Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 8
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

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“Hello Jedi Skywalker,” Cilghal said as his hologram appeared.

“Hey Master Cilghal,” Ben replied with a smile. “Sorry it took so long to comm you back. How are things on Coruscant?”

“Not so good. I've confirmed that the Empire has been brainwashing Jedi with the spectacles and earpieces like we've suspected.” She then explained how they altered the brainwave patterns of the wearer, and that they only worked on humans.

“Can you heal them?” Luke Skywalker asked as he stepped into the hologram field.

“Yes. If they stop using the spectacles and earpieces, they'll return to normal. I'm not sure exactly how long it will take, though. We are going to confiscate them as soon as we get all the Jedi that have them in the Temple,” Cilghal told him.

Luke thought a moment. “Good. Do that. We've got one more lead to track down here. I'll contact Wedge and Tycho, and we'll head for Bastion.” He paused and shook his head in disbelief. “I expected better from Jag.”

Cilghal knew that Master Horn was also working with Wedge and Tycho, and Luke, but since Chief Daala's exile agreement forbid Master Skywalker from contacting other Jedi, neither of them mentioned Corran's name.

“How's the search for Jedi Organa Solo?” Cilghal asked?

Luke frowned slightly. “Not as well as I'd wished. We found some Mando's that seemed like they knew something, but someone—”he glanced at Ben—“Killed them before I could ask them any questions.”

“I already said I was sorry,” Ben replied indignantly. “Besides, they attacked me. What was I supposed to do; ask them if they kidnapped my Aunt Leia between blocking blaster bolts and dodging flame throwers?”

Cilghal gave Ben the Mon Calamari equivalent of a smile, then looked back at Luke. “I'm surprised Han hasn't tried to escape to take over the search,” she commented.

Luke grimaced. “I've had to talk him out of it—twice. And both attempts would have been successful,” he assured her. “Wedge and Tycho are close to finding the secret ProCorps training base, though.”

“Well, tell them may the Force be with them,” Cilghal replied.

“I will. And tell Master Durron not to take too long to make his move. Even if it means temporarily letting one or two Jedi slip through, save as many as you can,” Luke told her.

“I'll pass it along, but we also feel the need to act quickly,” Cilghal answered.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

In Kyp Durron's office ...

Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia strutted into his office on her high-heeled boots. Even in her Jedi tunic and pants, she looked amazing. The top edge of her collar was visible around her neck, as well as her chrono and comlink around her wrists.

“Yes Master?” Ta'tan'ia asked softly as she approached his desk. “How can I serve you?” she asked with a seductive smile.

“Have a seat,” Kyp replied.

To Ta'tan'ia's disappointment, he ignored the submissive undertone of both questions. “Yes Master,” the purple-skinned Twi'lek replied as she obediently sat down across from him.

Once she was seated, Kyp leaned forward, and got right to the point. “Ta'tan'ia, why have you been acting like a submissive sex slave?” he asked her.

Ta'tan'ia smiled and shrugged her shoulders slightly. While she didn't think she'd been acting like a submissive sex slave per se, she wasn't about to disagree with Master Durron. The training material Jaina had gotten for her from the Empire had taught her deference to her superiors in virtually all things. Besides, she was having fun. “Because I love it, Master,” she answered with a grin. “And I'm not acting any different than DJ, Kani, and the others, Master,” she pointed out.

Kyp leaned forward. “Ta'tan'ia, they have all be brainwashed,” he told her firmly.

Ta'tan'ia stared back at him in shock. “What!?” she replied incredulously. “How? By who?” she demanded as she rose to her feet.

“Calm yourself, Jedi Ta'tan'ia,” Master Durron instructed her.

“Sorry, Master,” she responded, running through a Jedi calming technique as she sat back down. Then she looked directly into his eyes, and awaited his answer.

“Master Cilghal has only just confirmed the brainwashing. She is still working out exactly how it is done,” he responded after a moment. “But we know it involves the spectacles and earpieces you've been wearing, and the Empire is behind it.”

“What?” Ta'tan'ia said again. “The Empire?” Then she paused a moment. “What do you mean they're using my spectacles and earpieces?” she asked fearfully.

“Relax Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp said soothingly. “The brainwashing only works only humans. That's why I'm talking to you.”

“Relax? Master, you tell me that the Empire has brainwashed Jedi—my friends, then you tell me to relax?” Ta'tan'ia responded, obviously upset. “What are we going to do about it, Master?”

Kyp sat silently a moment before replying. “Haven't you wondered why so many Jedi have gone to the Empire, and disappeared? And why so many have been visiting the Imperial Embassy so often?” he asked her.

“Not really, Master,” Ta'tan'ia answered. “I guess I should have though,” she added, obviously disappointed in herself.

“It's not your fault, Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp assured her. “Most of the blame falls on me. Well, and the Empire, of course.” Then he smiled at her. “As for what we are going to do about it, Master Cilghal is working on how to reverse the brainwashing. For you though, I need you to act completely normal. Well, like you have been. Go to the Imperial Embassy today, just as you normally would. We can't tip them off that we're onto them.”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied earnestly.

“Now, I know that you've been visiting the Imperial Embassy regularly. What can you tell me about what happens there?” Kyp asked her. “Anything at all might be helpful.”

Ta'tan'ia thought a moment. “Well, they searched me every time, they claimed it was just standard procedure. At first it was just a scanner, then it was pat-searching—which got a little frisky, but I didn't mind—”she grinned guiltily—“Then it turned into strip-searching—which I really enjoyed.” Then she paused a moment. “After the search they took my spectacles and earpieces, and said they were updating the software. . .” She trailed off as realized what that probably meant.

“Did they take them every time? And how long did they keep them each time?” Kyp asked, having reached the same conclusion.

“Every time, Master,” Ta'tan'ia confirmed with a nod. Then she thought a moment. “They didn't return them until right before I left, but that doesn't mean they were updating them the entire time, Master. I was usually there about an hour or so, and as far as I know, the other Jedi spent about the same about of time there each visit, Master.”

Kyp nodded his head in agreement. “Good point Ta'tan'ia. Still, it's worth noting. What else happened?”

“Thank you, Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied appreciatively. “After they took my spectacles and earpieces, I mostly just hung out and chatted with a Lieutenant Ross. She was obviously trying to recruit me to the Empire, while subtly trying to learn things about the Jedi Order, Master. I never told her anything classified though, Master,” she assured him.

“I'm sure you didn't, Ta'tan'ia,” Master Durron replied with a smile. Then he thought a moment. “Did it seem like she was just keeping you busy until they were done with your spectacles and earpieces?”

Ta'tan'ia frowned, and thought a few moments. “No Master. She seemed happy to just sit and talk with me, even if it was just about the latest holomovie.”

“Okay, Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp responded.

“Master, we should tell Chief Daala about this as well,” Ta'tan'ia told him after a moment's thought. “She needs to know, and she can put diplomatic pressure on the Empire when it's time.”

Kyp frowned slightly. “Ta'tan'ia, I know a lot of the younger Jedi see her differently, but you have to believe me, Chief Daala is out to destroy the Jedi Order. She can't be trusted.” He paused a moment. “As matter of fact, we know that she already knows about the brainwashing. For one she's an ex-Imperial. Second, you know her PA, Lysa Truden?” Ta'tan'ia nodded, and he continued. “She has almost certainly been brainwashed by the Empire as well.”

“You mean DP, Master?” Ta'tan'ia asked, her mind reeling from all the revelations. She considered DP a close friend, and tried to serve Master Durron as cheerfully, loyally, and as efficiently as she served Chief Daala.

“Yes, DP,” Kyp replied. “And we don't believe Lysa Truden is her real name. We're still trying to learn who she really is.”

Ta'tan'ia considered the information about Chief Daala a moment. While she didn't agree completely that she was out to destroy the Jedi Order, Ta'tan'ia knew her history. Even without that, she wouldn't dream of disobeying Master Durron. “Yes Master, I won't tell Chief Daala anything,” she assured him. Then another question occurred to her. “Master, if she's trying to harm the Jedi Order, then why did you let us give her our lightsabers, and let her put tracking collars on us?

Frakk, Ta'tan'ia thought as soon as she mentioned the tracking collars. The Masters didn't know about those. Then she shrugged. Her loyalty was to the Jedi Order, and besides, she shouldn't have secrets from her Master.

Kyp let out a sigh. “Because it seemed like the best course of action at the time,” he responded. Then he smiled. “And we already knew about the tracking collars, Ta'tan'ia,” he told her.

“Oh,” she replied sheepishly. “Does that mean I get to keep it, Master?” she asked hopefully.

Kyp smiled back at her. “Seeing how Chief Daala is most likely the only one that can unlock it, you're asking the wrong person, but we'll see, Ta'tan'ia. I know how much you like it.” Then his expression grew serious. “However, we've also discovered a tracking device and spy equipment in your comlink. The Empire has been monitoring all of your communications through it.”

Ta'tan'ia looked down at her beloved five-centimeter wide gray durasteel wrist comlink in betrayal. “I'll stop using it immediately, Master!” she assured him. Then she sensed his disapproval as she thought again. “No, wait. I should keep using it, so we don't tip them off, right Master?”

“Correct, Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp answered with a smile. “Just make sure you don't mention what we've talked about today. As matter of fact, don't mention this to anyone outside of this office. I'll let the other Masters know you've been brought into the loop.”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia answered obediently. Then she shook her head in disbelief. “I can't believe DJ and Kani and the others have been brainwashed, Master. They all seem so happy.” She glanced at him guiltily about calling Jaina DJ.

“I know, Ta'tan'ia, but Master Cilghal is positive,” Kyp replied. “They have all been brainwashed to varying degrees. Until she discovered the method, we thought you had been as well.”

Ta'tan'ia sat silently a moment then an idea formed in her mind. “So, Master, ever since I started wearing my spectacles and earpieces, you thought I was being brainwashed, right?”

“Yes, but we didn't know it at first,” Kyp replied in confusion.

The Twi'lek smiled in mock innocence. “So all this time you've been taking advantage of what you thought was a helpless, brainwashed sex slave?” Ta'tan'ia asked as she stood and strutted around his desk.

Kyp frowned a moment, obviously distressed. Then he relaxed. “I haven't taken advantage of anyone,” he said as he rolled his chair back, and turned to face her. “I've been doing my best to keep you from spending all day under my desk ... or sitting in my lap,” he said as Ta'tan'ia dropped into his lap.

Ta'tan'ia leaned forward, and gave him an open-mouthed kiss. “I can't help it Master. I'm just a poor, helpless, brainwashed sex slave,” she said as she began nuzzling his neck and opening his tunic.

“Hmm, maybe I need to keep you cuffed more, so you don't get into trouble,” Kyp replied as he eagerly returned her affections.

“Ooh, sounds like fun, Master,” Ta'tan'ia responded as she straddled him. “You should chain me to my desk, Master. That would be soooo sexy,” she said as she pulled his rapidly hardening cock out of his pants. “And you should lock me in a chastity belt, so no one else can take advantage of me,” she added as she stripped off her own tunic.

Ta'tan'ia really wanted a chastity belt for herself. She had only glimpsed at the waist belt of DJ's, and seen the outline of the rest of it underneath her gym shorts. It looked so sexy though. Ta'tan'ia fantasized about having her purple pussy locked behind rigid durasteel. With a strong, strict Master in control of it. Being chained to her desk sounded fun too.

“You'd like that, wouldn't you,” Kyp replied breathlessly, slapping her ass, hard.

“Of cours—Ow!—I would, Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a grin and a few strokes of his cock.

Kyp groaned. Then he paused a moment, and pulled a short chain out of one of his desk drawers.

When Ta'tan'ia realized what he was doing, she quickly stripped off her undertunic, pants, and thong panties. Now she was naked except for her nerfhide head harness, tracking collar, chrono, comlink, corset, and fifteen-centimeter heeled knee boots.

Master Durron promptly grabbed her forearm, and maglocked one end of the chain to her comlink. Then he pulled her compliant hands behind her back, and maglocked the other end to her chrono. Next he grabbed her by the waist, and half-lifted her onto his rock hard dick. Ta'tan'ia moaned in pleasure as she began bouncing up and down.

“Master—Oh!—do you think my—Oh!—tracking collar is moving on Chief—Oh!—Daala's display so she can tell we're having sex?” Ta'tan'ia asked breathlessly as she rode him.

Kyp moaned loudly. “That's ... sick,” he finally replied between moans. “Ask DJ,” he told her a few thrusts later.

“Okay, Maasstteerr!” Ta'tan'ia responded as she tugged against her cuffs.

Ta'tan'ia continued bouncing up and down on his cock until they were both on the verge of orgasm. The sex-training material she had gotten from the Empire had told her that she shouldn't orgasm until her partner did. Almost simultaneously, Ta'tan'ia screamed out in orgasm while Master Durron came into her. She massaged his dick with her cunt muscles, and stayed on him until he was completely finished, just as she had learned to do from the training material. She made a mental note to double check the material for brainwashing stuff or something like that.

Several minutes later, Ta'tan'ia was on her knees, cleaning off Master Durron's cock. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back. He was leaning back in his chair, relaxing.

“Oh, Ta'tan'ia, don't ask DJ if Daala can tell from your tracking collar that you're having sex, okay,” Kyp told her as she licked their cum off his dick. “Daala doesn't need anymore ideas.”

Ta'tan'ia glanced up at him, and stopped for a moment. “Okay, Master,” she replied obediently, then returned to her work. A minute or so later, she finished. She looked back up at him. “Are you still going to chain me to my desk, Master?” she asked teasingly.

“Nope,” he answered. “The Grand Master of the Jedi Order can't have a sexy Twi'lek chained to a desk outside his office. People would talk. And besides, how would you get my guests caf chained to your desk?” he asked with a smile as he petted her head.

Ta'tan'ia giggled a moment. She knew he wouldn't chain her to her desk. Still, it was fun to fantasize. “With the Force, Master?” she answered with a grin.

Kyp rolled his eyes at her. Then he reached over to the remote, and unlocked her cuffs. “Why don't you get back out there. I probably have a visitor that needs some caf or something,” he told her with a smile and a wink.

“Of course, Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully as she handed him the chain that had been between her wrists. “Can I at least have a chastity belt, Master?” she asked as she began getting dressed.

“We'll see, Ta'tan'ia, We'll see.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
The following morning, Moff Fel commed Chief Daala, and congratulated her on her recent success in controlling the Jedi. Then he asked her to remove the tracking collars from thirteen Jedi, including Kani Asari, Sanola Ti, Turi Altamik, and Seff Hellin.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Chief Daala replied to his congratulations. “Why should I remove their tracking collars though?” she asked.

“Because it's time for them to come to the Empire, and become ProCorps troopers, Your Excellency,” he replied.

Chief Daala considered that a moment. Well, I like Jedi Kani, she was the first Jedi to turn her lightsaber over to me, and let me put a tracking collar on her.” Then she looked directly into his eyes. “That was mostly your doing though, wasn't it?” she asked him.

Moff Fel nodded. “Yes, you could say that. I did help the Jedi become more ... accommodating towards you. Other Jedi will still be as accommodating though.” Then he frowned, and leaned forward. “Chief Daala, I know the Jedi can be difficult at times, but please, try to avoid doing anything to rash.

“I'll do what I must to maintain peace and order in the Galactic Alliance,” she replied blandly. “Besides, I'm not controlling my Jedi anywhere close to the extent you control yours,” she reminded him enviously.

Moff Fel stared back at her a few seconds. “I expected nothing else, Your Excellency. Are Seventy-Two and Lysa still serving you well?”

“Very well, Your Excellency,” she answered with a smile. “They each stop by my apartment twice a week to keep it tidy for me, in addition to their regular duties.”

“I know, you sent me holos, remember?”

“Oh yes I did. It slipped my mind,” Chief Daala replied with a fond smile. “I do miss Valin Horn though. He was fun to have around.”

“Well, when Seventy-Two's mission is complete, I'm sure I can arrange for his return,” Moff Fel told her.

“Oh, I don't want him back,” Chief Daala responded with a dismissive wave of her hand. “I want Jedi Hellin once he's properly trained.”

Moff Fel smiled broadly. “That shouldn't be a problem, Your Excellency. Oh, one more thing. I'd like to have my ProCorps troopers' lightsabers as well.”

Chief Daala frowned slightly. “Well they did give them to me, so I should negotiate something from you for them, but you've already helped me out so much, so okay,” she replied with a shrug of her shoulders. “Besides, my lightsaber drawer's full anyway.”

Moff Fel chuckled. “I understand. I've recently put in a transparisteel display case in my office for all of mine. Seventy-Three, or Tahiri, as you knew her as, dusts it everyday,” he said with an amused smile.

Chief Daala laughed as well. “That is a great idea.” Then she frowned slightly. “But I don't think I can get away with that—yet.”

“Well, maybe one day. For now though, could you please have Seventy-Two deliver the lightsabers to the Imperial Embassy by tonight?” Moff Fel asked her.

“She'll be happy to, Your Excellency,” Chief Daala replied with a smile. “And when will the other Jedi be stopping by so I can remove their tracking collars?”

Moff Fel frowned slightly. “I must have misspoken. I just wanted you to unlock the tracking collars. I was going to have my staff at the Embassy remove them, and send them back to you; assuming they can be unlocked without opening and falling off?”

“Of course they can,” Chief Daala replied. “I only use the best maglocks on my Jedi,” she said with a smile.

“As do I,” Moff Fel responded with his own smile. “I'll have to stagger their arrivals to the Embassy, so they don't attract any unwanted attention. They should all arrive by tomorrow morning at the latest.”

“Excellent. I'll program the tracking collars to unlock at oh-six hundred hours,” Chief Daala replied. “I'll be attending a Mon Calamari opera with Admiral Bwua'tu tonight,” she explained with a fond smile.

“That will be fine, Your Excellency,” Moff Fel replied with his own smile.

“Oh, one more question if you don't mind,” Chief Daala said. “What do you expect Master Durron to do after thirteen more of his Jedi join the Empire?”

Moff Fel considered that a moment. “Well, the worst that can happen is that he destroys the rest of the gear I've given the Jedi, so I don't get any more recruits. With you in charge of the Galactic Alliance, I don't really have to worry about the Jedi Order trying to declare war on the Empire,” he said with a friendly smile.

Chief Daala laughed. “No, you certainly don't. Not that I'd be too upset about that myself. It'd be just what I need to get rid of them all, one way or another.” Then her smile brightened. “In fact, I could probably turn the people even more against them if they committed a hostile act against an ally of the Galactic Alliance. I could say that they were deliberately trying to ruin the peace we've fought so hard for,” Chief Daala said excitedly.

“Well, if they do, we'll be ready for them,” Moff Fel assured her. “But I sincerely hope Master Durron doesn't try it, I don't want to see people die unnecessarily.”

“Nor do I have any wish to see the citizens of the Galactic Alliance or Empire harmed,” Chief Daala agreed. “Jedi on the other hand ...” she trailed off with an evil smile.

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