Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 12
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth part of the story of Jaina Solo's transformation into Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. The other stories are also located in WookieeHut, as well: Remember, please leave me feedback, Ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

The day after Syal Antilles' release from the Temple's Detention Center ...

“Good morning, Your Excellency,” Syal said as she walked into Chief Daala's office. “Thank you for seeing me so quickly.”

Syal was wearing her blue Galactic Alliance dress uniform that she had always worn serving Chief Daala. She was also wearing her black ProCorps boots with fifteen-centimeter heels. Her red durasteel collar was locked around her neck underneath her uniform top, and she had her matching corset and chastity belt on as well. Her red durasteel chrono was on her left wrist, and the matching comlink was on her right wrist. The comlink had an Imperial tracking device in it, and the Empire monitored it, but she wanted to wear it anyway, because it was part of her uniform.

“Good morning ... Syal?” Chief Daala replied tentatively. “You are going by Syal again, right?”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Syal answered obediently. She stopped a meter or so in front of Chief Daala's desk, and assumed parade rest.

After a moment Chief Daala nodded, giving her permission to speak.

“Your Excellency, I really enjoyed serving you as your Personal Assistant. I know I was ... influenced by the Empire to feel that way, but I still want to serve you as I did before.”

“Well, that's great Syal,” Chief Daala responded with a smile. “Have you spoken to your parents about this?”

“Oh, yes, Your Excellency. They are fine with it, and so is Master Durron,” Syal replied quickly. “Not that it's really any of Master Durron's business.”

Chief Daala chuckled. “No, it isn't Syal. But thank you for discussing it with your parents. They were quite annoying when they thought you were missing.”

“I'm very sorry about that, Your Excellency,” Syal apologized. “I promise they won't bother you anymore.”

“Good,” Chief Daala replied. “I've been borrowing Desha Lor from Wynn, but he's been wanting her back.” Then she paused a moment. “I guess I can get used to calling you Syal.”

Syal blushed slightly. “Um, Your Excellency, actually I'd like it if you still called me DP,” she explained. “Except this time it really will mean Daala's Pet instead of Daala's ProCorps trooper.

Chief Daala smiled broadly. “I'd be happy to, DP. If you intend to serve me as ... intimately as you did before?”

Syal blushed again. “If you'll allow me to, Your Excellency,” she answered.

“Not only will I allow it, I insist on it,” Chief Daala replied with a smile. “In fact, why don't you come around here and show me just how eager you are to serve me again.”

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Syal responded with a grin as she walked behind Chief Daala's desk.

Chief Daala moved her chair back and turned it to the side. Syal sank to her knees and deftly unfastened Chief Daala's pants. Chief Daala rose up a little and Syal pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles, over her calf-high boots. Chief Daala sat back down, and Syal smiled up at her as she eagerly began licking her pussy.

Nearly five minutes later Syal felt Chief Daala tense, then moan out in orgasm. Syal kept licking until she was complete finished, then stayed on her knees to help her get dressed.

“My my, you are a natural, DP,” Chief Daala said as she patted Syal's head. “We'll have to get a new comlink without that Imperial tracking device, and make sure that only I can unlock it, and the rest of your restraints,” she said as she slipped a finger underneath her durasteel collar and gave it a tug. “Are you wearing your chastity belt?”

Syal blushed with arousal. She loved being at Chief Daala's feet. “Yes Your Excellency,” she answered obediently to everything Chief Daala had just said.

Chief Daala had agreed to unlock Syal's collar, comlink, chrono, corset, chastity belt, and uniform while she was at the Jedi Temple. She hadn't turned over the remote that controlled the maglocks though. That meant that when Syal had locked them back on, it was with the knowledge that only Chief Daala could unlock them. Now Chief Daala knew the level that Syal had submitted to her.

“Good girl,” Chief Daala said with a satisfied smile. “Did you masturbate at the Jedi Temple?” she asked her.

Syal turned red with embarrassment. Chief Daala rarely allowed her to masturbate, and very rarely to orgasm. Syal also knew that she had to tell her the truth. “Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied softly. “Twice.” Then she felt like saying more. “I didn't think they would let me serve you again, Your Excellency. And they wouldn't let me wear my chastity belt,” she explained, her voice rising.

“Sshh,” Chief Daala said, holding a finger over her lips. “That doesn't matter DP. You know you'll have to be punished for masturbating, and orgasming without my permission.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Syal answered obediently from her kneeling position at Chief Daala's feet.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When Myri Antilles and Jysella Horn were healed, they both emphatically wanted to return to the Empire, particularly to Colonel Drasi, whom they both said they were in love with.

Iella and Mirax were both happy for their little girls, and didn't have the slightest problem with them sharing a man with each other. Wedge and Corran were understandably less so. Eventually they accepted their daughters' decision though; once Jysella and Myri promised to keep in touch, and to let them meet Colonel Drasi before long. Syal, who had been close to Colonal Drasi at the ProCorps Academy as well, was thrilled for her little sister and close friend, and a little jealous. Valin wasn't quite as enthusiastic, but he was happy for his sister and Myri.

Master Durron had Master Cilghal give both Jysella and Myri another complete examination to ensure that there were no lingering effects of the Empire's mental influence affecting them. Once Master Cilghal announced again that they were normal, Master Durron consented to the returning to the Empire as well. He did have Moff Fel promise that neither Jysella or Myri would be subjected to any form of brainwashing again though, and that either their parents or a Jedi would be allowed to see them periodically.

Tahiri insisted on going back to the Empire, to continue repaying her debt for killing Grand Admiral Pellaeon. Since Chief Daala was still making noises about prosecuting her for the assassination, Master Durron and the other Jedi could see why she would want to return to the Empire. Once Master Cilghal double-checked that she was free of the Empire's mental influence, Master Durron returned her to the Imperial Embassy, with the same stipulations as Jysella and Myri had.

When Tenel Ka finally recovered from the brainwashing, she was extremely despondent over surrendering the Hapes Consortium to the Empire. Then she wanted to go to her Queendom and start kicking the Imperials out by force. Master Durron convinced her to allow the Empire to peacefully withdrawl, per Moff Fel's agreement with Master Skywalker.

Tenel Ka, Master Ramis, Seha Dorvald, Valin Horn, and Syal Antilles all began procedures to have their ProCorps tattoos removed. Tenel Ka also insisted on having her prosthetic left arm removed.

Seventy-Two, or Jaina Solo, took the longest to recover. Master Durron wasn't sure if it was because she had been under the Empire's influence the longest, or something else. When Master Cilghal finally announced she was healed, Seventy-Two immediately expressed her desire to return to the Empire, as soon as possible. Just as with Tahiri, Jysella, and Myri, Master Cilghal re-examined her.

Chief Daala had arranged for a Mandalorian metallurgist to remove Leia's beskar manacles. In exchange, she, Han, and the Jedi Order agreed not to expose the kidnapping and carbonite. Master Durron also agreed to allow Chief Daala to put a display case in her office with all the lightsabers the Jedi had turned over to her.

The spectacles and earpieces did have some effect on the Force abilities of Kani, Turi, Seff, Sanola and the other Jedi that never made it to the Empire. They all quickly re-discovered their full use of the Force however. The Jedi that became ProCorps troopers had lost virtually all of their Force abilities, but by the time they recovered from the Empire's mental conditioning, they regained most of them. They still had to redevelop their Force skills, however.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Immediately after Master Cilghal clears Seventy-Two/DJ/Jaina Solo from Imperial brainwashing ...

“Hey Ta'tan'ia,” Seventy-Two said as she entered Master Durron's reception area.

Seventy-Two had just been told by Master Cilghal that she was free of the Empire's mental conditioning. She was still wearing the gray jumpsuit the Jedi had given her, as well as her clear plastex fifteen-centimeter high heels, and the black five-centimeter-wdie tracking collar Chief Daala had locked on her.

“Hey DJ,” Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully as she stood up. “Did Master Cilghal finally let you out?” she asked as she stepped out from behind her desk.

“Yeah,” Seventy-Two responded as she embraced her. Seventy-Two could feel her durasteel corset pressing against her own tits. “I'm here to see Master Durron, to tell him I'm going back to the Empire.”

The disappointment was obvious on Ta'tan'ia's face. “I'm going to miss you, DJ,” she said as they held each other. Suddenly Ta'tan'ia leaned forward, and kissed her on the lips.

Seventy-Two's ProCorps instincts immediately took over, and she passionately returned the kiss. Nearly thirty seconds later, Ta'tan'ia broke the open-mouthed kiss.

“Wow,” Ta'tan'ia said breathlessly. “I wish I had done that sooner.”

Seventy-Two grinned back at her. “Maybe we can spend some time alone before I leave,” she replied with a wink. Seventy-Two immediately felt guilty, about the offer. She couldn't have sex without Imperial permission. Then she realized that she still might be able to recruit Ta'tan'ia to the Empire, and the ProCorps. She was obviously a natural, after all. Seventy-Two decided to do what she could towards that; assuming Master Durron or Chief Daala hadn't chastity belted her by now.

“May I see Master Durron now?” Seventy-Two asked her as she took a half-step away from her.

“Let me check,” Ta'tan'ia answered as she raised her right wrist towards her mouth. “Master, DJ is here to see you,” she said through her wrist comlink.

“Send her in,” Master Durron replied over the comlink.

“Hey, is that a new comlink?” Seventy-Two asked her with a smile, after noticing the gleaming silver comlink on her wrist.

“Yeah,” Ta'tan'ia answered enthusiastically. “Master Durron got new chronos and comlinks for all of us that wanted them.” Then she leaned in close to her. “And I've almost got him to get me a chastity belt,” she added conspiratorially.

Seventy-Two smiled at the news. She still might be able to seduce the beautiful purple-skinned Twi'lek to the Empire. “Well, if he doesn't, I'm sure Chief Daala will get you one,” she told her with a grin. Chief Daala was still an Imperial ally. If Ta'tan'ia wouldn't come to the Empire, then she should be under Chief Daala's control.

A few moments later, Seventy-Two entered Master Durron's office. “Hello Master,” she greeted him as she closed the door behind herself.

“Hi Jaina,” he replied with with a brief smile. “Master Cilghal tells me you are finally healed.”

“Yes Master,” Seventy-Two agreed. “And I want to return to the Empire.”

Kyp sighed. “Jaina, they brainwashed you,” he told her. “They took advantage of you, and turned you into a sex-slave.”

“Master, like I said before, I know they influenced my Academy process, and I understand that the spectacles and earpieces ... conditioned me some, but I was happy serving the Empire.”

“Jaina, they didn't just condition you some, they completely turned you against everything you were,” Master Durron explained. “I know you were always submissive, but Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 couldn't have killed Tsavong Lah, or saved the galaxy by killing Darth Caedus.” He paused a moment, then continued. “Being Seventy-Two is the easy path. All you have to do is obey orders without thinking, and sleep with anyone they tell you to. The galaxy needs you to take the harder path, and be Jaina Solo again.”

Seventy-Two considered that a moment. She had never thought of being a ProCorps trooper as easy. She had always put the maximum effort into serving the Empire—it deserved nothing less than her best. Moff Fel had also told her that she had done the Empire a great service in helping to save Hapes from Admiral Garowyn's attempted rebellion. “Master, I like being a ProCorps trooper. You said it yourself. I already saved the galaxy by killing Caedus and all that other stuff. The Empire cares enough to let me do what I want to.”

Kyp sighed again. “Jaina, the Empire doesn't care about you. They just want to use you. To them you're just a number, no different than any of the other tens of thousands of ProCorps troopers. I care about you. The other Jedi care about you. Your parents and Uncle care about you. Tell me Jaina, has any Imperial ever just asked you how your day went?”

Seventy-Two could see his point-of-view about her just being a number, even if he didn't understand just how proud she was to be Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. And she could understand what he was saying about Master Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Captain Solo caring about her—even if she didn't feel the same way about them. She didn't feel like the Empire had used her though, they had just given her the opportunity to be her true self. “Master, I'm fine just being an anonymous number. And no, no one ever asked my how my day went, it was pretty much all on the HoloNet for them to enjoy.”

“Jaina, that just proves my point. None of them care about you unless you are doing something for them. Did they ever just let you relax and do whatever you wanted to for a day or two?” Kyp paused, and took a breath. “I know you were born with enormous expectations, and I understand that it must be a huge relief to just let someone else make all the decisions for you, and take all the responsibility, but please, give the Jedi a chance to show that we care about you for you, and not just for what you can do for us.”

Seventy-Two had been so sure of what she wanted when she walked into Master Durron's office. Now she wasn't so sure. She still felt like her heart was with the Empire, but Master Durron had her doubting herself.

“You don't have to decide this moment,” Kyp said after a couple of moments of silence. “Just stay here a few days or so, and think about it.”

“Okay Master,” Seventy-Two found herself answering. “I'll stay and think about it a couple of days.”

“Great,” Kyp replied with a broad smile. “You'll have the same room you had before. Is there anything you need to be more comfortable?” he asked.

“Um, actually Master Durron, I'd like my corset, chrono, comlink, and ... chastity belt back,” she told him.

Kyp frowned slightly. “Well, we have your corset and chastity belt, and Chief Daala has given me the remote, so I suppose you can wear them. After all, Ta'tan'ia, Kani, and the others are wearing a corset. The chrono and comlink will have to wait though. I'm arranging to get some chronos and comlinks without any spy equipment or tracking devices for a quite a few of the Jedi.” Then he locked eyes with her. “I was really rather hoping you wouldn't wear them though.”

“Well, it would really make me more comfortable while I stay here, Master,” Seventy-Two replied.

“I'll think about it Jaina,” Kyp answered.

Seventy-Two left, and a few minutes later, Ta'tan'ia asked for permission to enter. Kyp granted it, absentmindedly thinking just how different the Jedi Temple was now, in spite of them thwarting the Empire's brainwashing scheme.

“Master,” Ta'tan'ia said as she strutted into his office. “DJ told me that you were considering letting her wear her corset and chastity belt while she stayed here and thought about what she were she wanted to go.” Kyp nodded his agreement as she came behind his desk. “Well, if you really want her to stay and become a Jedi again, you're going to have to take control. Give her her corset and chastity belt, and high heeled boot Chief Daala got her, but you keep the remote for them. Even if she doesn't redevelop her Force abilities fully, she'll be more likely to stay here with you, and I think both of you will enjoy it if you dom her some,” she said as she casually unbuckled his pants. She dropped to her knees in front of him, and added, “If Chief Daala or Moff Fel get their hooks back in her, she's a goner.”

“It's worth considering,” Kyp admitted as the purple-skinned Twi'lek wrapped her lips around his cock.

Ta'tan'ia sucked him a few moments, then licked his shaft a few times to get him nice and hard. “DJ's like me, Master. She's a natural submissive, who needs someone to dom her. If it's not you, then she'll probably end up as Daala's slave, or a ProCorps trooper again,” Ta'tan'ia said, looking up at Master Durron. She wrapped her lips back around his dick, and deep throated him a couple of times while still looking up at him, just as she had learned from her ProCorps training materials. “Or dancing on the end of some Hutt's leash, or something like that,” she added, as she kissed the tip of his rock-hard cock.

“Fine!” Kyp replied as Ta'tan'ia continued sucking his cock. “She can have the corset—UGH!—and chastity belt!”

Five minutes or so later, Ta'tan'ia felt Master Durron orgasm, and shoot his load into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed every drop, even licking her lips. It was something of a Twi'lek secret that swallowing humanoid semen had quite a few health benefits for female Twi'lek's, especially their skin. Master Durron kept her spots looking their best. Ta'tan'ia licked him clean, then closed his pants back up for him.

Once Ta'tan'ia finished, Master Durron told her to get Jaina's corset, chastity belt, and the uniform Chief Daala had given her, and take it to her. He also told her to bring the remote that controlled them to him. First, Ta'tan'ia summoned Kani to take over as Master Durron's PA while she was out. Then she went and picked up DJ's gear, as well as a few other items she thought would be useful. A few minutes later, she was knocking on DJ's door.

“Hey DJ,” Ta'tan'ia said as she entered her room.

“Hey Ta'tan'ia,” DJ said as she sat up on her bunk.

“Master Durron told me to bring you your corset and chastity belt, and your uniform Chief Daala gave you,” Ta'tan'ia said as she closed the door behind herself. “And I brought an extra couple of surprises myself,” she added with a smile.

“Great,” DJ replied as she automatically began pulling off her jumpsuit.

As DJ stripped off her jumpsuit, Ta'tan'ia opened the bag she had brought, and pulled out DJ's black durasteel corset. Once DJ was naked, except for her tracking collar and clear plastex heels, she eagerly wrapped her corset around her torso, and locked it shut. Next Ta'tan'ia pulled out a set of black durasteel wrist shackles, with no chain or attachment points. They were meant to work with magnetic chains.

“I thought you'd like these,” Ta'tan'ia said with a smile as she closed one of the shackles around Seventy-Two's wrist.

It took Seventy-Two a moment to realize what Ta'tan'ia was doing. It took her another moment to process that no one was around to give her permission to have sex with Ta'tan'ia. Sleeping with Ta'tan'ia wouldn't help the Empire, or Chief Daala in anyway. There was no mission, or anything like that. For the first time in years, Seventy-Two could have sex with someone for no other reason that she wanted to.

“What about my chastity belt?” Seventy-Two asked as she held out her other wrist.

“You'll get that later, after I'm done with you, DJ,” Ta'tan'ia said with a wink as she locked the shackle onto her wrist.

Next Ta'tan'ia leaned in and gave her an open-mouthed kiss, which DJ eagerly returned. Then Ta'tan'ia quickly stripped off her own Jedi Robes. In a few moments Ta'tan'ia was down to her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, corset and fifteen-centimeter heeled knee boots. As she gave DJ another sensual kiss, they sat down on her bunk, then laid down on it. Ta'tan'ia quickly climbed on top of DJ, in a sixty-nine position. As she did, she realized that Myri Antilles went by the name Sixty, while Jysella went by Nine. Together they were Sixty-Nine. She stopped licking DJ's pussy, and giggled.

“What?” Seventy-Two asked curiously as she stopped liking Ta'tan'ia's purple pussy.

“Sixty-Nine,” Ta'tan'ia replied, blowing gently on her smooth pussy. “Myri is Sixty, and Jysella is Nine,” she explained. “Colonel Drasi has a Sixty-Nine.”

“Yeah,” Seventy-Two agreed. “That's what he calls 'em. I think he set it up that way.”

The two giggled again, then returned to licking each others pussies.

Ta'tan'ia couldn't believe how incredible DJ's tongue felt between her legs. She didn't know if DJ could lick pussy like that before she became a ProCorps trooper, but her time in the Empire had definitely been good for her. Ta'tan'ia eager licked her pussy, and hoped she made DJ as aroused as she was making her.

It didn't take Ta'tan'ia long to reach the brink of orgasm. She could tell that DJ was there as well. A few moments later, both of them orgasmed with their tongues deep in each other's pussies. Without even discussing it, they both eagerly went for another orgasm. After the second one, Seventy-Two pulled a vibrating dildo out of her drawer, and the two played with it awhile.

Nearly fifty minutes and several orgasms apiece later, the two submissive sex-pots were dressed again. Ta'tan'ia was wearing her Jedi robes, along with her tracking collar, chrono, and comlink, and fifteen-centimeter heeled knee boots. Her corset was locked on underneath her robes, and she was wearing a black thong.

Seventy-Two was wearing her corset, chastity belt, and the Jedi ProCorps-style uniform Chief Daala had given her. Her wrists still felt naked without the chrono and comlink that she had worn for the past couple of years virtually all the time. It was nice to be back in the rest of her gear though. Seventy-Two still hadn't decided whether or not she would go back to the Empire, but she knew that she would serve someone as a submissive sex-slave, one way or another.

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