Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute SX-51472
Chapter 5
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place soon after the conclusion of Legacy of the Force. This is the 10th Star Wars story that I have written. Please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

And just so you know, Jaina Solo is now Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, or "Seventy-Two" for short.

A few hours later Seventy-Two woke up, well rested and horny. The music was still playing softly. Even serving just the Officers of the Admiral Daala — and she shared that duty — she was routinely fucked at least a dozen times a day. Then she noticed the faint message light on her comlink.

It was from Admiral Garowyn, instructing her that she could perform her ProCorps duties while she wasn't busy with Syal. Seventy-Two smiled at Admiral Garowyn's concern for her. She knew that she would be very horny after so long without sex.

Seventy-Two, on the other hand, was mostly concerned about the morale of the Imperial Officers who fucked her regularly, especially Admiral Garowyn.

Conscious of Syal asleep less than a meter away, Seventy-Two slipped out of her bed and walked to the 'fresher. She barely even noticed the fifteen centimeter heels on her feet.

After using the 'fresher, Seventy-Two stepped over to her computer terminal and made a reservation for an open ProCorps room for the next four hours. Then she silently shut down the terminal, and slipped into her closet to change.

Five minutes or so later, Seventy-Two stepped back into her room, wearing her durasteel corset again. Over that she was wearing the tight black PVC coat that ProCorps troopers wore to stay decent when out in public. Out of curiosity she stepped over to the enviro-controls and turned the lights on to their lowest setting, to see how Syal was doing. She was sound asleep, resting on her side, with both forearms and hands hanging off the edge of the bed.

Seventy-Two knew that she really shouldn't do it, but she just couldn't resist. She quickly walked back to her closet, and grabbed a set of binders off their hook on the left wall.

Then she stepped back into the room and smiled up at one of the holocameras while holding up the binders. Next she walked over and knelt next to Syal's wrists, which were almost the perfect distance apart, and carefully closed the binders on them.

She only had to move her right arm a few centimeters to get the binders locked shut around her sleeping friend's wrists. As Seventy-Two did this, she fantasized about Syal being a Rebel spy, and she was arresting her. She left the binders a little loose, so hopefully they wouldn't wake her up before she got back. Then Seventy-Two smiled up at the holocameras one more time, turned off the light and walked out.

Seventy-Two arrived at the ProCorps room to find Ensign Davves, one of her regulars, already there waiting on her.

“Hey baby, I was so happy when I saw that you were available,” he said enthusiastically.

“And I was so glad to be available,” Seventy-Two replied as she stripped off her coat and tossed it over a pouf-chair. “Especially for you, Lieutenant,” she added with a wink. He, like quite a few other Officers, liked her to call them by a higher rank than they had actually earned. In fact, one Lieutenant Commander liked to be referred to as Grand Admiral.

Seventy-Two had been trained to make every Imperial feel like they were her favorite. It was part of the 'morale' component of her mission. Even the most incompetent Officer would feel great after a little time with a ProCorps trooper.

Since Ensign Davves had only paid for fifteen minutes, he quickly stripped off his own civilian clothes. Then Seventy-Two stood still while he ran his ID chit over the scanner on the front of her chastity belt.

As soon as she pulled the belt off, Ensign Davves grabbed her arm and practically dragged her to the bed. She eagerly fell onto her back and spread her legs wide. He obliged her by climbing up and plunging is already rock-hard cock in to her pussy.

The sex was nothing more that straight, hard fucking. Less than ten minutes later, Seventy-Two felt him tense, and shoot his load into her. She screamed out as she matched his orgasm with her own.

Ensign Davves rested a couple of minutes, then rolled off her and started getting dressed. Meanwhile, Seventy-Two climbed off the bed and headed to the 'fresher to clean up. When she came out a couple of minutes later, he was gone. His absence, or the fact that he hadn't even said bye didn't bother her at all. Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 was just happy to be able to serve.

Suddenly, her comlink, chrono, and most importantly, chastity belt all started beeping insistently. That meant she had sixty seconds to get the belt back on, or face a fine and punishment. Seventy-Two quickly ran over — she was quite used to towering high heels and could run surprisingly fast in them — and picked up her chastity belt off the floor. Seconds later, she had it locked into place.

Then Seventy-Two started tidying up the room, in anticipation of her next appointment. A few minutes later the door chimed with another client.

“Well Hello, Lieutenant Diirkson,” she greeted him with a smile as he came in.

“Hey Ellie, we've got to hurry, I'm on my stimcaf break,” he replied as he started undressing.

Three and a half hours and ten satisfied Officers later, a very happy and well-fucked Seventy-Two headed back towards her quarters. As she stepped into the turbolift she glanced at her chrono. She still had nearly two hours until she had to report for duty.

Smiling, Seventy-Two held her crotch against the scanner by her door. As it opened, she caught a glimpse of Syal sitting up on the bed, frantically pulling the covers over her body with her still-cuffed hands.

“Jaina!” Syal screamed as she clutched the blanket to her chest. Her panic was obvious. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um, this is my room,” Seventy-Two responded to the ridiculous question. “What are you doing?” she asked as she walked over to the side of the bed near Syal. The special music was still playing softly.

“Um, um ... Hey! How did these get on me!?” she asked, still agitated. She held up her cuffed wrists to display the binders, letting the blanket fall to her waist.

Seventy-Two sat down on the edge of the bed, less than arm's length from her. Syal responded by trying to scoot away. “Oh, sorry about that. You were sleeping on your side, with your arms hanging over the edge of the bed, and I just couldn't help myself,” Seventy-Two explained. “Do you want me to take them off?” she asked cautiously.

“Oh, um, no, its alright. Its just that I woke up, and there they were, and I couldn't get them off,” Syal replied.

“So you like them?” Seventy-Two asked with a smile as she leaned closer to Syal. Then she caught a familiar scent. The scent of an aroused woman. When Seventy-Two had first seen her frantically trying to cover herself up, she had suspected. The scent confirmed it. Syal had been masturbating!

“Um. ... sorta,” Syal replied tentatively.

Seventy-Two smiled as she pulled off her coat and tossed it on the bed. Her corset only served to display her tits, throwing Syal further off balance. “Do you want to try on some more then?” she asked. “Or do you want to borrow one of my vibes?” she asked conspiratorially.

“What? No!” Syal shouted in reply. Then she paused and leaned forward. “You mean you have more binders?” she asked as she looked down at the ones around her wrists.

Seventy-Two grinned back. “I have all sorts of things you'll like. Come on!” she exclaimed as she grabbed Syal by her binders and dragged her towards the closet.

“Jaina! Wait!” Syal shouted as she tried to keep from falling off the bed.

Seventy-Two ignored her protests, and kept pulling her towards the closet. Then she glanced back, and saw that Syal was naked from the waist down. Her pussy was glistening. “Ooh, looks like you had some fun,” Seventy-Two she said as she turned on the light in the closet.

On the right side and back wall of the walk-in closet were Seventy-Two's uniforms, and a wide assortment of costumes for entertaining. Since being posted to the Daala, she was assigned exclusively to Officers, who often wanted more than just a straight fuck.

Low shelves ran underneath, with nearly two dozen pairs of shoes and boots lined up neatly on them. The left wall had waist-high drawers along most of it. The drawers were filled with all manner of clothing, lingerie, and sex-toys, not that Syal could see inside them.

Above the wall-length set of drawers were dozens of pegs and hooks, with a sampling of restraints and related bondage gear, along with some implements of discipline. Most of the restraints were custom-sized for Seventy-Two.

A set of shelves was at the end of the drawers, with other restraints, sex-toys, and odds-and-ends that Seventy-Two used in her duties. Or just for fun.

Syal stood there staring at it all, only wearing her undershirt and the binders. Seventy-Two took advantage of her distraction by pulling a thick nerfhide collar off the wall, and brought it up to her neck.

“Hey!” Syal said in mild surprise.

“Relax,” Seventy-Two replied as she locked the seven-centimeter wide collar around her neck.

Then, as Syal ran her cuffed hands along the front of the collar, Seventy-Two reached up and unlocked the binder on her left wrist.

“Wait,” Syal protested mildly as Seventy-Two spun her around and pulled both arms behind her back, and locked her wrists back together.

Seventy-Two stepped in close, and put her left hand on the small of Syal's back. Her right hand went under her tank top and caressed her just below her breasts. “You look sooooo sexy like this, Syal,” Seventy-Two cooed into her ear.

“Jaina!” Syal said incredulously as she weakly tried to pull away.

“Call me Seventy-Two,” she answered as she began kissing her neck and cheek insistently.

“Seventy-Two?” Syal asked, losing the battle and the will to tear herself away.

“Yeah, Seventy-Two,” she repeated as she half-lifted, half-pushed Syal onto the drawers. Then, while still kissing her, she reached down and opened a drawer, and pulled out one of her vibrating dildos.

Since Seventy-Two wore her chastity belt virtually all the time, and was well fucked anyway, she didn't have many opportunities to use a dildo. The only reason she was even issued one was that some Officers liked to watch her use it on herself for their amusement. The same applied for most ProCorps troopers.

A few Officers, mainly Admiral Garowyn, would let her get to the verge of orgasm, then order her to stop. Lately Admiral Garowyn was fond of having her get to the verge several times before her personal assistant duties, leaving her horny and frustrated all day.

Seventy-Two pushed herself between Syal's knees, keeping her legs spread. Then she quickly turned the vibe on and thrust it into her soaking pussy.

“OOHH!!” Syal screamed out in ecstasy.

“You like that baby?” Seventy-Two asked her as she drove the dildo in and out of her pussy.

“Jaina!” Syal shouted as she squeezed her durasteel corset with her legs.

“I told you baby, call me Seventy-Two,” she repeated between passionate kisses.

Now Syal eagerly kissed her back as she kept pushing the dildo in and out. Several minutes of hot lesbian action, later, Syal screamed wordlessly in orgasm.

“Oohhh Jaina,” Syal said breathlessly, as she leaned back against the wall. Several restraints had been knocked down during their sex session. “I can't believe we did that. I ha—”

Seventy-Two silenced her by putting the hand she had held the dildo with over her mouth. “I told you, call me Seventy-Two.” She held her hand, wet with Syal's juices, there a few more heartbeats. “Understand?”

Syal nodded her head in agreement, and Seventy-Two slowly dropped her hand down. Then she smiled seductively, picked up the dildo and started licking it clean. Syal giggled embarrassingly.

“Ja— Seventy-Two?” she corrected herself.

“Hmm?” she replied wordlessly before sliding the dildo into her mouth.

“Will you unlock me please?” Syal asked as she twisted and displayed the binders. “I need to get cleaned up.”

Before replying, Seventy-Two slowly licked the dildo a few more times, ensuring that every trace of Syal's cum was off. The she picked up a one meter long chain leash that had been knocked off the wall, and snapped the clip onto the D-ring at the front of Syal's collar. Next she pulled a pair of ankle shackles and a ballgag off the wall.

“Follow me,” Seventy-Two instructed her calmly as she tugged on the leash.

Cuffed and speechless, Syal slid off the drawers and followed Seventy-Two back into the bedroom.

“Ja — Sevent— Hey! Why the droyk do you have a tattoo that says Imperial Property on your ass?” Syal asked in shock. Seventy-Two mentally chided herself. She had been so caught up in pleasuring Syal, she had forgot she hadn't seen her tattoo. “To match my gym shorts,” she replied as she stopped at the foot of her bed.

“What?” Syal asked in disbelief.

Now Seventy-Two turned and faced Syal. “I got it at the Academy,” she answered truthfully as she pushed Syal to a sitting position on the end of the bed. Then she saw Syal glance down at her crotch, and her tattoo of the Imperial Emblem peeking out from either side of the crotch-strap of her chastity belt. “That one too,” she explained as she turned to the side, so Syal wouldn't have a chance to read the words Imperial Prostitute underneath the Emblem.

“Oh,” Syal replied, apparently satisfied. Then she had another question. “Are you going to unlock me?” she asked tentatively.

“Soon,” Seventy-Two replied matter-of-factly. “But first I have to use the 'fresher, and get ready for duty. So what I'm going to do is put these ankle cuffs on you, and gag you while I get ready, okay?”

“Um ... Okay,” Syal replied hesitantly. “But I need to get dressed and check in with Chief Daala, too,” Syal added as she raised her feet at Seventy-Two's silent gesture.

Seventy-Two locked the ankle cuffs, which were connected by a forty centimeter chain, onto Syal's outstretched ankles. “I know,” she said to Syal as she raised the ballgag to her face.

Syal obediently opened her mouth and Seventy-Two pushed the synthrubber gag in. Then she pulled the nerfhide straps behind her head and buckled them tight. Next she locked the free end of the leash to the restraining point at the end of her bed. After that, Seventy-Two turned on the holoscreen for her.

“Don't go anywhere,” she said with a smirk as she walked into the 'fresher.

Half-an-hour later, Seventy-Two wandered back into the bedroom. She had stripped down to her collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt for her shower, but now she was wearing her heels and durasteel corset again as well. Syal was still sitting on the edge of the bed.

Seventy-Two smiled. She hadn't given her enough slack to lie down or move around very far. When Syal saw her, she started shouting at her through the gag. Curious, Seventy-Two leaned over unbuckled the ballgag.

“Frakk, Jaina!” Syal exclaimed. “A droid came in while you were in the 'fresher and the door just stayed open the whole time he was in here!”

That explained the muffled scream she had heard from Syal while she was in the shower. “Oh, sorry about that. I guess I forgot to mention that I can't lock the door,” Seventy-Two replied soothingly. She choose to ignore the fact that Syal had called her Jaina again. She also didn't think it was the best time to mention that the door could only be locked from the inside by someone that was fucking her and wanted privacy. Or that her door could be locked from the outside if Admiral Garowyn or someone else wanted her to stay put.

“What?” Why can't you lock your own door?” a confused Syal asked her.

“Well, its not my door, its the Empire's door,” Seventy-Two told her. “I've never even thought about locking it.”

“What?” Syal asked again in bewilderment. “Not even when you go to sleep?”

“Nope,” she replied with a smile. “I know the Empire will take care of me, no matter what,” she added happily. Before Syal could respond, Seventy-Two asked her question. “Why did the droid come in here anyway?”

Syal glanced over at the open closet door. “He said he had a clean uniform that had been sent by Chief of State Daala specifically for me,” she said.

“Good,” Seventy-Two replied with a nod of her head. “Lets get you out of those binders and shackles, and into the 'fresher then.”

Seventy-Two quickly set about releasing Syal from the binders and ankle cuffs, then told her the 'fresher was all hers.

“What about this?” Syal asked as she reached up and tugged on the nerfhide collar.

“It'll be fine,” Seventy-Two told her. Then she frowned slightly. “Unless you really want me to take if off, that is?”

Syal seemed to debate this a couple of seconds. “No, I guess its okay,” she answered reluctantly.

While Syal went into the refresher, Seventy-Two headed towards the closet to get ready for duty. It only took her a five minutes or so to get dressed, including her earpieces and spectacles. Then she looked at the uniform that Chief Daala had sent for Syal. Seventy-Two smiled as she imagined Syal wearing the modified Galactic Alliance uniform.

A few minutes later, Syal came out of the 'fresher, still wearing the collar and holding a towel around herself.

“Chief Daala wants me to wear this?” Syal asked indigently as she stared at the uniform Seventy-Two had laid out on the bed for her.

While the uniform in question appeared to be a standard-issue Galactic Alliance starfighter pilot's dress uniform, further examination revealed some interesting modifications.

The long-sleeved tunic and pants were practically the same as before. Dark blue, the Alliance's color, with red trim. The other items however, where obviously borrowed from the Empire's ProCorps uniforms.

Syal reluctantly dropped her towel and Seventy-Two wrapped the durasteel corset around her midsection. Syal had to hold a deep breath so she could engage the lock. The corset displayed her breasts nicely. Instead of a chastity belt, there was a tiny black thong. With her new corset locked on tight, Syal could barely bend down far enough to slide her new panties on. Next, Seventy-Two closed the five centimeter wide red durasteel chrono and comlink cuffs around her wrists.

Then came the blue durasteel collar. This one was just like the one ProCorps troopers wore while in uniform, except for the color. Seventy-Two was sure Syal heard the subtle 'click' as she locked the collar around her neck.

There was also a thin black tank top style undershirt, that unfortunately concealed Syal's nipples. Next Seventy-Two helped her into the uniform pants and tunic. Both appeared to be tailored to be worn with the corset.

Then Seventy-Two had Syal sit down and she pulled the black ankle boots onto her feet. They had thick soles in front and twelve centimeter chunky heels in the back. The boots also had hidden shackles at Syal's ankles, just like Seventy-Two's did at her ankles and just below her knees. She didn't think Syal realized they were locked on now, though.

Last of all was the black eight centimeter wide nerfhide belt. Syal closed it herself, locking it tightly around her waist. As Syal stood in front of the mirror, Seventy-Two realized that the pants were also lengthened several centimeters, so Syal would have to wear the high heeled boots to avoid walking on the hem.

While Syal adjusted her uniform in the mirror, Seventy-Two hooked Syal's earpieces into place on her, and pushed the spectacles into their sockets.

Seventy-Two took a few minutes to help Syal get used to the spectacles and earpieces, not to mention walking in the heels. The information from the spectacles could be very disorienting to a new user. Once Syal got some nice soothing music playing in her earpieces, they turned their attention to their uniforms. A couple of minutes later, the two uniformed and restrained women walked out side-by-side.

Almost as if she had been watching them, Chief Daala commed Syal just a few seconds after they left the room, and instructed her to come to Admiral Garowyn's office.

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal replied cheerfully as she glanced at Seventy-Two.

Admiral Garowyn, Chief Daala, and Boba Fett were waiting for them in the Admiral's reception area. Both Admiral Garowyn and Chief Daala were very impressed with Syal's new uniform. Fett probably was too, but he didn't say so. Seventy-Two immediately checked to make sure there was a fresh pot of stimcaf for the Admiral and her guests.

“Those ProCorps troopers really know how to dress,” Chief Daala commented.

Syal thanked them and blushed at the attention. Then Chief Daala got to the reason she summoned Syal.

“Captain Antilles. As you know, we are scheduled to depart the Daala this afternoon.” Syal nodded in agreement and Chief Daala continued. “Admiral Garowyn has generously offered you the opportunity to stay on board and visit your friend. The Admiral's schedule happens to take her to Yaga Minor in a week, and I'll be stopping by a few days later. Would you like to stay on board?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal replied without a moment's hesitation.

Seventy-Two was thrilled. She smiled as she began straightening up the Admiral's reception area.

“Excellent,” Chief Daala said. “Now, this is a military vessel, and Admiral Garowyn can't have passengers on board for that long. So you'll be assigned some minor duties, okay?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Syal replied again, as Seventy-Two brought Admiral Garowyn her stimcaf.

“Good,” Chief Daala replied as she accepted the stimcaf Seventy-Two offered her. “I expect you obey Admiral Garowyn's instructions implicitly.”

Syal frowned slightly, but was wouldn't dare argue with her Commander in Chief. “Yes Ma'am,” she replied.

“By the way, how do you like the additions to your uniform?” Chief Daala asked after taking another sip of the stimcaf.

Seventy-Two watched Syal's reaction.

“I like it,” Syal replied weakly.

Chief Daala, Admiral Garowyn, and Seventy-Two all looked at Syal a moment. “It looks great on you,” Chief Daala said. “I think it will be your duty uniform from now on. Wherever you end up.”

“Thank you Ma'am,” Syal said, puzzled by the last comment.

A few hours later, Chief Daala's shuttles returned to her flagship. Fifteen minutes after that, her eight-ship fleet went into hyperspace.

Syal accompanied Seventy-Two and Admiral Garowyn to see Chief Daala off. Then she returned to the Admiral's office with Seventy-Two, and spent most of the day cleaning the reception area. With Syal handling her cleaning duties, Seventy-Two was able to spend extra time in the Admiral's office, mostly licking her pussy.

Syal didn't seem to mind the boring work at all, she just hummed along to the music in her earpieces.

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