Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 5
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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High Moff Fel loved the plan. He said that he would need a week to assemble and brief the Imperial Officers. The communiqué also included a joint press release for the Hapan Queen to issue. He also instructed Governor Garowyn to pass on his sincere thanks to Her Majesty for coming up with such an excellent proposal.

In an attached message, under heavier encryption, Moff Fel thanked Governor Garowyn for the flat-holos of both Tenel Ka and SX-51472. He also instructed her to thank Her Majesty specially for her proposal on his behalf.

Governor Garowyn smiled as she read Moff Fel's private message. Even with the military grade encryption, he hadn't said anything incriminating. Oh, the part about her thanking Tenel Ka specially could lead some people to wonder, as could the mention of the flat-holos, but in both cases, there was really nothing there.

Most people would probably connect it with the fact that the two girls were his friends. Or at least they used to be, Governor Garowyn thought with satisfaction. Before he had them put in their proper place and turned them into the Empire's sluts.

She closed the message and leaned back in her chair. Now she had to think of something else special to do for—or perhaps to—Tenel Ka. She reached out, and tapped the comm on her desk. “Seventy-Two, step in here please,” she said.

“Yes Ma'am,” she replied. Less than five seconds later, Seventy-Two was standing in front of her desk, at parade rest.

“Seventy-Two, Moff Fel has instructed me to thank Zero-One specially for her officer exchange proposal. Do you have any ideas on how I can do this?” she asked.

Seventy-Two thought a moment. “I assume physical punishment won't be enough, Ma'am?”

“No. Something that she doesn't usually get to experience. It will still have to be discreet though,” Governor Garowyn replied.

“Well, she doesn't get to have sex very often now.” To Seventy-Two's knowledge, Tenel Ka hadn't orgasmed since she had proposed the plan to Governor Garowyn, nearly a week ago. “Maybe let her masturbate, or she can be fucked?”

Governor Garowyn thought a few moments. “I know, when our Imperial Officers arrive, I'll allow her to welcome them to the Hapes Consortium—however they want her too!”

“All of them?” Seventy-Two asked.

Governor Garowyn frowned. “Point. We do have an Empire to run here, after all.”

After some discussion, they settled on a lottery to see who the lucky Imperial Officer would be.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two weeks later, the Imperial Officers arrived. There were one hundred and eighty-four women, and sixteen men. They had all been briefed on the current status of the Hapes Consortium, so they knew how important discretion was. Still, Governor Garowyn had them attend another briefing.

Once they were all settled in, Governor Garowyn approached the podium at the front of the room. Seventy-Two felt proud, and aroused, at the sight of all the Imperial uniforms, especially since they were here to take over the Hapes Consortium.

“I know you are all eager to get to your assignments, and learn more about the Hapan culture—” she had to pause while they all chuckled—“But there is someone I want to introduce you to today.”

From the left side of the stage, Seventy-Two announced, ““The Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Her Majesty Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo!”

Then she tugged Tenel Ka's leash, and led her onto the stage. The Hapan Queen was wearing her ProCorps collar, corset, chastity belt, boots, and chrono/comlink, her bicep cuffs, and nothing else.

The crowd was composed of highly disciplined Imperial Officers. Still, they were only human. They stood and cheered loudly.

The two ProCorps troopers walked across the stage, and stopped a meter from the podium. Tenel Ka faced the crowd, and snapped to parade rest, to more applause.

Seventy-Two stood off to the side, holding her leash.

Governor Garowyn waved the crowd to silence. “Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a special surprise for you. I am going to allow Tenel Ka here to personally welcome one of you to the Consortium.”

The Imperial Officers cheered again, then quickly settled back down.

“Now, since we don't have time for her to personally welcome all of you, we had a random drawing a little while ago.” Then she glanced down at her datapad. “And the winner is, Commander Michelle Okiina!”

After some brief groans, the Imperials all cheered good-naturedly for the trim brunette as she marched up to the stage. Seventy-Two happily handed Tenel Ka's leash to her. Tenel Ka stayed at parade rest, with her eyes straight forward.

“Now, Commander Okiina, if anyone asks, Tenel Ka here is giving you a little tour of her Palace, okay?”

“Yes Your Excellency,” Commander Okiina replied, smiling.

“Good, remember your orders concerning your behavior in public, and don't miss your flight in the morning,” Governor Garowyn instructed her.

“Yes Your Excellency,” she replied again.

Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel was waiting backstage for Commander Okiina and Tenel Ka, with the Queen's Dathomir Lizard-hide outfit. She explained that Governor Garowyn had ordered her to accompany them to the Palace, to make sure everything went smoothly.

The rest of the Imperial Officers weren't too disappointed though. Governor Garowyn told them that fifty of the Queen's advisors and Hapan Officers had volunteered to personally welcome each Imperial Officer to the Empire, in the privacy of their hotel rooms. She then told them that the schedule for their welcome had already been sent to their datapads.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two days later, the Hapan Officers were ready to depart. They all filed into the same auditorium that the Imperials had used. Waiting on each seat was a small gift-wrapped box, that they had been told not to open yet.

Tenel Ka entered, wearing her Dathomir lizard-hides, with her ProCorps boots and chrono/comlink clearly visible, as well as her chastity belt, corset, and black collar underneath. She reminded them that they would have to obey orders from men, but it would only be for a few months. She also told them to do their best, and make the Hapes Consortium proud. Then she told them that their gift was a very special set of spectacles and earpieces that would help them relax on their journey.

“They might take a little getting used to, but your Queen is ordering you to wear them the entire trip. Is that understood?”

“Yes Your Majesty!” they replied obediently.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Over the next few weeks, the Imperial officers integrated themselves into the Hapan fleet. There were a few complaints from the ships' Hapan Captains and Admirals, but Tenel Ka took care of them, after Governor Garowyn had approved her solutions. Tenel Ka also prepared the second round of Hapans to be sent to the Empire.

Governor Garowyn started receiving more and more information directly from the Imperial Officers, as well as reports from the Hapan ProCorps troopers that they hadn't sent to their Queen. The first time Tenel Ka received orders from the Imperial Governor concerning something she didn't know about, she was afraid she had sent a report without having read it and making her recommendations. Governor Garowyn calmly explained that she was now receiving some reports that Tenel Ka wasn't, and the Queen quickly calmed down, and apologized for her confusion.

Tenel Ka did still read her Royal decrees, and respectfully made recommendations on the increasing number that had been written for her by her Imperial Masters. There was never much revision needed, other than a few turns of phrase that Tenel Ka wouldn't have used, but Governor Garowyn would politely review her decision again, and had Seventy-Two revise them as appropriate.

Even before Governor Garowyn's arrival, the Hapan Royal Chefs hadn't been doing very much cooking for the Queen and her advisors. After Governor Garowyn's diner at the Palace, Tenel Ka had started having her Chefs send food to the Imperial Embassy every day. Needless to say, the entire Embassy staff greatly preferred the Hapan cuisine.

Seventy-Two looked over the Governor's order to send the Embassy cooks back to the Empire, and her request for more security staff. Ever since Governor Garowyn had ordered the Hapan ProCorps troopers to come to the Embassy as often as possible, the security officers had been overwhelmed with strip-searching and fucking them.

Seventy-Two pressed the first quick-call button on her comlink. “Governor Garowyn, may I come to your office?” she asked her.

“Of course, Seventy-Two,” she replied.

Seventy-Two stood and stepped into the Governor office. She went to parade rest just in front of her desk.

“You may sit,” Governor Garowyn told her without looking up. “And speak.”

“Thank you Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied as she sat down. “I think I have a solution to our security staffing problem, Your Excellency,” she said.

Governor Garowyn stopped what she was doing, and looked up at her. “Go on.”

“What if we re-train the kitchen staff to be security officers? It would save the Empire the cost of transporting them back, and sending more security officers.”

“Excellent Idea, Seventy-Two. But I prefer security officers that want to be here.” The she thought a few moments. “See if they want to volunteer though, I'm sure they'll be happy to strip search some of the Hapan sluts.”

“Yes, Your Excellency, I'm sure they will,” Seventy-Two agreed.

“You may masturbate now, as a reward for such a good idea,” she said as she picked up the remote on her desk and unlocked Seventy-Two's uniform belt and chastity belt.

“Thank you Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied enthusiastically as she undressed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When given the choice of going back to the Empire and cooking food somewhere, or strip-searching and fucking beautiful, submissive Hapan ProCorps troopers, one hundred percent of the Embassy cooks opted to stay. Of course, they needed to be trained in their new duties, but the Hapan ProCorps troopers were eager to volunteer to pretend to smuggle contraband into the Imperial Embassy.

Over the next few months, nearly twelve hundred officers were exchanged between the Hapes Consortium and the Empire. Six weeks after they left, a few dozen Hapan officers returned, and happily spread the word about how great serving in the Empire was. They were all quickly given command of their own ships, with Imperial Officers as their second-in-commands, who were actually in charge.

Tenel Ka began having so many volunteers for the officer exchange program that she had to recommend to Governor Garowyn which Hapan Officers shouldn't go, yet, instead of which ones should go. Only a handful of the Imperial Officers returned to the Empire, and all of those were for disciplinary reasons. There were a few more grumblings about the number of Imperials that were Command Officers in the Hapan Fleet, especially the men that had started to arrive, but Tenel Ka efficiently smoothed things over.

As Governor Garowyn got a better feel for ruling the Hapes Consortium, Tenel Ka's recommendations became more and more unnecessary. This left the Hapan Queen with a lot of free time. She mentioned this to Governor Garowyn at one of their frequent informal dinners at the Palace.

“Well, as matter of fact, Zero-One, I have considering some changes to your duties,” Governor Garowyn replied after she took a swallow of the Hapan wine she was drinking. “Since I have come to Hapes, I have naturally become the real ruler of the Consortium, and have generously reduced the amount of time you have to pretend to be Queen as much as possible, so you can better focus on your true role as a ProCorps trooper.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied, then she took a swallow of her water, and waited patiently.

“You understand that all Hapan ProCorps troopers are fundamentally equal, right?” Governor Garowyn asked. “Some just have duties that require them to pretend to be more important than their fellow troopers.”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered.

“Good. Now, how much time do you need a day to handle your phony Royal duties, as they are now?”

Tenel Ka thought a few moments. “Probably five or six hours a day, Mistress,” she replied.

“Okay, from now on, you may spend no more than five hours a day acting as Queen. The rest of the the time you will be assigned other duties in the Palace,” Governor Garowyn informed her.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered obediently.

Seventy-Two sensed that Tenel Ka was very curious about what her new duties would be. She was a ProCorps trooper however, and remained silent. After a few moments, Governor Garowyn explained them.

“You have lived like a Queen—”she paused to chuckle, “—for far to long. From this point forward, you will be responsible for cleaning your quarters, and you will be assigned other tasks as a Palace maid when you complete your Royal duties. If you complete them in less than your five hours, then you will assume your cleaning duties early.”

Governor Garowyn went on to explain that Tenel Ka would only be allowed to wear her Dathomiri lizard-hides, when absolutely necessary. The rest of the time, she would have to wear the same uniform as the rest of the Palace staff. Tenel Ka was also forbidden from sleeping in her own bed anymore, since she wasn't acting as the Queen while she was asleep. Instead, she would sleep leashed to the foot of her own empty bed.

Tenel Ka seemed to be looking forward to her new duties. Seventy-Two understood completely, ProCorps troopers needed to be kept busy serving the Empire, not wasting time pretending to be things they weren't.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Galactic Alliance Chief of State Daala's office, Coruscant. . .

“Good Afternoon, General Antilles, Master Horn,” Lysa greeted them as they walked into Chief Daala's reception area. She had once thought of the former man as her father, and the latter as a close family friend, practically a second father.

Now, Lysa Truden, formerly Syal Antilles, was an Imperial ProCorps trooper on loan to the Galactic Alliance Chief of State as her personal assistant. She also happily performed whatever other duties Chief Daala wanted her to, no matter how personal.

“Afternoon,” General Antilles replied morosely.

Master Horn simply nodded towards her, but his expression was equally unhappy.

“I'm very sorry, but Chief Daala has just received a very urgent comm call. I'm sure she won't be long, though,” she told them. Lysa knew that was a lie. Chief Daala was just going over some routine reports. She had told her to keep them waiting for at least twenty minutes, to subtly send the message that their time and concerns weren't important to her.

“Would either of you like some caf or something while you wait?” Lysa offered, wondering if Master Horn would sense her lying, and what his reaction would be. In spite of their dour moods, and the fact that she appeared to be about forty years younger than them, Lysa noticed both of them checking her out.

She couldn't blame them for that. Neither had had sex with their wives in awhile, so they were both bound to be lonely. Thanks to the Empire, she looked a few years younger than she had before, her breasts were larger, and her waist was smaller. That was due to her strict workout regimen, and her durasteel corset that she wore underneath her uniform. She loved her new look, and the Empire that had given it to her.

“No thanks,” Master Horn replied.

General Antilles had turned to gaze at the newly installed statue of former Chief of State Leia Organa Solo that was near the wall. Master Horn's attention was split between her and the statue.

The life size statues of five former Chief of States were free-standing, each about a meter from the wall. There was enough room between each of them to walk, so visitors could study each one from every angle, if they wanted. The statues were of Mon Mothma, Leia Organa Solo, Ponc Gavisom, Borsk Fey'lya, and Cal Omas.

“Chief Daala had them put in to inspire her in running the Galactic Alliance,” Lysa explained as she walked over to them in her eighteen-centimeter heeled ProCorps boots. She had wondered why Chief Daala had been so secretive when the statue of Chief Organa Solo had been installed. She had ordered her not to mention the extra security though, so she didn't.

“I find that hard to believe,” General Antilles said after a few moments.

Master Horn simply nodded his agreement, and kept glancing over towards Lysa, then back to the statues of the former Chief of States.

Since part of her duties were keeping guests entertained while they waited for Chief Daala, along with reporting on their moods and anything else that she thought Chief Daala might need to know about them, Lysa tried to keep a conversation going with them for a few minutes. Finally though, Master Horn told her to leave them alone, and backed up the command with the Force.

Nearly twenty-five minutes after they had arrived, Chief Daala came out of her office in a rush. “Oh, General Antilles, Master Horn,” she greeted them. “I'm terribly sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel our meeting today.”

“What!?” General Antilles nearly shouted. Master Horn simply stared at her in silence.

“Lysa, reschedule them for next week sometime,” Chief Daala told her as she hurried out of the office.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Lysa called after her.

In spite of Chief Daala's offer, both men left without scheduling an appointment.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Just over six months after implementing the officer exchange program, the Empire had control of every capital ship in the Hapan Fleet. All of the Captains were ProCorps troopers, and each had an Imperial First Officer. Each ship's entire command staff was composed of either Imperial Officers, or Hapan ProCorps troopers. Every support ship down to sixty meters also had a ProCorps trooper Captain.

Governor Garowyn assumed more and more of direct control of the Consortium. She instructed the Imperials and ProCorps troopers to send all reports directly to her, and stop sending them to the Queen at all. Governor Garowyn also instructed Tenel Ka that she no longer required her input for her decisions.

Tenel Ka simply signed Governor Garowyn's decisions, and implemented them. Governor Garowyn still passed some information along though, in case the Hapan holojournalists started asking her questions. In fact, that was the only reason she even read what Governor Garowyn sent her to sign.

Since Tenel Ka no longer had to make recommendations, Governor Garowyn cut her 'Queen' time down to two hours a day, three days a week. Many days all she did was make a brief public appearance, to let the Hapan populace know that she was still there.

Soon after the Empire gained direct control of the Hapan Fleet, the Galactic Alliance Chief of State made an official visit to the Hapes Consortium. Upon her arrival, Tenel Ka invited her to a private dinner at the Palace. While Chief Daala knew that the Empire was now pretty much running the Hapes Consortium, she still didn't know to what extent.

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