Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 8
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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“Seventy-Two, I need you to get the remote out of Governor Garowyn's pocket,” Tenel Ka said, once Moff Fel had ended the comm call.

Seventy-Two frowned. ProCorps troopers were never supposed to touch a remote for their restraints. After a few seconds thought, though, she decided that this time was different. She shuffled over to Governor Garowyn, reached into her pocket, and pulled out the remote.

It took Seventy-Two and Tenel Ka a couple of minutes to figure out the remote. Tenel Ka had never even seen one. Seventy-Two had a few times, but she had always ignored them, like a proper ProCorps trooper should. Finally though, they were able to release their ankle chains, Tenel Ka's biceps, and the chain on Seventy-Two's chrono. Neither of them even considered taking off anything else.

Once she was free, Tenel Ka stepped over and turned off her lightsaber, but left it lying on the floor. She just didn't feel right carrying it anymore. Then she told Seventy-Two that she was going to go get her cleaning supplies, so she could clean up the floor. Seventy-Two simply acknowledged her, and told her to hurry back.

While she was gone, Seventy-Two received a comm call. She glanced at her comlink, and saw that it was Moff Fel.

“Greetings, Your Excellency,” she replied automatically, then she heard Tenel Ka on the link greeting him as well.

“SX-51472, Tenel Ka, I've spoken with Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel, and appraised her of the situation. She is on the way to the Palace, to take command. Tenel Ka, this is very important, I need you to judge her honesty with the Force. If you feel that she can't be trusted, then lock her in a cell, or if necessary, kill her, okay?”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied after a moment's hesitation.

“Seventy-Two, you and Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel are going to have to make everyone think that Governor Garowyn is still alive, okay?”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied.

“Good. Now, comm me back after Tenel Ka decides whether or not Lovvel can be trusted—and after she's been taken care of if she can't,” Moff Fel instructed them.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” they both replied.

Moff Fel ended the comm call, and Tenel Ka returned with the cleaning supplies. While she cleaned Governor Garowyn's blood up, Seventy-Two decided to search the late Governor's pockets.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lieutenant Colonel Hayley Lovvel arrived nearly twenty minutes later. Seventy-Two went to meet her at the dungeon's entrance, while Tenel Ka continued to scrub the floor.

When Seventy-Two returned, Tenel Ka was waiting for them. “Good evening, Ma'am,” she greeted Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel with a curtsey. Then she went to parade rest, with her hand behind her back.

“Tenel Ka. Are you okay?” she asked with concern.

“Fine Ma'am, thank you,” Tenel Ka answered. “Ma'am, have you been plotting with Governor Garowyn against the Empire?” she asked suddenly.

“What? No! Moff Fel sent me here to take command,” she replied in confusion.

“So you are completely loyal to Moff Fel and the Empire?” Tenel Ka asked suspiciously.

“Yes! Why are you asking?” Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel asked in annoyance.

Tenel Ka stared back at her a couple of heartbeats, then visibly relaxed. “I'm sorry Ma'am, Moff Fel told me to find out if you could be trusted,” she replied apologetically.

“And how were you going to. . . Oh, the Force,” she answered in understanding.

“Yes Ma'am,” Tenel Ka confirmed.

Then Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel looked at Governor Garowyn's body. “Alright, we need to get her hidden somewhere, and finish cleaning this mess up,” she instructed them.

The two ProCorps troopers were much more comfortable taking orders from an Imperial than acting on their own. “Yes Ma'am,” they replied happily.

“But first I have to comm Moff Fel back and tell him that you are still loyal,” Tenel Ka said.

“Go ahead,” Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel replied.

Tenel Ka commed Moff Fel, and reported the situation's status. Moff Fel thanked her, and told her to tell Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel that he was on his way to Hapes, but that no one else should be told, including Admiral Bristt when he arrived with the Fleet.

While Tenel Ka was on her comlink, Seventy-Two gave Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel the two comlinks Governor Garowyn had her in pockets, and the remote to their restraints. Then the three hid Governor Garowyn's body in a container in the supply closet, along with the sliced bars from the cell. Next Tenel Ka and Seventy-Two finished cleaning up the blood, while Lovvel looked through the contents of Garowyn's comlinks. The second one was encrypted. There was nothing they could do about the missing cell bars, at least not yet.

Before Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel left, she instructed the Palace staff that Tenel Ka was being punished, and she would be solely responsible for cleaning the dungeon, until further notice. She also told them that she would be back to inspect her work. Then, she and Seventy-Two went back to the Embassy, in Governor Garowyn's limospeeder.

With Seventy-Two at the controls, the Embassy guards waved the Governor's limospeeder into the hanger without a second glance, as they usually did. This late, the hanger, and most of the Embassy, were deserted. Both Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel and Seventy-Two immediately went to Governor Garowyn's office, to begin figuring out how they were going to pretend to be the Governor for a few days.

The next day, Seventy-Two figured out the password for Governor Garowyn's second comlink. Shadow Chaser72. While it didn't contain anything as useful as a list titled “My co-conspirators,” it did have a list of comm calls to and from a few hundred Imperial Officers currently assigned to the Hapes Consortium, including the dates and times of the calls. Quite a few more calls were to unknown comm codes.

There were also quite a few notes about Garowyn's plot. They didn't give names either, but there were a lot of details, including ship assignments. After discussing it amongst themselves and Tenel Ka awhile, Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel decided to sit tight. No one had commed since Garowyn's death, so they didn't think anyone was too suspicious. Eighty-one hours after Seventy-Two informed Moff Fel of Governor Garowyn's treachery, a small Imperial Fleet arrived, under the command of Admiral Bristt.

Queen Tenel Ka quickly calmed the Hapan population by announcing that they were in the Consortium at her request. As soon as the fleet arrived, Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel ordered, in Governor Garowyn's name, the arrest of every Imperial Officer that appeared on the encrypted comlink. Since the order was given in Governor Garowyn's name, the Hapan ProCorps troopers dutifully made the arrests, in secret. Besides some isolated cases of resistance, and a handful of escapes, the operation went smoothly.

The suspected traitors were interrogated. Most quickly confessed, and gave the names of other conspirators. All but a couple of dozen of the people that were named were already on the list, and either in custody or dead. The rest were promptly arrested as well. Only then was it revealed to that Governor Garowyn had died, although no details were given.

A day and half later, Moff Fel arrived, and Tenel Ka turned over her lightsaber that she had been keeping in secret the past several days. While awaiting Moff Fel, Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel, Seventy-Two, Tenel Ka, and Admiral Bristt, as well as a few other Imperials and some of the Queen's advisors, had been coming up with a story for the Hapan people and the rest of the Galaxy explaining what happened. They informed Moff Fel of their plans, who reviewed them and added his own information to them.

High Moff Jag Fel looked over more of the late Governor Garowyn's notes. From everything he could gather, Garowyn's plot probably wouldn't have worked, even if he hadn't been tipped off. Got to think of something special to do for Seventy-Two for that, he reminded himself. The rebellion would have been horribly bloody though.

Garowyn had been briefed fairly deeply into the ProCorps program, but she had still fundamentally misjudged the Hapan ProCorps troopers, and especially her own; SX-51472. They were fiercely loyal to the Empire above all else. Sure Garowyn had put some effort in keeping her plans hidden from Seventy-Two and the other ProCorps troopers, but the major flaw in her plan was that she had expected them to docilely go along with it once she took over.

Besides damage control, which Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel, Tenel Ka, and Seventy-Two had largely planned out, Moff Fel's biggest problem was who to put in command of the Hapes Sector. It would have to be someone that he trusted absolutely though. With Hapes so far from the rest of the Empire, it would be easy for someone else to attempt a rebellion.

Moff Fel also reminded himself to promote Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel, and reward Tenel Ka and Seventy-Two for their assistance to the Empire in this matter. As for who to put in command of the Hapes Sector, he would have to comm his sister Wynssa, in the Chiss Ascendacy, and ask her. Then he received a HoloNet call from Chief Daala.

“Moff Fel, the GA Security Council at the Jedi are concerned with the large number of Imperial Ships that have recently appeared in Hapan space,” Chief Daala told him.

Moff Fel glanced down to double check that the call was encrypted. “I'm sure they are, but since neither the Hapes Consortium or the Empire is a member of the Galactic Alliance, it's not any of their business,” he replied. “As matter of fact, Her Majesty Tenel Ka Djo is with me now, would you like her to assure you that everything is okay?”

Chief Daala chuckled in reply. “Oh, I know that what goes on in the Empire shouldn't be any concern of the Senate, or the Jedi, but I still have to entertain the Senate; and deal with the Jedi, for now. I would like to hear from Her Majesty though, if she's free,” she asked with a mischievous smile.

“Is your end secure?” Moff Fel asked her.

“Of course,” Chief Daala replied, automatically glancing down to double check, and smiling with anticipation.

“Tenel Ka, come say hello to Chief Daala,” he told her.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied as she stepped into the holocamera's field of view, and curtseyed. “Hello, Your Excellency,” she said to Chief Daala.

Chief Daala grinned. “Ah, I see you are wearing your maid's outfit that you wore when I visited. It still looks great on you,” she told the Hapan Queen.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” she replied with her own smile.

“The Galactic Alliance Senate and the Jedi are concerned about the presence of so many Imperial ships in the Hapes Consortium. Is everything okay?” Chief Daala asked her with amusement, and mock concern.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied cheerfully. Then she glanced towards Moff Fel, and smiled. “Now that High Moff Fel is here, everything is perfectly under control.”

“Well, good,” Chief Daala answered. “I'll let the Senate and the Jedi know that you are very happy with the situation on Hapes.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied.

“Now, I need to speak to Moff Fel again, if you don't mind,” Chief Daala said, dismissing her.

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied with another curtsey, then disappeared from the holocamera's field of view.

“Moff Fel, the Jedi really are concerned. I don't know if I'll be able to control them on this. They may have already sent someone to investigate,” Chief Daala told him seriously.

“Thanks for the tip,” he replied after a few seconds consideration. “I would like to keep the GA, and especially the Jedi out of this.”

Chief Daala smiled back at him. “Don't worry about the Senate. I'm doing my best with the Jedi. They shouldn't be interfering in the affairs of any government. Perhaps you can have the Queen contact them and reassure them? After she changes into something a little more appropriate,” she suggested with a smile.

“I'll see what I can do, Your Excellency,” Moff Fel replied with his own smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Once the preparations have been made, Moff Fel has Queen Tenel Ka announce that a group of Hapan nobles had plotted to overthrow the Hapan Monarchy. There is no mention of Ambassador Garowyn's involvement, or Mandalorians. Tenel Ka also announces that the Imperials had saved her throne, and life.

Several dozen Hapan nobles, who are also ProCorps troopers, have already been 'arrested' in preparation of this announcement. They all confess, and are secretly sent to the Empire to serve as ProCorps troopers.

The Imperials are treated as heroes by the Hapan nobility, which are virtually all ProCorps troopers. The Hapan people generally like their Queen, so they are glad that she is still on the throne.

A few days after making the coup attempt public, Tenel Ka makes another announcement. Many of her advisors, as well as Moff Fel are in attendance behind her. She announces that due to chronic assassination and coup attempts from rebellious members of the Hapan nobility, the Hapan Monarchy will be dissolved, and the Hapes Consortium will join the Empire, effective immediately.

As Moff Fel steps forward, a small table is promptly set up, and the treaty is placed on it. Queen Tenel Ka Djo quickly signs it, as does Moff Fel. Then Tenel Ka removes the Hapan Crown from her head, and presents it to Moff Fel, who places it in a display case. Less than two minutes after the announcement, the Hapes Consortium is officially part of the Empire.

The loyal Hapan nobles all rapidly announce their support to High Moff Fel, and the Empire. The Imperial Officers serving on board the Hapan ships are simply given command by the ProCorps trooper captains. The Hapan people are shocked to find themselves part of the Empire, but since the entire nobility supports it, they only grumble.

While some members of the Senate are outraged, most view the situation with apathy. As a result, the Galactic Alliance doesn't even offer a tepid protest against the expansion of the Empire. Chief Daala quietly withdraws her Ambassador to the former Hapes Consortium, and expels the Hapan Ambassador to the GA.

Moff Fel quickly named his sister, Wynssa Fel, Moff of the Hapes Sector. The Moff council was somewhat upset at having a female Moff, especially since she is an outsider and Jagged Fel's own sister, but since he had just added sixty-three worlds of incredible wealth to the Empire, they reluctantly accepted.

Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel was promoted to General, breaking Natasi Daala's record as the youngest woman to make flag rank in Imperial history. General Lovvel was left in charge of the Hapes Sector until their new Moff arrived. Seventy-Two was also temporarily assigned as her personal assistant, along with several of the former Queen's advisors assisting as well.

The Hapan ProCorps troopers who were former command officers stayed on board their ships, as regular ProCorps troopers, although the Hapan crew didn't figure that part out, at least for a while. When they did, the men at least, they became very happy to be serving on board an Imperial Battle Dragon instead of a Hapan one. There were also a small number of Hapan men who were accepted to become ProCorps troopers themselves. Command Officers were transferred from the Imperial fleet and the Empire to the Hapes Sector fleet, to replace the few hundred Imperial traitors in the brig, and the Hapan ProCorps troopers who were now fulfilling their true purposes.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Two months later ...

“High Moff Fel, so nice of you to come visit me on Hapes,” Moff Wynssa Fel greeted her brother.

“And I'm very happy to visit, Moff Fel,” he replied with a smile. Then he glanced behind her, and saw one of the Queen's twin cousins standing at parade rest behind her, wearing a ProCorps trooper's uniform. He wasn't sure which one though. “I'm sorry about having to take Seventy-Two away from you so quickly after you arrived, but I have finally brought you a replacement,” he told her.

Moff Fel raised an eyebrow. “All the way from the Empire? Your Excellency, I have all the replacements I could want right here on Hapes. Trista, and Tayrn here are doing a great job,” she said, nodding back towards the ProCorps trooper behind her.

High Moff Fel smiled back at her. “Yes, I am sure they are. However, this one will be of special assistance to you in overseeing the Hapes Sector.” Then he turned back to the ramp of his ship. “You can come down now.”

Another ProCorps trooper appeared at the top of the ramp, then began walking down, her eighteen-centimeter heels clicking on the ramp. She stopped next to High Moff Fel's own ProCorps trooper, a meter from High Moff and Moff Fel.

“Your Excellencies,” she greeted them, and then she snapped to parade rest.

The former Hapan Queen had already been gone when she had arrived on her new capital a few weeks ago. Still, she had seen plenty of pictures, most of which had been taken down from former Royal buildings.

“Tenel Ka Djo?” Moff Fel asked.

“Yes Your Excellency,” she promptly replied. “But my legal name now is HC-00001.”

The former Queen of the Hapes Consortium was finally wearing her full ProCorps trooper uniform. She looked around twenty-two years old, about the same age as her cousins looked, as well. Tenel Ka had also been given a prosthetic arm while she had been gone, and she had received other enhancements as well.

“I see the Empire gave you a new arm,” Moff Fel commented.

“Yes Your Excellency. I can not be as an efficient ProCorps trooper, or your Personal Assistant with only one arm, Your Excellency. It also makes me easier to restrain,” Tenel Ka explained.

“Ah, easy to restrain, let me show you something interesting about that,” High Moff Fel interjected. “Tenel Ka, come here.” Tenel Ka obediently stepped forward, and remained silent. “Most of the time, her arm is a normal prosthetic. No enhanced strength, or anything like that. But,” he displayed a remote control device, “We've installed a remote override that can freeze her hand in a certain position, with many times her normal strength.”

“Okay,” a puzzled Moff Fel replied.

High Moff Fel smiled back at her. “It is especially useful for this.” Then he looked back at Tenel Ka, and ordered her to turn around and assume her modified parade rest.

Tenel Ka obediently turned away from them, put her hands behind her back, and gripped her right wrist with her prosthetic left hand. High Moff Fel hit a button on the remote. “She has her own built in binders,” he explained.

“How clever!” Moff Fel exclaimed with a burst of laughter.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few days later ...

“Good morning, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka greeted Moff Fel as the later entered her office.

“Good morning to you too, Tenel Ka,” Moff Fel replied as she took the cup of caf from her. She paused to take a swallow of it. “Ah, that's good. You make excellent caf, Tenel Ka,” she told her.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied cheerfully, assuming parade rest.

“And I must say, you have been most valuable to me in running the Hapes Sector,” Moff Fel commented.

“Thank you, Your Excellency. And thank you for stopping those holojournalists from bothering me as well,” Tenel Ka replied.

Moff Fel took another swallow of her caf, then chuckled. “Oh, it's no problem at all. I know that some of them wouldn't understand why their former Queen is now the personal assistant for their new Imperial Moff.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied, slightly embarrassed. Then she glanced down at the chrono on her left wrist. “Your meeting with the Hapes Sector Governor's Council is scheduled to start in an hour, Moff Fel,” she reminded her.

“Oh, I couldn't forget that, Tenel Ka,” she replied with annoyance as she began walking towards her office. “And I believe you have some work to do as well, Tenel Ka.”

“Yes Your Excellency,” she replied dutifully as she took her seat at her desk. Then Tenel Ka logged into the Imperial computer system, and happily began her duties assisting the Empire in ruling her former Queendom.

Chief of State Natasi Daala's reception area, Coruscant ...

Natasi Daala gazed at the statue of Leia Organa Solo. She had paid Boba Fett an exorbitant amount of credits to kidnap the former Chief of State and long-term nuisance. Then she had paid him even more to have her secretly encased in a form of free-standing carbonite that would pass as a statue. It would have been a lot cheaper just to have Fett kill her, but not as fun. Of course she also had to take measures to ensure that the Princess couldn't be freed in the event that someone discovered the truth.

The controls to unfreeze the carbonite were heavily encrypted, and she was the only one that could access them. There was also a cover for the controls, also locked and encrypted, and she was also the only one that could open it to get to the controls.

Princess Leia was frozen wearing flowing, high-necked Senatorial robes that went down to her feet. Her posture appeared very stately, with her head held high, as if looking off in the distant future of the Galactic Alliance. Her hands were clasped behind her back. To anyone looking at her, she would seem to be a normal, inspiring, statue.

Hidden underneath the Senatorial robes Leia had been wearing when she had been frozen, she was wearing indestructible beskar shackles on her wrists and ankles. A beskar collar was around her neck, and a beskar belt around her waist. Her ankle shackles were connected with a twenty-centimeter beskar chain, which was connected to her belt by another chain, then to the front of her collar. Her wrist shackles were actually a single piece of forged beskar that kept her wrists together behind her back. They were also attached to her belt.

If anyone ever happened to be able to free Princess Leia, she would spend the rest of her life in the beskar shackles, with her hands locked behind her back. The collar also had a tracking device that would automatically broadcast in the open, so anyone with a comm device would know where she was.

Even if I go to prison, or long after I die, and you're freed, you'll still be wearing my shackles, Chief Daala thought with a smile.

“Ready to go home for the evening, Your Excellency?” her personal assistant, Lysa Truden—once known as Syal Antilles—asked her.

She turned back to smile at the Imperial trained ProCorps trooper. “Yeah Lysa,” she replied. “I was just wishing Grand Moff Tarkin were here to see me now; and this beautiful statute of Princess Leia.”

“He'd probably wish she was trapped inside the statute,” she replied, giggling.

Chief Daala panicked for a moment, then quickly realized that Lysa was just speculating. Even if she did know, she wouldn't tell anyone except High Moff Fel. “He probably would,” she replied to her with a smile as they walked out of the reception area.

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