Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Chapter 6
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place soon after the conclusion of Legacy of the Force. This is the 10th Star Wars story that I have written. Please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

And just so you know, Jaina Solo is now Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, or "Seventy-Two" for short.

After nearly ten hours of duty — Seventy-Two did have to make up for the previous day — Admiral Garowyn released Seventy-Two from her personal assistant duties for the day.

Seventy-Two and Syal stopped by the galley for a quick bite to eat, then went to the former's quarters. Once they arrived, both stripped out of their uniform tunics and pants. Since they were in their quarters, Syal was able to unlock her uniform belt and boots without any trouble. Seventy-Two didn't think she realized that she had been locked in her uniform all day.

Then Seventy-Two suggested that they go to the gym again. Syal cheerfully agreed. Fifteen minutes later, Seventy-Two was in her gym outfit, complete with her favorite collar, chrono, and comlink. While they were out, the gym outfit Syal had worn the day before had been delivered to the room.

This time though, she wore her own red durasteel chrono and comlink cuffs, as well as a red durasteel collar that had been left for her. Besides the colors they were wearing, the only difference between the two was that Seventy-Two was wearing her chastity belt underneath her outfit.

Seventy-Two was surprised at how well Syal took to wearing a collar so openly. Most of the crewers they passed were very happy as well. The ones that asked what Syal's serial number was — most likely to buy some time with her — were a little disappointed when she told them that she wasn't a ProCorps trooper, but was just visiting the Admiral Daala. Seventy-Two did make sure to tell them that they were going to the gym though, which cheered the crewmen up considerably.

Since Seventy-Two and Syal were already dressed, when they arrived at the gym they immediately began stretching out. The rest of the session was similar to the previous day's. Seventy-Two easily outran Syal on the treadmill, as well as out-worked her on the lower body machines. It was the same for the exercise swoops. After the half-hour of aerobics, they did some cool-down stretching, then headed to the changing room.

In the locker room, both quickly stripped off their tops, shorts, socks and shoes.

“Hey, how do I get this thing off?” Syal asked as she tried vainly to pull the collar open.

“Just leave it on,” Seventy-Two encouraged her, hoping she wouldn't be too upset when she found out that she couldn't unlock any of her restraints outside of Seventy-Two's quarters.

“In the shower?” Syal asked.

“Sure, I wear mine in there all the time,” Seventy-Two replied.

Syal fingered the leash ring on her collar a moment, then followed her into the shower area. Both were collared, and wearing their durasteel chrono and comlink cuffs. While Seventy-Two was still wearing her chastity belt, Syal was otherwise naked.

In the open twelve-person shower, Seventy-Two quickly took the initiative by helping Syal lather herself up. She spent extra time on Syal's breasts and crotch area, which quickly turned the mutual showering into something closer to a standing sex session. She kept Syal from protesting too much by keeping her lips on hers, kissing her passionately.

After a couple of minutes of mutual kissing and petting, Seventy-Two looked up at one of the holocameras and gave their audience a smile and a wink. Then she pressed Syal against the wall and started grinding her chastity belt against Syal's crotch. Seventy-Two had Syal so worked up that she didn't even notice another ProCorps trooper come in a few minutes later. SX-36433 silently inquired if she could join them, but Seventy-Two waved her away apologetically.

Seventy-Two spent about ten minutes getting Syal hot and ready, then knelt under the shower spray and ate her to orgasm. When Syal opened her eyes, she finally saw that there were three other ProCorps troopers in the shower with them.

“OH— Frakk!” Syal gasped, still coming down off her post-orgasmic high. She frantically tried to push Seventy-Two away while trying to cover herself with her hands and arms.

The ProCorps troopers seemed amused, and a little puzzled by her actions.

“It's okay baby,” Seventy-Two quickly assured her as she stood back up, staying close to her. “You don't have to worry about them, they're friends.” While she didn't know any of the ProCorps troopers in the shower very well, it didn't matter. They were fellow servants of the Empire.

“Bu— but they saw us!” Syal exclaimed.

And so did several hundred Daala crew members, Seventy-Two thought wryly. “Trust me, they've seen a lot more in here. We do stuff like this all the time,” she said as she led the still agitated Syal out of the shower.

Seventy-Two's last statement was open to debate. The ProCorps troopers often played erotic games in the shower when they had the time, mostly as a show for the Daala's crew so they would spend more credits on them. However, all of the ProCorps troopers were wearing chastity belts, so none of them could actually orgasm.

By the time they had gotten back into the locker room and started drying off, Syal had calmed down some.

“They just caught me by surprise is all,” Syal said as she tossed her guest towel into the laundry chute.

“I'm sorry I didn't notice them either,” Seventy-Two apologized.

Intellectually, Seventy-Two knew she should feel bad about lying to Syal. But keeping Syal happy while she was on board the Daala would help convince her to go to the Academy, which was good for the Empire. She just had to show Syal how wonderful serving the Empire was.

Then Seventy-Two thought of another question. “Maybe next time one of them could join us?” she asked.

Syal blushed deeply. “Jaina!” she said in amused shock.

“Seventy-Two,” she quickly corrected her with a friendly smile.

“Sorry, Seventy-Two,” Syal replied. “I've only been with woman a few times. I don't know if I'm ready for that,” she said as she pulled a clean sports bra on.

“Well, maybe we can give it a try before you leave,” Seventy-Two commented as she pulled her own clean pair of hot pants up her toned legs.

“Maybe,” Syal answered with a slight smile.

Back in her quarters, Seventy-Two slipped off her gym outfit and into her durasteel corset and a pair of fifteen-centimeter heels. Then she stepped over to her computer terminal to check her messages. The terminal was divided off from the rest of the room by a wall, forming a small nook. She heard Syal turn on the holoscreen, then sit down on the pouf couch.

There were quite a few messages inquiring about who her friend was, and if she was a ProCorps trooper. There were also some messages from Officers, mostly her regulars, asking when she would be available again. Then there was a message from Admiral Garowyn, telling her that she had reserved a ProCorps room for her for later that night. Admiral Garowyn also had some instructions for her about Syal. Seventy-Two smiled with anticipation as she read what the Empire had planned for Syal while she was on board the Daala.

Seventy-Two shut down the computer and stepped out of the computer nook to find Syal sitting on her pouf couch, naked and collared. She seemed to be fascinated by the chrono and comlink cuffs on her wrists.

“You need to put your corset back on, Captain Antilles,” Seventy-Two told her as she picked up Syal's durasteel corset from her bed.

“Yes Ma'am, Corporal Solo,” Syal answered sarcastically as she stood up. She seemed to be on the verge of saying something else, but instead she held her arms out and took in a deep breath so Seventy-Two could wrap the durasteel plates around her midsection.

“Seventy-Two,” she reminded her.

“Sorry. Yes, Seventy-Two,” Syal responded slightly less sarcastically.

“You'll need to wear it as much as possible,” Seventy-Two told her as she pressed the edges of the durasteel together until she heard the lock engage.

Syal seemed to be on the verge of questioning this, but instead just replied, “Sure,” and sat back down.

Next Seventy-Two went to her closet and picked up a pair of high heeled sandals in Syal's size that had been left for her. “And you'll need plenty of practice walking in heels,” she said as she walked back over to the pouf couch.

The strappy sandals had a small platform of a couple of centimeters, and thin stiletto heels fifteen centimeters high.

This time Syal smiled genuinely as she raised her lower legs. Seventy-Two quickly strapped the heels onto her feet. She didn't mention that they were locked on, and thanks to Admiral Garowyn, only she could unlock them.

At Seventy-Two's suggestion, Syal got up and started walking around to get used to the stiletto heels.

“So, what are we going to do tonight?” Syal asked as she strutted around the room.

Seventy-Two still didn't know what to do with so much free time. Usually by this time she was almost ready for her second customer of the evening. Syal, on the other hand, had something in mind.

“I want to see some more of your outfits and stuff,” Syal said. “And try them on.”

“Sounds like fun,” Seventy-Two replied with a mischievous smile.

The two quickly went to the closest, and started pulling things out. Syal was amazed at some of the things Seventy-Two had. They were close enough in size that most of the outfits would fit Syal. After nearly an hour of trying on various outfits and restraints, Syal pulled out an orange fetish X-wing uniform.

It followed the idea behind the sexy silk Jedi robes Admiral Garowyn liked to see her in. The uniform consisted of a skin-tight orange bodysuit, with long sleeves and openings for the wearer's tits, and another that framed her neatly trimmed pussy and asshole. Since Syal was a little bigger than Seventy-Two, the suit was a little tighter on Syal than it was on her.

The next part of the uniform was a body harness with a web of three centimeter wide black nerfhide straps. The harness also formed a tight bra around Syal's exposed breasts, further displaying them. Connected to the harness by short vertical straps in the front and back were two eight-centimeter-wide straps that Seventy-Two buckled around Syal's upper thighs.

Seventy-Two also had to take off Syal's durasteel collar to make room for the eight centimeter wide nerfhide one that was part of the X-wing uniform. Her chrono and comlink were also replaced by eight centimeter wide nerfhide cuffs, while another pair of nerfhide cuffs went around her upper arms.

A pair of black knee high boots were also part of the uniform, but Syal's feet were a little bigger than Seventy-Two's, so Syal kept the strappy platform sandals she had been wearing. Planning for later, Seventy-Two found another pair of black nerfhide cuffs and locked them around Syal's ankles, over the sandals' ankle-straps.

After a few minutes of posing, punctuated by kissing and locking Syal's various restraints together, Seventy-Two started taking the X-wing uniform off her, piece by piece. Once Syal was naked except for her durasteel collar, corset, and nerfhide sandals, Seventy-Two locked a pair of durasteel shackles onto her wrists and another pair onto her ankles. Then she picked up a few items, and led Syal to the bedroom.

The two spent a few more minutes sensually kissing and petting, as Seventy-Two used the four lengths of chain she had brought to lock each of Syal's limbs to the bed, in a tight spread-eagle. Then Seventy-Two picked up the dildo she had also brought.

This particular dildo was made of black synthrubber, and was nearly twenty centimeters long, and nearly five in diameter. What Seventy-Two really liked about this one was that it had a magnetic base that she could use to attach it to the front of her chastity belt, forming a sort of strap-on. A few of her regulars, both male and female, liked for her to fuck them with it.

Syal squirmed in her bonds as Seventy-Two slowly climbed up onto the bed. Seventy-Two made sure to put on a show for the holocameras, making every move as sensuous as possible. She crawled atop Syal's supine form, and they shared a long kiss. Then Seventy-Two rose up a little, and posed with the tip of her dildo just centimeters from Syal's moist snatch.

With a wink to Syal, Seventy-Two reached down and turned on the dildo's built-in vibrator. She let Syal, and the holocameras get a good look, then slowly pushed her vibrating synthrubber cock into Syal's now-quivering pussy.

Seventy-Two quickly began fucking her captive partner, while Syal managed to push her hips back against her thrusts. Six minutes later, Syal screamed out in orgasm.

Seventy-Two kept her vibrating dildo in to the hilt until Syal finished. Then she pulled it out with a 'plop', and rolled off her.

“Damn baby, that was good,” Seventy-Two said with a sigh, pretending she was a man that had just orgasmed.

Syal giggled in response as she absentmindedly tried to lower her arms. “It certainly was for me. Twice in one day. Frakk, twice in just a couple of hours.”

“Well, you're not quite finished yet,” Seventy-Two said as she rolled back over and straddled Syal's chest. The dildo, which was still attached to her chastity belt, was sticking out towards Syal's face. “I need you to clean me off,” she added as she held her synthrubber dildo, still glistening with Syal's juices, just centimeters from her mouth.

Seventy-Two wanted Syal to do this mainly for the benefit of the Daala's crew members that were watching on their holoscreens. She knew how much men liked to see two women together, especially when they were doing something that wouldn't directly bring either of them pleasure, but was for their audience's entertainment.

The second reason she wanted Syal to suck her dildo clean was that she needed to get used to the idea that she was meant to serve the Empire, even if that meant licking her cum off a dildo while the Daala's crew watched via the holocameras, although Seventy-Two hoped she would enjoy that as well.

Syal hesitated several seconds, then tentatively reached out and took the tip into her mouth. Seventy-Two stayed still, making her strain her neck for it.

“A little help,” Syal asked, her voice barely intelligible with her lips around the tip of the dildo.

“Oh, sorry,” Seventy-Two replied casually as she pushed the dildo forward about ten centimeters, giving Syal better access to it.

Syal spent a minute or so licking and sucking her own juice off the synthrubber dildo. By the time she finished, she was smiling and winking up at Seventy-Two enthusiastically.

For Seventy-Two's part, she rocked her hips back and forth like Syal was giving her a blow-job. For the benefit of their audience. She hoped they enjoyed the show.

When Seventy-Two finally decided that it was clean, she climbed off the bed and to her feet. Then she picked up Syal's earpieces and spectacles from the nightstand, and, while Syal looked on in silent puzzlement, put them on her. Next Seventy-Two strutted back into her closet, and came out carrying a cock gag.

Syal was obviously listening to the music coming from the earpieces, and not really paying attention. Seventy-Two hopped back up onto the bed, and just as Syal opened her mouth in surprise, pushed the synthrubber cock between her lips.

Since Syal was chained spread-eagle, and could only move her head around, Seventy-Two had no trouble holding her still and strapping the gag in tight. Then she sat up, still straddling her.

“Now, Captain Antilles,” Seventy-Two said with a friendly smile. “I'm going to go to the 'fresher, and clean up a bit. I want you to stay right here, and listen to your music, okay?”>

As Syal groaned in frustration through the gag, Seventy-Two leaned down and kissed the nerfhide panel covering her mouth. As Syal stopped groaning, Seventy-Two climbed off the bed, and winked at one of the holocameras. Then she walked into the 'fresher, leaving Syal naked and chained spread-eagle on the bed, just a couple of meters from the door that she couldn't lock from the inside.

Twenty minutes later Seventy-Two came out of the 'fresher and sat back down on the edge of the bed next to Syal.

“Miss me?” she asked the bound and gagged woman.

Syal shrugged her shoulders in response.

Seventy-Two laughed, then released her so she could use the 'fresher. Afterward, the two went to bed. Syal wore her corset, collar, and wrist and ankle cuffs, none of which were attached to anything now, while Seventy-Two wore her collar, corset, chrono and comlink. Just like the previous night, Seventy-Two made sure to turn on the special music for Syal to listen to while she slept, like she had been instructed.

A few hours later, also just like the previous night, Seventy-Two woke up, and slipped out of the bed. After using the 'fresher, she checked the computer to find that a room was already reserved for her use. Then she pulled on her tight black PVC coat, and left.

Nearly four hours and eleven satisfied Imperial Officers later, Seventy-Two returned to find Syal awake, lying on the bed, idly running a finger around the outside of her pussy. She barely even reacted when the door opened, or when Seventy-Two stood in the door way, keeping it open.

“Having fun?” Seventy-Two asked her with an amused smile.

Syal smiled back lazily. “Hey, can I borrow one of your dildos? I tried to get one out of your closet, but the door wouldn't open.” she asked as she slipped a finger between her moist lips.

Seventy-Two finally stepped all the way into the room, and allowed the door to close behind her. “Sorry babe, we've got duty. No time for masturbating right now,” she replied.

Syal gave her a cute frown, then slowly licked her fingers clean. She didn't even ask why she had to report for duty. She just climbed out of the bed and went into the 'fresher.

Half-an-hour later, the two uniformed women headed for a quick breakfast at the galley, then to Admiral Garowyn's office. Since the Admiral wasn't in yet, Seventy-Two started her stimcaf, while Syal started straightening up the reception area. Both had music playing softly in their earpieces, and a colorfully transparent pattern playing on their spectacles.

When Admiral Garowyn finally arrived, nearly ten minutes later, both Seventy-Two and Syal snapped to parade rest.

“Good morning Ma'am,” they greeted her cheerfully.

“Seventy-Two, Captain Antilles,” she replied with a nod.

While Seventy-Two poured the Admiral's caf, she kept her eyes on Syal, who was still at parade rest.

“Did you have a good night's sleep, Captain Antilles?” she asked after a few moments.

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal replied as Seventy-Two handed the Admiral her caf.

Admiral Garowyn took a sip before speaking again. “And did you enjoy your other activities?”

Syal's eyes went wide for a moment. “Um, which other activities, Ma'am?” she asked carefully.

Admiral Garowyn paused dramatically before replying, “Why your workout in the gym, of course.” Then she took another sip of her caf. “What activities did you think I was asking about?”

“Um, I don't know, Ma'am,” Syal replied nervously.

Admiral Garowyn glanced at Seventy-Two with a smile, then walked over and sat down on one of her pouf-couches. “Well, Captain Antilles, do you still like your new uniform?” she asked.

“I love it,” Syal replied enthusiastically, still standing at parade rest.

“Good,” Admiral Garowyn replied with a nod of her head. “Don't you think you should be completely in uniform, though?”>

“Ma'am?” Syal asked, confused.

“You need to be wearing a chastity belt while you're on board the Daala,” Admiral Garowyn explained casually.

Syal glanced at Seventy-Two, then back at Admiral Garowyn. “Um, if you think it's best, Admiral Garowyn,” she replied tentatively.

Seventy-Two smiled. That was a very ProCorps response.

“It is,” Admiral Garowyn answered. Then she turned to Seventy-Two. “Take Captain Antilles to the ProCorps supply room and get her fitted with a chastity belt,” she instructed her.

“Yes Admiral,” Seventy-Two replied cheerfully, then led Syal out of the office, to be locked into a chastity belt.

It took them almost ten minutes to make the long trek to the ProCorps supply room. A ProCorps supply sergeant was waiting for them when they arrived. Syal seemed embarrassed as she told him her size, and insisted on him leaving the room so she could change. He went into the back and Seventy-Two helped Syal lock the chastity belt onto her.

Other than during role plays, Seventy-Two hadn't worn panties since the Academy. She didn't even think about them either, much less miss them. It made getting dressed just that much easier. She hoped Syal would go to the Academy as well, and learn to serve the Empire as she did. Idly, she wondered if Syal would ever wear panties again.

Nearly half-an-hour later they returned, both fully in uniform. Admiral Garowyn was in her office proper, at her desk. Seventy-Two and Syal stood at parade rest at the door, waiting for Admiral Garowyn to acknowledge them.

“Enter,” she instructed them after nearly a minute.

They walked in, and went back to parade rest a meter in front of her desk.

“Let me see it,” she told Syal.

Seventy-Two watched Syal out of the corner of her eye. After barely a moment's hesitation, she reached up to take off her belt.

“Um, It won't come off,” she explained, unnecessarily, to Admiral Garowyn.

Admiral Garowyn smiled. “That's right. It won't. Your uniform belt, collar, corset, boots, chrono, comlink, and now your chastity belt are locked onto you until I decide otherwise.” She gave Syal a few moments to consider that, then asked, “You don't have a problem with that, do you Captain Antilles?”

Now Seventy-Two turned her head a couple of centimeters towards Syal, to get a better look at her face.

“Um, no Ma'am,” she replied after a moment's hesitation, still looking slightly confused.

“Excellent,” Admiral Garowyn replied with a smile. “Now, Seventy-Two has fallen behind on her ProCorps duties since you've come on board, so I have decided that she is going to spend the rest of the day attending to them. You will stay here and cover for her as my personal assistant,” she instructed them.

“Yes Admiral,” Seventy-Two replied happily.

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal replied a moment later.

“Seventy-Two, get Captain Antilles started on your typing, and tell her anything you think she should know, then you can attend to your other duties,” Admiral Garowyn instructed Seventy-Two.

“Yes Admiral,” she replied obediently as they turned to walk out of her office.

“And Captain Antilles, while I don't expect you to fill in completely for Seventy-Two, I do expect you to give your best effort at all tasks, understood?”>

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal answered.

Both paused another few heartbeats, then walked out of the office and into the reception area.

Seventy-Two quickly showed Syal how to use the computer's word processing program, and what she needed to type. She wondered if Admiral Garowyn would have her perform the more 'personal' of Seventy-Two's personal assistant duties, but didn't mention it. Instead, she just told Syal when to expect Admiral Garowyn to summon her, and left.

Seventy-Two spent the next eight hours or so servicing a steady stream of Imperial Officers. Nearly nine hours later, Syal came into her room. Seventy-Two was resting on her bed, wearing her favorite collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono and comlink, and fifteen-centimeter heels. There was no mistaking the smell of sex in the room.

“Ready to hit the gym?” Syal asked with a smile as she stood in the doorway, keeping it open.

After countless hours working out in the gym, and in the bedroom, Seventy-Two was in fantastic shape. Still, she was used to working out before hours of sex, so she was a little tired at the moment. “How was your day?” she asked Syal, changing the subject for the moment.

Syal walked into the room, letting the door close behind her. “Fine. I typed until my fingers hurt, then got Admiral Garowyn her lunch—she didn't let me eat—then I typed some more,” Syal said as she sat down on the pouf couch. “Oh, and I gave her a full body massage,” she added as she took off her spectacles and earpieces.

Seventy-Two raised an eyebrow in mild surprise. She hadn't thought Admiral Garowyn would go that far so soon. She quickly recovered however. “Great,” Seventy-Two replied casually. “I hope you did a good job.”

Syal pulled off her belt before replying. “Admiral Garowyn said I did alright.” Then she frowned as she pulled off her uniform jacket and added, “But she said that I had to practice more.”

Seventy-Two smiled back at her. “Well, I'd let you practice on me, but ... ” and looked down at her own chastity belt.

Syal reached down, and pulled off her boots. “She also told me that I could only open my chastity belt like yours opened, and that you would tell me how.”

Now Seventy-Two rolled over and looked at her a moment. She could only take off her chastity belt when an Officer ran his ID chit over the scanner on the front of her chastity belt. “She did?” she asked carefully.

Syal pulled off her jodhpurs. “Yes. She did.”

Seventy-Two wasn't quite ready to explain that to her yet. “Let's hit the gym,” she suggested, changing the subject.

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