Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 1
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place approximately six months after the events of Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. While it is a sequel to that story, it also features The Hapan Crown Jewels, from my story with that title. However, in this story, the anti-Force collar featured in Jedi Tahiri in Bondage and Alema Rar Visits Hapes never existed. My editor says I should have more male ProCorps troopers in the story for balance, but my own fantasies are about being a female one.

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Prologue: Approximately six months after the events of Imperial Prostitute SX-51472

“Good morning Moff Fel,” Admiral Garowyn greeted the ruler of the Galactic Empire as she sat at attention in her office chair. As she faced his half-meter-high holoprojection, she masked her worry with a professional smile. If the Commander-in-Chief commed a mere Admiral—and not a very senior one at that—then the Admiral must have done something very good, or very bad.

“And good morning to you, Admiral Garowyn,” Moff Fel replied. He was dressed impeccably in his Moff's uniform. “You are hereby reassigned as Ambassador to the Hapes Consortium,” he informed her.

“Yes, Moff Fel,” she answered. Inside she was filled with questions. At the top of this list was, Why me? She didn't consider herself a diplomat, and had no desire to learn.

“You are of course aware that the ruler of the Hapes Consortium, Queen Mother Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo, underwent ProCorps training a few months ago, along with her top advisors?”

“Of course, Moff Fel,” she replied with a nod of her head, and the beginning of understanding.

“Ambassador Granngr is a satisfactory Ambassador, but I need someone experienced in managing high profile ProCorps troopers. That leaves me with a very short list, and I believe you are best suited. The fact that you are a woman, which is important to the Hapans, was also taken into account.”

“Thank you, Moff Fel,” Admiral Garowyn answered honestly—and with the only answer she could give.

“However, the most important thing was your Force sensitivity,” he explained. “The Queen Mother was a Jedi, and because of her unique situation, she was not trained out of using the Force like the other ProCorps troopers with those abilities.”

“Yes, Moff Fel,” Admiral Garowyn replied. She thought of how powerful her Seventy-Two used to be in the Force, and how she couldn't even think of drawing on the power anymore. All that was left of the former Jedi's Force abilities now was a submissive openness, which simply made her a more responsive slave to the desires of her Imperial Masters.

“SX-51472, your personally assigned ProCorps trooper, can accompany you,” Moff Fel told her. Then, after a brief pause, he leaned forward and said, “However, Hapes is not an Imperial Star Destroyer. Discretion is absolutely vital to the continued success of both the ProCorps program, and our control of the Hapes Consortium. The Moff Council and I are putting a lot of trust in you on this, Governor Garowyn.”

“Of course, Moff Fel, I won't let you down,” she promised, again, giving the only answer an Imperial Officer could give their Commander-in-Chief.

Moff Fel relaxed a little. “Now, Queen Djo has signed a secret treaty making the Hapes Consortium an Imperial protectorate, so while your official title will be Ambassador, in actuality you will be the Military Governor of the Consortium. Queen Djo and her advisors have received specially modified ProCorps training, and will retain their existing roles as the Royal government of Hapes, and should be treated as such, at least in public. You'll be given a datapack detailing the treaty, their training, and most importantly, how to treat them.”

“Yes Moff Fel.”

“And I repeat, discretion is your number one priority. We must maintain the facade that the Hapes Consortium is a sovereign government,” he informed her.

“Yes Moff Fel, I understand,” Governor Garowyn answered.

“Good. I've dispatched a courier ship with the datapack. As soon as you receive it you can depart for Hapes,” he instructed her.

“Yes Moff Fel,” Governor Garowyn answered.


Two weeks later. . .

Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 lowered the landing ramp of the Shadow Chaser and waited for Ambassador Garowyn to exit the ship.

Waiting at the bottom of the ramp—and a respectful distance away—was the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Tenel Ka Djo, along with a handful of her advisors.

Tenel Ka was wearing a custom-made Dathomir lizard-hide outfit, in the colors of black and dark maroon. Ten-centimeter-wide silver durasteel bands were on each of her upper arms. Underneath the lizard-hide were the standard ProCorps corset and chastity belt. On her feet were standard Imperial ProCorps knee boots with eighteen centimeter stiletto heels.

Her lightsaber was hanging from her right hip. In her teens, the Hapan Queen had lost her left arm below her bicep in a lightsaber duel, so she couldn't wear the standard-issue ProCorps chrono on her left wrist. Instead Queen Tenel Ka wore a single combination chrono/comlink on her right wrist. While a standard ProCorps chrono or comlink was only five centimeters wide, Tenel Ka's was eight centimeters in width.

The rest of the Hapan women were wearing either the uniform of the Hapan Navy, or elegant clothing befitting Hapan noblewomen. Seventy-Two spotted ProCorps chronos and comlinks on several wrists, and ProCorps boots on several feet.

Unlike regular ProCorps troopers, Tenel Ka, and the other Hapans who had gone through ProCorps training, could remove their corsets, chastity belts, and boots whenever they pleased. The computer chips in the devices reported all such activities to the Imperial Ambassador to Hapes, though. The only things they could not remove were the chronos and comlinks on their wrists.

“Greetings, Your Majesty,” Governor Garowyn said as she stood at the top of the ramp, symbolically looming over the Hapan Queen.

“Greetings, Ambassador Garowyn,” Tenel Ka replied. “Welcome to Hapes,” she replied warmly.

Seventy-Two definitely noticed the tone of submissiveness in her voice, and knew that Governor Garowyn did as well. Seventy-Two also noticed the slight look of surprise on Tenel Ka's face when she glanced at her standing just behind Governor Garowyn.

“Thank you, Queen Djo,” she answered, with a smile that was barely perceptible as smug. “Would you like a tour of the Shadow Chaser?” she offered.

While Governor Garowyn phrased it as a request, there was no question of ProCorps trooper HC-00001 declining.

“Of course, Ambassador, thank you,” she answered as she stepped forward and walked up the ramp.

Once she was out of sight inside the ship, Tenel Ka assumed parade rest and remained silent, waiting for Governor Garowyn to speak.

Seventy-Two glanced at the Queen's advisors, making sure none of them had moved closer, where they might overhear something. She also approved of her fellow ProCorps trooper's silence. She understood that the Hapan ProCorps troopers had special privileges, but not speaking until spoken to was amongst the first lessons she had learned at basic training, even before the ProCorps Academy.

“Now, you do remember the Shadow Chaser, don't you?” Governor Garowyn asked.

“Yes Ambassador,” the Hapan ProCorps trooper replied promptly, keeping her eyes straight ahead.

“And do you remember how you and Seventy-Two here—” she nodded towards her—“stole my ship from me?”

“Yes, Ambassador,” Tenel Ka answered, with regret and a hint of fear in her voice.

“Relax ...” Governor Garowyn began with a smile. “You'll have ample opportunity to make amends.”

“Thank you, Ambassador,” Tenel Ka replied, obviously relieved, and grateful towards Governor Garowyn for granting her such an opportunity.

Then Governor Garowyn remembered that Seventy-Two was still standing there. “Oh, and this is my personal assistant, Seventy-Two. I believe you two already know each other?” Governor Garowyn asked.

“Yes Ambassador,” Tenel Ka responded, glancing back Seventy-Two.

“Good. By the way what do you think of her enhancements?” Governor Garowyn asked.

A month ago, Seventy-Two had undergone several enhancements in order to better serve the Empire. The most obvious was the age regression therapy that made her look twenty two instead of thirty four. Her breasts had also been enlarged significantly, and her hair was now platinum blonde. Her other enhancements were less obvious, but her calf muscles had been shortened so she had to wear at least fifteen centimeter heels at all times. The tattoos above her pussy and on her ass were made absolutely permanent by altering the pigmentation of her skin.

“She looks great, Ambassador. I hope she serves you and the Empire well,” Tenel Ka replied.

Governor Garowyn nodded. “She does, thank you. Perhaps you can receive some enhancements as well some day. Like a prosthetic arm, for starters?”

Tenel Ka considered this barely a moment. “When the Empire decides that the Hapes Consortium is ready, and that I'm worthy, I would be happy to accept whatever enhancements the Empire chooses to make to me.”

Seventy-Two couldn't help but nod her head in approval. She couldn't have put it better herself.

“That is an excellent attitude for a ProCorps trooper,” Governor Garowyn replied.

“Thank you Ambassador,” Tenel Ka replied with a genuine smile.

Then Governor Garowyn realized that she needed to come up with a name for the ProCorps trooper. “By the way, what did Ambassador Granngr call you, in private?”

A look of confusion came upon Tenel Ka's face. “She called me Your Majesty, Ambassador,” she answered tentatively.

Governor Garowyn shook her head. “That's no good. I have been ordered to be discreet, so I can't simply call you slave, even in private. Since your ProCorps number is HC-00001, when we are alone, I will simply call you Zero-One. Is that understood?”

“Yes Ambassador,” Tenel Ka answered.

“And when we are alone, you will refer to me as Mistress,” Governor Garowyn instructed her. However, you will take care to keep this a secret from non-ProCorps Hapans. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied.

“If anyone asks why you are calling the Imperial Ambassador to the Hapes Consortium Mistress, you will simply tell them that it is a Dathomir custom, and since we are both Dathomiri, you are observing it.”

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied obediently.

“Good, now to make our relationship clear,” she held her hand out towards Seventy-Two, who handed her a durasteel collar, “On behalf of High Moff Fel, I am going to collar the Empire's slave.”

“Yes Mistress,” the Hapan Queen answered, leaning forward slightly and obligingly lifting her golden red hair out of the way.

“No. Kneel, then ask me to collar you, Zero-One,” Governor Garowyn instructed her.

Without replying, Tenel Ka knelt, then politely asked her to collar her.

Governor Garowyn circled around behind her, and, smiling with satisfaction, locked the six centimeter wide durasteel around the ProCorps trooper's neck. Then she stepped back around and looked down at the kneeling and collared Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium.

Do you and your advisors still wear your spectacles and earpieces when you are alone?” Governor Garowyn asked her.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied, submissively looking down at the deck of the Shadow Chaser. “We have to wear them at least six hours a day, or we will be punished,” she explained matter-of-factly.

“Good. And what about your corsets and chastity belts?”

“I'm not sure about my advisors, but I wear mine as much as possible Mistress,” Tenel Ka answered.

“Is there any reason you can't wear them both all the time?” Governor Garowyn asked.

Tenel Ka frowned slightly. “Not as long as I am in the Consortium, Mistress,” she replied.

“Good. You will turn over the control codes to your corset and chastity belt to me. You will do the same for as many of your advisors as possible as well, unless there is a reason they need to be able to take them off,” Governor Garowyn instructed her.

“Of course, Mistress.”

“Now, can we have a private dinner in your Palace?” Governor Garowyn asked. “I mean me, Seventy-Two here, you, and some of your advisors that have gone through ProCorps training?”

“Yes, Mistress, the entire staff of my Palace is composed of ProCorps troopers, so privacy is no problem at all,” Tenel Ka replied.

“Excellent. Seventy-Two will send you the specifications for how I want my dining room set up. Let me know as soon as it is ready. You'll turn over control of your chastity belts and corsets to me there,” Governor Garowyn instructed her.

“Of course, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied.

“Good. Now Seventy-Two, leash her so we can take her to my quarters,” Governor Garowyn suggested cheerfully.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied as she stepped forward and attached a leash to the front of Tenel Ka's collar.

Seventy-Two gave a barely perceptible nod of approval at how submissively the Hapan Queen allowed her to attach the leash to the front of her collar.

Governor Garowyn leaned forward and patted Tenel Ka on the top of her head. “Just crawl along behind us, like a good slave,” she told her with a grin.

“Yes Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied obediently.

Minutes later, the three were inside Governor Garowyn's private quarters.

“Now, Zero-One, I want you to crawl over here, and show your Imperial Mistress how well you can lick pussy,” Governor Garowyn instructed her, as she pulled off her pants and sat down.

Smiling seductively, Tenel Ka crawled to her, and happily began lapping her pussy.

Seventy-Two smiled as she held Tenel Ka's leash while she licked Governor Garowyn's pussy. By the sound of her moans, the Queen was quite a pussy licker.

As Governor Garowyn screamed out in orgasm, Seventy-Two glanced at her chrono. Seven minutes? she thought with derision. She regularly had the Governor cumming in less than four, and very rarely took longer than six. Tenel Ka needs more practice, Seventy-Two decided after a few seconds thought.

After her orgasm, Governor Garowyn explained that from that point on, Tenel Ka had to consult her before making any decisions regarding the Hapes Consortium. Tenel Ka would forward all the reports and information she received concerning the Consortium to the Imperial Embassy.

Governor Garowyn would issue all her decisions verbally, or on untraceable datapads provided by the Queen. Tenel Ka would implement them in her own name. That way, if things went wrong, all the evidence would point to the Hapan Queen, leaving the Imperial Governor's hands, and the Empire's, clean.

Tenel Ka happily agreed, promising to do everything she could to protect the Empire, and Governor Garowyn.

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