Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 7
Rating: PG

Bethany Handcuff

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“Your Excellency, can you please tell me why there are GA security officers outside the Jedi Temple?” Master Durron asked once they settled down onto Chief Daala's pouf couches.

Seventy-Two was sitting across from him, next to Chief Daala. She noticed that Master Durron was sitting in almost the same place that Kani and Seff were when Chief Daala had locked their tracking collars on them.

“I have assigned security staff that will keep the Jedi Temple secure at all times, so the Jedi can spend their time training, and meditating on the Force,” she replied seriously.

Seventy-Two nodded her agreement. The two of them had come up with that line together.

“You mean turn the Temple into a prison,” he countered.

“Not at all, Master Durron,” Chief Daala replied calmly. “The proposal clearly states that the Jedi will be able to come and go as they please. However, that only takes effect once you agree to abide by the terms of the proposal.”

Kyp stared back at her for several seconds. “You've always tried to destroy the Jedi,” he stated. “Every chance you got.”

As that was obviously true, Chief Daala didn't show the slightest reaction. “Master Durron, if we are going to bring up the past, then lets ask the people of Cardia how they feel about you leading the Jedi Order?” she asked him with a triumphant smile.

Seventy-Two's eyes went wide with shock. She had completely forgotten that Master Durron had destroyed a planet a little over thirty years ago.

Kyp was a Jedi Master, and held his emotions tightly in check. “At least I've repented of my actions, instead of trying to repeat them,” he countered.

“Well, it doesn't change the facts. Either you accept the proposal, or the Jedi will be treated as enemies of the Galactic Alliance,” Chief Daala replied calmly.

Kyp stared back at her for several seconds. “Will your thugs shoot if a Jedi tries to go out for lunch?” he asked her.

Seventy-Two glanced over at Chief Daala. They had talked about the period before the end of the deadline as well.

“My officers will not shoot unless they are attacked. Any Jedi that wishes to leave the Temple will be required to have an observer or a tracking device; even for lunch. If they choose the observer, then they can not attempt to evade them,” she replied. “If you would like to meet again before the deadline, then I'll make another exception for you, however, Master Durron.”

“Well, some of them already have a tracking device,” Kyp replied sarcastically, and sullenly.

“Some of the Jedi have chosen to demonstrate their loyalty and trust in the Galactic Alliance,” Chief Daala acknowledged.

To Seventy-Two's knowledge, nine Jedi were wearing tracking collars—plus herself, but she wasn't a Jedi. She wasn't sure how many were wearing Imperial tracking devices—comlinks—though, but she figured at least fifty by now.

Kyp sat silently in thought for several seconds. “What are you going to do when you need the Jedi?”

“Just like the Galactic Alliance Military, we hope we never have to use them. However, we do need to have some measure of control over Jedi Order, just as we do the Military, Master Durron,” Chief Daala answered.

“Can we talk about how many security officers it will take to keep the Jedi Temple secure? And the YVH droids?” Kyp asked.

Chief Daala considered that a few seconds. “We can talk,” she grudgingly agreed. “But within reason.”

Kyp's eyes went wide. “What possible reason is there for any of this?— never mind,” he said with a wave of his hand. “If I agree to play by your rules, then will you agree to allow Jedi and your officers to guard the Temple together?”

Seventy-Two hadn't thought of that. She wondered how Chief Daala would react.

“You may station two Jedi at the Main entrance, and one at the Hanger entrance. There will be a matching number of YVH droids at those entrances, along with a sufficient number of security officers. All the other entrances will be guarded by GA officers,” Chief Daala countered.

“That's more reasonable than I thought you would be,” Kyp replied reluctantly.

“However, the Jedi will have to use either the Main or Hanger entrances, unless they have a tracking device. Also, if they don't have a tracking device, they will have to notify the duty officer at least fifteen minutes in advance if they wish to leave, so an observer can be standing by,” Chief Daala added.

“Ah, so get a tracking collar and you can come and go as you please, or have an observer, and have to plan your trips in advance,” Kyp commented.

“I'm just trying to maintain peace and order,” Chief Daala replied calmly, and with a hint of smugness.

“Well, since you bought off the Senate, I guess I have to accept,” Kyp replied with resignation.

“Excellent,” Chief Daala answered with a smile. “Jedi Solo will accompany you back to the Temple, to discuss the details with you. If either of you have any questions, feel free to comm.”

Kyp stood up without replying. “Let's go, DJ,” he said sarcastically to Seventy-Two as he started towards the door.

“Yes Master,” Seventy-Two replied obediently—and with a mischievous smile—as she followed him out of Chief Daala's office.

“Have a nice day, Master Durron,” Lysa said with a smile as he passed her desk.

Kyp ignored her, and kept walking.

“Bye DP,” Seventy-Two said with a smile and a wave. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye bye, DJ,” Lysa replied with a smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Most of the Jedi were relieved that Master Durron had agreed to the terms. They figured it was better than Chief Daala trying to keep them all locked in the Temple permanently. Well, most of the Human Jedi were relieved. The non-humans were divided about down the middle. Some of them also thought it was better than the alternative, while some thought Chief Daala was way over the line.

Master Durron immediately ordered all the Jedi that were guarding the entrances to withdraw, but to keep the entrances, and GA security officers in sight. He also instructed one Jedi to remain on duty at the Hanger entrance, and two at the Main entrance, and warned them that YVH droids would be there as well.

Then he took Seventy-Two, along with Masters Katarn, Sebatyne, Hamner, and Cilghal into a conference room. Seventy-Two noticed that Master Hamner was wearing his chrono and comlink.

“Jaina, I know the Empire messed you up, and now you're Daala's Jedi, but tell us, is she trying to set us up to attack us?” Kyp asked once they were all seated.

Seventy-Two fiercely resented the statement that the Empire had messed her up. The Jedi Order and Rebels had done that. She didn't think it was the time to bring it up though. “No Master. She wants firm control of the Jedi Order,” she replied. As far as she knew, that was the truth.

After a few seconds of probing her emotions, Kyp asked, “How does she expect us to accept any missions while she's making us wear tracking collars?”

Seventy-Two knew she had to be careful answering this question. Her loyalty was to the Empire, and Chief Daala, not the Jedi. “Well Master, for the most part, she doesn't really want the Jedi to go on any missions. She doesn't think a properly run Galactic Alliance should need them.”

Once again the Masters sensed her honesty. “The Jedi have been protecting—and saving the New Republic and Galactic Alliance since day one. How can she believe that they won't need us again?” Master Katarn asked her.

“I'm not sure about that, Master,” Seventy-Two replied. “I think she might—deep down—think she could need the Jedi someday. That's why she isn't trying to disband the Order completely.”

In fact, Chief Daala had hinted that she hadn't tried to disband the Order because she didn't think she could complete the task. In spite of the anti-Jedi sentiment, a lot of people and Senators still supported the Jedi. Moff Fel had also counseled against it. Seventy-Two however, thought there was some truth in what she had just said.

The Masters considered that a few moments. “That iz true,” the Barabel, Saba Sebatyne said. “The Sith hid for a thouzand yearz once. They could still be out there somewhere.”

“Alright, that's enough speculation,” Kyp said. “Let's go over the details of the proposal that our illustrious Chief of State has asked us to abide by.”

Seventy-Two started going over the details of the proposal with the Masters. About twenty minutes into the discussion, Ta'tan'ia commed Master Durron and asked if they needed any refreshments. All of them asked for various drinks without blinking an eye. Five minutes later, Ta'tan'ia appeared with a tray, and served their beverages.

For the next ninety minutes or so, they discussed the proposal. Finally, Master Durron dismissed Seventy-Two, and she went to her room. Then she quickly changed, and went to the gym.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Over the next few days, the Jedi got used to the Galactic Alliance Security forces patrolling the outside of the Jedi Temple. While some of the Jedi strongly resented their presence, some, like Kani, Sanola, and Turi, cheerfully brought them caf and water while they were on their posts. They also made a point to talk and flirt with the ones they thought were cute.

Chef Daala left instructions that any Jedi that wished to have a tracking device instead of an observer would be escorted from the Temple to her office, where she could personally thank them for their loyalty and trust. Seventy-Two had helped her come up with that line as well. She knew that Chief Daala just got a kick out of locking collars on the Jedi.

Quite a few Jedi took Chief Daala up on the tracking collars, and turned their lightsaber over to her. Turi Altamik returned for her tracking collar. Ta'tan'ia also returned, and informed Chief Daala that she no longer needed her lightsaber.

“You don't?” Chief Daala replied to her in confusion. “May I ask why?”

“Master Durron and the other Masters have just decided to give the younger Jedi a little room, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied. “They know a lot of Jedi will keep their lightsabers, and are just trusting in the Force that everything will work out.”

Chief Daala nodded her head. “That certainly sounds like the Jedi Masters,” she agreed.

“Oh, and Your Excellency, I just want you to know, I love the new gym outfit that you made for DJ. Is there any way we could get some more?” Ta'tan'ia asked her. “I know a lot of other Jedi want one as well.”

“Well, I'm glad you do, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala replied with a smile, and an approving glance at Seventy-Two at the DJ remark. “However, the Galactic Alliance can't pay for clothes for Jedi to wear to the gym. If you could convince Master Durron to pay for them though, then I would be happy to provide the Jedi with some.”

Ta'tan'ia thought about that a few moments. “I'll talk to him, Your Excellency,” she assured her with a smile. “Maybe I can get him to buy us some Jedi uniforms like DJ has too,” she added, glancing towards Seventy-Two.

“Well, good luck, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala told her, still smiling. “However, I have a government to run, so why don't you go get started on that task.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied obediently as she stood up. “Thank you for seeing me today, Your Excellency.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That very afternoon Javis Tyrr, the holojournalist who had interviewed Seventy-Two, and had written the Modern Jedi article, asked to interview her again. After ensuring that the article would have a similar slant as the last one, Chief Daala happily granted her permission, and the interview was conducted the following morning.

“Jedi Solo, how do you feel Chief Daala's tenure in office has compared with your mother's, Leia Organa Solo?” Javis Tyrr asked her.

“Chief Daala is the greatest leader the Galactic Alliance or New Republic has ever had. She has helped keep the galaxy at peace since she took office. The Galactic Alliance is lucky to have her as its Chief of Sate,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile.

“During Leia Organa Solo's reign—” Seventy-Two purposely didn't refer to her as mother, and called her time in office a reign, reminisce of Emperor Palpatine—“There seemed to be a war or crisis every other week. The galaxy stayed in turmoil. She repeatedly ignored laws whenever it suited her; which was mostly when her husband broke them. No doubt that is why he stayed out of prison so long; she was always protecting him,” Seventy-Two explained forcefully.

“I would also like to say that Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo left something to be desired as parents. While I was growing up, my brothers and I spent more time with babysitters or someone else than with them. We were also nearly kidnapped several times, and actually kidnapped a few times as well. Even when we were supposedly with her, Leia was rarely around. There was always some alleged crisis or something that was more important to her than taking care of her children. As soon as we were old enough, we were sent off to the Jedi Academy, where we saw them even less,” Seventy-Two explained.

"And even though the New Republic claimed to be a democracy, only a very narrow range of opinions were really considered acceptable, so I was never able to express my desire for a stronger government. The Jedi Order continued this psychological abuse by indoctrinating me to suppress my own personality and unthinkingly follow the orders of their self-appointed leadership. I couldn't even be comfortable with my own bisexuality until I went to the Empire." Seventy-Two was surprised to discover how much anger she felt, but it felt good letting it out like this. The Empire had given her the freedom to be herself, and she was proud to help recruit Jedi to join the ProCorps.

“Thanks to Chief Daala's leadership things in the Galactic Alliance are much better now, but growing up as Princess Organa Solo's daughter I was forced to be someone I wasn't, just to suit the ideals of the New Republic elitists,” Seventy-Two concluded calmly.

Javis was stunned by the reply, but as a professional holojournalist, he quickly recovered. “So you fully support Chief Daala's recent measures to control the Jedi?”

“Absolutely,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile. “I helped her write them, after all. The Jedi should be under government supervision.” As long as Moff Fel thinks so, anyway.

“Okay. By your previous comments I assume you have no have no problem working for the woman that had your father imprisoned?” he asked?

“Of course not, Mister Tyrr,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile. “And I'll add, Chief Daala has been a far better mentor to me in these past weeks to me than Leia Organa Solo ever was.”

Javis asked several more questions about Chief Daala, and Master Durron. Then he ended the interview, and asked Seventy-Two out to dinner, which she politely declined.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

In the Jedi Temple ...

Master Cilghal strode towards Kyp Durron's office. His personal assistant, Jedi Ta'tan'ia was at her place behind her desk outside his office.

“Good afternoon, Master Cilghal,” Ta'tan'ia greeted her cheerfully as she rose from her seat, out of respect.

While Cilghal appreciated being shown the respect she had earned, Ta'tan'ia seemed to relish being subservient to pretty much anyone that stopped by to see Kyp. Today the young Twi'lek was wearing a tight-fitting Jedi tunic, and pants, along with the brown nerfhide head harness that her species favored.

Josat and Romor, two young human Jedi healers that worked in the Temple's Halls of Healing were also displaying the same behavior. They seemed to spend all day cheerfully cleaning up—which wasn't so bad—offering to bring her and Tekli caf and generally behaving more like servants than Jedi.

By Ta'tan'ia's extra height Cilghal could tell that she was wearing those outrageously high-heeled boots that a lot of the female Jedi seemed to be wearing these days. She was also wearing those spectacle and earpiece things, and the wrist chrono and comlink that a lot of the Jedi wore now.

As Cilghal got closer, she spotted the top edge of the tracking collar Chief Daala had locked on her. Of course, the younger Jedi didn't know that the Jedi Masters knew about that.

“Good afternoon Jedi Ta'tan'ia. I need to speak with Master Durron immediately,” Cilghal said as she neared his office door.

“Of course, Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully as she pressed a button on her comlink, no doubt alerting Master Durron.

As Cilghal reached out towards him with the force, she sensed Ta'tan'ia doing the same as well. In light of her recent findings, Cilghal was even more perplexed about her behavior. Ta'tan'ia remained standing and smiling cheerfully until Cilghal entered Master Durron's office.

“Ah, good afternoon Master Cilghal,” Kyp said as she entered his office. He waited a moment, until the door closed behind her. “You've found something?” he asked. Her excitement was obvious from her Force aura.

“Yes. The Jedi are being brainwashed by the spectacles and earpieces from the Empire, just as we suspected. I've found out how.” She paused a moment. “Well, really it's more like they've been mentally conditioned; at least with the ones I've examined. I'm not sure exactly how they work, but the spectacles and earpieces work together to alter the brainwave pattern of the wearer, making them more and more suggestible.” Then she told him how she had only just discovered that.

“They only work on humans. That's why it took me so long to figure it out. I've been examining Ta'tan'ia all along, since she's been wearing them the longest, and displaying some of the most abnormal behavior. Two of my healers, Josat and Romor, have been wearing the spectacles and earpieces, and behaving like the other younger Jedi as well though. This morning I performed a brainwave scan on each of them, and compared it with ones I did several months ago. They are very different. Jedi Ta'tan'ia's are virtually the identical. I called Jedi Ti and Jedi Asari in, and confirmed the results,” Cilghal explained.

Master Durron took a moment to let that sink in. “You're telling me that Ta'tan'ia out there, who practically throws herself at me everyday, is in no way brainwashed?” he asked incredulously.

“Not according to my research,” Cilghal replied.

“Well, that's actually a relief,” Kyp responded. “I've felt really bad about taking advantage of a brainwashed sex-slave. Now I can just feel bad about taking advantage of an impressionable young Jedi under my command.”

Master Cilghal gave the Mon Calamari equivalent of a smile. “It's not quite that bad, Kyp. The Jedi Order isn't the military.”

Master Durron obviously wasn't convinced. “Can you heal the human Jedi?”

Cilghal frowned slightly. “I'm pretty sure that if we stop them from using the spectacles and earpieces, and stop them from visiting the Imperial Embassy, they'll return to normal. It will take some time, though.”

“The Empire,” Kyp said with disgust. “I can't believe Jag is involved with this. You'll have to contact Ben, and tell him what you've found out.”

Cilghal nodded her agreement. Per Master Skywalker's ridiculous exile agreement with Daala, they couldn't contact him directly. Realistically, Daala probably expected the exile agreement to include contact with the Jedi Grand Master's son, Ben Skywalker, who was traveling with him. Since the Chief of State hadn't said anything about it yet though, they used Ben to indirectly contact the Jedi Grand Master.

“And Master Cilghal, I feel that we should move quickly on this matter. No more than a few days at the most,” Kyp told her thoughtfully.

Master Cilghal consulted the Force a moment. “I agree. I'll contact Ben as soon as possible, Master Durron,” she replied.

“Oh, one more thing. Did you learn how the brainwashing affects the victims use of the Force?” Kyp asked her.

Ever since the Jedi had started wearing the spectacles and earpieces, their Force abilities had steadily declined. Well, except for Ta'tan'ia's.

“No.” Then Cilghal paused a moment. “For reasons I don't entirely understand, it does though.”

Kyp considered that a moment. “Well, that's actually a good thing. At least the Empire doesn't have brainwashed Jedi working for them.”

“You have a point,” Cilghal agreed.

“Will their Force abilities return?” Master Durron asked her.

Cilghal gave him the Mon Calamari equivalent of a shrug. “We have no way of knowing that. I don't even know how long it will take them to completely recover.”

“Okay. For now though, we're going to start keeping as many of the brainwashed Jedi as possible in the Temple at all times. I'll say it's for mandatory meditation or something if Daala or anyone asks,” Kyp said.

“And what will we tell the affected Jedi when they want to visit the Imperial Embassy?” Cilghal asked.

Kyp smiled evilly. “We'll keep them busy cleaning the Temple and stuff until it's time to take the spectacles and earpieces.” Then he thought a moment. “When we do, we'll probably have to lock them in the holding cells, to be on the safe side.”

“Yes,” Cilghal agreed. “And what are we going to do about Jaina, and the Jedi that have already joined the Empire?”

Kyp thought another moment. “We'll tell Daala that she's sick. That should work for at least a day or two. As for the rest. . .” He shook his head. “Unless Master Skywalker can get Jag to release them, I don't know what we can do. Once we free Jaina and the others here, the Empire will hide the rest behind a wall of Star Destroyers. Then Jag and Daala will claim we are trying to kidnap Imperial citizens.”

“Unfortunately, I'm afraid you're right,” Cilghal agreed. “What about that poor girl Chief Daala has; Lysa Truden?”

Kyp frowned again. “We don't even know that she has been brainwashed. In fact, we don't even know who she really is.”

“She wears the spectacles and earpieces, visits the Imperial Embassy, and acts just like Jaina and the rest of them,” Cilghal pointed out.

Kyp sighed. “Yeah, and she feels familiar to us for some reason, but for all we know she was born and raised in the Empire, and is willingly acting like that.”

“I doubt it. But if we're right about there being tens of thousands of these people in the Empire, it's not like we can save them all anyway,” Cilghal responded.

“Yeah. Not without fighting the whole Empire, at any rate. Especially since half the Jedi we've sent to investigate have been brainwashed themselves,” Kyp replied.

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