just like a lot of her own favorite restraints — including the durasteel belt she was wearing.

There was a small comlink grille across the top face of the cuff, and a chrono display. Tenel Ka used the Force to open and close the cuff several times. Then she put the earpieces in her ears, and pushed the spectacles into the sockets on them. They wouldn't come on until she closed the chrono/comlink, though.

She held it in her hand, and closed it. Suddenly transparent patterns appeared on the spectacles, and soft music began playing through the earpieces. I could get used to this, Tenel Ka thought as she leaned back in her chair.

A few minutes later, Tenel Ka got up, and walked towards her 'fresher. As soon she took a step though, the patterns and music cut off. Oh yeah, the proximity sensor, she thought as she turned back and picked up the cuff.

Currently, Tenel Ka was wearing a black and gray Dathomari lizard-hide bodysuit, with twelve-centimeter heeled boots. The durasteel belt around her waist was black, and eight centimeters wide. Eight-centimeter-wide black durasteel armbands were on each of her biceps, and a dozen black bangle bracelets were on her right wrist. Her left arm had been cut off above the elbow in a lightsaber duel when she was a teenager. Since she was in her palace, Tenel Ka was also wearing a black durasteel collar.

Years ago, soon after the Yuuzhan Vong war, she had started wearing collars and cuffs in public. These days she mostly kept her collars out of sight when she left the palace, though. Tenel Ka liked wearing bangle bracelets because of the clinking noises they made when she moved her wrist. She also liked the little thrill of knowing that with only one hand, she couldn't take them off without help.

Tenel Ka liked subbing herself sometimes, but as the Queen she was always ultimately in control, especially because she pretty much always used her courtiers and guards to play with.

Once she finished using the fresher, Tenel Ka summoned Lady Galney, to help her slide the bangles off her wrist. Then she had her close the chrono/comlink around her wrist in their place. Tenel Ka spent the rest of the day relaxing in her suite, listening to the music, and watching the transparent patterns on the spectacles. After awhile she even got a little work done while looking through the patterns.

That night Tenel Ka put the spectacles and earpieces on their charger, but wore the chrono/comlink to bed. The next day she wore the chrono/comlink to a meeting with her advisors. Several of them told her that they liked it. When they asked her where she got it from, she told them from Jaina, not wanting to admit that Moff Fel had been involved as well.

After lunch Tenel Ka found out from the datapad that the chrono/comlink could be worn pretty much all the time, even in the sanisteam. Since she had to have it nearby for the music and patterns to play, she didn't take it off for the next several days. She even wore it, as well as the spectacles and earpieces when she responded to Jaina over the HoloNet.

“Hello, Jaina,” Tenel Ka said with a smile. “Let Moff Fel know that I got the gifts — ” she held up her wrist with the chrono/comlink on it — “and thank him for me. Thank you, too.” Tenel Ka told Jaina how much she liked the presents, and that she had been wearing them for the past few days. Then, after a little friendly chatting about how she was doing, Tenel Ka wished her the best. “If you ever want to come to the Hapes Consortium though, you are more than welcome,” she told her.

Over the next couple of weeks Tenel Ka wore the spectacles and earpieces several hours everyday, in her suite of rooms. The chrono/comlink hardly came off at all. She exchanged several holomessages with Jaina, as well as with Tahiri. Both of them seemed happy, especially when they were talking about the Empire. She did wonder why they never seemed to go into any details about their training though.

The more Tenel Ka thought about it, the more she decided that Jaina was probably serving Moff Fel sexually, as well as militarily. Tenel Ka certainly took liberties with her own underlings often enough, so she couldn't blame him for that. Then she wondered just how many Imperials Moff Fel took liberties with. She was sure that Tahiri at least had to have done something to not be executed for killing Grand Admiral Pellaeon.

Even before she had become Queen, Tenel Ka had had plenty of Hapan Noblemen vying for her attention. As the Queen, she bedded a different Nobleman, or woman, as often as she wanted. Tenel Ka also had a small number of guards, both male and female, that she enjoyed as well. While she mostly kept things vanilla with the majority of the Nobles, she loved playing kinky sex games with her guards. Still, they knew that she was the one in charge, even when she was playing the part of a submissive.

Lately though, Tenel Ka had felt the urge to let the nobles and her guards cuff and dom her. Last night, she had tried to domme a strapping young Nobleman, but somehow she had ended up on her knees giving him a blow job while he cropped her ass with her crop. Things didn't get any better after that, although her orgasm was fantastic, when he finally let her have it. Tenel Ka spent the day in her suite, listening to her music, and watching the transparent patterns on her spectacles.

When she had first gotten them, Tenel Ka hadn't trusted Moff Fel enough to use the chrono/comlink for anything other that playing the music and patterns on the earpieces and spectacles, in spite of the assurances of her security officers that it was clean. Three weeks after receiving them, Tenel Ka had everything from her old comlink transferred into the chrono/comlink cuff, and began using it exclusively.

Two days later, Moff Fel contacted her, and invited her to visit the Empire. To Tenel Ka's surprise, she found herself accepting. While she hated the Empire, Moff Fel hadn't been a part of it when they had tried to kill her. Quite a few of her advisors weren't very happy about her, or them, going to the Empire, but Tenel Ka told them that the matter was settled.

Four days later, Tenel Ka, along with a large compliment of her advisors and guards, departed in her warship Battle Dragon, Song of War, for an official visit to Bastion, and the Empire. For the trip down to the planet, Tenel Ka wore a black and purple Dathomiri lizard-hide bodysuit, with black boots that had twelve-centimeter heels. She also wore her silver durasteel belt, and her chrono/comlink. Her lightsaber was prominently attached to her belt, and one of the Hapan Crowns was on her head.

“Greetings from the Empire, Your Majesty,” Moff Fel said as she descended her shuttle's ramp. “Welcome to Bastion.”

“Thank you Your Excellency,” she replied with a polite smile, and surreptitiously checking him out. “I trust the Moff council won't try to kill me while I'm here?” she said, half joking.

Moff Fel frowned. “I assure you, Your Majesty, they deeply regret their actions during the war. They will be happy to personally apologize before you leave.”

Tenel Ka hadn't intended for him to take her quite so seriously. “We'll see,” Tenel Ka replied. “And I'll try not to hold what they did to me against you personally, Your Excellency,” she told him with a slight smile.

Then she spotted Jaina standing being him, wearing her black Imperial uniform with heels even higher than her own. She was also wearing spectacles and earpieces.

“Hi Jaina,” she said to her friend.

“Hello, Your Majesty,” Jaina replied respectfully, and after a noticeable pause.

Tenel Ka reached out towards her with the Force, to make sure she was okay. She was surprised at how calm and happy Jaina felt.

“So, Your Majesty, I'm glad that you like the gifts,” Moff Fel told her.

Tenel Ka glanced down at the chrono/comlink on her wrist. “Thank you, I do, Your Excellency,” she replied with a smile. “A lady always appreciates such nice things.” Then she glanced around, looking for Tahiri. She didn't sense her through the Force, either. She'd have to ask Jaina about her later.

Moff Fel had a plain speeder bus waiting for them nearby. There wasn't quite enough room for the Hapans and the Imperials, so Moff Fel quickly ordered several of his stormtroopers to stay behind. The first two seats were oversized, obviously meant for Tenel Ka and Moff Fel. Every other row had two seats on each side. All of the seats faced forward, looked very comfortable, with curved headrests. Seventy-Two sat directly behind Moff Fel.

Tenel Ka thought it was strange that the windows were blacked out — she assumed Moff Fel would want to show off the city while they traveled. Instead there was a small holoscreen on the back of each headrest. Tenel Ka leaned her head back, watched the video about the Empire, and sensed her advisors and guards doing the same.

That evening, Moff Fel hosted a formal dinner to welcome the Hapans to the Empire. Unfortunately, that meant that Tenel Ka had to wear one of her Hapan style gowns. Even if she had had two hands, as a Queen, Tenel Ka didn't have to dress herself unless she wanted to. She had her cousin Trista assisting her today.

First she pulled on a pair of white Selab moth fiber panties, with a matching garter belt, and stockings. Then Trista laced her into a tight white corset with built in bra cups. The dress itself was purple with white trim. It was tight around the bodice, and long enough that she had to wear the white fifteen centimeter heels to keep it off the floor. The part that covered her shoulders and arms was also made of Selab moth fiber, and was mostly transparent.

As the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Tenel Ka wore a Corusca gem encrusted choker necklace, with matching earrings and a five centimeter wide bracelet on her wrist. Her lightsaber hung from the side of the dress, mostly hidden amongst the folds.

Tenel Ka wanted to wear her chrono/comlink, but decided that since it was a formal dinner, she should wear the more appropriate jewelry. Then she realized that she needed to have the comlink with her, since it was the only one she used now. As Trista made some adjustments on her gown, Tenel Ka came up with a solution to her problem.

“Trista, I need you to wear my comlink for me tonight,” she told her.

“What? Why?” she asked in confusion.

Tenel Ka smiled back at her. “So if Song of War calls, I can answer,” she replied. “And because I asked you to,” she added as she held out the open chrono/comlink towards her.

“Fine, but I'm going to complain to the Queen,” Trista said with a smile as she allowed her to close the cuff around her right wrist.

“Don't bother, some red-headed bimbo has her comlink,” Tenel Ka responded with her own smile.

“That'd be Taryn, I assume,” Trista countered, referring to her identical twin sister.

Their laughter was interrupted by someone at the door. “That's the bimbo ... 's twin sister,” Tenel Ka said with amusement as she sensed Taryn's presence with the Force. She also used the Force to open the door.

Taryn walked in and saw both of them looking at her, about to burst out in laughter. “I bet you two were talking about me again,” she said as she walked towards them.

“She's talking about you,” Trista said quickly, glancing at Tenel Ka.

“No, I was talking about you,” Tenel Ka responded, looking back at Trista.

“So I can either believe my Queen — ” Taryn nodded respectfully towards Tenel Ka, who smiled triumphantly — “Or some red headed bimbo,” she said, nodding towards Trista.

To Taryn's confusion, both of them burst out in laughter.

Once they settled down, Trista realized that they had another problem. Her and her sister had planned on wearing matching dresses, with Trista's in maroon with gold trim, and Taryn's gold with maroon trim.

Their jewelry was also supposed to match, but now Trista was wearing Tenel Ka's eight-centimeter wide chrono/comlink on her right wrist, while Taryn was wearing half-a-dozen jeweled bangles on hers. They solved the problem by Taryn trading her bangles out for two four centimeter wide silver ones, which looked enough like the chrono/comlink to pass.

“So Your Majesty, don't you think Moff Fel looks quite dashing in his uniform?” Taryn asked her as they were making their final adjustments to their gowns.

“I bet he looks even better out of it,” Trista chimed in with a smile.

Trista,” Tenel Ka said disapprovingly.

“What?” Trista asked innocently.

Tenel Ka rolled her eyes at her, then she glanced at Taryn. “He looks ... nice, but he's Jaina's,” she answered.

“Oh I'm sure she won't mind sharing with the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium,” Taryn replied with a smile. “Maybe she'd even let you join them?” she suggested slyly.

“Taryn!” Tenel Ka shouted disapprovingly.

“What?” Taryn asked innocently.

Then Tenel Ka broke out in a smile. The thought of having sex with both Moff Fel and Jaina certainly had some appeal to her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“The Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Her Majesty Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo,” an Imperial announced.

Tenel Ka entered the dinning room and allowed Moff Fel to slide her seat under her as she sat down. The two heads of state were sitting side-by-side at the head of the table. The other Hapans sat on Tenel Ka's side, and the Imperials, who were mostly women, on Moff Fel's.

“If I may say so, you look radiant tonight, Your Majesty,” Moff Fel told her after he took his own seat.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” she replied with a smile. Then she glanced at Jaina, who was seated to his right. “Hi Jaina,” she said to her. Trista was sitting to her own left, followed by Taryn.

“Hello, Your Majesty,” she replied after a noticeable pause, just like before.

After appetizers, and a little chit-chat, Moff Fel politely asked her why she wasn't wearing her comlink.

“Well, I wanted to,” she admitted. “But it didn't really go with my dress.” The she glanced over at Trista, who was talking to Taryn. “I've got it close by, though,” she said to him as she nodded towards Trista's right wrist.

Moff Fel chuckled in reply. “How clever. I hadn't noticed. They have become very popular in the Empire, though. In fact, several of my officers are wearing them now,” he informed her.

Tenel Ka looked down the Imperial side of the table. She quickly spotted several of the devices on their wrists. “Well, maybe next time,” she replied with a smile.

Moff Fel smiled back at her, glanced at Trista and Taryn, then leaned in close to the Hapan Queen. “I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I have arranged for your entire entourage to receive a chrono, comlink, spectacles, and earpieces from the Empire. Unfortunately they won't be ready until tomorrow,” he told her.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied. “I'm sure they'll like them as much as I like mine,” she said with a smile.

“The spectacles and earpieces are also something of a trend. If you would like to wear yours on our tour tomorrow, I'm sure no one would mind, and hopefully, some of your advisors will wear theirs as well,” he told her.

“We'll see,” Tenel Ka answered.

While Tenel Ka sensed a certain amount of unease between the Hapans and Imperials, they seemed to be getting along well enough. It probably helped that most of the Imperials were high-ranking women. Jaina seemed especially comfortable, and surprisingly polite. Tenel Ka was glad that she was happy, even if it was with the Empire.

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