Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Chapter 7
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place soon after the conclusion of Legacy of the Force. This is the 10th Star Wars story that I have written. Please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

And just so you know, Jaina Solo is now Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, or "Seventy-Two" for short.

Fifteen minutes later, they were both wearing their gym outfits, and walking out of Seventy-Two's quarters. Once they arrived they did Seventy-Two's usual workout, treadmill, weights, swoop-bike, and aerobics.

After their cool down stretches, they went back into the locker room, stripped down to their corsets, collars, chronos and comlinks, and showered together.

The shower quickly turned into an intense make-out session. They couldn't do much more, because they were both wearing chastity belts. Still, Seventy-Two knew that the Imperial troopers on board would appreciate the show.

They spent about ten minutes getting as horny as they could, then Syal finally pushed Seventy-Two away.

“You've got to get this thing off me!” she said pulling on her chastity belt with her thumb.

“If I could, don't you think I would take mine off?” Seventy-Two answered as she pulled at her own belt.

Mutually frustrated, both finished their shower, got dressed, and went to the galley to eat.

Once they got back to Seventy-Two's quarters, Syal asked her how she opened her chastity belt.

“I can't open it at all,” Seventy-Two answered.

“Well who the frakk can?”

“Actually, both of our belts are controlled by the ship's computer,” Seventy-Two replied after a slight pause.

“So how do I get it off?” Syal asked insistently.

Seventy-Two took a deep breath. “Well, only an Officer can open my belt,” she replied.

Suddenly, Syal's eyes lit up. “Hey! I'm an officer,” she announced happily.

“I meant an Imperial Officer,” Seventy-Two replied with a wry smile. She didn't really consider Galactic Alliance officers true officers anymore, and would be outraged if one of them could open her chastity belt. Unless the Empire wanted it, that was.

“Oh,” Syal said with obvious disappointment. “Well, which officer can open it then?” she asked, disappointment turning into hope.

“Well, any one of them can. They arrange times that they want to open it with the computer, and if I'm available, they can open it for how ever much time the computer says,” Seventy-Two explained. She left out the part about them paying the Empire to open her chastity belt and fuck her.

“What? Syal asked in confusion.

“Any Imperial Officer on board the Daala can arrange to have the computer unlock my chastity belt for a specific period of time.”

“Do you have sex with them?” Syal asked, understanding beginning to form on her face.

Seventy-Two smiled. “That's up to them, but why else would they want to open it?”

Syal starred back at her in shock. “So you just let any officer that opens your chastity belt have sex with you?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” Seventy-Two replied cheerfully. She could sense that Syal was a little turned on by the idea, but didn't want to embarrass her Rebel friend by bringing it up ... yet.

Syal sat there a few moments. “So that's what the big secret is!” she declared.

It took Seventy-Two a moment to realize what she was talking about. The promises that Syal made to Admiral Garowyn and herself not to talk about what she saw on board the Daala.

“You could have told me that,” Syal said after a few seconds.

“I was ordered not to,” Seventy-Two replied, instead of openly disagreeing with her.

“Oh, well, you can't argue with orders,” Syal answered with a smile.

“Nope,” she agreed.

“So that means that one of them can open mine too?” Syal asked.

“Um, let me check on that,” Seventy-Two replied as she stepped over to the computer terminal. “Only Admiral Garowyn can open your belt right now,” Seventy-Two told her after a minute.

Syal sat there several seconds, thinking. After a few minutes of discussion, Seventy-Two got ready for an appointment with the Daala's Captain. Fifteen minutes later, Seventy-Two left, leaving Syal alone in her quarters.

A little over three hours later, she returned to find Syal asleep. To her surprise, her music was playing softly over the room's speakers. Seventy-Two quietly stripped down to her collar, corset, chrono and comlink, used the 'fresher, and crawled into bed next to her.

A few hours later, a well-rested Seventy-Two woke up, and got ready to serve the Daala's Officers. After she was dressed, she checked the computer terminal for messages. She found one from Admiral Garowyn, instructing her to cuff Syal's hands behind her back, and leash her to the bed before she left.

Smiling, Seventy-Two slipped into the closet and retrieved a five-centimeter-long durasteel bar with a magnetic lock on each end, and a meter-long chain leash. Then she quietly approached Syal's sleeping form, and carefully locked one end of the bar to her right wrist cuff. Next, in one quick motion, Seventy-Two rolled her over, pulled both of her hands behind her, and locked the other end to her left wrist cuff.

“Hey?” Syal said in confusion as she woke up.

“I'm going out for a while,” Seventy-Two told her. “And Admiral Garowyn wants me to cuff you and leash you to the bed,” she added as she climbed off the bed.

Syal looked up at her groggily. “Oh, okay then,” she replied as she rolled back over to her side and closed her eyes.

Seventy-Two quickly attached one end of the leash to Syal's collar, and the other end to the anchor point at the corner of the bed. Then she happily walked out, mildly surprised that Syal had so easily accepted being restrained while she slept.

A little over four hours later, Seventy-Two returned to find Syal still cuffed and leashed to the bed, asleep. Her music was still playing softly.

“Wakey wakey,” Seventy-Two said as she nudged her side.

Syal groaned as she rolled over to her back.

“Did you have a good night's sleep?” Seventy-Two asked her as her eyes opened.

Syal blinked a few times. “Alright,” she replied groggily.

“Well it's time to get up. Admiral Garowyn needs her stimcaf. And typing done. And probably some other stuff too,” Seventy-Two said as she rolled Syal over and unlocked the chain between her wristcuffs.

After Syal got up, they decided to take a shower together. The shower in Seventy-Two's 'fresher was quite a bit smaller than the one in the gym, but since it was designed for her to get fucked in anyway, they still had plenty of room. They also had enough room to make themselves horny again, in Syal's case, very frustrated, since they couldn't do anything about it. Seventy-Two had just cum quite a few times, and was quite happy with the Empire controlling her orgasms, so not being able to cum didn't bother her at all.

Fifty minutes later, both were fully in uniform, heading for the galley, then to Admiral Garowyn's office. Syal was determined to speak with Admiral Garowyn about her chastity belt.

Fifteen minutes after they arrived, Admiral Garowyn came in. After they exchanged greetings, Syal asked her if she would unlock her chastity belt for her.

“Why?” Admiral Garowyn asked her, feigning puzzlement.

Syal visible squirmed for a few seconds. “Um, I need to um, relax,” she stammered. “It will only take a few minutes,” she added quickly.

Admiral Garowyn sat down on one of her pouf chairs. “So you want me to unlock the Empire's chastity belt so you can masturbate yourself to orgasm, right?”

“Ye— Yes Ma'am, Syal replied, softly, visibly blushing.

Admiral Garowyn smiled sympathetically. “I understand. You've spent a lot of time around Seventy-Two here, who fucks anyone she can.”

Seventy-Two didn't let her disagreement show. She wouldn't fuck any one. Just any Imperial.

Admiral Garowyn continued. “It must be hard for you, knowing that you can't orgasm while your slutty little friend cums twenty or twenty-five times a day.”

Syal looked shocked.

“You did know that she was sneaking out at night and letting my Officers fuck her, right?”

Syal glanced at Seventy-Two in betrayal. “No Ma'am,” she replied.

“Tsk tsk,” Admiral Garowyn replied, shaking her head. Then she changed the subject somewhat. “Now, you've been around Seventy-Two, who is very happy serving the Empire. You are obviously subconsciously jealous of her happiness.”

Syal stood there at parade rest, not sure how to respond.

“So, I am going to give you a choice. You can use this dildo,” she sat a smooth metallic dildo about twelve centimeters long on the caf table, then continued. “And have five minutes to orgasm. Or you can go without at least until tomorrow morning.”

Seventy-Two watched Syal gaze at the shiny dildo. A few days after she had received her first chastity belt at the Imperial Academy she had been given a similar choice.

“I — I'll do it,” Syal stammered after several seconds.

“I thought so,” Admiral Garowyn said as she hit a button on the remote in her hand. “Strip,” she ordered the young Galactic Alliance officer.

Syal stared back at her for a couple of seconds in puzzlement. “Here?” she asked incredulously.

“Right here. Right now. Or you won't cum for two days,” Admiral Garowyn replied sternly.

Syal swallowed nervously, then unbuckled her belt.

“Fold it neatly and lay it on the couch,” Admiral Garowyn instructed her after she took off her jacket.

A few moments later, Syal was standing there wearing nothing but her collar, chrono, comlink, and corset.

“Seventy-Two,” Admiral Garowyn stated simply.

Seventy-Two immediately understood. She looked down at her chrono, noted the time to the second, and said, “Now.”

Syal stood there blankly.

“Go ahead,” Admiral Garowyn said impatiently, waving her hand.

Syal grabbed the dildo and quickly pushed it into her soaking pussy. After a few strokes, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back in ecstasy.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” Admiral Garowyn instructed her. “I want you to see who is allowing you to orgasm,” she added.

Syal complied almost instantly.

“And do keep a little quieter, or I'll have Seventy-Two gag you,” Admiral Garowyn commented when Syal started moaning too loudly.

Seventy-Two kept track of the time while she watched Syal masturbate in front of Admiral Garowyn. Three minutes and forty-eight seconds after her time started, Syal bit her lip in an effort to keep quiet as she moaned in orgasm.

At Admiral Garowyn's instruction, she obediently licked the dildo clean. Then Admiral Garowyn allowed Syal a minute to step into the reception area's refresher to clean up. When she came back, Admiral Garowyn instructed her to put her chastity belt back on, and lock it. After barely a moment's hesitation, Syal put it on, and pushed the lock closed. Once she was dressed, it was time for Seventy-Two to start her personal assistant duties. Without needing to be told, Syal joined in.

At mid-morning Seventy-Two went into Admiral Garowyn's office alone, to give her her morning pussy licking. At mid-afternoon she did the same. The end of the day found both Seventy-Two and Syal standing at parade rest in front of Admiral Garowyn's desk.

Admiral Garowyn informed them that after a light supper — as if a ProCorps trooper ever had any other kind — and their workout, both of them would be spending the evening with her, in her quarters.

“Yes Ma'am,” they replied, and left for the galley.

After eating, they headed for the gym, then to Seventy-Two's quarters to change. There they found a message from Admiral Garowyn instructing them what to wear, and what to bring.

First Seventy-Two helped Syal put on the X-wing outfit that she had worn a couple of nights before. Then Seventy-Two put on the outfit Admiral Garowyn had instructed her to.

Her durasteel corset and chastity belt came first. Then a glossy black synth-hide bodysuit, complete with gloves. Over that she put on a fifty-millimeter tall silver durasteel collar, and a pair of matching wristcuffs. Both had four rows of spikes around them. Next she pulled on a pair of glossy black seventeen centimeter high heeled boots on.

After the boots Seventy-Two put a short riding crop on her right hip, and a set of binders on her left one. She smiled at Syal, who was blissfully unaware of the purpose of the riding crop and binders. Finally both pulled on long PVC coats to cover up, and left.

The first thing they did when they arrived at Admiral Garowyn's suite was to take off their coats. As Seventy-Two suspected, Admiral Garowyn was wearing her black dominatrix outfit.

First Syal learned how to roleplay a captured Galactic Alliance pilot. Seventy-Two played the part of Imperial Intelligence Agent Garowyn's assistant. Within minutes, the binders were clamped around Syal's wrists, stretched tight over her head. Agent Garowyn was vigorously cropping her ass, and asking her the location of the secret Rebel base. Captain Antilles bravely refused to give up the information.

After nearly an hour of restraint and punishment, Syal revealed the location of the base. Actually, she had been naming places for a while, and obviously enjoying the whole experience, but when Agent Garowyn saw that her eager captive was nearly at her limit, she ended the game.

After the role play, Seventy-Two helped teach Syal how to properly lick pussy. Admiral Garowyn insisted she practice on her several times before the night was finished. Neither of their chastity belts came off, and thus, neither got to orgasm the entire time though.

Three and a half hours after they arrived, the two frustrated women went back to Seventy-Two's quarters. After they crawled into bed, Seventy-Two cuffed Syal's hands behind her back. Syal barely even questioned why. Then Seventy-Two brought on own hands behind her back, and closed the binders around her wrists.

Soon they were asleep, with Syal's music playing. Just like the previous nights, Seventy-Two awoke a few hours later and went out to service as many Imperial Officers as she could. Tonight though, a Lieutenant Commander reserved her for an entire hour, so she could only satisfy seven.

When Seventy-Two returned, Syal was awake, trying to get her chastity belt off; obviously frustrated. Finally she gave up, and they got ready for duty.

As soon as Admiral Garowyn came into her office, Syal practically begged her to unlock her chastity belt. Admiral Garowyn flatly refused, and when Syal protested, she ordered Seventy-Two to gag her. Seventy-Two made sure that her spectacles and earpieces were in place after she locked the ballgag onto her. Silenced and still horny, Syal reluctantly went to work.

An-hour-and-a-half later, Admiral Garowyn called Seventy-Two in for her mid-morning pussy licking, and made sure that Syal heard her. Seventy-Two glanced at Syal, expecting her to be upset, but she just groaned and kept typing. At eleven hundred hours Admiral Garowyn instructed them to continue working, and left for her usual two hour lunch break. This had long been the normal routine for Seventy-Two, and Syal appeared to be getting used to not eating lunch now as well.

Mid-afternoon Admiral Garowyn ordered Syal to come into her office and watch Seventy-Two lick her pussy. She seemed to try to protest through the gag, but obeyed.

At the end of the day, Admiral Garowyn called them into her office, and instructed Seventy-Two to remove Syal's gag.

“Now Captain Antilles, do you still want to orgasm?” Admiral Garowyn asked her, as Seventy-Two pulled out her gag.

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal answered as she worked the soreness out of her jaw.

“Well then, I'm going to allow you to accompany Seventy-Two tonight. Every Imperial Officer that unlocks her chastity belt can unlock yours as well.”

Syal's eyes went wide as she realized what that meant, but she didn't protest.

“But first, you must promise to obey every Officer explicitly, just as Seventy-Two does.”

Seventy-Two watched Syal's face, gauging her reaction.

“Yes Ma'am,” she answered, her eagerness for an orgasm overriding her hesitation.

“Good. Now, Imperial Officers and enlisted personnel are well-briefed as to what they can and can't do with a ProCorps trooper, so there is no need for you to worry about being harmed. The Empire will take care of you,” Admiral Garowyn told her.

Seventy-Two wasn't quite sure if Syal realized that she would be watched. She wondered if she would find out that she had been monitored and recorded pretty much every second since coming on board the Daala. Seventy-Two was very grateful to the Empire for monitoring and recording her for her protection, and she hoped Syal would be too, if she found out. Because of Syal's Rebel training though, Seventy-Two didn't think she'd be very happy about it ... yet.

Of course, the main reason for the holocameras was to arouse any Imperial Personnel that might be watching. That was a very important part of all ProCorps trooper's duties, and it always turned Seventy-Two on as well. It would also cause them to pay more for the ProCorps troopers. Not that the ProCorps troopers ever got any of the credits.

After the ProCorps troopers' expenses were taken care of, twenty percent of the revenue that they produced went into the morale and welfare fund for the unit they were serving. Forty percent went towards taking care of Imperial Naval and Army veterans. The remaining forty percent went towards recruiting and training more ProCorps troopers. Seventy-Two felt proud to be helping take care of heroic Imperial veterans. It was the best possible use for a girl like her.

“Do you understand, Captain Antilles?” Admiral Garowyn asked her when she didn't immediately respond.

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal answered, a little hesitantly.

Admiral Garowyn watched her a moment. “You do understand that you'll be having sex with multiple Imperial Officers, don't you Captain Antilles?”

Seventy-Two watched Syal swallow nervously. “Yes Ma'am,” she replied, almost sure of herself.

“Good,” Admiral Garowyn replied with a nod of her head. “There is one little problem though. The name Antilles is a little too well known in the Empire, so only use your first name tonight, understand?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal answered.

Admiral Garowyn dismissed them, and they left for the galley. While they were eating, Seventy-Two took a moment to review the list of Officers that would be visiting her and Syal tonight. ProCorps troopers were allowed to do this to better anticipate their clients' needs and desires.

After a light dinner, Seventy-Two and Syal went to the gym to workout, then to Seventy-Two's quarters. Less than five minutes after arriving, Lieutenant Cranmiir walked in.

Both Seventy-Two and Syal were down to their uniform collar, chrono, comlink, corset, and chastity belts. Seventy-Two had changed into a pair of fifteen-centimeter slip-on wedge heels, while Syal was still barefoot. At Seventy-Two's suggestion, Syal was also still wearing her earpieces and spectacles.

“Hey baby, it's been a while,” he said as the door closed behind him. Then he noticed Syal, who had grabbed a pillow and was holding it in front of herself.

“Hey,” he said with a smile as he checked her out. “I haven't seen you around before.”,

“Hello Lieutenant,” Seventy-Two said. “This is my friend Syal from the Galactic Alliance. She is ... working with me tonight,” she explained.

He glanced at Seventy-Two in confusion, then looked back at Syal. “So what, I have to pick, or is it like a two for one deal?” he asked.

Seventy-Two thought about it a couple of seconds. “Yes Sir. You can have either of us, or both. I can watch, or Syal can watch. Or if you prefer, you can watch us,” Seventy-Two said with a smile as she walked over and wrapped her arm around Syal's corseted waist.

Lieutenant Cranmiir smiled at both of them. “Lucky me,” he replied happily. “Unfortunately, I've only got the time to fuck one of you, and since I've had you before,” he nodded towards Seventy-Two, “I'm gonna take Syal here for a spin.”

By the time he had decided, Seventy-Two had gently pulled the pillow away from Syal. From past experience, Seventy-Two knew that Lieutenant Cranmiir pretty much liked straight sex. As he undressed, Seventy-Two got Syal to lie on the bed, waiting on him.

Naked, Lieutenant Cranmiir ran his ID chit over the scanner on the front of Syal's chastity belt. Seventy-Two heard the familiar beep and the sound of the magnetic locks releasing, and she helped Syal pull it off, then set it down next to the bed.

As soon as the gleaming durasteel was out of the way, Lieutenant Cranmiir straddled Syal and slid his quickly hardening cock into her moist snatch. With his permission, Seventy-Two joined in, dividing her attention between kissing and caressing the two of them while he fucked her.

Seventy-Two was naturally far more concerned with pleasing Lieutenant Cranmiir than Syal. An Imperial Officer automatically mattered in ways that a Rebel didn't, even a former close friend such as Syal. She was already very lucky to be in a position that rightly belonged to a ProCorps trooper. During Seventy-Two's ProCorps training however, she had learned that seeing two attractive women together was very arousing to most men, so she spent some time on Syal for his benefit.

Syal was very aroused before they had started, so it only took her a few minutes to orgasm. Lieutenant Cranmiir on the other hand, was a bit older, not as horny, and thus took quite a bit longer. In fact, Syal was nearly to a second orgasm by the time he grunted and shot his load into her.

“Thanks baby,” he said wearily as he rolled off her.

Seventy-Two quickly sent Syal to the 'fresher to get cleaned up, while she helped Lieutenant Cranmiir get dressed.

A couple of minutes later, Lieutenant Cranmiir left, and Seventy-Two went into the 'fresher to see what was keeping Syal. Almost as soon as she walked in, Syal's comlink, her chrono, and from the bedroom, her chastity belt, all started beeping insistently. Seventy-Two quickly dragged her back into the bedroom and helped her put the chastity belt back on. Then she briefly explained to Syal that she would be punished if she didn't get it locked back on within sixty seconds.

Less than four minutes later, Ensign Trabbe arrived. He was very happy to find out that he was getting a bonus, and since he was young, virile, and energetic, he was also up to the task of taking advantage of both Seventy-Two and his bonus.

Nineteen minutes after they started, Seventy-Two and Syal heard the warning beeps from their chastity belts, chronos, and comlinks. They quickly untangled themselves from him and each other, and put them back on.

Ensign Trabbe was a little upset, he had been well on his way to his second orgasm. Imperial regulations were strict though. If you only pay for twenty minutes, then you only play for twenty minutes. With a sigh of resignation, he got up, and started getting dressed.

Soon after Ensign Trabbe left, Seventy-Two's next client came in. Well, clients.

Commander Will Wrikker was the Daala's first officer, and as usual, he was accompanied by his wife, Lieutenant Commander Diaana Wrikker, who was the ship's head counselor.

Of the Daala's sixteen thousand or so crew members, there were only a couple of hundred married couples on board. Out of those, only two couples used Seventy-Two regularly. She also knew that several other ProCorps troopers had some regular couples as well.

The Wrikkers normally reserved her for ninety minutes, so they each had plenty of time for her to pleasure them, but tonight they were scheduled for two hours. Seventy-Two wondered if they had been tipped off that Syal would be available as well as herself. That suspicion grew when Commander Wrikker revealed that he knew who Syal really was.

Usually the Wrikkers flipped a credit chip to see who would she would pleasure first, even though they would often use her together. Tonight though, they flipped one to see who got to pick first. Will Wrikker won, and chose Syal. While Diaana went into the closet to get a strap-on, he unlocked Seventy-Two's and Syal's chastity belts. Lieutenant Commander Wrikker returned naked except for the black strap-on, carrying two sets of binders.

Syal was a little nervous about being cuffed by a stranger, but after a little reassurance from Seventy-Two, she meekly allowed him to lock the binders onto her wrists behind her back. Thirty seconds or so later, both Seventy-Two and Syal were kneeling on the bed, leaning forwards with their asses sticking in the air, wrists cuffed behind their backs.

The Wrikkers each moved into position behind their chosen girl, and pushed their cocks, one real, one synthrubber, into their pussies simultaneously.

Several minutes of vigorous fucking later, Seventy-Two heard Commander Wrikker grunt as he came into Syal. It wasn't long until Seventy-Two felt her own orgasm nearing. From the sounds that Syal was making, she was about to cum as well.

“Ooohhh!” Seventy-Two screamed out less than a minute later. From behind her, she heard Diaana say offhandedly, “I win.” Then Syal screamed out in her own orgasm.

Next, Commander Wrikker, who was strangely upset, unlocked Seventy-Two's binders, and with two lengths of chain, cuffed her wrists to the ceiling about a meter apart. Then he pulled her feet a similar distance apart and secured them with shackles and magnetic locks attached to the deck. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Wrikker was strapping a double ended cock gag onto Syal.

First there were the straps that went around and over her head. Two went under her chin, cinching her mouth tight. Then there was the cock gag, which Seventy-Two knew from personal experience was about eight centimeters long, and four wide. A panel covered her mouth, which along with the gag, ensured her silence. The synthrubber cock extended through the panel, sticking out twenty centimeters to form the other end of the dildo.

The gag's purpose was to allow a submissive to pleasure their mistress while the mistress maintained control over their submissive. It was one of Admiral Garowyn's favorite restraints to use on Seventy-Two.

Once Commander Wrikker had Seventy-Two secure, he stepped into the closet.

“By the way, did we mention that we were having a contest?” Diaana asked them, while he was out of the room. Without waiting for an answer, she explained the contest.

“Whichever one of us made our little slave cum first, won! And since I did — ” she reached down and patted Syal's head — “Captain Antilles here is going to use that wonderful toy sticking out of her mouth to make me cum!”

“And while she's doing that, I'm going to be punishing the little slut that caused me to loose,” Commander Wrikker announced as he came back into the room. He grinned evilly as he displayed the short multi-tailed nerfhide whip he had.

Before they begin, Diaana insisted that her husband gag Seventy-Two, claiming that her gagged screams would turn her on. Commander Wrikker insisted on removing her corset, to give him a bigger target. Soon Seventy-Two was gagged and being flogged, while Syal pleasured Lieutenant Commander Wrikker with her double ended cock gag.

It seemed like an eternity to Seventy-Two before Commander Wrikker finally stopped flogging her. The whip was soft — the Empire didn't want its ProCorps troopers injured — but she had felt every lash. Still, Seventy-Two was happy that the Empire took good care of its ProCorps troopers.

First they had Syal replace Seventy-Two's corset, then they had her let her down. Next they switched places, with Commander Wrikker fucking Seventy-Two while Diaana flogged Syal. After that they strapped the double ended dildo onto Seventy-Two, and had her fuck Syal with it while they flogged each of them.

By the time the Wrikkers' two hours were up, everyone had cum multiple times. It was too much for Syal. She had never undergone the intense ProCorps training that Seventy-Two had, or worked out at the level she did to keep in shape. Syal was visibly exhausted by the time they left.

Just a few minutes later, another Imperial Officer came in. Luckily he wasn't very interested in a worn-out bed mate. Seventy-Two enthusiastically fucked him while Syal watched and twenty minutes later, he left satisfied and happy. Lieutenant Junior Grade Bordaan however, insisted on fucking Syal.

Lieutenant Bordaan even cuffed Seventy-Two's hands behind her back, and leashed her tightly to one of the attachment points in the corner. Syal was willing, but she just wasn't in as good as shape as Seventy-Two.

Lieutenant Bordaan complained loudly about her performance as he released Seventy-Two. Regulations were strict about releasing ProCorps troopers after using them. Seventy-Two apologized profusely, but he wouldn't hear it, and said he'd be filing a formal complaint.

As soon as he departed, Admiral Garowyn commed and summoned Syal to her quarters immediately. Seventy-Two happily handled another eighteen clients before the evening was over. Syal didn't return, but that didn't worry her. Nearly ten hours after she started, Seventy-Two crawled into bed, cuffed her hands behind her back, and went to sleep, still worried about Lieutenant Bordaan's complaint.

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