Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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Over the next few days, Seventy-Two assisted Governor Garowyn in moving into the Imperial Embassy on Hapes. The Governor's X-wing was delivered, and Seventy-Two was sent to inspect it, under the supervision of her Arsix unit, of course.

Seventy-Two was somewhat distressed that Governor Garowyn wasn't taking residence in the Royal Palace, as she deserved, but she knew that Moff Fel had ordered them to be discreet in their rule of the Consortium.

Three days later, Seventy-Two pulled on her uniform cap and took a few seconds to check herself out in the mirror, making sure her uniform was perfect for Governor Garowyn's dinner reception.

She was in her complete ProCorps uniform. Her spectacles and earpieces were in place. On her feet were her eighteen-centimeter-heeled glossy black knee boots with hidden shackles at her ankles and just below her knees. The stiletto heels were gleaming silver durasteel, contrasting with her black boots and the tight-fitting black pants that led up to her form-fitting tailored black tunic.

Underneath the pants was her ProCorps chastity belt, and under the jacket and black undertunic was her durasteel corset. Her ProCorps uniform collar was locked around her neck. It was black, and the edge was barely visible above the top of her jacket collar. The chrono on her left wrist and comlink on her right were also black, and partially visible past her jacket sleeves. A wide glossy black nerfhide belt was around her waist. The gleaming silver buckle—in the shape of the Imperial Emblem of course—stood out against her black uniform.

The chastity belt, corset, collar, chrono, comlink, and belt were all locked on, and only Governor Garowyn could open them, just as it should be. Since they were attending a formal reception, Seventy-Two also had her ProCorps medals displayed on her uniform.

As Governor Garowyn's personal assistant, she had helped plan the menu for the Governor and her guests. Several Imperials were already at the Queen's Palace, assisting with the final arrangements and set up. Since the dinner was in the Fountain Palace and not at the Imperial Embassy, Seventy-Two supposed it was technically the Queen Mother and her guests, but every Imperial on Hapes knew that it was really Governor Garowyn's dinner.

The dinner would be a private affair, with Governor Garowyn approving the final guest list. The Hapans would be represented by the Queen Mother of course, as well as the Queen's twin cousins and bodyguards, Trista and Taryn Zel. Colonel Espara, General Hamell, Lady Galney, and Lady Aros completed the Hapan delegation. There would be a matching number of Imperials, including Seventy-Two, who knew that ProCorps troopers didn't quite count, but was very honored to be included.

After spending nearly three hours assisting Governor Garowyn in getting bathed and prepared for the dinner, Seventy-Two had been dismissed to get dressed herself. ProCorps troopers, however, needed very little time to make themselves presentable, even for a formal diplomatic reception. Twenty minutes later, and fifteen minutes before they were scheduled to leave, Seventy-Two arrived at the embassy's hanger, to await Governor Garowyn.

Twenty minutes later, Seventy-Two was still waiting next to Governor Garowyn's limospeeder. She wasn't bored in the slightest, as she was enjoying listening to the music from her earpieces, and watching the transparent patterns on her spectacles. Nearly ten minutes later, and nearly fifteen minutes behind schedule, the Governor calmly strolled into the hanger.

“Governor Garowyn,” Seventy-Two greeted her as she opened her door for her, then she surreptitiously glanced down at her chrono. She didn't even think of mentioning that Governor Garowyn was late. To a ProCorps trooper, a superior couldn't possibly be late.

“Seventy-Two,” Governor Garowyn replied with a smile as she smoothly stepped into the speeder.

Seventy-Two felt a surge of gratitude that Governor Garowyn chose to reply to her. Once the Governor was safely inside, Seventy-Two closed her door and quickly stepped up to the chauffeur's door, opened it and climbed in. Then she buckled her restraint harness into place. The release switch for the harness was in the back, under Governor Garowyn's control.

Seventy-Two glanced at her chrono again. The dinner was scheduled to start in ten minutes, and it was at least a twenty minute ride to the Fountain Palace.

As a ProCorps trooper, Seventy-Two wasn't well suited to making quick decisions in the cockpit of a vehicle. During her time as Governor Garowyn's pilot, she had had to relinquish the controls quite a few times due to emergency situations that were beyond her abilities.

Governor Garowyn, who most often had to take over, was always very understanding and sympathetic to her afterwards. Somehow, Arsix had found out about her difficulties though, and repeatedly reminded her of them while she was performing maintenance on the Governor's X-wing or the Shadow Chaser.

Piloting the Governor's limospeeder was no different than the Shadow Chaser, except that she couldn't pass the controls over to someone else. The faster she tried to go, the more nervous she got.

Almost in a panic, she changed lanes to go around a large cargo speeder. “We are going to be late, Governor Garowyn,” Seventy-Two said after she let out a sigh of relief that she had completed the maneuver safely.

Governor Garowyn chuckled in reply. “The dinner will start when I arrive. The Queen and her advisors will wait for me no matter how long it takes,” she explained.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two answered, understanding.

Under normal circumstances, it would be considered a serious breach of decorum for an Ambassador to be late for a formal reception hosted by the Head of State they were assigned to. Since the Head of State was actually an Imperial ProCorps trooper, though, Governor Garowyn could show up when ever she pleased. Seventy-Two relaxed, and with a sigh of relief, eased her foot off the accelerator.

Nearly twenty-five minutes later, they arrived at the Fountain Palace. Waiting for them at the main entrance of the Palace were Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel and Sergeant Rikkitts, who were two of the embassy staffers that Governor Garowyn had sent ahead. The two Hapans waiting with them were most likely ProCorps troopers. After Governor Garowyn unlocked her restraint harness, Seventy-Two quickly got out and stepped back to open the rear door. They all patiently waited for Governor Garowyn to climb out.

Seventy-Two was startled that the two Hapans weren't at parade rest, but then she realized that they weren't in a completely secure area. They were waiting silently for Governor Garowyn to acknowledge them, though.

“Good evening,” Governor Garowyn said to the group after she finally made it all the way out of her limospeeder.

“Good evening, Ambassador Garowyn,” the Hapans replied, together, but not quite in unison.

Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel and Sergeant Rikkitts, simply smiled and nodded their heads back in reply.

“I trust I haven't kept Her Majesty waiting too long?” Governor Garowyn said with mock concern as she began slowly making her way up the impressive stairs that led up to the main doorway.

Now Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel spoke up. “Actually, Your Excellency, Her Majesty isn't in the dining room with the others.”

Governor Garowyn simply glanced expectantly at her as she sedately ascended the stairs.

“When we arrived at the Palace and began preparing the other guests, the Queen's advisors informed me that they had a surprise for you when you arrived,” she explained. “After I. . . inspected the surprise, I decided that the Queen and her surprise could be brought in after you were seated.”

Governor Garowyn took a few more steps before replying. “Well, we'll see then,” she said with a curt nod.

Once they actually entered the Palace, and she was assured that they're weren't any non-ProCorps Hapans there, Governor Garowyn seemed to move slower than ever. After stopping and asking the third time about a different piece of artwork in the Palace, Governor Garowyn decided that they would just have to go on a tour later.

Ducha Isa'bel, who was one of the ProCorps troopers that had been waiting for them, of course agreed to escort Governor Garowyn on a thorough tour at her convenience.

It took the group nearly fifteen minutes to make it to the Royal dinning room. A pair of Hapan ProCorps troopers stood guard outside the door. Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel sent Sergeant Rikkitts to retrieve the Queen, while Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two entered the dining room.

Even though Seventy-Two had seen the plans for the reception several times, she was still momentarily startled when she first saw it in real life.

Centered on one side of the room, facing the doorway, was a long, highly polished table. While it was large enough for all the guests, there were only seven chairs, all behind it. The center chair was practically a throne. In fact, it was the chair that the Queen normally sat in at dinner parties. Flanking it, three to each side, were six less ornate versions of the middle chair.

In front of the table, spread out at even intervals, were six of the Queen's advisors who Governor Garowyn had ordered to attend. The Queen's spot in the middle was empty, however.

All six Hapans were naked except for their corsets, chastity belts, chronos, comlinks, and eighteen-centimeter heeled boots—items that all ProCorps troopers were trained to think of as part of themselves. All of the women were kneeling. There was a five centimeter chain with a magnetic coupling on each end locked to each woman's chrono and comlink, effectively cuffing their hands behind their backs. A ten centimeter chain connected the hidden ankle shackles on their boots together as well.

Each of the Queen's advisors had a seven-centimeter-wide durasteel collar locked around her neck, with a thirty-centimeter-long chain running from their collar to a small durasteel plate that had been bolted to the floor. Both ends of the chains were magnetically locked as well. Seventy-Two remembered the measurements from taking dictation of the Governor's plans.

The Governor's dinner guests had been waiting for nearly an hour, and due to their ProCorps training, hadn't even thought once of trying to look back to see who was entering the room. They knew that it wasn't their concern. Because this was a formal diplomatic reception however, Governor Garowyn's entrance was announced.

“Her Excellency, Admiral Garowyn, Imperial Governor of the Hapes Consortium!” Ducha Isa'bel announced.

“Good evening, Mistress,” the six women greeted her in unison.

“And good evening to you, my ProCorps troopers,” she replied as she strolled behind them, getting a good look at them from that angle.

Four of the other Imperials that were attending fell into line behind Governor Garowyn, and Seventy-Two obediently followed them. She thought Taryn and Trista, Tenel Ka's younger twin cousins, looked particularly fetching in their restraints and corsets.

As Governor Garowyn came to the end of the line she turned and walked down the front. This time, she stopped in front of the empty durasteel plate and chain that were waiting for the Hapan Queen.

“I understand there is a surprise for me?” she asked the group.

“Yes Mistress,” they answered, not quite in unison.

Without replying, Governor Garowyn turned and walked to her ornate chair. Seventy-Two rushed ahead of her, pulled the chair back then slid it under her as she sat down. Once she made sure she was comfortable, she stood behind her own seat at the end of the table.

As soon as the other Imperials had taken their seats, Seventy-Two sat down. Then Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel brought in the Queen, and Governor Garowyn and Seventy-Two got to see what the surprise was.

“The Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Her Majesty Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo,” Ducha Isa'bel announced as Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel led the Queen into the dining room.

Just like her advisors, Tenel Ka wasn't wearing anything resembling clothes. Instead she had on her ProCorps corset, chastity belt, and eighteen-centimeter heeled knee boots. The Queen's other restraints were quite different from her advisors' cuffs, though.

Her ankle shackles were about seven centimeters wide, and had a chain about forty centimeters long between them, by Seventy-Two's guess. Another chain ran from the ankle chain to a hinged belt around Tenel Ka's waist, which fit over her corset, just above her chastity belt. Attached to each side of the belt, at her hips, was a short chain, with a wrist shackle at the end of each chain. The wrist shackles looked to be about the same width as the ankle shackles.

Since the Queen only had one arm, the empty left cuff was attached directly to her belt, while the right one was locked securely around her wrist at the end of the chain. From the middle of the belt ran another chain, this one up between her breasts to her collar, also about seven centimeters wide.

Around both of the Queen's biceps were shackles. From each of them, a chain ran under her breasts to the vertical chain connecting her collar and belt. As she turned to approached Governor Garowyn's table, Seventy-Two could see another chain connecting her biceps behind her back as well, holding them tight against her torso.

To Seventy-Two's experienced eye, the metal of the shackles looked familiar, but not quite like durasteel.

Perched atop the Queen's head was the Crown of the Hapan throne. Seventy-Two glanced over to Governor Garowyn and saw her smirking at the sight of the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium being led to her shackled, but wearing the Royal Crown.

The Queen came to a stop just in front of Governor Garowyn's table, with Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel still holding her leash. Tenel Ka waited silently for Governor Garowyn to acknowledge her.

Tenel Ka held out a datapad in her shackled hand, which Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel took and handed to Governor Garowyn, who immediately began to read it over. Several minutes passed while she did, with Tenel Ka remaining at silent parade rest in front of her.

Well, it wasn't quite parade rest. Because of the ankle chain, she couldn't quite place her feet the proper distance apart, and because of the wrist chain she couldn't put her hand behind her back. Seventy-Two thought that she was doing her best though.

Seventy-Two felt Governor Garowyn's amusement as she read. Finally she looked up at the shackled Hapan Queen.

“So these are the complete Hapan Crown Jewels, Zero-One?” she asked with a smile.
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“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied.

Governor Garowyn took a few moments to look over the shackled Hapan Queen. “And they are made completely of Mandalorian Beskar Ore?”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered.

Beskar, Seventy-Two thought to herself. She remembered it from her time on Mandalore, when she was being trained by Boba Fett. While she was surprised that the Hapes Consortium would have some of the valuable ore, she knew from experience that it made fantastic shackles and collars.

Governor Garowyn glanced at the datapad, then back at Tenel Ka. “I see here that the bicep cuffs and chains were bought just last year, while you were attending basic training.”

“Yes Mistress. My advisors bought them to replace the durasteel bicep cuffs that were part of the Crown Jewels, as a graduation gift for me,” she explained.

“And did they have any idea how appropriate restraints were for a newly graduated ProCorps trooper?”

“No Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered.

“Well, I think the Empire's little Hapan Queen looks very nice in the complete Crown Jewels,” Governor Garowyn announced.

“Thank you Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied, visibly blushing.

“I see that you have included the control codes for all of the HC series ProCorps troopers' chastity belts, and corsets as I instructed, and recommended which ones need to maintain some control over theirs.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Governor Garowyn smiled as she sat the datapad down. “Well, I'll look at that later. Right now our dinner is getting cold,” she said. Then she glanced at Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel. “Escort Queen Tenel Ka to her place so we can start dinner.”

“Yes Ma'am,” she replied with an eager smile.

As the six Imperials looked on, Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel led Tenel Ka to the empty restraining plate on the floor, then took the leash off her collar. The Hapan Queen knelt, and Lovvel attached the chain from the floor to the front of her collar. Once Lieutenant Colonel Lovvel had taken her own seat, the Palace servants, now all loyal Imperial ProCorps troopers too, began bringing in the appetizers.

They served the Imperials first, then set dishes on the floor in front of their fellow ProCorps troopers. Since this was an official state dinner, the Royal Chefs had expertly prepared the finest Hapan cuisine, as they always did for the Queen Mother, and her guests.

While the Imperials ate the delicious Hapan food, the Queen and her advisors had a cheap mush, suitable for eating without the use of their hands. With each course of the meal, the Hapan ProCorps troopers also received another small bowl of food.

The Imperials spent the next two hours relaxing and chatting while they ate the wonderful Hapan cuisine that the Queen had had prepared for them. The Hapans were also relaxed, and happy that the Empire had taught them their true place in life. They respectfully joined in the friendly chatting once Governor Garowyn had indicated that they could. They also eagerly suggested Hapan foods that they thought the Imperials would enjoy as well.

Seventy-Two admired her fellow ProCorps troopers for being able to kneel for so long with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Especially with their collars chained so low to the floor, forcing them to have to crane their necks up to talk with their Imperial Masters sitting comfortably at the table. She was also somewhat jealous of them, and just a little, wanted to join them.

Finally, after the rich desert, Governor Garowyn announced that she was stuffed. Seventy-Two definitely agreed with her. Governor Garowyn had had them give her much smaller portions than the others at the table, but still, she had only taken a few bites out of the last three courses herself. It had been years since she had even attempted to eat so much; even before she had become a ProCorps trooper.

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