Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 4
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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Over the next few days, Governor Garowyn began implementing several new rules affecting both the Embassy and the Hapan ProCorps troopers.

The first rule was that all Hapan ProCorps troopers wishing to enter the Imperial Embassy had to pass through security. While this had always been the case for all non-Imperial citizens wishing to enter, now ProCorps troopers, who were almost exclusively Hapan noblewomen, high ranking officers, or close advisors to the Queen, were completely strip-searched by the Imperial guards on duty.

All Hapan ProCorps troopers also received word privately from Governor Garowyn, through Tenel Ka, that they should find a reason to visit the Embassy as often as possible without arousing suspicion amongst the regular Hapans. The order was mostly unnecessary. The Hapan noblewomen were long used to frequent sex whenever they pleased, and obeying the whims of their Queens, both current and in the past. Now that the Governor had control of their chastity belts, and pussies, they eagerly flocked to the Embassy for the opportunity to be strip-searched and fucked by the Imperial guards on duty.

The steady stream of ProCorps troopers served another purpose as well. They would relay the Governor's orders to their Queen, either verbally or by carrying the datapads to the Palace.

The Governor also made it very clear to the Embassy staff that they were to behave like proper diplomatic guests of a sovereign government while in public. She explained that doing anything that regular Hapans would consider insulting to the Hapes Consortium would result in their being reassigned to the Imperial Navy's recruiting office on Kashyyyk. They all knew that the Empire didn't have a recruiting office on Kashyyyk, but they got the message.

She also told them to make sure that only ProCorps trained Hapans were strip-searched, unless they actually had suspicion that someone was really trying to smuggle contraband into the Embassy. In that case they should do a proper Imperial job of searching them.

Governor Garowyn also ordered all the HC-series ProCorps troopers to send all reports and information that they sent to the Queen directly to her as well. She also instructed them to send her anything that they thought the Empire should know, but that the Queen didn't, as long as they maintained secrecy on both accounts.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A little over a week after arriving on Hapes, the Imperial Embassy received a request from Queen Tenel Ka for a private meeting with Ambassador Garowyn, as soon as it was convenient for her. Forty-five minutes later, Seventy-Two was piloting Governor Garowyn's limospeeder up to the main entrance of the Queen's Palace.

“Good afternoon, Mistress,” Tenel Ka greeted them just inside the Palace.

“Good afternoon to you as well, Zero-One,” she replied politely. “I see you are wearing your spectacles and earpieces.”

“Yes, Mistress, I have been wearing them eight hours a day, and as you know, I have ordered my advisors to do the same.”

Besides the spectacles and earpieces, Tenel Ka was wearing another Dathomir lizard-hide bodysuit, this one mostly purple, with some green around her midsection and down her right leg. A silver durasteel collar about five centimeters wide was locked around her neck. Her ten-centimeter-wide silver durasteel bands were on each of her upper arms, and her eight-centimeter-wide chrono/comlink was on her right wrist. On her feet were her standard ProCorps knee boots with eighteen centimeter stiletto heels. Seventy-Two was confident that she was wearing her corset and chastity belt underneath the lizard-hide as well, although they weren't readily visible through the thick lizard-hide.

“That's good, Zero-One, now I assume you have some place suitable for our important meeting?”

“Of course, Mistress, right this way,” Tenel Ka answered.

Minutes later, they arrived at the Queen's conference room.

“Would you care for any refreshments, Mistress?” Tenel Ka asked.

“No thank you, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn replied as she confidently walked to the head of the table.

Seventy-Two quickly slipped past her Mistress liked she'd been trained and pulled the large chair at the head of the table back. Then she slid it forward so she could sit down easily. The throne-like chair had obviously been the Queen's, and Seventy-Two wondered if Tenel Ka ever sat in it anymore. Once Governor Garowyn was seated, she gave both ProCorps troopers permission to sit as well.

Tenel Ka quickly sat at her right hand, and Seventy-Two took the seat to Governor Garowyn's left, directly across from Tenel Ka.

“Now, what is it you called me here for, Zero-One?” Governor Garowyn asked, leaning back in the thickly padded chair.

“I have a plan for increasing both the number of Imperial Officers aboard Hapan ships, and ProCorps trained Hapan officers,” she replied.

Governor Garowyn seemed to consider that a moment. Then she nodded her head. “By all means then, share it with me.”

“Yes Your Excellency. We can initiate an officer exchange program between the Empire and the Hapes Consortium. I have selected a mix of high ranking and young female officers to send to the Empire, with your approval, of course.” She paused to slide a data card across the table to Governor Garowyn.

Governor Garowyn glanced at it a moment, then passed it to Seventy-Two, who immediately began reading through it. Being able to read much faster than a normal human was one ability that she retained from when she'd been a Jedi. In fact, as a ProCorps trooper she was able to read and process the information even faster, thanks to the assistance of her spectacles. Despite reading the datapad, she was still able to listen to Tenel Ka explain her plan.

“Just before they leave, I can give them a speech about doing their best, and making the Hapes Consortium proud. I can also give them special gifts from the Empire. The gifts will be spectacles and earpieces that I will tell them will help them relax on their journey. I'll also mention that they'll have to go through a brief training program to acclimate them to Imperial methods before they are posted to their ships.”

Tenel Ka paused a moment, to see if Governor Garowyn had anything to say, then continued. “By the time they arrive in the Empire, they'll happily accept being put into training. When they are finished, the Empire can keep the ones they want as regular ProCorps troopers. After enough time as passed, say ninety days from when they left, the rest can come back and assume their duties again. They'll also tell others how great serving the Empire was, and encourage them to volunteer for the program.”

Seventy-Two knew that while Tenel Ka had command of the Hapan fleet, a large portion of it could mutiny if she was seen as supporting the Empire too much. She knew that there were quite a few Hapan Battle Dragons and other ships now commanded by ProCorps troopers, who would be absolutely loyal to the Empire, but not enough of them. Also, if those ProCorps troopers supported the Queen in supporting the Empire, there was the danger of their ship's other command staff and crews mutinying against them.

Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two exchanged a glance. Then they both smiled at each other, and Tenel Ka's plan.

“That is brilliant, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn informed her.

Tenel Ka beamed. Seventy-Two did as well.

“But what about our Imperial Officers on board the Hapan ships?”

Tenel Ka had an answer for that as well. “At first, they'll have to obey their Hapan commanders. Unless we appoint the Imperial Officers as the Captains, that is?” She paused and looked questioningly at Governor Garowyn.

“I think it will cause too many problems for us to put Imperial Officers in direct command of Hapan ships—at least at this point,” Governor Garowyn replied.

“Yes Mistress, I thought so too.” Then she shrugged and continued. “So the Imperial Officers obey their Hapan captains, who obey me, and I obey the Empire.” Tenel Ka paused again and smiled with gratitude at Governor Garowyn. “Once I send enough command officers to the ProCorps Academy however, the Imperial Officers can assume command, although it will still have to be in secret, because of the crew.”

“That is a very well thought out plan, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn congratulated her.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied, blushing. “I believe it will only take about six months or so for the Empire to have complete control of the entire Hapan fleet, although it still may have to be in secret.”

Governor Garowyn thought about that a moment. “How many of your advisors know about this plan?” she asked.

“None, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied. “I wanted you to be the first to hear it.”

“Good girl. Keep it that way for now. I will have to pass it along to Moff Fel, since it will involve the Imperial Navy, but I'm sure he will approve it.

Tenel Ka seemed to almost swoon at the mention that Moff Fel would approve of her plan. “I do have something else that I think you should hear, though, Mistress,” she said.

Seventy-Two understood Tenel Ka's happiness at potentially pleasing Moff Fel. She hoped she could do something herself someday that would please him as much as she thought Tenel Ka's plan would.

“By all means, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn replied.

“Thank you, Mistress. I also suggest sending as many female Imperial Officers as possible to start with. That will help keep the non-ProCorps Hapan crew members satisfied. Once the majority of a ship's command staff is composed of either Imperial Officers or ProCorps troopers, then we can put male officers on board.”

“Another excellent point, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn replied with a nod of her head.

Seventy-Two was still reading through Tenel Ka's proposal. She already had a preliminary list for the first group of Hapan Officers to be sent to the ProCorps Academy. All of them exhibited the psychological qualities that would allow them to be rapidly trained as ProCorps troopers. She had them divided into two groups.

The first group consisted of officers that Tenel Ka believed either weren't entirely loyal to her, or had the greatest potential for causing problems for the Empire. She also explained why she chose each of them.

The second group was composed of a few dozen of the most beautiful young officers in the fleet. Both groups had official Hapan Navy flat-holos of each officer included. Beauty was very highly regarded in the Hapes Consortium. Seventy-Two was sure that the Empire would be very pleased with them, and that they would be very happy once they completed the training. Tenel Ka had also listed which ships would be best for the Imperial Officers to be assigned to.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Tenel Ka responded.

“Seventy-Two, do you have anything to add?” Governor Garowyn asked her.

“Only that this is a really good plan, Mistress. Zero-One has really thought this out well,” Seventy-Two replied, smiling towards Tenel Ka.

“Yes, I think so too, and I'm sure Moff Fel will as well,” she agreed. “But for now, I think Zero-One should be rewarded. Let's go someplace a little more appropriate, girls.”

On the way to the Queen's bedchamber, they passed Tenel Ka's identical twin cousins Trista and Taryn Zel. Both looked quite a bit like the Queen as well. Smiling evilly, Governor Garowyn brought them along. Once they arrived in the Queen's bedchamber, Governor Garowyn ordered all four ProCorps troopers to strip down to their durasteel hardware and boots.

Seventy-Two's heart skipped a beat as all four of them stood in a line at parade rest. At the ProCorps Academy, she had spent quite a bit of time standing a parade rest with other recruits while an officer inspected them, and had always enjoyed it.

“Alright girls, since this is Zero-One's reward, she will have two of you pleasuring her, while I have to endure just one lovely little tongue on my clit,” she said with mock sadness. Then looked at Tenel Ka, “And I'll let you have first choice, Zero-One.”

That definitely caught Seventy-Two by surprise. She sensed that it surprised Tenel Ka as well. Then she wondered who she would pick. Would it be her? Or her own cousins? Maybe her and either Trista or Taryn?

“I pick Seventy-Two,” Tenel Ka said after a moment's hesitation.

“Alright,” Governor Garowyn replied with a nod.

Seventy-Two's first thought was to hope that Trista or Taryn would do a good job of pleasuring Governor Garowyn while she was busy with Tenel Ka. While Seventy-Two was personally assigned to Governor Garowyn, she would happily pleasure someone else if her Mistress wanted her to. She was still a ProCorps trooper after all, and would cheerfully fuck anyone that Governor Garowyn ordered her to. Then she wondered which cousin she'd be paired with to pleasure the Queen.

“And I want to pick you, Mistress,” Tenel Ka said tentatively.

Now Seventy-Two's eyes popped open in shock. She hadn't even considered that.

“You don't very well expect me to lick your slutty little pussy, do you Zero-One?” Governor Garowyn asked her frostily.

“No Mistress!” Tenel Ka replied quickly. “I wanted you to fuck my ass with my strap-on while Seventy-Two fucks my slutty pussy with hers,” she explained.

Seventy-Two let out a sigh of relief. That was much better. Not as good as if Tenel Ka had asked to be allowed to pleasure Governor Garowyn for her reward, but better.

“Well that's good for you, but what about me?” Governor Garowyn asked her. “I know I said this is your reward, Zero-One, but really, you should consider others as well.”

Tenel Ka was crestfallen. Seventy-Two was as well, and shot the Hapan Queen a look of reproach. Reward or no reward, Governor Garowyn's pleasure should come first.

“I'm sorry, Mistress,” Tenel Ka said remorsefully.

Governor Garowyn stared back at her a few seconds. Then her face broke out into a smile. “Oh, alright, Zero-One, I'll fuck your ass,” she told her.

Tenel Ka instantly perked up. “Thank you Mistress!”

“I'm sure some one around here can make it up to me later,” Governor Garowyn said, obviously to the group.

All four ProCorps troopers quickly promised to make it up to her.

“Alright, alright girls,” Governor Garowyn said, shushing them. “But right now, Seventy-Two and I have to reward the Queen.” Then she turned to Tenel Ka. “How would you like to be prepared, Your Majesty?”

Minutes later, Seventy-Two had Tenel Ka's wrist stretched over her head and chained to the ceiling. The one-meter-long spreader bar was between her ankles, magnetically locked to the hidden ankle shackles in her boots. Each ankle was also chained to the floor. Her left arm was also stretched over her head, with a chain running from her bicep cuff to the ceiling.

Seventy-Two had attached the twenty-three centimeter dildo to the front of her chastity belt. Tenel Ka also had her gag herself with a harness cock gag.

“Now gag me with the other one,” Tenel Ka instructed her next.

Seventy-Two obediently raised the cock gag to her mouth. Tenel Ka opened wide and she pushed the gag in, then she started pulling the straps of the harness tight around her head.

While Seventy-Two had been preparing Tenel Ka for her reward, Governor Garowyn was giving Trista and Taryn some instructions.

“Trista, I want to restrain both of you spread-eagle on Zero-One's bed. Go get me eight chains long enough for that,” she said, gesturing towards the nearer of the twins.

“Um, I'm Taryn, Your Excellency,” she replied as she walked towards the closet.

“Oh, sorry,” Governor Garowyn called after her. “And from now on, when we're in private, call me Mistress,” she added to both of them.

“Yes Mistress,” they replied.

Taryn returned a minute later carrying eight lengths of chain, with maglocks on each end of them.

“Okay, Taryn, lay down on Zero-One's bed,” she instructed Trista.

“I'm Trista, Mistress,” she replied as she laid down and spread her limbs apart.

“Whatever,” Governor Garowyn said with annoyance.

“Okay, Trista, chain Taryn spread eagle, tight,” she instructed Taryn.

“I'm T—” both girls started to say.

“Oh Son of a mynock!” Governor Garowyn exclaimed. “Look, you—” she pointed to Taryn—“chain her—” she pointed to Trista—“to the bed.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry, Mistress,” both girls replied quickly, as Trista began chaining her sister to her cousin's bedposts.

After Trista got both of Taryn's arms restrained, Governor Garowyn unlocked their chastity belts, and had Trista remove Taryn's, and her own. Then Trista attached the chains to the hidden shackles on Taryn's boots.

Once Taryn was ready, Governor Garowyn had Trista climb atop her sister in the opposite direction, and restrain her own legs, and her left arm. Then she stepped in and attached the last chain to the comlink on Trista's outstretched right arm.

The twins were now chained spread eagle, in a sixty-nine position.

“Now girls, I'm going to let you two play with each other while Seventy-Two and I reward Zero-One. However, since this is her reward, no one is allowed to cum before Zero-One, is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” both girls answered.

“You can't start before her either, and just to make it interesting, once she cums, each of you only has sixty seconds to cum yourself, or you'll do without, understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” they replied with anticipation.

Once again Seventy-Two admired Governor Garowyn's inventiveness. That would ensure that they kept each other just on the edge until Tenel Ka came.

“Ready?” Governor Garowyn asked her as she walked back to where Tenel Ka was restrained.

Since both Seventy-Two and Tenel Ka were gagged, and Tenel Ka was restrained, Seventy-Two smiled through her gag, reached out and tapped the front of Tenel Ka's chastity belt.

Smiling, Governor Garowyn pulled the remote from her pocket and unlocked Tenel Ka's chastity belt as she stepped over to the pouf-couch, and stripped off her pants. Seventy-Two, anticipating her Mistress's needs, was ready to put Tenel Ka's strap-on onto the Imperial Governor. Then, since it was about to go into Tenel Ka's ass, Seventy-Two knelt and started sucking and licking on it to get it wet.

Next Seventy-Two went back to the Hapan Queen, and took her chastity belt off her, then took up position in front of Tenel Ka, while Governor Garowyn stepped around behind her. Simultaneously, they shoved their dildos into her.

Tenel Ka moaned through the gag as both her holes were filled. Seventy-Two quickly matched her rhythm to Governor Garowyn's, so they were both going in and out at the same time. It didn't take them long to get Tenel Ka on the edge.

Minutes later, Tenel Ka screamed out through her gag in orgasm. Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two kept fucking her.

“Sixty seconds, girls,” Governor Garowyn called out to the twins.

Without being told, Seventy-Two glanced down at her chrono, and mentally noted the time; all without missing a stroke.

Seven seconds later, Trista made Taryn cum. Thirty-four seconds after that, Trista came.

“Time's up,” Seventy-Two announced somewhat unnecessarily at the sixty second mark.

“Alright twins, stop,” Governor Garowyn instructed them as she pulled her strap-on out of Tenel Ka's ass. “No more clit licking,” she added as she went to the 'fresher to clean up.

Seventy-Two just kept fucking Tenel Ka though. By the time Governor Garowyn finished, she almost had Tenel Ka to a second orgasm. Seventy-Two could feel Tenel Ka aching for another orgasm through the Force.

“Sorry to spoil your fun, Seventy-Two, but it's time for us to go,” Governor Garowyn said as she went over and started getting dressed again.

Both Seventy-Two and Tenel Ka groaned through their gags. As ProCorps troopers though, they both knew they had to obey, and did so happily. Seventy-Two immediately pulled her dildo out of her fellow ProCorps trooper's pussy, causing Tenel Ka to involuntarily groan again. Then, after she was dressed, Governor Garowyn unlocked all three Hapan ProCorps trooper's restraints with her remote, and ordered Trista and Taryn to put their chastity belts back on.

“Alright Zero-One, I am going to give you another hour before your chastity belt has to be on, and leave you Trista and Taryn to play with until then,” Governor Garowyn informed her.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied with a grin.

Seventy-Two smiled as she got dressed herself. Once that was done, Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two headed back towards the Imperial Embassy.

As soon as they arrived, Governor Garowyn sent a message High Moff Fel, explaining the Queen's proposal to him. She left out the parts about the Empire taking control of the Hapan fleet. She also told him that she would be dispatching a message drone with more information. He understood what that meant. The HoloNet just couldn't be trusted for some things.

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