Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 6
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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“Ah, Chief Daala, so nice to see you again,” Governor Garowyn said, as the Galactic Alliance Chief of State entered one of the dining rooms in the Fountain Palace.

“Thank you Ambassador Garowyn,” she replied. Then she shook her head. “I'm sorry, I meant Governor Garowyn, and congratulations on the promotion. I hope that a Moff-ship is in your future as well, if you don't me saying so.”

Governor Garowyn laughed softly. “Well, I'm working towards something like that, and not at all,” she answered.

Seventy-Two glanced at the aide that had accompanied Chief Daala. She was wearing a Galactic Alliance dress uniform, except for the belt which had the GA emblem on it, just like a ProCorps trooper's belt had the Imperial Emblem. Then Seventy-Two glanced at her feet, wrists, and neck and spotted the black ProCorps boots, and red durasteel chrono, comlink and collar.

The ProCorps trooper seemed familiar, and even though she was openly serving the Galactic Alliance's Chief of State instead of an Imperial, she seemed very happy and content in her role. That made Seventy-Two wonder if other ProCorps troopers could be assigned to the Galactic Alliance as well.

“Oh, I almost forgot, Governor Garowyn, this is my personal assistant, Lysa Truden. You may remember her as Syal Antilles,” Chief Daala informed her with relish.

Seventy-Two was shocked that the girl in front of her had once been Syal, and that she didn't even recognize her.

The Empire had obviously enhanced Lysa Truden as well. She looked several years younger, barely twenty. Her hair was black instead of dark blonde, and her breasts were larger than before, probably as large as Seventy-Two's own were now. She had also had some reconstructive surgery, probably to disguise her while she was assigned to Chief Daala.

Governor Garowyn looked at the ProCorps trooper, then smiled at Chief Daala. “Yes, the Empire does excellent work on their girls,” she said.

Chief Daala laughed. “Yes they do, don't they? Your Seventy-Two looks at least ten years younger, and her breasts are huge on her small body,” she exclaimed.

Seventy-Two smiled politely, but didn't respond, as Chief Daala was obviously talking about her, and not too her. She also noticed that Chief Daala said that Syal was Lysa Truden, not that Governor Garowyn could call her Lysa Truden. Seventy-Two made a mental note to think of her as Lysa Truden from this point forward.

“Yes she does, doesn't she,” Governor Garowyn agreed.

“Let's sit down though, if you don't mind?”

“After you,” Chief Daala replied.

Two of the chairs at the small square table were noticeably larger and looked more comfortable than the other two. On the table in front of each of the larger chairs was a glass of Hapan wine from the Queen's cellar, as well as an hors d'oeuvre. The other two places only had glasses of water.

As the two ladies headed towards their seats, Seventy-Two deftly slipped around them to pull out Governor Garowyn's chair. As she did, Lysa did the same for Chief Daala. Once both ladies were seated comfortably, the two ProCorps troopers silently slid into their own seats at the square table.

Governor Garowyn and Chief Daala were sitting across from each other. Lysa and Seventy-Two were facing each other as well, with Seventy-Two at Governor Garowyn's right hand, and Lysa at Chief Daala's.

“So, what did you think of the Queen?” Governor Garowyn asked as they settled in.

Both ProCorps troopers knew that the question wasn't directed at either of them.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” Chief Daala responded. “In the past, she had always been rather stand-offish with me. This time she was very polite, and seemed genuinely happy to see me. She even offered to take me on a personal tour of the Palace. And I did notice that she referred to it as the Palace, and not my Palace.”

“Good,” Governor Garowyn replied with a nod. “The Empire has taught her how to behave around its allies. I also highly recommend you take her up on the offer of the personal tour, especially of the Royal dungeons.”

Chief Daala took a swallow of her wine and nodded her head in reply.

“As for it being just the Palace and not her Palace, I'll let you ask her that yourself when she arrives.”

Chief Daala glanced around the table. There weren't any empty chairs, nor room for one at the table. “Will the Queen be dining with us?” she asked in confusion.

Governor Garowyn chuckled lightly. “Not exactly, but she'll be here,” she replied mysteriously.

Chief Daala looked back at her curiously, and shrugged her shoulders. The she took a bite of the hors d'oeuvre that was in front of her.

“Wow! This is delicious!” she exclaimed. Then she regained her composure. “I must commend your chefs.”

Governor Garowyn took a bite of her own before replying. “Yes, this is one of my favorites as well. But the Hapan Royal Chefs have prepared our meal. The do all of the cooking for the Embassy now as well.” Then she leaned back, and touched her stomach. “I've had to spend quite a bit of extra time in the gym to work off all those extra kilos,” she commented with a smile.

Chief Daala took another bite, then let out a satisfied sigh. “I believe that,” she said, obviously referring to spending more time in the gym. “Do the Royal Chefs cook for the Queen anymore?”

“Yes, but you wouldn't want what Tenel Ka and her advisors get. And since the Embassy doesn't have to cook anything anymore, I save the Empire quite a few credits.”

Before Chief Daala could reply, Seventy-Two received a signal from Colonel Espara, who was waiting outside. “Excuse me, Governor Garowyn. Tenel Ka is ready,” she informed her.

“Oh, good, tell her to come on in,” Governor Garowyn replied.

Seventy-Two relayed the message to Colonel Espara, and the ornate double doors opened.

“The Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Her Majesty Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo,” Colonel Espara announced as Tenel Ka entered the room.

Chief Daala, out of reflex, leaned forward and began to rise out of respect to a fellow Head of State. Before she had risen off the thickly padded seat though, she glanced at Governor Garowyn, who was still sitting comfortably in her chair. Quickly and smoothly, Chief Daala sat back down and relaxed. Then she got a better look at the Hapan Queen, and smiled wickedly.

When the Queen had met her shuttle at the hanger, she had been wearing a tight-fitting purple-and-brown lizard-hide outfit. Her black high heeled boots had looked exactly like Lysa's. She had also been wearing silver armbands on her biceps, and a large silver cuff-style bracelet that was similar to Lysa's chrono and comlink on her wrist. Her lightsaber was on her hip as well, and the Hapan Crown was on her head. When she had looked closer, Chief Daala had spotted the top edge of a black durasteel collar around her throat, as well.

Now the Hapan Queen was wearing glossy black pumps with towering stiletto heels and wide ankle straps. Her legs were encased in black lashaa silk stockings that ended in glossy black bands a few centimeters below her crotch. The bands were visible because the dress she was wearing was so short. In fact, it was so short that the diners could catch glimpses of her chastity belt as she walked.

The dress was also made out of black lashaa silk, only slightly thicker than the stockings. The top of the strapless dress came up just past her corset, barely covering her nipples. Over the front of the dress was a bright white lashaa silk apron, tied tightly around her small waist. Centered on the front of the apron was the Imperial Emblem, with the words Imperial Prostitute HC-00001 curving underneath it.

Tenel Ka was still wearing her durasteel armbands, and her chrono/comlink on her right wrist. The Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium also had a wide gleaming durasteel collar locked around her throat. Her Crown was still sitting firmly on her head. Seventy-Two sensed that she wanted only one thing; to make the Empire, and Governor Garowyn proud.

The Queen stopped just under a meter from the table. “Good afternoon Your Excellencies,” she greeted them as she expertly curtseyed with her one hand. Then she went to parade rest.

“And good afternoon to you as well, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn replied.

Chief Daala was fighting to hold back her laughter. “I must say Your Majesty, I think your current attire is much more suitable for the Queen of the Hapes Consortium than Dathomir lizard-hide,” she commented with amusement.

While Seventy-Two didn't agree with Chief Daala's underlying contempt for Tenel Ka, she did agree that a maid's uniform was more suitable for her than Dathomir lizard-hide.

“Thank you Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied politely.

“It is okay if I still call her Your Majesty, isn't it?” Chief Daala asked Governor Garowyn.

“Of course,” Governor Garowyn replied with a friendly smile. “She'll answer to any name you choose.”

“Thanks,” Chief Daala said. “I don't want to offend my hosts, but it's just so amusing.” Then she looked back at Tenel Ka, and noticed that something was missing. “Say, where is your lightsaber Your Majesty?”

“In my dressing room, Your Excellency. Governor Garowyn doesn't allow me to carry it in the Palace.”

“Hm-mm,” Chief Daala replied with a nod of her head.

“Actually, Chief Daala, that wasn't her real lightsaber at all,” Governor Garowyn interjected.

“It wasn't?” Chief Daala replied in confusion.

“Tell her, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn instructed her.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied. “Governor Garowyn doesn't allow me to carry my lightsaber at all in the Hapes Consortium,” she explained. “The one I had at the hanger is a training lightsaber. It will ignite, but it would only sting if it touched someone's skin. I carry it in public, to help keep up the illusion that I am a Jedi, and a powerful Hapan Queen.”

Chief Daala merely nodded her head, seemingly overwhelmed by the information. She took a swallow of her wine, then said, “I thought you were in constant danger of assignation attempts? Don't you need your lightsaber to defend yourself?” she asked with mock concern.

“On no, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied, shaking her head vigorously. “The Empire has brought peace and security to the Hapes Consortium. Now I am completely safe, as are all Hapans.”

“What Zero-One means is,” Governor Garowyn interjected again, “Other than a few that were already working with the Empire, every noble or high ranking Hapan has gone through ProCorps training. Those were the people plotting against her. Now the only danger is from a lone crack-pot or some fringe plot, which every politician faces.”

“Well, you had better keep Seventy-Two here locked up. She has a history of assassinating Heads of State, and didn't even let things like him being her twin brother get in her way,” Chief Daala said with amusement, and a little malevolence. “Then there's the fact the she assassinated Tsavong Lah, and led a mission to kidnap the Corellian Prime Minister.”

Governor Garowyn chuckled. “Trust me, Chief Daala, while Jaina Solo was a dangerous Jedi, Seventy-Two here is completely harmless. Aren't you Seventy-Two?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two agreed cheerfully. She was also once again very grateful to the Empire for helping her disassociate herself from her previous life.

“Oh, good,” Chief Daala replied, visibly, and overly dramatically, relieved. Then she turned back towards Tenel Ka. “I hope you've shown the proper gratitude to the Empire for all they've done for you and your people,” she said to the Hapan Queen.

Tenel Ka glanced at Governor Garowyn before replying. “I try to every day, Your Excellency.”

Seventy-Two sensed that Tenel Ka was very sincere about showing the proper gratitude towards the Empire for all they'd done for her. It was easy for her to understand, since Seventy-Two had the same feelings herself.

“Oh, there's one more thing I wanted to show you before we eat,” Governor Garowyn exclaimed. “Zero-One, give Chief Daala your crown.”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied as she carefully took the heavy, jewel encrusted crown off her head and passed it to Chief Daala.

“Read the inscription on the inside,” Governor Garowyn encouraged her.

Chief Daala tilted the heavy crown and looked at the inside. On the inside of the front of the crown was a small Imperial Emblem, perhaps four centimeters across, then the words Imperial Property, followed by another Imperial Emblem.

Chief Daala burst out in laughter, generously leaned over and showed the inscription to Lysa, who giggled with delight. Then Chief Daala passed it back to Tenel Ka.

“How did you feel when they put Imperial Property on the Hapan Crown?” she asked Tenel Ka.

“Actually, it was her idea,” Governor Garowyn answered for her.

Chief Daala laughed again as Tenel Ka handed the crown to Seventy-Two, who then carefully placed the Crown back on her fellow ProCorps trooper's head.

“Well, it was a great idea, Your Majesty,” she told her.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka responded cheerfully.

“Why did Seventy-Two put your crown back on you though, Your Majesty,” Chief Daala asked, puzzled.

“Oh, Governor Garowyn doesn't allow me to put one of my Crowns on myself. Only an Imperial can crown me,” Tenel Ka replied.

Chief Daala nodded her approval towards Governor Garowyn. “Good idea as well, Your Excellency,” she said with a genuine smile.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” she replied. “Alright, Seventy-Two, help our server finish getting ready, so we can eat,” Governor Garowyn instructed her.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied as she obediently slid her chair back and stood up.

Tenel Ka followed her over to a heavily polished and engraved wooden sideboard. Seventy-Two slid a drawer open and started pulling out some things that Tenel Ka would need.

First Seventy-Two pulled Tenel Ka's arms behind her back and locked her bicep cuffs together. Then she put the serving tray against her stomach hand wrapped the nerfhide belt around her waist. The belt had a magnetic lock. Seventy-Two also locked Tenel Ka's wrist to the belt, behind her back.

A chain was attached to each of the front corners of the tray. In the middle of the chain was a magnetic coupling. Seventy-Two attached the coupling to the front of Tenel Ka's collar. Since the chain was premeasured just for Tenel Ka, the tray was perfectly level with the floor. Now the Hapan Queen was ready to serve her dinner guests. She curtseyed again, as best she could restrained, then stepped out to get the appetizers.

When the Hapan Queen returned, she walked up to the table between Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two. Since Tenel Ka's arm was restrained, Seventy-Two served the Governor, then Tenel Ka went around to the opposite corner of the table so Lysa could serve Chief Daala. Then, on Governor Garowyn's instructions, Lysa got her own food. After that, Tenel Ka went back around so Seventy-Two could get something for herself.

“So how are things going in the Galactic Alliance, if I may ask?” Governor Garowyn asked.

Chief Daala took a bite of her appetizer that Tenel Ka had just brought out. Then she shrugged her shoulders. “About the usual. The Senate just wants to argue. The military wants credits. The Jedi want to meditate on the Force.”

Governor Garowyn smiled back at her. “Ah, the Jedi. How are they now that Luke Skywalker's been exiled?”

“Still causing some problems, but nothing a few hundred Mandalorians can't handle if necessary.”

Governor Garowyn glanced at Seventy-Two a moment, then nodded her head at Chief Daala. “Is it true that you had Han Solo arrested?”

Now Chief Daala chuckled. “Very true. He's currently incarcerated in a Galactic Alliance MaxSec prison.” Then she glanced warily at Seventy-Two, suddenly remembering that she was—biologically, at least—his daughter.

Seventy-Two hadn't spoken to Han and Leia Solo since she was on board the Admiral Daala. She hadn't thought about them in months, or about any of the other Rebels in nearly a year. The Empire had helped her overcome her past. To her, Han Solo was just another Rebel, made famous by enemy propaganda for his illegal exploits against the Empire.

“Oh, don't worry about Seventy-Two, she won't bite,” Governor Garowyn said as she followed her glance.

Chief Daala chuckled again, and took a swallow of her wine.

“In fact, Seventy-Two, why don't you tell Chief Daala what you think of the rebellion and the so-called New Republic,” Governor Garowyn suggested.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied, turning her head towards Chief Daala. “The Empire brought peace and stability to the galaxy, and the Rebellion was always illegal. I wish the Solos and the other Rebels had failed, even if it meant me never being born. I thank the Empire every day for saving me from that horrible life, Your Excellency,” she said emphatically. Then she added, “Chief Daala, thank you very much for arresting Han Solo for all the terrible things he's done over the years. Please don't ever let him out of prison.”

Chief Daala was obviously caught off guard by such an earnest plea from some one that she had once, and still somewhat, considered an enemy. “Well, I certainly don't plan too,” she said after a few moments. “And I see that the Empire really has trained you well.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied sincerely. “And thank you for keeping him locked up as well, Your Excellency.”

“I am surprised though, that Princess Leia hasn't started cutting things off you to get you to release him,” Governor Garowyn commented.

Chief Daala flashed an evil smile. “Oh she doesn't seem to mind at all. I see her practically all the time, and she hasn't even mentioned him in over a month,” she replied mysteriously.

Seventy-Two frowned slightly, and took a swallow of her water. Now that didn't sound like Princess Leia, the woman that she had once thought of as her mother, at all, at least as far as she could remember. Then she shrugged her shoulders. That sort of thing wasn't important to her.

Governor Garowyn stared back at Chief Daala questioningly a few seconds, then took a bite of her own appetizer. “Well, I'm glad you are getting along with her. She can be a powerful adversary, if she chose to.”

“I promise you, Governor, I am extremely happy with my relationship with Jedi Organa Solo these days,” Chief Daala replied.

“Well, okay then,” Governor Garowyn replied, not completely understanding. “Are General Antilles and Master Horn still bothering you about finding their wives and children?”

Chief Daala laughed. “Oh, I stopped listening to them at all several weeks ago as well. Master Horn has taken a leave of absence from the Jedi Order, and returned to Corellia. I've been told that he has started drinking heavily, too. General Antilles is still on Coruscant.” The she glanced over at Lysa. “I have Lysa contact him every so often, to let him know that I'm still concerned about the whereabouts of his wife and daughters. For some reason I don't think he believes me though,” she added with an amused smile.

Seventy-Two laughed as well, along with Governor Garowyn and Lysa. It was very funny when she thought about it. General Antilles' own daughter assuring him that Chief Daala was concerned that his wife and daughters were missing. Then Seventy-Two glanced over to Chief Daala.

She couldn't possibly imagine ever disliking her, even before her ProCorps training. She had a vague memory of some disparaging stories when she was growing up, but that was obviously typical Rebel propaganda. Chief of State Daala was a wonderful person, and a great leader. Well, as long as she remained a loyal ally of the Empire.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Tenel Ka spent the next two hours or so obediently bringing out the delicious Hapan cuisine and fine Hapan wine from the Royal cellar. Since she couldn't use her arms, Seventy-Two and Lysa had to do the actually serving for Governor Garowyn and Chief Daala, but they didn't mind at all. They also served themselves smaller portions.

After diner, Tenel Ka took Chief Daala and Lysa on a tour of the Royal dungeons, while Governor Garowyn went back to her office. Seventy-Two had expected to spend some time down there with them as well—and had been looking forward to it—but as a ProCorps trooper, she happily worked at her own desk in Governor Garowyn's reception area.

Chief Daala and the Queen made several public appearances over the next couple of days. Governor Garowyn mostly stayed in her office. Seventy-Two thought this was strange. Even before they had arrived on Hapes, Tenel Ka had been publicly getting friendlier with the Empire, so having Ambassador Garowyn accompany her and Chief Daala wouldn't be out of place.

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