Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Episode II: The Hapan Harem
Chapter 0
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

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This is an update on the status of some of the characters from Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, and a few more people you might have wondered about. A couple have short stories, and the rest are just summaries of what has happened to them so far. I'd also like to point out a few things that I haven't discussed.

First, the ProCorps training will only work on humans. There are also quite a few male ProCorps troopers, the MX series. Last, only a very few ProCorps troopers are from the Galactic Alliance. Most are recruited from the Empire. My editor says I should have more male ProCorps troopers in the story for balance, but my own fantasies are about being a female one ... ;)

In case you haven't read Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, I'll summarize it for you first:

Jaina Solo, mentally and physically exhausted from killing her twin brother, Darth Cadeus, accepts Jagged Fel's invitation to join him in the Empire. Once she arrives, she agrees to attend Imperial basic training, hoping the intense and disciplined regimen will take her mind off her problems.

Mid-way through training, she puts in for a transfer to the Imperial Prostitution Corps. There she is given her new serial number and identity, and is trained to sexually pleasure all Imperial personal, both male and female. Imperial ProCorps trooper SX-51472, or Seventy-Two for short, is born.

After various assignments, Seventy-Two finds herself assigned to a remote station under the command of Captain Garowyn, who as it turns out, didn't die on Kashyyyk like everyone had thought. During her time there, Seventy-Two learns that Jysellsa Horn is planning on attending the ProCorps Academy, and that Tenel Ka, Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, already has.

Next, Seventy-Two is assigned to the newly-promoted Admiral Garowyn's Star Destroyer, Admiral Daala. Soon Natisi Daala, now the Galactic Alliance's Chief of State, visits her namesake ship and brings along Seventy-Two's former friend, Syal Antilles.

During the visit, Admiral Garowyn displays Seventy-Two's obedience by having her masturbate for Chief Daala. As a result, Chief Daala and Admiral Garowyn decide that Syal will stay on board the ship, with the private hope that she will join the ProCorps as well.

Their plan is a rousing success. With Seventy-Two happily guiding her, Syal Antilles learns to service the Daala's Officers, including Admiral Garowyn. Then she resigns from the Galactic Alliance Starfigher Command and leaves to become an Imperial Prostitute.

Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 (Seventy-Two for short), formerly known as Jedi Knight Jaina Solo:
Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 looked at herself in the mirror. She was amazed, and incredibly grateful for what the Empire had done for her. After all the credits they had spent on her initial training, she had repaid them in record time, a fact that she was very proud of. Once her credit-balance was positive, she was available to be assigned to a particular Imperial Officer. Admiral Garowyn, her long-time commanding officer, was also in line for her own ProCorps trooper, and requested Seventy-Two.

Before she was assigned to Admiral Garowyn personally, though, High Moff Fel informed her that since she was such an exceptional ProCorps trooper, she had been selected for some enhancements. Seventy-Two was sent to the Imperial Capital of Bastion, where the Empire's best surgeons began their work.

First they performed an extremely expensive and state-of-the-art age regression procedure on her. Now, not only did Seventy-Two look like a natural twenty-two year old instead of an athletic thirty-four; for all intents and purposes, she was twenty-two years old again. Not even the most intensive medical scan would be able to tell otherwise.

Next, her C-cup breasts were enlarged with cloned tissue, also very expensive. Her new double-dees looked fantastic on her slight frame, and were completely natural, unless someone scanned them specifically for cloned tissue.

Seventy-Two's old corset had been getting a little loose anyway, thanks to her intensive workouts and strict ProCorps diet. Now, she had to be issued a new one anyway, to accommodate her new tits.

There were two differences between her old corset and her new one. The new one was a little smaller around the waist, and had larger half-cups for her new breasts. It was made out of gleaming durasteel plates, and closed in the back. It left her nipples exposed over the top of the durasteel cups.

ProCorps corsets were custom-made, and custom-sized to the ProCorps trooper they were assigned to. Unlike regular corsets, a trooper wouldn't get a smaller and smaller waist from wearing one for years on end. Even after nearly two years of wearing hers, Seventy-Two's waist was a healthy fifty-four centimeters around.

ProCorps troopers were expected to maintain their assigned weight and measurements. They needed to be strong and fit to perform hours of intensive sex at a time. Most Imperial Officers didn't want to fuck a skeleton anyway.

Every ProCorps trooper's weight included their collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono, and comlink. Seventy-Two had no idea what she would weigh without them. For enhanced ProCorps troopers, their weight also included their boots.

The next enhancement they had made on her was to surgically shorten her calf muscles and tendons. The result was that she could no longer stand or walk flat-footed. In fact, anything less than a thirteen-centimeter heel was painful, and she wasn't comfortable until they were fifteen centimeters high. Seventy-Two had to keep a pair of high-heeled slides by her bedside, just in case of a night-time trip to the 'fresher.

Imperial Property had been tattooed across Seventy-Two's ass at the ProCorps Academy. A tattoo of the Imperial Emblem was also tattooed just above her cunt, and her official title and serial number, Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, had been tattooed in a curve underneath the Emblem at the ProCorps Academy as well. The tattoos were standard for all ProCorps troopers.

Following her tattoos to the micrometer, the Imperial surgeons went in and irreversibly altered the melanin in her tattooed skin. The result was that instead of tattoos, her designation and the Imperial Emblem were actually a part of her skin. Seventy-Two cried with gratitude when the doctor explained it to her.

The last thing that the Empire enhanced was her hair. Once again the doctors went in, and genetically altered her hair color from dark brown to platinum blonde.

As a ProCorps trooper, Seventy-Two was nearly always at least a little aroused. When she wasn't, all she had to do was think about serving the Empire, and her pussy would start getting moist. As she gazed at her new self in the mirror, she traced a finger over her chastity belt, and the Empire's pussy it kept safe. Now she could serve the Empire even better.

Imperial Prostitute SX-61007, formerly known as Syal Antilles:
SX-61007 joined the ProCorps after visiting with Seventy-Two on board the Imperial Star Destroyer Admiral Daala. Since she was the Galactic Alliance Chief of State's personal shuttle pilot, High Moff Fel decided to do something special with her. Here is that story ...

“Chief Daala, I have someone I'd like you to meet,” Moff Fel said after they exchanged greetings. “You remember Captain Syal Antilles, your pilot who left the Galactic Alliance to join the ProCorps?”

“Of course,” Chief Daala answered with a smile.

Moff Fel nodded. “Lysa, you can come in now,” he said towards the open doorway.

From outside, a young woman who definitely wasn't Syal Antilles walked in. She looked about twenty years old, and assumed parade rest about half-way between them. Chief Daala recognized what she was wearing as a smartly tailored Galactic Alliance dress uniform, with no rank or other insignia, except for the Galactic Alliance emblem on her belt buckle. She also noticed the edge of a red durasteel collar around her neck, and red durasteel around her wrists, as well as the extremely high-heeled boots she was wearing.

Daala checked her out again. No, this definitely wasn't Syal Antillies. Moff Fel must be giving her a replacement.

The girl in front of her had noticeably larger breasts and a smaller waist than Syal had. She had black hair instead of dark blonde. Her facial features were also a little different, although if she looked closely, there was a vague resemblance. However, there was still the fact that Syal was definitely a few years older than this girl.

“Hello,” Chief Daala said, wondering if the girl would strip and masturbate for her like Jaina Solo had done when she visited the Admiral Daala, where Jaina had been kept as a sex slave.

“Good morning, Your Excellency,” Lysa said cheerfully. She stayed firmly at parade rest, and didn't attempt to shake hands.

Her voice didn't sound much like Syal's either. It was higher pitched.

Moff Fel introduced them. “Lysa Truden, as you know, this is the Chief of State Daala of the Galactic Alliance. Chief Daala, this is Lysa Truden, formerly known as Lysa Dunter ... and formerly known as Syal Antilles.”

“What?” Chief Daala asked incredulously upon hearing that the girl in front of her was Syal Antilles.

Then Chief Daala looked into the girl's eyes, and recognized her. That was about all she could recognize about her former shuttle pilot though. Chief Daala raised her eyebrow expectantly at Moff Fel.

“Age regression therapy,” he answered. “We usually don't perform it on ProCorps troopers so young, but we wanted to disguise her appearance as much as possible. She also received minor reconstructive surgery, to defeat face scanners. Oh, and we altered her retinas, and gave her a pair of double dee cups.”

He shook his head ruefully. “Normally we would have gone with larger breasts on a trooper with her frame, but we didn't want her to look too out of place.”

“Out of place where?” Chief Daala sked as she gazed at what had become of Syal.

“As your personal assistant, of course,” Moff Fel replied.

Now Chief Daala looked questioningly at him. “My personal assistant?”

Moff Fel frowned slightly. “Well, yes, that is what we prepared her for.”

Chief Daala looked back at young Syal. “Is she some sort of spy?” she asked, half-seriously.

Moff Fel smiled back at her. “I give you my word of honor that she isn't. However, if you feel you must decline, I have quite a few Moffs, Admirals, and Generals that would happily accept her.”

Chief Daala seemed to ponder that a moment. “Alright then, I graciously accept the Empire's generous gift.”

“Excellent!” Moff Fel replied enthusiastically. “She'll need quarters near yours, or your office. And she has some equipment that she needs to set up,” he informed her. “And if you have the slightest problem, with her or her equipment, comm the Imperial Embassy, and we'll take care of it.”

Even though Chief Daala considers herself straight, she generously allows her ProCorps trooper to lick her pussy every day at work. If she is really good, Chief Daala allows her to masturbate. Poor Lysa doesn't get to cum very often though ...

Imperial Prostitute SX-51473 (Seventy-Three for short), formerly known as Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila:
I haven't really discussed her very much, other than a brief appearance in chapter one. Well, after turning to the dark side and killing Grand Admiral Pellaeon, who was very popular in the Empire, Tahiri decided to make amends by joining Jaina, and serving the Empire. As you already know, she also quickly joined her in ProCorps training, and earned her serial number right after Jaina did. The Empire has taught her to accept the love of pain that she developed while imprisoned by the Yuuzhan Vong all those years ago.

Now Imperial Prostitute SX-51473 has also joined the ranks of the enhanced ProCorps troopers, and High Moff Jagged Fel has chosen her as his personal ProCorps trooper. The Moff council is very happy to see Admiral Pellaeon's killer serving his successor so faithfully and submissively. Seventy-Three knows that she has a long way to go to repay the Empire, both for her past deeds, and her enhancements, but she is doing her best, everyday.

Imperial Prostitute HC-00001, formerly (and still pretending to be) Queen Tenel Ka Djo of the Hapes Consortium:
Jaina and Tahiri, along with High Moff Fel, talked Tenel Ka into attending a short training program in the Empire. The Hapan Queen agreed, and became the first in the Hapes Consortium line of ProCorps troopers. Many, many of her female advisers and Naval Officers have since attended ProCorps training as well.

Tenel Ka is still Queen of the Hapes Consortium, at least in public. In actuality, she obeys the Empire. Since the majority of Hapans don't, she works with the Empire to keep their control a secret.

Imperial Prostitute SX-60309 formerly known as Jedi Knight Jysella Horn:
SX-60309 followed Jaina and Tahiri to the ProCorps Academy a few months later. Upon her graduation, she received breast enlargements. Since then, she has also been enhanced. She is still assigned to the Commandant of the ProCorps Academy, Colonel Drasi, who is actually the son of Ysanne Isard, who was an enemy of Jysella Horn's parents years ago. That rivalry played a major role in him selecting her as his personal ProCorps trooper.

Imperial Prostitute SX-60860 formerly known as Myri Antilles:
After Syal Antilles went to the ProCorps Academy, her younger sister Myri, went to spy on the Academy, under the guise visiting her big sis. Well, big sis thought she'd be much happier as a ProCorps trooper as well, and helped her “fill out the application.”

Thanks to his hard work for the Empire, Commandant Drasi is granted a second personal ProCorps trooper. He quickly selects Myri, and calls her Sixty. Sixty happily joins Nine in serving the Empire, and Commandant Drasi, in whatever way he desires.

Iella Wessiri Antilles & Mirax Terrik Horn:
Well, Jysella, Syal, and Myri have all decided to serve the Empire. (And are doing a great job of it!) For some reason, their moms think that this is a bad idea, and hatch a plot to rescue their little girls, and find out just what that evil Empire is up to.

Iella and Mirax find the secret location of the ProCorps Academy, just after Myri becomes Commandant Drasi's second ProCorps trooper. After a long day of happily filing ProCorps Academy records and taking dictation from Commandant Drasi, Sixty/Nine are contacted by their moms. As proper Imperial ProCorps troopers, they immediately alert Commandant Drasi. Thanks to the tip, the two middle aged would-be rescuers are quickly captured by Academy security.

Commandant Drasi is very thankful for Sixty/Nine's help in capturing the two trespassers, and happily rewards them several times that night.

After a few nights in custody at the ProCorps Academy, the two women are arrested, just to make things official. They are very remorseful for what they've done, and happily accept the generous offer the Imperial Prosecutor offers them.

They are sent to prison, on the Imperial Capital Bastion. Both are assigned to the same work detail; as night janitors at the Ysanne Isard Museum.

Now Iella Antilles and Mirax Horn happily spend every night cleaning and polishing the statues and other memorabilia of one of their most bitter enemies. The two prisoners are serving a lengthy sentence, however, and might be tempted to escape while the alcoholic night security guard is napping. So, just to be on the safe side, the two women perform their janitorial duties wearing durasteel ankle shackles, wrist cuffs with a thirty-centimeter chain, and shock-collars with tracking devices built into them.

They are very grateful to the Empire for making sure they can't make any more foolish mistakes. They are also generously allowed to listen to music from their earpieces and watch the interesting transparent patterns on their spectacles while they work.

Leia Organa Solo:
You'll have to read the rest of Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 Episode II: The Hapan Harem to find out what happens to her ...

Han Solo:
The scoundrel finally got what was coming to him. ;) Chief Daala had him arrested, and he's in a MaxSec GA prison. He really didn't do anything illegal, but if you've read any of the books, you know that Daala's evil.

Imperial Prostitute MX-04309, formerly known as Jedi Knight Valin Horn:
Well, somewhere in there Valin goes off to rescue his sister and the Antilles girls. Also disguised, he is now assigned to Chief Daala as well, as her personal butler and sex-slave. Chief Daala often brings Lysa home, and allows her two chastity belted ProCorps troopers to sexually torment each other. Of course, she never lets them satisfy one another—they both have to save all their energy for their Mistress.

There are plenty more male, and female, ProCorps troopers, but since they aren't really in the story, I'm not going to mention them.

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