Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 7
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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A few days later, as Seventy-Two was working at her desk, she accidentally opened her private comm channel to Governor Garowyn's office. Embarrassed at breaching the Governor's privacy, she quickly reached to disconnect the channel. Mid-motion, she stopped, and listened.

“There is no way Fel can stop us at this point,” Governor Garowyn said. “By the time he organizes enough of a fleet to do anything, the Hapes Consortium will be independent.”

Seventy-Two's eyes went wide with shock.

“Well, as we discussed, we are ready, and await your signal,” came the reply.

Seventy-Two didn't recognize the other voice, but it sounded vaguely familiar. Then it hit her. He was Mandalorian. Governor Garowyn was plotting with Mandos to rebel against the Empire!

“That's all I need you to do. I'll be making my move within a few days,” Governor Garowyn replied.

Seventy-Two was horrified. She wished that she could record the conversation, but ProCorps troopers' comlinks couldn't do that, for the privacy of the Imperial Officers they served.

“We'll be waiting,” the Mandalorian promised.

Seventy-Two had heard enough, she had to protect the Empire, and report that sleemo's treasonous plans to Moff Fel. Seventy-Two cut the transmission, and quickly began scrolling through her comlink menus. In just a few seconds, she found the top secret, invisible list of comm codes that the Empire had hard wired into every ProCorps troopers' comlink.

The password to access the top secret menu was the serial number of the ProCorps trooper's bunk mate in the Academy. It wasn't so much that a ProCorps trooper had any special attachment towards their bunk mate, it was just a convenient way to add an extra layer of security. Seventy-Two quickly tapped es-ex-five-one-four-seven-three, and the list appeared. Moff Fel's comm code was at the top of the list. Just before she hit enter, Seventy-Two stepped into the reception area's 'fresher, in case Sleemo came out of her office.

The call went to a special comlink that High Moff Fel carried at all times. Only ProCorps troopers could comm him on it, and only for something that the ProCorps trooper thought that he should know about immediately. Like a rebellion against the Empire.

“Go ahead,” a serious sounding voice said after the comm call went through. While Seventy-Two spoke into the comlink on her wrist, the voice came through her earpieces.

“Moff Fel! This is Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, on Hapes,” Seventy-Two whispered into the comlink.

“What is the problem?” Moff Fel asked simply. He knew that a ProCorps trooper wouldn't call his top secret comm channel unless it was a serious emergency.

“Governor Garowyn is plotting to rebel against the Empire! With Mandos!” she said, her whisper almost turning into a shout.

“Calm down, and tell me how you know this,” Moff Fel instructed her.

Seventy-Two quickly told him what she had overheard a few moments before.

“Oh, and when Chief Daala was here, Governor Garowyn spent almost the whole time alone in her office. I thought it was strange, but of course I didn't question Governor Garowyn about it,” Seventy-Two added. Now she wished she had. She was terrified that the Empire would lose the Hapes Consortium, and it would all be her fault.

Moff Fel swore. “Okay, stay calm. If she said a few days, it will probably be less. I can't get a fleet there in time, but you can help.”

Seventy-Two's spirits immediately rose. “How Moff Fel?” she asked.

“First, don't trust any of the other Imperials. We don't know who all Garowyn has gotten to. I'll notify Tenel Ka, and the rest of the HC series ProCorps troopers. I need you to begin making copies of all the files and anything else you can that Garowyn has, Okay?”

“Yes Moff Fel,” Seventy-Two replied.

“Be careful though, I don't want you to get hurt,” Moff Fel told her.

Tears came to Seventy-Two's eyes. She was amazed that High Moff Fel was so concerned for a single, lowly ProCorps trooper. “Yes, Moff Fel,” she responded.

“Remember to be brave for me and the Empire, and act normally until things are taken care of, okay?”

“Yes Moff Fel,” Seventy-Two answered obediently.

Moff Fel ended the call, and Seventy-Two took a few moments to calm herself down. Then she walked back to her desk, and went to work, gathering evidence of Governor Garowyn's treason. Twenty minutes later, Governor Garowyn commed, and told her to come to her office.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied obediently. She glanced at her chrono, and realized that it was time for Governor Garowyn's afternoon pussy licking. Seventy-Two shuddered with revulsion. Then, she calmed herself. Moff Fel's had instructed her to be brave for him and the Empire. She stood up, and walked into Governor Garowyn's office.

“What took you so long?” Governor Garowyn asked. The question was casual though, not suspicious.

“I'm sorry, Ma'am. I had to lock down my terminal,” she said smoothly. That was actually the truth, as she had been in a secure area of the computer system.

“Well, you'll be punished later,” Governor Garowyn said as she stripped off her uniform pants. “For now, get they little tongue busy.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two said as she sank to her knees.

Six minutes later, Seventy-Two came out of Governor Garowyn's office and rushed back to the 'fresher. There she frantically tried to rinse the taste of treason out of her mouth. Then she remembered that she had a toothbrush in her desk drawer. Seventy-Two quickly got it, and spent the next several minutes thoroughly brushing her teeth.

Towards the end of their normal workday, Governor Garowyn commed and told her that they would be going to the Palace after diner, and for her to let Tenel Ka know.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied automatically. Then she commed Tenel Ka.

“Hello, Seventy-Two,” Tenel Ka greeted her.

“Hi. Governor Garowyn and I will be stopping by tonight, after diner,” Seventy-Two replied.

“Okay. I'll be expecting Her Excellency,” Tenel Ka answered after a barely perceptible pause.

From the slight hesitation, she knew that Moff Fel had warned her about Governor Garowyn's treachery. Seventy-Two desperately wanted to talk to her about that, but other than calls to their secret emergency contacts, all ProCorps troopers' communications were recorded and monitored. Still, she couldn't stand the thought of being around that bantha dung any longer than she had too.

“I think we should visit the dungeon,” Seventy-Two said casually.

“Okay,” Tenel Ka replied. Then after a moment, she added, “Good idea! I'm sure we can find something worth doing for Governor Garowyn down here.”

“I certainly hope so,” Seventy-Two replied, much happier. Then she realized that Tenel Ka had referred to the dungeon as here, and not there. “Hey, where are you?”

“In the dungeon, Tenel Ka replied with a chuckle.

“Oh. What are you doing?” Seventy-Two asked curiously.

“Scrubbing the shower room floor,” she answered.

“Well, I'll let you get back to work then,” Seventy-Two told her. In spite of the current crisis, neither one of them even considered shirking their duties. They were loyal subjects of the Empire, after all.

“Thanks, see you tonight,” Tenel Ka responded.

Later that evening, Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two arrived at the Palace. Now that they had a plan for dealing with her, Seventy-Two found Governor Garowyn slightly less repulsive, about like jumping into a pit of bantha dung.

“Good evening, Mistress,” Tenel Ka greeted her at the door with a curtsey.

“And good evening to you, as well, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn replied as she walked in. “How are the Palace ProCorps troopers liking their new uniforms?”

“Very well, thank you, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied without missing a beat.

Several days prior, Governor Garowyn had had the Palace staff start wearing a maid's uniform like Tenel Ka had worn at Chief Daala's dinner. The only changes were the high heeled pumps had been swapped out for their ProCorps boots, and none of them, Tenel Ka included, wore a crown.

“Good. All of you are serving me, and the Empire, well.”

Seventy-Two fought the urge to retch. While they were chatting, Governor Garowyn had been leading them towards the Queen's former bedchamber. Seventy-Two and Tenel Ka exchanged glances.

“Mistress, can we go to the dungeon tonight?” Seventy-Two asked her. “It would be a good place for you to punish me for taking too long to get to your office.”

Governor Garowyn smiled back at her. “Well, since you put it that way,” she replied.

In the dungeon's restraint room, Governor Garowyn ordered Seventy-Two to shackle Tenel Ka, cuff her arms behind her back, and then cuff her own ankles and wrists. Seventy-Two looked at Tenel Ka, almost in a panic. Tenel Ka responded by turning around, and pulling her biceps behind her back as best she could without help.

Since Seventy-Two didn't know what to do at the moment, she picked up a forty-centimeter length of chain and attached the maglocks on either end to the shackles built into Tenel Ka's ProCorps boots. Next she picked up an eight-centimeter chain, and maglocked Tenel Ka's upper arms together. Her right wrist remained free.

Seventy-Two grew more dismayed as she obediently locked her own ankles together. With both of them restrained, they would be helpless to stop Governor Garowyn's vile plans.

As she was locking her own wrists together though, Seventy-Two suddenly had an idea. When they were still on Zeta Garrison, Governor Garowyn had stopped checking her restraints after she had cuffed herself. Seventy-Two put her hands behind her back, and pressed both ends of the chain onto her chrono.

The maglocks activated, leaving her arms free. Then she simply kept her fingers interlocked, and her wrists close together behind her back. She was also confident that Governor Garowyn wouldn't leash them, as she hadn't held one herself in quite awhile either. Tenel Ka gave her a knowing look, but remained silent.

Seventy-Two was right on both accounts. They left the room without Governor Garowyn checking their restraints, or leashing them. Sure, their ankles were shackled, and Tenel Ka's arms were restrained, but at least they had a chance now.

The two ProCorps troopers fell into place behind Governor Garowyn, with Seventy-Two to her left, and Tenel Ka to her right, both of them walking with short, fast steps to keep up with her with their ankles shackled. On the way to the punishment room—at least that's where Seventy-Two assumed they were going—they passed by some of the slave cells, which were all standing open.

Seventy-Two saw Tenel Ka start shuffling a little faster in her boots and shackles, and she sensed her urging her to do the same. Suddenly, Tenel Ka stumbled, and fell to her knees.

“Are you okay, Zero-One?” Governor Garowyn asked with concern, as she stopped and turned halfway around to face her.

Seventy-Two froze in a panic. Whatever Tenel Ka had been planning, it was borked. Then she felt Tenel Ka urging her to shove, and looked back at Governor Garowyn.

“I think my ankle's twisted, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied painfully.

Governor Garowyn was standing with her back to Seventy-Two, looking down at Tenel Ka. Past her was an open cell door. In an instant, Seventy-Two stepped forward, brought her arms around in front of her, and shoved her into the cell as hard as she could. Then she quickly shuffled over, and slammed the cell door shut.

“SEVENTY-TWO! WHAT THE KARK ARE YOU DOING?” Governor Garowyn screamed as she climbed to her feet. “Release me this instant!”

Seventy-Two fought the automatic urge to obey her. It didn't really matter at this point. The keys to the cells were all kept in the dungeons command room. “NO!” she screamed back. “YOU'RE A TRAITOR!”

Suddenly, Governor Garowyn calmed down. “Ah, so you found out about that.” Then she shrugged her shoulders. “It doesn't matter though, Seventy-Two, you can still serve me. Just open the door,” she said very reasonably.

“No!” Seventy-Two shouted at her. “I serve the Empire!”

Governor Garowyn shrugged her shoulders again, and looked at Tenel Ka. “Zero-One, haven't I made the Hapes Consortium a better place since I've arrived?”

“Frakk you!” Tenel Ka replied. Then she turned to Seventy-Two. “Seventy-Two, call Moff Fel and tell him that we've captured Governor Garowyn.”

Now Governor Garowyn laughed ominously. “Captured me? You little sluts haven't captured anyone. I was just giving you an opportunity to join me.”

Then, to the ProCorps troopers' horror, Governor Garowyn produced a lightsaber, and sliced through half-a-dozen of the cell's bars at head height. Before either of them could react, she made a second horizontal cut at knee height, causing the bars to fall to the floor with a clatter.

As Governor Garowyn went to step out of the cell, Tenel Ka hit her with a Force shove. With her upper arms cuffed behind her though, it didn't have much effect.

With one foot out of the cell, Governor Garowyn dropped down to her back knee from the Force shove, and cursed in pain. Seventy-Two thought about running, but with her ankles shackled, she couldn't. She also didn't want to leave Tenel Ka alone with this monster.

Governor Garowyn climbed to her feet, and stepped out of the cell, towards Tenel Ka. As she did, Seventy-Two noticed her limping, and blood on one of the severed bars sticking up out of the duracrete.

Tenel Ka hit her with another Force shove, but she only staggered. One of the cell bars that Governor Garowyn had cut rolled into Seventy-Two's boot. It was a little over a meter long, and about three centimeters across. She reached down, and grabbed it as she stepped forward.

Seventy-Two was sure that Governor Garowyn would hear her heels tapping on the duracrete, or the chain between her ankles, and turn around and cut her in half with the lightsaber. A ProCorps trooper's only duty was to the Empire though. Their own safety didn't matter. Three shackled steps later though, Seventy-Two gripped the bar with both hands, and swung it with all her might.

The bar connected solidly with Governor Garowyn's back, just below her shoulder blades. She let out an umph, and staggered, but stayed on her feet. As Seventy-Two pulled back to swing again, Tenel Ka gave her another Force shove. This time, Governor Garowyn went down. Seventy-Two watched as she fell backwards and landed on the knee-high bars sticking out of the duracrete.

Governor Garowyn didn't land quite hard enough for the bars to go all the way through her, but it was obvious that she wouldn't be getting up. She was half-sitting, face up, with four of the bars impaling her upper back, just below her shoulders. There was a rapidly expanding pool of blood under her. The lightsaber was lying on the floor, still ignited. Seventy-Two recognized it as Tenel Ka's. Her real lightsaber.

Governor Garowyn let out an agonized groan, and slowly raised her head. Then it fell back, and she went limp.

Seventy-Two dropped her bar and stood there in stunned silence for several seconds. She was breathing in the short, quick breaths that she had learned from wearing her ProCorps corset for so long. Then she realized that she was also crying.

“Seventy-Two, we've got to comm Moff Fel,” Tenel Ka said.

“O—Okay,” Seventy-Two replied, trying to calm herself down. She turned away from the cell, and Governor Garowyn's body. Then she started scrolling through her comlink menus to Moff Fel's secret emergency comm channel.

“Moff Fel! This is Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, on Hapes.” Several seconds of silence went by.

“What's wrong?” Moff Fel finally responded.

“Governor Garowyn is dead!” she exclaimed.

“What!? How?” he asked.

“Tenel Ka and I were going to lock in her a cell in the dungeon but she had a lightsaber and she got out and I hit her with one of the bars and Tenel Ka Force shoved her and she landed on the bars and now she's dead!” Seventy-Two said in a rush.

“Wait, what do you mean she landed on the bars?” Moff Fel asked.

Seventy-Two quickly explained how Governor Garowyn had fallen onto the severed cell bars sticking up out of the duracrete.

“Does anyone else know?” Moff Fel asked.

“No, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied, now much calmer. She knew that Moff Fel would take care of everything.

“Are you sure?”

Seventy-Two glanced at Tenel Ka, who had came up beside her, and thought for a moment. Since Moff Fel's responses were coming through her earpieces, she knew that Tenel Ka couldn't hear him. “Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied.

“Okay. How long do you think it will be before she is missed?” Moff Fel asked.

Seventy-Two thought about that a moment, and glanced at her chrono. It was only a little after eight. She and Governor Garowyn regularly stayed at the Palace until midnight or so, and occasionally until early morning. No one should be looking for her until then, as far as she knew. “At least four hours, but probably six or seven, I think, Your Excellency.”

Several seconds of silenced went by. “Good. You and Tenel Ka stay in the Palace, and don't tell anyone what has happened. I'll comm you back soon, okay?”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

High Moff Jag Fel sighed as he ended the comm call. He wished Jaina hadn't done anything except report Garowyn's activities, but he guessed there were just some things even the ProCorps Academy couldn't train her out of completely. With Garowyn dead though, now he might be able to end this without anymore bloodshed. Quickly, he commed the Imperial Officer on Hapes that he felt he could trust the most, Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel.

“Kriff. What do you want?” the groggy voice responded after several moments.

“Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel, this is Moff Fel,” he informed her.

“What?—Yes, Your Excellency?” she replied, nearly instantly awake.

“Governor Garowyn has been plotting to rebel from the Empire. Her ProCorps trooper, and the Queen of Hapes have killed her.” He paused, to give her a chance to respond.

“What?” she asked incredulously. “How?. . . Your Excellency?”

“That's not important right now. They are in the Hapan Palace dungeon. Go there and take command of the situation.” He paused again, then continued. “Keep this an absolute secret. I have no idea who all is involved with the plot. You and Governor Garowyn's ProCorps trooper are going to have to make everyone, including Lieutenant Governor Mikkels, think that she is still alive for a few days, okay?”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied promptly.

“Good, I knew that I could count on you. Do you have any questions?” he asked her.

Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel thought for a moment. “No, Your Excellency.”

“Okay. Don't hesitate to call if you do. Fel out.”

Next, Moff Fel called down to his hanger, and ordered his ship prepared for launch. He had almost left for Hapes immediately after Jaina's first comm call, but since Bastion was on the far side of the Empire, he had decided to send a send a fleet from Yaga Minor instead. With Garowyn out of the way, though, the situation had changed.

Then he looked down at the ProCorps trooper that had been giving him a blow-job underneath his desk before Jaina had called. She was still waiting patiently to be told that she could finish. He locked eyes with her, then glanced up to her smooth forehead where she had once borne three scars from being shaped by the Yuuzhan Vong. “You'll have to finish that on the ship, Seventy-Three,” he told her.

Imperial Prostitute SX-51473, formerly known as Tahiri Veila, flashed a looked of disappointment, then quickly smiled again. “Yes Sir,” she replied as she expertly put his cock back into his pants and zipped him up.

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