Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 3
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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“Mistress Garowyn, would you like me to take you on a private tour of the Royal Quarters?” Tenel Ka offered.

Governor Garowyn glanced at her staff to either side of her. “Well, do your advisors mind taking my staff on private tours as well?” she asked.

“They would be happy to, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied without hesitation.

The other Imperials quickly chose their own tour guides. Since Seventy-Two knew that she would be accompanying Governor Garowyn, she didn't pick one. General Hammell, the commander of the Hapan army, was the odd ProCorps trooper out. Queen Tenel Ka suggested that she go to the Imperial Embassy and entertain Governor Garowyn's staff there.

At Governor Garowyn's instruction, Seventy-Two removed the chain from Tenel Ka's collar, and replaced it with the Crown Jewels leash. Then, with Seventy-Two holding the Queen's leash, the three left the dining room, with other Imperials and their tour guides right behind them, heading for their own private tours.

Seven minutes later, Governor Garowyn, Seventy-Two and Tenel Ka were in the Queen's private quarters. It had been a couple of years since Seventy-Two had visited Hapes, but it had been far longer since she had been in Tenel Ka's bedchamber.

A long time ago, Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka had had some naughty fun here, both with each other, and with several different Hapan Noblemen, two at a time. Now Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, simply hoped that Governor Garowyn would have the same kind of fun, both with her and her fellow ProCorps trooper, HC-00001, and Seventy-Two knew that she would gain intense pleasure from helping her to have fun.

During dinner, a selection of standard issue ProCorps toys and restraints had been left on the Royal bed for Governor Garowyn's pleasure. Tenel Ka cheerfully took them on a brief tour of her suite of rooms, including her private collection of restraints, to see if there was anything that would add to the Governor's pleasure.

Governor Garowyn picked up a mass of worn nerfhide straps, with a large black synthflesh dildo sticking out of it.

“My my, Zero-One, do you use this on your poor, helpless lovers?” she asked with amused shock.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered with a slightly embarrassed blush.

Governor Garowyn shook her head in mock disapproval. “And has it ever been used on you?” she asked conspiratorially.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered softly, blushing with embarrassment.

Now both Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two glanced at each other and smirked. Then Governor Garowyn leaned in close to the Hapan Queen. “And which did you prefer?” she asked her.

“On me, Mistress,” she answered.

Now Governor Garowyn laughed out loud, and set the strap-on back on the shelf. “So even before you went to the Academy, you wanted to be a little ProCorps trooper?”

“Yes Mistress!” Tenel Ka answered proudly.

Then Governor Garowyn turned to Seventy-Two. “So, when you two girls had sex with each other, who used the strap-on on who?” she asked.

“We took turns, Mistress,” Seventy-Two answered promptly.

“Well, which did you prefer, Seventy-Two, to fuck another horny little slut—” she paused to slap the front of Tenel Ka's chastity belt over her pussy—“or get fucked with the strap-on?”

“Get fucked with the strap-on,” Seventy-Two answered promptly.

Governor Garowyn laughed out loud again. “You two submissive little sluts are lucky the Empire found you. If it weren't for us, you—” she looked at Seventy-Two—“would probably have wound up as some Hutt's spice-addict sex slave, and you—” she turned at Tenel Ka—“would probably be down in the dungeons right now, letting your Royal guards fuck you in the ass all night.”

Seventy-Two didn't think she would have become a Hutt's spice-addict sex slave, but knew that she wouldn't contradict Governor Garowyn about it. She glanced at Tenel Ka, who was so embarrassed she seemed ready to crawl through the floor. That made Seventy-Two wonder if she had been spending some time in the dungeons with her guardsmen. Well, she won't anymore—at least not without Governor Garowyn's permission, Seventy-Two thought with an amused smile.

“Well, bring the strap-on along. I might let you girls take turns on each other again,” Governor Garowyn said as she walked back towards the Royal Bedchamber. Seventy-Two obediently grabbed the strap-on off the shelf, and gave Tenel Ka's leash a tug as she followed her.

Minutes later, Seventy-Two was down to her collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono, comlink, and boots. She had Tenel Ka's strap-on over her chastity belt.

Only Tenel Ka's chastity belt had been removed. She was still wearing her boots, corset, and the Crown Jewels. A harness cock gag was strapped onto her head, with a twenty centimeter synthflesh dildo protruding from the front. The Hapan Queen was still wearing the Crown on her head as well.

Governor Garowyn had thought Tenel Ka looked so cute in the Crown Jewels, her Crown, and the harness gag that she insisted on taking a few flat-holos for Moff Fel. Then Governor Garowyn announced that they were going to play a game.

“Seventy-Two, if you can make Zero-One cum first, then you win, and she'll be punished. Zero-One, if you can make me orgasm before Seventy-Two makes you cum, then you win, and she'll be punished,” she explained.

While she didn't consider it important, Seventy-Two did notice that she hadn't mentioned anything about her being able to cum herself.

Governor Garowyn sat down in one of the Queen's pouf-chairs. Tenel Ka quickly got down on her knees and started pleasuring her with the harness gag dildo, and Seventy-Two began enthusiastically fucking the Hapan Queen from behind with her strap-on.

Within a couple of minutes, Seventy-Two knew that she would win. Tenel Ka just didn't have the experience, or sexual discipline to keep herself from orgasming before Governor Garowyn. Seventy-Two glanced at Governor Garowyn, who winked back at her. She knew what the outcome would be as well.

After Seventy-Two made Tenel Ka cum, she got to relax while the Hapan Queen finished Governor Garowyn's orgasm. Once she was satisfied, Governor Garowyn released Tenel Ka from the Crown Jewels, and Seventy-Two carefully took them off her. While the Governor stepped into the Queen's 'fresher to clean up, Seventy-Two readied Tenel Ka for her punishment.

Once Governor Garowyn finished cleaning herself up, she picked up a long riding crop from the supplies she had had delivered. Seventy-Two liked that crop because it left a three centimeter impression of the Imperial Emblem on her skin every time Governor Garowyn hit her with it.

Tenel Ka's arm was stretched up over her head, chained to the ceiling via her chrono/comlink. She had a durasteel collar around her neck. A one-meter-long spreader bar was between her ankles, magnetically locked to the hidden ankle shackles in her boots. Her corset was still locked around her torso as well.

Governor Garowyn slowly walked around her, inspecting her restraints and position. “Thank you for preparing her, Seventy-Two,” she said after she completed the circle around the shackled Queen.

“You're welcome, Mistress,” Seventy-Two replied.

“If we decide to give her a prosthetic arm though, it would make it easier to restrain her,” Governor Garowyn commented.

ProCorps troopers were trained to remain silent when their superiors, and that included virtually every Imperial, were talking about them instead of to them. Tenel Ka, being a trained ProCorps trooper, didn't respond.

“Yes Mistress,” Seventy-Two answered.

“What about you, Zero-One, do you want the Empire to make it easier to restrain you?”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied without hesitation.

Without warning, Governor Garowyn swung the crop and hit Tenel Ka across her ass.

Seventy-Two was shocked to feel her pain through the Force. It had been so long since she had been around a Force user as powerful as Tenel Ka that she had forgotten what it was like. Governor Garowyn has some Force abilities, and Seventy-Two could feel when her Imperial Mistress summoned her through the Force, but the intense mix of pain and pleasure coming from Tenel Ka was almost overwhelming.

It didn't take long for Governor Garowyn to place twenty separate, distinct, Imperial Emblems across Tenel Ka's ass and thighs. After the cropping, Tenel Ka submissively thanked Governor Garowyn for delivering her punishment. Then Governor Garowyn had her thank Seventy-Two for her part in it as well.

“Thank you for chaining me up for Mistress Garowyn, Seventy-Two,” Tenel Ka said sweetly.

“You're welcome, Zero-One,” she replied with a smile. As much as she enjoyed restraining Tenel Ka for Governor Garowyn to whip, she'd much rather be the one on the receiving end.

Next, Governor Garowyn decided that she wanted to see what Seventy-Two looked like in the Hapan Crown Jewels. She used the remote to release Tenel Ka's wrist from the ceiling chain, and her ankles from the spreader bar. Tenel Ka was still wearing her collar, corset, chrono/comlink and the ankle shackles. Then the Queen obediently helped Seventy-Two lock the Crown Jewels onto herself.

The familiar feeling of the Beskar shackles and collar reminded Seventy-Two of Mandalore all over again. The collar was a little loose around her neck though, and since her waist was so small from her corset and working out so much, the belt was loose too. Also, since Tenel Ka was about fifteen centimeters taller than her, the chain running from the collar to the belt and to the ankle chain had quite a bit of slack in it as well. As she tested out her bonds, she could feel that Tenel Ka was uneasy for some reason.

“Now Zero-One, put the Crown on her,” a smiling Governor Garowyn instructed her.

Tenel Ka carefully lifted the Hapan Crown off her own head, and Seventy-Two leaned forward to make it easier for her. Several seconds later, she realized that she hadn't made a move to put it on her yet.

“Is there a problem, Zero-One?” Governor Garowyn asked her abruptly.

“Well, Mistress, it's just that my Crown is a symbol of the Hapan Monarchy, and shouldn't—”

“Imperial Prostitute AITCH-SEE-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-ONE,” Governor Garowyn interrupted her. “What is more important, a four thousand year old Hapan tradition, or pleasing your Imperial Masters?”

“Pleasing my Imperial Masters, Mistress,” she answered after a barely perceptible moment of hesitation.

“Good girl,” Governor Garowyn replied with a smile. “We are in the privacy of your own bedchamber. Besides, if Seventy-Two damages it, I'll let you punish her until her debt to the Hapan people is repaid in full.”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied with her own grin. Then she deftly placed the Hapan Crown onto Seventy-Two's head.

Governor Garowyn took a few flat-holos of Seventy-Two wearing the complete Hapan Crown Jewels as well. Then she had Tenel Ka strap the dildo harness gag onto her, and took a few more. When Governor Garowyn set down her imager and had Tenel Ka get her strap-on off her bed, Seventy-Two suspected they were going to play the game again.

By the time Tenel Ka got her strap-on securely in place—a feat that was somewhat impressive since the Hapan ProCorps trooper only had one hand—Seventy-Two was on her knees, eager to start pleasuring Governor Garowyn. Seventy-Two felt a sharp smack on her ass from the riding crop, and she immediately shoved her dildo into her Mistress.

In spite of the fact that Governor Garowyn was persistently cropping her ass, Seventy-Two was even more confident of victory than the first time. She had pleasured Governor Garowyn with a harness gag dildo hundreds of times, mostly while being cropped like she was now, and knew just what would make her orgasm. Of course, getting cropped always turned Seventy-Two on. Tenel Ka fucking with her strap-on turned her on even more, but she was a trained ProCorps trooper, and she knew how to hold back from cumming until she'd pleasured her Imperial Masters and Mistresses.

Nearly ten minutes later though, Governor Garowyn still wasn't close to orgasming. Seventy-Two frowned around the gag as she pumped the dildo in and out of her faster. Then she sensed that Governor Garowyn was trying to hold out on purpose. Tenel Ka, on the other hand, had Seventy-Two on the verge of cumming herself.

Seventy-Two really wanted to cum, but she wanted to give Governor Garowyn another orgasm even more. Finally though, Seventy-Two gave up, and screamed out through the gag in orgasm. After a few more hard strokes, Tenel Ka gleefully pulled her dildo out of Seventy-Two's pussy with a 'plop.'

Even while cumming, and being cropped, Seventy-Two didn't miss a stroke of her dildo gag into Governor Garowyn. Seconds later, the Governor was screaming out in her own orgasm.

After she recovered, and cleaned up in the Queen's 'fresher, Governor Garowyn unlocked the Crown Jewels, and had Tenel Ka take them off Seventy-Two. Tenel Ka seemed a little relieved when Governor Garowyn allowed her to put her Crown back onto her own head. Minutes later, Seventy-Two's wrists were chained to the ceiling, and a spreader bar was between her ankles.


“Thank you Mistress!” Seventy-Two shouted as the crop struck her naked ass. Twenty strokes later, her backside was covered with impressions of the Imperial Emblem.

Once she was finished cropping her, Governor Garowyn unlocked her, and they began getting dressed to leave. Governor Garowyn also asked Tenel Ka if she had anything else she needed to do that evening. When the Hapan Queen answered no, the Imperial Governor had her take off her boots, and put her chastity belt back on.

Tenel Ka was still wearing her corset, and the collar she had been wearing since she took off the Crown Jewels. Governor Garowyn had Seventy-Two leash the Queen to the foot of her bed, and ordered her to sleep there for the night.

Fifteen minutes later, Seventy-Two closed the rear door to Governor Garowyn's limospeeder behind her Mistress. Then she walked up to the pilot's door, gingerly sat down in her seat, and buckled her restraint harness into place.

Back at the Imperial Embassy, she helped Governor Garowyn get ready for bed. Then she went to her own room, which was right next door, and undressed down to her collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono, and comlink. She knew she only had twenty minutes to be restrained for bed. As she pulled off her boots, she stepped into a pair of eighteen-centimeter heeled slides that she walked around her room in.

Ever since her enhancements, Seventy-Two's chrono and comlink only came off once a week for her to clean them, and her wrists. Her corset only came off in the gym and the 'fresher. The only time she didn't wear at least fifteen centimeter heels was while she was sleeping, and she had no problem wearing them then, too. She was very grateful to the Empire for ensuring that she always looked, and felt, her best.

First Seventy-Two strutted to her small 'fresher. After she finished with that, she went and sat down on the edge of her bed and slid her heels off. There she picked up a set of shackles that were sitting on her nightstand, and locked them around her ankles. The ankle shackles had a forty centimeter chain connecting them. Then she attached the one-meter leash that was permanently attached to her wall at the head of her bed to the front of her collar.

Next she picked up a short chain, only five centimeters long, and attached the magnetic lock on one end to her chrono. Then Seventy-Two slid underneath her blanket, brought both hands behind her, and brought the free end of the chain against her comlink. The magnetic lock on the end of the chain immediately attached itself to her comlink. Secure in the knowledge that the sensors in the leash, shackles, and her chrono and comlink would report to Governor Garowyn that she was properly restrained, Seventy-Two fell asleep.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning Seventy-Two awoke early, to the sound of her alarm coming from her chrono and comlink. The alarm also turned down the power of the magnetic locks on her leash, wrists, and ankle shackles. Seventy-Two freed herself, and set the chain that was connecting her wrists together, her shackles, and the end of her leash on her nightstand. She slipped her heels back on, and used her small 'fresher, then got ready to go to the Embassy's gym.

Besides her collar, comlink, chrono, and chastity belt, she wore a skimpy black sports bra. Across the right breast of the sports bra was her Imperial ProCorps serial number, SX-51472, in small silver letters. The bottom of the bra stopped about a centimeter below her double-dee breasts.

Next came a pair of skin-tight black hot pants. The top came to the bottom of her chastity belt, leaving the gleaming durasteel completely visible. The outline of the crotch strap of the chastity belt was obvious as well.

The bottom hem of the hot pants came less than a centimeter past her well-toned butt. Her serial number was also printed vertically down each side of the hot pants. The words Imperial Property, in much larger silver letters was printed across her butt-cheeks, lined up perfectly with same words that were now permanently on her skin thanks to her genetically altered skin pigmentation.

On the front of the shorts was the Imperial Emblem, also in silver, and lined up with the matching one on her skin underneath it. Beneath the emblem were the words Imperial Prostitute, followed by her serial number, also lined up perfectly with her title and serial number underneath it.

After her sports bra and hot pants Seventy-Two pulled on a pair of short black ankle socks with her serial number printed along the top of the outside edge in silver lettering. Last of all, she put on a pair of training shoes with fifteen centimeter wedge heels, specially designed for enhanced ProCorps troopers.

Since Seventy-Two was the only ProCorps trooper assigned to the Imperial Embassy, there wasn't a ProCorps gym. This early in the morning however, she was usually able to work out alone.

After her enhancements, it had taken her a couple of weeks to be able to run again. Now, a brisk twenty minute jog in fifteen centimeter heels was completely natural, even with her larger titties. Once she had finished her jog, she used the weight machines, then spent thirty minutes doing aerobics.

Once she finished her workout, Seventy-Two returned to her quarters and had a quick sonic shower, and got ready for duty. Ten minutes before eight, her scheduled start time, Seventy-Two was sitting at her desk ready for work. She was obediently watching the holographic patterns on her spectacles, and listening to the ambient music on her earpieces. Half-an-hour later, she received her first comm call of the day, routed from the Embassy's automated call center.

“Good Morning, this is Ambassador Garowyn's office, how may I serve you?” she answered cheerfully.

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