Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 13
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth part of the story of Jaina Solo's transformation into Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. The other stories are also located in WookieeHut, as well: Remember, please leave me feedback, Ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

A few weeks after all the Jedi recover from the Empire's brainwashing scheme.

Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia sat at her receptionist desk outside Acting Grand Master Durron's office, working. She was wearing her light-brown pants, tight off-white tunic, and brown fifteen-centimeter wedge-heeled boots. Her five-centimeter-wide black durasteel chrono was locked onto her left wrist, and her matching comlink on her right wrist. Both were new. Master Durron had gotten wrist chronos and comlinks for all the Jedi that wanted them—free of the Empire's tracking and spy equipment.

Underneath her robes Ta'tan'ia was wearing a durasteel corset, and a bright yellow thong. Her tracking collar—well, Chief Daala's tracking collar—was locked around her neck. Ta'tan'ia also had a brown nerfhide head harness on. Her outer robe was in her room—she practically never wore it inside the Temple. As she was typing, Ta'tan'ia received a call on her comlink. She glanced down, and saw that it was Chief Daala's personal assistant, Syal Antilles.

“Good morning, DP,” Ta'tan'ia said once the connection had been made.

“Good morning Ta'tan'ia,” DP replied cheerfully. “Chief Daala would like Master Durron to come to her office as soon as possible.”

Even though it was just a comm-call, Ta'tan'ia nodded her head in agreement without thinking. “Of course, DP. I'll let him know immediately,” she replied as she pulled up Master Durron's schedule to see what adjustments she would have to make for him. Luckily they were minimal. Since Jaina Solo had recovered from her brainwashing, Master Durron spent nearly every waking moment with her, allegedly instructing her in redeveloping her Force abilities.

Ta'tan'ia's opinion of Chief Daala wasn't quite as high as it had been since she learned of her knowledge of the Empire brainwashing the Jedi. Still, she was the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, and could summon the Grand Master of the Jedi Order whenever she wished to.

“She instructed me to tell you that she wants you to come as well,” DP added.

“Okay,” Ta'tan'ia replied, a little surprised. While her opinion of Chief Daala had cooled somewhat, she was still the Chief of State, and Ta'tan'ia admired and liked her.

Master Durron was in one of the training rooms with DJ, who also went by Jaina or Seventy-Two these days. When Ta'tan'ia entered to tell him that Chief Daala wanted to see him, it seemed like DJ was closer to finding out how hard his cock was instead of discovering the mysteries of the Force.

Ta'tan'ia was pretty sure that Master Durron wouldn't be very happy about having to pay Chief Daala a visit even if it wasn't interrupting his training session with DJ. Still, as soon as he approved of Ta'tan'ia adjustments to his schedule, they headed towards the Chief of State's office.

While he was reviewing the adjustments to his schedule, Ta'tan'ia commed the Galactic Alliance security officers on duty at the Main Entrance of the Temple and informed them to expect Master Durron's departure momentarily. Per Master Durron's agreement with Chief Daala, any Jedi without a tracking device had to notify the Temple security officers at least fifteen minutes in advance if they wished to leave the Temple.

Captain Savar, who was the commander of the security officers that guarded the Temple, had been waiving the fifteen minute notification policy for Jedi Masters for awhile now. One of the officers on duty would serve as the Master's observer as soon as they were ready to leave, as long as they didn't all try to leave at once. Ta'tan'ia knew that Kani and Turi had given Captain Savar a threesome while asking him for that small favor.

Nearly half-an-hour later, Master Durron, his Galactic Alliance observer, and Ta'tan'ia arrived at the Chief of State's office complex. Ta'tan'ia and Master Durron went through security, where Master Durron relinquished his lightsaber. As they did, Ta'tan'ia idly wished the guards would take her somewhere and strip-search her like the ones at the Imperial Embassy did. Since that wasn't likely to happen, she just smiled and flirted with them as she went through the scanner, while Master Durron pretended to ignore her. Soon both Jedi were in Chief Daala's reception area.

Syal Antilles, and now better known as DP, short for Daala's Pet, offered them drinks and snacks, which Master Durron declined for both of them. As they waited, Ta'tan'ia looked at the new statue of former Chief of State Leia Organa Solo. It was identical to the old one—which had actually been Leia encased in carbonite—but it seemed ... off, somehow.

DP attempted to start up a conversation with Master Durron, just as the ProCorps training materials had taught her. Ta'tan'ia had studied the same materials. As the junior guest, she was fully prepared to be ignored in favor of Master Durron, for as long as he wanted to talk with DP. That wasn't very long though. After a couple of minutes, DP began a friendly chat with her while Master Durron meditated silently. About ten minutes later, DP announced that Chief Daala was ready for them, and escorted them into her office.

As soon as they entered Ta'tan'ia saw the display case on the wall to Chief Daala's right. There were nearly three dozen lightsabers in it. Ta'tan'ia's was the fifth one. Master Durron had agreed that he wouldn't complain about the display case in exchange for Chief Daala's help in getting the Empire to withdraw from the Hapes Consortium. Even though he had agreed to the display case, Ta'tan'ia detected the barest flash of annoyance from Master Durron when he saw it.

“Ah, hello Master Durron, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala greeted them from behind her desk. “Thank you so much for coming. Can I have Syal get you some refreshments?”

“No thanks, Your Excellency,” Kyp replied briskly as he sat down in one of the guest chairs in front of her desk.

“No thank you, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied politely as she stood next to the second guest chair, awaiting permission to sit down.

After a moment Chief Daala nodded her consent and Ta'tan'ia took her seat. “That will be all, Syal,” Chief Daala said towards DP, who was just inside the open doorway.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Syal replied as she backed out, closing the double doors as she did.

“So Master Durron, how are the brainwashed Jedi recovering?” Chief Daala asked him once Syal had departed. “I hope they are doing okay.”

“Fine,” Kyp replied, practically spitting the word out. “If you are so concerned for the Jedi's well being though, Your Excellency, why didn't you tell us about the Empire's brainwashing before Jedi started disappearing. I'm sure DP could have passed the message along,” Kyp added dryly, referring to Chief Daala's personal assistant, who had been brainwashed herself. She had also been given as a gift to Chief Daala by High Moff Fel.

Chief Daala smiled back, nonplussed. “Now now Master Durron, how was I supposed to tell you something with you made it so clear that the Jedi didn't want my advice,” she replied. “Besides, I didn't like the Jedi then as much as I do now,” she said with a smile as she nodded towards Ta'tan'ia, then towards the display case with the lightsabers in it. “And speaking of how much I like the Jedi now, I summoned you here to discuss when Jedi Solo will be resuming her duties as my Jedi liaison.”

Ta'tan'ia glanced at Master Durron. She knew that he had grown very close to Jaina since she had recovered from the Empire's brainwashing. A little too close for Ta'tan'ia. The last three times she had went to perform oral sex on Master Durron, Jaina had already gotten to him. Ta'tan'ia didn't mind sharing Master Durron, but she had needs too.

Kyp raised an eyebrow in surprise. “What?” he asked in confusion. “Jaina is still training to be a Jedi again. She can't be your liaison.”

“That's not really up to you, Master Durron,” Chief Daala replied smugly. “You and Master Cilghal both say that she has recovered from the Empire's mental conditioning, and I need my liaison back.”

“Not Jaina,” Kyp replied. “How about Jedi Yaqeel Saav'etu,” he suggested, referring to a young female Bothan Jedi Knight. “Or better yet, I'll assign Master Hamner. He was our Jedi liason with the military during the Yuuzhan Vong War.” He paused a moment, then continued. “As the Chief of State, you really should have a Jedi Master as your liaison with the Order, Your Excellency.”

“I want Jaina back,” Chief Daala responded firmly. “Besides, I wouldn't dream of taking one of the Galactic Alliance's valuable Jedi Masters away from their meditations.”

Ta'tan'ia could feel the quickly suppressed flash of anger from Master Durron. He didn't want to give up his new pet, especially to Chief Daala.

“Um, Your Excellency, Master,” Ta'tan'ia said, leaning forward to politely get their attention. “With your permission Master,” she said, glancing at Master Durron, “I'd like to volunteer to be Chief Daala's Jedi liaison.”

Master Durron looked back at her in confusion. Chief Daala looked at her with suspicion.

“No, Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp told her firmly.

“I would be willing to give her a chance,” Chief Daala said with a smile, obviously reacting to Master Durron's immediate negative response.

Kyp shot Ta'tan'ia a look of betrayal. Then he turned back to Chief Daala. “Um, Your Excellency, Ta'tan'ia is my personal assistant, and I would really rather not lose her,” he replied apologetically.

Ta'tan'ia opened her mouth to respond, but Chief Daala motioned her to stay quiet.

Chief Daala frowned a moment. “I know, Master Durron. And I know she does an excellent job serving you.” She paused and nodded towards Ta'tan'ia again. “That's why I want her in particular, Master Durron. She's so well trained.”

Ta'tan'ia blushed involuntarily from the phrase so well trained. She also sensed that Chief Daala wasn't telling the exact truth. More than likely she was willing to take her just to upset Master Durron.

Kyp glanced at Ta'tan'ia, then back to Chief Daala.

Chief Daala smiled at both of them. “I want Jaina back, or Ta'tan'ia, Master Durron,” she stated firmly.

Ta'tan'ia sat silently for a moment. She was pretty sure Chief Daala's main goal was to annoy Master Durron. “Master Durron, I'm sure Kani or Turi would be happy to take over as your personal assistant,” she said to him. “And I think it would be a good show of support for Chief Daala's government for you to allow your personal assistant to serve as the liaison between the Jedi Order and the Chief of State.” With the Force, she reached out to him, and told him to trust her.

Kyp stared back at her for several seconds. “Ta'tan'ia ...” Then he trailed off a moment. “Fine,” he replied resignedly.

Ta'tan'ia smiled at him, then at Chief Daala.

“It's settled then,” Chief Daala announced with a satisfied smile. “You'll start immediately, Ta'tan'ia,” she informed her.

That was a bit too soon for Ta'tan'ia. She had a few things to take care of first. “Your Excellency, while I'm eager to began my service to you, may I have the rest of the day to close out things at the Jedi Temple?” she asked. She made sure not to say she had to do things for Master Durron. She figured Chief Daala would be more likely to say no if she thought she was doing Master Durron a favor by letting Ta'tan'ia go back to the Temple.

“I suppose so,” Chief Daala replied with the air of someone granting a great concession. The she smiled again. “Master Durron, while you're here, why don't you turn your lightsaber over to me, so I can add it to my display case?” she asked him.

Ta'tan'ia could sense the glee from Chief Daala in the Force as she ask Master Durron for his lightsaber, and mentioned the display case. She could also sense the anger from Master Durron, which he quickly suppressed.

“I'm afraid I must decline today, Your Excellency,” Kyp replied with surprising politeness.

Chief Daala studied him a moment. The she opened one of her desk drawers. “Perhaps you'll accept a tracking collar then?” she asked as she pulled out a five-centimeter wide gray durasteel tracking collar—just like the one around Ta'tan'ia's own neck.

Ta'tan'ia could easily sense Master Durron's annoyance. “If you don't have anything else legitimate, we'll be going, Your Excellency,” he said as he rose to his feet.

“Very well, then,” Chief Daala replied as she replaced the tracking collar in her desk drawer. Then she looked at Ta'tan'ia. “I expect you here at zero-six hundred hours,” she told her.

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully as she stood.

Master Durron turned to walk out, and Ta'tan'ia gave Chief Daala a quick bow of respect, then turned to catch up with him.

“Bye Master Durron, Ta'tan'ia,” DP said cheerfully as they walked past her in the reception area.

“Goodbye Syal,” Master Durron said to her with a smile.

“Bye DP, see you tomorrow,” Ta'tan'ia said cheerfully with a wave.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Just what was that all about?” Master Durron asked, once they had entered the Jedi Temple, and left his officer escort outside. Ta'tan'ia assumed they were heading for his office.

“Well, Master, I had a few reasons for volunteering to be Chief Daala's personal assistant,” Ta'tan'ia replied. “Since she seems to trust me some, I thought I might be able to keep an eye on her.” She paused a moment, then continued. “Also, I'm a little worried that Chief Daala might be able to brainwash Jaina again, if she got her. And I suspect that you'd rather have Jaina as your personal assistant now,” she explained tentatively.

Ta'tan'ia felt Master Durron tense, then relax through the Force.

“I have thought of that as well,” Kyp admitted. “However, I don't think you'll be able to learn very much that Daala doesn't want you to know; but it could be worth trying. As for who the acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order would prefer as his personal assistant, shouldn't that be for me to decide, Jedi Ta'tan'ia?”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied obediently. “It's just that you've been spending so much time with Jaina lately and all, and I know she would take good care of you.”

Kyp sighed. “Yeah, I guess I have been neglecting you some,” he responded with a wistful smile, and a pat on her ass.

Ta'tan'ia sighed with satisfaction. Master Durron could be so sweet sometimes. “It's okay Master,” she said, siding up closer to him as they walked. “I'll just have to spend the evening making sure that you'll miss me while I'm slaving away for the Chief of State.”

“And I'll have to punish you for abandoning your duties, and your Grand Master,” he replied as they reached his reception area.

Jedi Kani Asari was at Ta'tan'ia's desk, keeping an eye on things while they had been gone.

“Would you prefer a paddle or flogger for Ta'tan'ia's punishment, Master?” Kani asked cheerfully.

“How about you go demand Master Sebatyne give you a nice, long combat training session, Jedi Asari,” Master Durron replied with mock-seriousness.

“Maybe I could just paddle myself instead, Master?” Kani offered with a hopeful smile.

Ta'tan'ia understood where she was coming from. Training sessions with Master Sebatyne often resulted in a healing trance—unlike a good, hard paddling, which usually only resulted in the recipient feeling aroused. At least for her, Kani, DJ, Turi, and a few other Jedi she could think of.

“Just make sure we're not disturbed, Kani,” Kyp told her as he and Ta'tan'ia entered his office.

“Of course, Master,” she replied cheerfully. “Have fun.”

“We will,” Ta'tan'ia answered with a smile as she closed Master Durron's office door behind her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following morning, Ta'tan'ia arrived at the Chief of State's office complex ten minutes before oh-six-hundred. She cleared security, quicker than normal, then was escorted to Chief Daala's reception area by a YVH droid. The reception area was empty, which was a little surprising to Ta'tan'ia, since Chief Daala had told her to arrive by six. The YVH droid immediately headed towards Chief Daala's actual office.

Ta'tan'ia was wearing her complete Jedi Robes, including her brown pants, tight off-white tunic, and brown outer robe. She was also wearing her brown fifteen-centimeter wedge-heeled boots. Her new black chrono and comlink were locked onto her wrists, and her gray durasteel tracking collar Chief Daala had given her was locked around her neck. Ta'tan'ia also had a brown nerfhide head harness on.

“Um, are we supposed to be in Chief Daala's office, Bee-Dee?” Ta'tan'ia asked him.

“Yes,” he replied flatly. “I have special instructions for you while you await Chief Daala's arrival.”

Ta'tan'ia didn't sense any danger from the Force, but that didn't necessarily mean anything with a droid. “Okay,” she replied as she followed him into Chief Daala's office.

Once inside Bee-Dee ordered Ta'tan'ia to put her hands behind her back. She hesitated a moment, then obeyed. She was pretty sure Chief Daala was using the droid to test her obedience. Ta'tan'ia felt the droid do something to her chrono and comlink, and her wrists were locked together. She fingered her cuffs, and discovered that she was restrained with a short chain that was maglocked to her chrono and comlink, just like Master Durron liked to do to her.

Bee-Dee took her by the arm, and led her to a spot about halfway between the pouf couches that served as an informal meeting area and the display cases where the Jedi's lightsabers were kept. Bee-Dee instructed her to kneel, and Ta'tan'ia obeyed almost without thinking.

Ta'tan'ia looked back, and watched the YVH droid lean over and snap a set shackles onto her ankles, over her boots. The chain between the shackles looked to be about five-centimeters long, which was to short to let her walk. Next Bee-Dee produced two more short chains and maglocked the shackle around her right ankle to the comlink on her right wrist, and the left shackle to the chrono on her left one. While Ta'tan'ia tugged on her restraints in confusion, Bee-Dee stood up, pulled her arms closer together, and locked a set of bicep cuffs around her upper arms, just above her elbows. Then he maglocked a short chain leash to the front of her tracking collar, and stood motionless.

“Now we will wait for Chief Daala's arrival,” Bee-Dee said as he held Ta'tan'ia's leash in his durasteel grip.

“Great,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a nervous smile. “Any idea on how long that will be?” She was a little worried at being shackled in Chief Daala's office, and more than a little aroused. She wasn't too surprised though, she knew that Chief Daala had kept Jaina restrained sometimes, just like Master Durron did with her.

“Irrelevant,” Bee-Dee replied. “We will wait here until Chief Daala arrives. Silently.”

Ta'tan'ia opened her mouth to reply, then shut it. If Chief Daala had told Bee-Dee to be quiet, he wouldn't talk except to tell her stay silent. It looked like she'd be kneeling in her shackles for an unknown amount of time. Ta'tan'ia took a deep breath, and began a Jedi relaxation exercise. At least the shackles were comfortable.

Ta'tan'ia wasn't sure how long she stayed kneeling and cuffed in Chief Daala's office, but she was sure it had to be at least a couple of hours. She tried to ask Bee-Dee how long it had been a couple of times, but he replied by commanding her to be silent. Eventually she sensed Syal arriving out in the reception area. Still, Bee-Dee didn't make any move to let her up, or start talking. Ta'tan'ia thought about trying to send Syal a message through her wrist comlink, but decided not to. Instead, Ta'tan'ia just continued to kneel, shackled and leashed, and waited for Chief Daala to arrive.

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