Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 9
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

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Chief Daala called Seventy-Two into her office, and told her that some Jedi, including Kani, would be going to the Empire, to become ProCorps troopers.

“That's Great, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied enthusiastically.

“Moff Fel asked me to have you take their lightsabers to the Imperial Embassy, so they can travel with them.” Then she smiled mischievously. “He is going to add them to the other lightsabers he has in a transparisteel display case in his office.”

Seventy-Two couldn't help but smile at that. “Great, Your Excellency,” she replied happily.

Chief Daala hesitated a moment before asking her next question. “Seventy-Two, how do you think Master Durron would react if I put in a display case in my office for the lightsabers the Jedi have turned over to me?”

“Um, he'd be really mad Your Excellency. He would think that you were displaying them as trophies. Also, if I may say so, some of the Senators would think the same thing, Your Excellency.”

Chief Daala nodded her head in reluctant agreement. “Yes, I had pretty much figured that myself. Since Master Durron is cooperating with my wishes at the moment, I'll refrain from needlessly upsetting him,” she decided. “I could put a display case in my apartment though ...”

“That would be great, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied cheerfully. “I'll be happy to dust it for you when its installed.”

To Seventy-Two's confusion, Chief Daala burst out in laughter.

“I expected nothing less,” she finally replied.

An hour or so later, Seventy-Two left for the Imperial Embassy, with the thirteen lightsabers locked in a case. Before she left Chief Daala unlocked her Jedi ProCorps uniform, so she could be strip-searched while she was at the Embassy.

Lieutenant Ross met Seventy-Two at the security checkpoint, and took the lightsaber case. Then Seventy-Two went through security, and was strip-searched. Next they took her to clinic and preformed a brainwave scan on her. While her spectacles and earpieces where being updated, Lieutenant Ross took her to the Embassy's ProCorps trooper's room, and had her give her a leisurely pussy licking, followed by a thorough fucking from her strap-on.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

As soon as Master Cilghal discovered the brainwashing, Master Durron posted extra non-Human Jedi near the Temple's Main and Hanger exits, which were the only two the Jedi were using. He also began finding reasons to keep the affected Jedi from leaving the Temple as much as possible. They were allowed to keep their spectacles and earpieces however.

A little before Ta'tan'ia was supposed to leave to visit the Imperial Embassy, she received a comm call from Lieutenant Ross, who explained that they were going to have to cancel her visit today. Since she had just found out that the Empire, and Lieutenant Ross, had been brainwashing her friends, Ta'tan'ia was relieved not to have to visit. She thanked her for comming, and ended the call.

Ta'tan'ia stared at her computer screen as she replayed the conversation in her head. It was odd enough that Lieutenant Ross canceled a visit—she had never done that before. In fact, Ta'tan'ia didn't even see Lieutenant Ross every time she visited. Then Ta'tan'ia realized that she hadn't said anything about rescheduling, or when she should come to the Embassy. Ta'tan'ia had a bad feeling about the comm call from the Force. She raised her comlink, and commed Master Durron.

“Yes Ta'tan'ia, what is it?” Kyp replied.

“Master, there is a matter I need to bring to your attention,” she told him. Since the Empire was eaves-dropping, she didn't want to say anything more than that.

“You can come in,” he answered.

“Yes Master,” she responded.

First Ta'tan'ia reached up and removed her spectacles and earpieces. Master Durron had agreed that she could keep using them in case the Empire was monitoring their activity. Even though they were brainwashing her friends, Ta'tan'ia liked them. She left her comlink turned on. They were pretty sure the Empire wasn't using it to spy, only to record conversations made on it. A moment later she walked into Master Durron's office, stopped a meter in front of his desk, and assumed parade rest.

“What is it, Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp asked her.

“Master, Lieutenant Ross from the Imperial Embassy just commed and canceled my visit. She's never done that before, and she didn't reschedule or anything,” Ta'tan'ia explained.

“Okay,” Kyp replied blankly.

“Master, that's very unusual. I have a really bad feeling about it,” Ta'tan'ia explained.

Master Durron sat and thought a moment. “Okay, we'll keep a better eye on the affected Jedi. I've got other Jedi trying to keep them busy in the Temple, but if they get out, I don't know if we can keep track of them.” Then he paused. “Maybe I can ask Daala for access to the tracking collars' location,” he mused. Then he quickly shook his head. “Na, she'll never go for that. And she's not likely to stop them from going to the Imperial Embassy.”

Ta'tan'ia considered that a moment. Master Durron was most likely right about his last two statements. “Well Master, since I'm wearing a tracking collar I can leave the Temple without an escort. I can hang out by the Main Entrance. If any of them try to leave, I can go with them to keep an eye on them. Jedi Saav'etu can do the same for the Hanger Entrance Master,” Ta'tan'ia suggested.

Yaqeel Saav'etu was a young Bothan female Jedi. She had a tracking collar, and a chrono and comlink from the Empire. To Ta'tan'ia's knowledge she didn't have a set of spectacles and earpieces though, not that it would matter since she wasn't Human.

“There are at least thirty Jedi affected by the brainwashing, Ta'tan'ia. There's little point in you following just one, unless we have a reason,” Kyp replied.

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied obediently, clearly unconvinced.

Kyp sighed. “Look Ta'tan'ia, I admit something is odd about it. I'll tell you what. Take the rest of the afternoon off and see if any of the brainwashed Jedi have received any secret Imperial orders or anything, okay?”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile. “I'll get Kani to take over for me too. That will be one we don't have to worry about, and she can take care of you if anything comes up, Master,” she added thoughtfully.

Kyp hesitated a moment before replying. “Fine, get her here, and I'll keep an eye on her.”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia answered. Then she glanced at his half-empty caf mug on his desk. “I'll get you some fresh caf before I go, Master,” she explained as she leaned over and picked up the mug.

“Fine,” Kyp answered absently.

As Ta'tan'ia strutted out of his office, she could feel his eyes on her ass. While she was refilling Master Durron's caf, she commed Kani, and asked her to take over for her for a couple of hours. To Ta'tan'ia's surprise, Kani refused, saying she had to go out for awhile. The tone of her voice sent a warning through the Force. To Ta'tan'ia it seemed like she was saying goodbye. Ta'tan'ia immediately rushed back into Master Durron's office.

“Master, Kani said that she can't help out because she was stepping out for awhile, but it seemed like she was saying goodbye.” Then she realized something else. “And she pretty much only leaves the Temple to go to the Imperial Embassy, Master,” she added. “You've got to do something, Master,” Ta'tan'ia said earnestly.

“I want you to go find Kani right now, and don't let her leave the Temple, no matter what,” Kyp instructed her. “I'll contact the other Masters, and began rounding up the other affected Jedi.”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia answered as she dashed from the room.

As soon as Ta'tan'ia left Master Durron's reception area, she let the Force guide her to Kani. For the first time since she began wearing them, Ta'tan'ia had a reason to dislike her fifteen-centimeter heeled boots. They were slowing her down. Still, she found Kani in the Hanger, only a few dozen meters from the exit.

“Hey Kani, wait up,” Ta'tan'ia called as she slowed to a jog. She backed up the command with the Force.

“Hey Ta'tan'ia,” Kani replied over her shoulder as she slowed down.

“Where are you headed?” Ta'tan'ia asked casually as she came alongside her.

“Um, just out for a while,” Kani replied tentatively.

“Kani, are you going to the Imperial Embassy?” Ta'tan'ia asked her as she stepped a little past her.

The Human Jedi hesitated a moment before replying. “Yeah. Don't tell anyone though, Lieutenant Ross said she needed to show me something, and she doesn't want anyone else to know.”

“Kani, you can't go to the Embassy anymore,” Ta'tan'ia told her firmly as she placed herself between Kani and the exit. She paused a moment, then added, “They're brainwashing you.”

“What?” Kani replied incredulously. “No they're not.”

“Kani, please trust me on this. “A month ago you didn't care about the Empire at all. Now it's pretty much all you talk about.”

Kani stared back at her for several seconds in obvious thought. “Look Ta'tan'ia, I've got to go,” she finally said as she tried to step past her.

Ta'tan'ia wrapped her arm around Kani's waist, and pulled her in close. “Come with me,” she told her, backing up the command with the Force as she began pulling her away from the hanger exit. Ta'tan'ia felt bad about using the Force to influence a friend, but it was for her own good.

“Where are you taking me?” Kani asked after several steps.

“To Master Durron,” Ta'tan'ia replied. “He'll take care of everything.”

To Ta'tan'ia's immense relief, Kani continued to follow along without struggling. As they left the Hanger, Ta'tan'ia heard the outer doors closing.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ever since Galactic Alliance Security Officers had begun guarding the Temple's entrances, Master Durron had secured all of them except for the Main and Hanger entrances. When Ta'tan'ia told him that Kani could be about to leave, he immediately had the Main and Hanger exits to the Jedi Temple secured as well, and and non-human Jedi placed as guards inside all the entrances. This was to keep the entire operation a secret from the Galactic Alliance guards outside. He also began jamming the Imperial frequencies used by the wrist comlinks.

Then Masters Durron, Katarn, Sebatyne, Hamner, and Cilghal, each assisted by a pair of Jedi, began confiscating the spectacles and earpieces from all of the Jedi that had them. They also escorted each of the affected Jedi to the Temple's Detention Center, where they would be held under the influence of the Force-negating ysalamari.

They couldn't confiscate all the chronos and comlinks though. Each comlink had a unique code to unlock it and its accompanying chrono, and more than a few of the Jedi refused to unlock theirs. Master Durron simply kept the comlink jamming on in the entire Detention Center, and let them keep them for the time being.

The operation went off smoothly, and secretly. Thanks to Ta'tan'ia's help with the comlinks, they knew that none of the Jedi had sent any signals out. Other than Jedi Jaina Solo, who was still at Chief Daala's offices, all of the brainwashed Jedi were secured. Next the Masters began explaining to them that the Empire had been trying to brainwash them.

Most of the affected Jedi were already angry that the Masters had taken their beloved spectacles and earpieces. When the Masters and other Jedi told them about the brainwashing, they simply didn't believe it.

To Ta'tan'ia's disappointment, Master Durron made her take off her comlink as well. Even though there was an Imperial tracking device in it, and they were using it to spy on her, she loved it. Ta'tan'ia reached up and fingered her tracking collar. She loved it too. Chief Daala was the leader of the Galactic Alliance, and it was only right that she could keep track of Jedi if she felt it was necessary. The rise to power of Darth Caedus was something that should never happen again, and she was happy to help Chief Daala ensure it didn't.

The Empire had no business trying to track Jedi though, especially without the Jedi's consent. Actually, Ta'tan'ia would love her collar even if it wasn't a tracking device. She just wanted an excuse to wear it, and Chief Daala had given it to her.

Since her chrono didn't have a tracking device or spy equipment, Master Durron let her keep it, but it wasn't the same wearing a cuff on just one wrist. She mentioned it to Master Durron, who suggested that she get one of the chronos they had confiscated and wear it on her other wrist. Jedi Tyria Sarkin Tainer's seemed to be the best fit.

Ta'tan'ia enthusiastically thanked him, and then convinced him with a quick blow job to let her keep wearing her corset and fifteen-centimeter heeled boots. Luckily she didn't have to worry about her tracking collar coming off. It was still hard to get used to using a regular comlink instead of her wrist one, though.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Once the affected Jedi were secure in the Detention Center, Kyp went into his office to comm Ben Skywalker, to give him, and Master Skywalker an update. Before he could though, he practically had to pry Ta'tan'ia off his dick. He finally got her out of his office, and activated the comm.

“Master Durron, I was just about to comm you,” Ben Skywalker said excitedly. “We've found out what happened to Aunt Leia! Daala had some Mando's kidnap her and put her in carbonite! We're still trying to find out where she is though.”

Kyp sat in shock for a few moments. While none of the Jedi had felt Leia die through the Force, he had mentally prepared himself for news of her death. Encased in carbonite though ... “Son of a Bantha!” he replied vehemently, referring to Daala. Then he ran through a Jedi calming exercise. “Okay. We have all the brainwashed Jedi secured in the Detention Center. Well, except for Jaina,” he told him. “I wanted to wait until she got here, but we were forced to take action.”

“Okay, I'll let dad know,” Ben replied. “We are getting ready to head towards Bastion, to confront Moff Fel in person.”

“Good,” Master Durron responded. Then he leaned forward slightly. “I'm worried Daala will say we are holding the affected Jedi against their wills, and try to force us to release them before they are cured. Since we know about Daala putting Leia in carbonite, we can use that against her.”

“Okay, I'll pass that along too, Master Durron. We know for a fact Daala was involved,” Ben assured him.

Kyp considered that a moment. “Let me talk to Master Skywalker, we need to discuss our plans.”

Since Daala had exiled Master Skywalker, Kyp hadn't spoken to him. He wished he didn't have to speak to her either. Master Cilghal talking to Luke was one thing, the acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order talking with him was another. Kyp thought the risk was worth it at this point.

“Okay, I'll get him,” Ben replied. “He's interrogating one of the Mandos that was involved.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

High Moff Jag Fel shut down the holograph projector with a sigh. Lieutenant Ross, who was stationed at the Imperial Embassy on Coruscant, had just told him that none of the Jedi they had told to come to the Embassy had arrived, and none of the Jedi were responding to their wrist comlinks. That meant that somehow Master Durron had figured out the Empire was conditioning Jedi to become ProCorps troopers.

While he had hoped the ProCorps mind conditioning program wouldn't be discovered, it was something of a relief that it had. It was one thing to have properly screened loyal Imperial citizens as ProCorps troopers. Brainwashing Jedi and taking them off Coruscant was something else, even if many of them were highly susceptible.

When Commandant Drasi had first told him that they could influence a Jedi's mind, he had been very skeptical. Jaina and Tahiri had taken to it wonderfully though. Some of the others had been a little more difficult, but those attempts had been made safely within the Empire, except for the start of Tenel Ka's conditioning. She had willingly made the Hapes Consortium an Imperial Protectorate after only a month, so the reward was more than worth the risk. Conditioning Jedi while they were still in the Temple was far more dangerous, and it looked like it had backfired on him.

The first thing Jag did was comm Commandant Drasi at the ProCorps Academy, and warn him that the Jedi had apparently figured things out. Drasi would put the Academy's Stormtroopers on alert. Sending ships would only draw attention to the Academy, and Jag had little faith they would stop a Jedi strike team, if Master Durron sent one.

Next Jag commed Seventy-Two, to tell her to stay away from the Jedi Temple. The more bargaining chips he had, the better off he would be. Besides that, he really didn't want to lose such a great ProCorps trooper, and deep down, he still cared about her. He knew she was happier now than she had been before. As he waited for Seventy-Two to answer, he planned ahead. After this he would comm Chief Daala, and let her know.

“Good afternoon, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two greeted him cheerfully. “How may I serve you?”

“Seventy-two, I'm glad I got you,” Jag said with relief. “Where are you?” he asked.

“At Chief Daala's office, Your Excellency, cleaning up while Lysa does some work,” she replied obediently.

“Is Chief Daala there?” he asked her.

“No Your Excellency, she's at the opera,” she informed him.

Jag thought a moment. “Okay, I want you to stay there until Chief Daala or myself tells you otherwise. The Jedi. . . are causing some problems right now. No matter what, stay away from the Jedi Temple, understand?” Jag instructed her.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied obediently.

“And tell Lysa to be careful as well, the Jedi might try to lure her to the Temple,” Jag told her.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two answered.

“Good girl, I knew I could count on you, Seventy-Two.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two responded cheerfully.

Jag ended the call and commed Chief Daala. Unfortunately, she didn't answer. He left her an urgent message asking her to comm him back as soon as possible. Next he sat back down, and thought a moment. He could have sent Seventy-Two and Lysa to the Imperial Embassy on Coruscant, but that would only expose them to the Jedi while they were in transit.

He really needed to talk to Chief Daala. It was possible she could force Master Durron to release the Jedi he wanted. Then he shook his head. Kyp would never allow that, and if Daala tried to storm the Temple, even with Mandalorians, Jag would put his credits on the Jedi coming out on top.

For now he would just have to sit tight. It took regular Humans anywhere from a week to a month or so for the conditioning from the spectacles and earpieces to fade, depending on how long they had been exposed, and how susceptible the subject was to start with. Commandant Drasi had passed along some experiments done in the early days of the Empire suggesting that they same would hold true for Jedi.

Jag began sending messages to the commanders of the ships where the ex-Jedi who were already ProCorps troopers were assigned. He told the commanders there was a possibility that the Jedi might attempt to kidnap their former comrades, and that they should be especially vigilant. Luckily the only one that the Jedi could get to easily was Seventy-Two, on Coruscant. He told his sister, Moff Wynssa Fel, to be especially careful since the Jedi Academy was on Shedu Maad, in the Transitory Mists region of the Hapes Cluster.

At this point the Empire would be fine without the ex-Jedi as ProCorps troopers. As long as the Jedi Order didn't find out about the nearly one thousand children that had been created from their eggs and sperm. Thanks to the recent addition of Tenel Ka, Octa Ramis, and Seha Dorvald to the donors, there were over seven hundred Imperial women currently carrying potentially Force-sensitive children. Once the thirteen Jedi from the Temple had been added, they had planned on greatly expanding Project Imperial Knights.

No matter what, Jag wanted to continue Project Imperial Knights—in secret if at all possible. He considered it the most important thing to the long-term survival, and dominance, of the Galactic Empire. With the proper training, and conditioning, he could make sure they were all loyal to the Empire. He would even give up the entire Hapes Sector if it meant keeping Project Imperial Knights a secret.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

After Moff Fel ended the comm call, Seventy-Two turned to her sister ProCorps trooper. “Lysa, Moff Fel told me to tell you to be careful. The Jedi are causing problems,” she told her.

“Okay,” Lysa replied, looking up from her computer screen.

“And he wants us to stay here until he or Chief Daala tells us different,” Seventy-Two added.

“No problem,” Lysa replied cheerfully, I've got plenty of work here to do.

Seventy-Two glanced at her chrono. While she knew the Jedi could be dangerous adversaries, she also knew that the Empire would protect her. If they did kidnap her somehow, Moff Fel would make them release her. For that matter, Chief Daala would probably make them release her, just to anger Master Durron.

“The opera should be over in a few hours,” Seventy-Two commented to Lysa. “I guess I'll clean up until then,” she said as she returned to dusting the statue of former Chief of State Leia Organa Solo. She tapped her comlink, and the music on her earpieces and patterns on her spectacles began playing again.

A few minutes later Seventy-Two received another comm call. The music and patterns automatically stopped, and the callers name and holograph appeared on her spectacles.

“Hey Ta'tan'ia,” Seventy-Two greeted her as she continued dusting the statue. She wondered if Ta'tan'ia was involved with whatever problems the Jedi were causing, but didn't even think of asking. Seventy-Two wasn't about to tip the Jedi off that Moff Fel knew that they were up to something.

“Hey DJ,” Ta'tan'ia replied, sounding cheerful. Then she paused a moment. “I was wondering how long it would be before you come back to the Temple?” she asked. “Master Durron gave me the night off, and I wanted to hit the gym or hang out or something with you?”

Seventy-Two thought a moment as she dusted. Of course there was no way she was going to the Temple after Moff Fel told her not to, but he didn't say anything about Ta'tan'ia being involved with whatever the Jedi were up to.

“I'm not sure,” she replied carefully. “I'll probably be awhile.” Then Seventy-Two brightened. “Why don't you come down to the Chief of State's complex. We can work out here,” she suggested. “I'm sure Chief Daala won't mind.”

“Um, okay,” Ta'tan'ia replied after a few moments. “I'll be there in about half-an-hour.”

“Great,” Seventy-Two answered. “See you then.”

The two said bye to each other, and Seventy-Two ended the comm call. She was pretty sure Chief Daala wouldn't mind Ta'tan'ia using the gym. Also, this way, Seventy-Two could keep an eye on Ta'tan'ia. Just to be on the safe side though, she would comm Moff Fel back, and get his permission to see Ta'tan'ia. While ProCorps troopers were perfectly capable of thinking for themselves, they greatly preferred being ordered or at least having permission before doing things.

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