Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 6
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth part of the story of Jaina Solo's transformation into Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. The other stories are also located in WookieeHut, as well: Remember, please leave me feedback, Ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

That evening, Seventy-Two returned to the Temple, and was mildly surprised that none of the Masters were waiting for her in the hanger. As soon as she got to her room, she put on her second collar. A few minutes later, Ta'tan'ia stopped by.

“Hey DJ, can I come in?” she asked with a smile as she stood in the doorway.

The purple-skinned Twi'lek was wearing a tan tunic and pants without the brown outer cloak, like a lot of Jedi had always done in the Temple. She was also wearing her chrono and comlink on her wrists, and brown boots with fifteen-centimeter wedge heels. Seventy-Two glanced up and saw that she was wearing a gray durasteel collar partially hidden by the collar of her undertunic, and it looked like she was wearing her durasteel corset as well. A brown Twi'lek nerfhide head harness was wrapped around her head.

“Sure Ta'tan'ia,” Seventy-Two replied cheerfully. By now she was used to answering to DJ, both at Chief Daala's office and in the Temple.

She walked in, and the door closed behind her. “Master Durron is furious about the holozine article,” Ta'tan'ia said without preamble.

“I figured he would be,” Seventy-Two admitted.

“So why did you do it?” she asked as she sat down in the small chair in front of the computer terminal.

“I thought it was the right thing to do,” Seventy-Two replied from her bunk. The right thing for the Empire, and Chief Daala. “Maybe if Master Durron saw how a lot of the galaxy sees the Jedi these days, he'd cooperate with the government a little more.”

“I wouldn't hold my breath on that,” Ta'tan'ia replied. “By the way, I commed the Imperial Embassy, and spoke to a Lieutenant Ross. I told her that I was Master Durron's personal assistant, and that you had given me an instructional file to help get me started. Then I asked her if she had any thing else to send me to help me serve him better. She sent me the sections of the instructional file that were missing in the copy you gave me. It was very enlightening,” she explained with a conspiratorial smile.

Seventy-Two noticed that she didn't identify it as a ProCorps instructional file. “So how do you like your new duties then?” she asked with a conspiratorial smile.

“I love 'em,” Ta'tan'ia answered with a grin. “Now I know why you were always so happy to be at his beck and call.”

Seventy-Two smiled back at her. “Well, I certainly enjoyed that part of my duties. Maybe you could talk to Master Durron for me a little after you've helped him relax?”

“Maybe, but I think he's made up his mind about this,” Ta'tan'ia answered.

“Okay,” Seventy-Two replied as she glanced down at her chrono. “Hey, I'm gonna hit the gym, want to join me?”

“Sure,” Ta'tan'ia replied, jumping to her feet. “Let me go change, and I'll meet you there,” she added as she headed out the door.

That was what Seventy-Two had hoped she would do, so she could change in private. She commed Kani, and told her that she and Ta'tan'ia were going to the gym, then changed into her GA blue sports bra and hot pants.

To Seventy-Two's surprise, she noticed a few Jedi wearing chronos and comlinks that she knew she hadn't brought to them. She smiled. It meant the Jedi were seeking it out from the Empire on their own. There were also a lot of Jedi wearing sports bras and hot pants, or just tight-fitting shorts for the guys.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following day, Seventy-Two reported to Chief Daala that Master Durron was steadfast on the Jedi Order's position. Seventy-Two had already reported the details to Lieutenant Ross, including that Ta'tan'ia had told her, and that she was having sex with Master Durron in his office. She didn't mention whom she had gotten the information from, or Master Durron's new sex partner to Chief Daala though.

Seventy-Two continued to speak with holojournalists about the proper role the Jedi Order should have in the Galactic Alliance. The media continued to portray Seventy-Two, and Chief Daala, almost universally positive, while casting the Jedi Order, and Master Durron in particular, generally negative.

A lot of Senators had always steadfastly supported the Jedi Order. Seventy-Two, in her disguise as Jaina Solo, began visiting and discussing things with them. With the daughter of Leia Organa Solo and the niece of Luke Skywalker on Chief Daala's side, they began toning down their support of the Jedi Order.

Two days later, Chief Daala summoned Seventy-Two into her office, and showed her one of the new Jedi tracking collars. Seventy-Two wanted one for herself, as she would prefer to wear a five-centimeter wide collar all day instead of a three-centimeter one. She also knew that if she appeared wearing it, then the Jedi Masters might suspect something about the other Jedi's collars though.

Since Seventy-Two already knew that Kani would accept the tracking collar, she quickly commed her, and asked her to come to Chief Daala's office. Kani didn't ask why, but she obviously knew. Half-an-hour later, Seventy-Two met her at the security checkpoint.

“Hey, I'm glad you came,” Seventy-Two said with a smile.

“Thanks, DJ,” Kani said nervously. “This isn't going to be on the HoloNet, is it?” she asked as they headed towards Chief Daala's office.

“Oh no,” Seventy-Two replied, shaking her head. She was also pleased to notice that Kani had called her DJ even though she was obviously distracted, which meant that Kani now thought of her as DJ instead of Jaina Solo. “Chief Daala doesn't want Master Durron to interfere. Your decision will be classified,” she assured her.

“Okay, thanks DJ,” Kani replied as they entered a turbolift.

“You're welcome,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile. “Um, you do realize that you won't be able to take this collar off, don't you? It will be maglocked on, just like your other collar, except only Chief Daala will be able to unlock it. Even if Master Durron finds out about it, I don't think she'll let you take it off.”

Kani clearly hadn't considered that. “I don't care,” she finally replied. “If this is what the Galactic Alliance wants, then I'll obey,” she explained.

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you understood is all,” Seventy-Two told her as they arrived in the reception area.

“Your Excellency, Jedi Asari is here,” Lysa was saying into her comlink as they walked in.

“Send her in,” Chief Daala replied promptly.

“Good afternoon, Jedi Asari,” Lysa greeted her. “Chief Daala is expecting you,” she said, gesturing for them to enter her office.

“Thank you,” Kani replied with a nervous smile as she walked past her.

“Good afternoon, Jedi Asari,” Chief Daala greeted her as she came out from behind her desk.

Seventy-Two had advised her to use one of her pouf couches, which would be less intimidating. The tracking collar was setting on the caf table between the two pouf couches. It was gray, about five centimeters wide, and contoured to sit comfortably at the base of her neck, exactly like the ProCorps collar she had been wearing.

“Good afternoon, Your Excellency,” Kani replied politely.

Seventy-Two guided her to the opposite pouf couch, and sat down next to her.

“I'm very pleased that you have come today, Kani. The Galactic Alliance could use more Jedi like you,” Chief Daala told her.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Kani replied nervously. “Um, Ma'am, is there anyway I'll be able to take if off?”

Chief Daala looked at her a moment. “I understand your hesitation, Kani, but what is the point of a tracking device that can be removed at anytime? If Master Durron would consent to the observers, then I wouldn't even have had to take things to this level,” she explained.

Seventy-Two nodded her agreement when Kani glanced over at her. Chief Daala had told her that she wanted to put tracking devices on all the Jedi from the first day she had taken office. That or lock them all in the Temple. The observers were just something she thought she could get the Jedi to agree to to start with.

“Okay, Your Excellency,” Kani replied reluctantly. Then she smiled apprehensively. “He can be stubborn about some things, Your Excellency,” she added.

“With Jedi like you and Solo here in the Order, hopefully things will change soon,” Chief Daala told her with an appreciative smile. Then she leaned forward, and picked up the open tracking collar sitting on the caf table. “Are you ready to show your loyalty and trust in the Galactic Alliance?” she asked her.

Kani held her breath a couple of seconds, then exhaled. “Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied.

Chief Daala quickly stood up, and stepped around the caf table. Seventy-Two promptly reached over and lifted Kani's blonde hair out of the way. Chief Daala leaned down and closed the five centimeter wide circle of durasteel around her neck. All three of them waited silently for a few seconds.

“And the Galactic Alliance appreciates your loyalty and trust, Kani,” Chief Daala said politely as she sat back down.

Kani fingered the collar for a few more seconds before replying. “So you can track me where ever I'm at, anywhere in the galaxy?” she asked.

“Practically anywhere, Kani,” Chief Daala replied with a smile. “If you fled to some parts of the Unknown Regions, or Wild Space, then you might get out of range of the HoloNet transceivers.”

Kani seemed to digest that a moment. “Can I see my signal on the HoloNet, Your Excellency?” she asked her.

“The tracking devices are for the security of the Galactic Alliance, but just this once, I will show you, Kani,” Chief Daala told her with a friendly smile. With that Chief Daala stood and walked towards her computer terminal.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Kani replied as she followed her.

Chief Daala had a giant two-and-half-meter holoscreen on one wall. With a few keystrokes, it displayed a schematic of her office suite, with two red lights in her office itself.

Seventy-Two was curious herself. She had been wearing an Imperial tracking device for nearly two and half years in her comlink. Now she was wearing a tracking collar as well, and she had never seen her location displayed like this. She took a step to the side, and watched one of the red lights move as well.

Kani stared up at the screen a few seconds. “Can you tell who is who?” she asked.

Chief Daala glanced at her suspiciously a moment, then hit a button. “Of course,” she replied as Kani's picture and bio popped up on the side of the screen.

“Hmm, perhaps we should update this picture to including your tracking collar, Kani?” Chief Daala suggested.

Kani's face turned red with embarrassment. “Um, can we wait a little while about that, Your Excellency?” she asked her.

Chief Daala glanced over at her, and gauged her reaction to the suggestion. “Of course, Kani, whenever you're ready,” she replied.

Kani stared at the screen a few more seconds. “Well, thank you, Your Excellency,” she responded as she turned away from the holoscreen.

“Thank you for your loyalty and trust, Kani,” Chief Daala replied as she turned off the holoscreen.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Over the following week, Jedi Sanola Ti, Turi Altamik, and Seff Hellin came to Chief Daala's office, and turned their lightsabers over to her. Chief Daala thanked them for their loyalty and trust in the Galactic Alliance government, and offered each of them a tracking collar that was practically identical to the collar they were already wearing. Jedi Ti and Hellin accepted, while Turi Altamik declined, but thanked Chief Daala.

Then Jedi Ta'tan'ia arrived at the security checkpoint one morning. Since Jedi showing up was routine, the security officers had her hand her lightsaber over to a YVH droid. The the droid and an officer escorted her up, after notifying Lysa they were on the way.

“Hey Ta'tan'ia,” Seventy-Two greeted her with a smile, and a little confusion. “Who's assisting Master Durron?” she asked. She was confident that Ta'tan'ia had taken care of it, one way or another. She also noticed that the Twi'lek wasn't wearing her collar underneath her tunic.

“Hey DJ,” Ta'tan'ia replied. “He said he wanted to spend the day meditating, but I got Kani to cover for me while I'm gone,” she told her with her own smile.

Seventy-Two giggled. “Better be careful, she might prove more enthusiastic than you think,” she told her with a friendly smile.

“Well, I stay pretty busy, maybe Master Durron could use two personal assistants?” Ta'tan'ia suggested conspiratorially.

Seventy-Two giggled again.

“Excuse me, Jedi Ta'tan'ia, DJ, Chief Daala is ready for you,” Lysa told them, making sure to call Seventy-Two DJ.

“Thanks DP,” Seventy-Two replied with her own smile.

Ta'tan'ia frowned in confusion, but Seventy-Two hustled her into Chief Daala's office before she could ask what DP meant.

“Ah, hello Jedi Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala greeted her with a smile. “I think I need to have Lysa make up a schedule for all the brave Jedi that want to demonstrate their loyalty and trust in the Galactic Alliance,” she commented.

“Good Morning, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile. “I have come to receive my tracking collar,” she explained.

Chief Daala motioned for her to sit down, and Seventy-Two took a step away from her.

“Excellent,” Chief Daala replied with a smile as she opened one of her desk drawers and pulled a tracking collar out. She set it on her desk then gestured towards the YVH droid, who obediently stepped forward and handed Ta'tan'ia's lightsaber to her.

“Um, excuse me, Your Excellency?” Ta'tan'ia said as Chief Daala locked her lightsaber into another drawer.

“I'll be sure to keep it secure, in case I ever decide you need it again,” Chief Daala said with a triumphant smile.

“I didn't come here to turn my lightsaber over to you, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia said, obliviously distressed. “Master Durron would notice.”

Chief Daala frowned at her in confusion. “You want a tracking collar but you want to keep your lightsaber?” she asked her testily.

Seventy-Two stood there silently, trying to think of some way to remedy the situation. “Your Excellency, Jedi Ta'tan'ia is Master Durron's personal assistant. He would quickly notice if she didn't have her lightsaber. Then he might find out about the others, and try to stop more Jedi from turning theirs over to the Galactic Alliance for safekeeping,” she explained.

Chief Daala looked at Seventy-Two, then stared at Ta'tan'ia for a few seconds. “Let's get your tracking collar on you, then we'll discuss your lightsaber,” she said as she stood and picked up the tracking collar.

“Okay, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied after a few, tense, seconds.

Chief Daala stepped around her desk, and walked behind the Twi'lek. Ta'tan'ia lifted her lekku out of the way, and Chief Daala closed the durasteel tracking collar around her neck. Then she went back behind her desk, and sat back down in her chair.

“How about this?” she began. “You turn your lightsaber over to me, and I immediately issue it back to you; solely for the purpose of keeping Master Durron from finding out. In exchange, you have to promise never to use it outside of training inside the Temple, except in a life-or-death situation. If you do, you have to report it to me immediately, understood?”

Seventy-Two was surprised at the fairness of the offer. She had expected Chief Daala to keep the lightsaber, and use the YVH droid to enforce her decision; possibly lethally. Then Chief Daala surprised her by going a step further.

“However, if you prefer, I can just give you your lightsaber back, and pretend that the misunderstanding never happened. You have demonstrated your loyalty and trust in me by accepting a tracking collar. I would be willing to demonstrate some trust in you as well, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala told her.

Ta'tan'ia considered it for a few moments. “I'd like to turn it over to you, Your Excellency. And I'll abide by your rules while you allow me to carry it,” Ta'tan'ia replied.

Chief Daala smiled broadly. “I graciously accept, Ta'tan'ia. You don't mind if I call you Ta'tan'ia, do you?” she asked as she unlocked the drawer and pulled the Twi'lek's lightsaber back out.
Seventy-Two noticed that she didn't make a move to give Ta'tan'ia her lightsaber until she had answered the question.

“Not at all, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied, eying her lightsaber.

“Good. Here is your lightsaber back,” Chief Daala responded as she held the weapon out across the desk.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied as she stood up so she could reach the lightsaber. Before she made it, the YVH droid stepped between her and the weapon.

“It's alright Es-Dee,” Chief Daala told it. “Stand down.”

The droid obediently stepped back, and Ta'tan'ia accepted the lightsaber from Chief Daala. “Thank you for your trust in me, and I won't let you down, Your Excellency,” she said solemnly as she attached it to her belt.

“Well, if you do, I'll know where to find you, won't I, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala responded with a teasing smile.

Ta'tan'ia frowned for a split second, then smiled, realizing that she was referring to her tracking collar. “Well, Your Excellency, even without that, I'd probably be at my desk, typing away or something,” she answered good-naturedly. “Then she glanced down at her chrono. “Speaking of which, I need to get back to the Temple, Your Excellency. Unless you need anything else from me?” she asked politely.

“Not as long as your remember your promise for me allowing you to carry your lightsaber, Ta'tan'ia?” Chief Daala reminded her.

“I will, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia assured her.

“Good. You may go, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala replied, dismissing her.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a short bow of respect.

As the two women and the YVH left Chief Daala's office, Seventy-Two let out a sigh of relief. She had been worried when Ta'tan'ia told her that she didn't want to turn her lightsaber over, but everything had turned out fine.

Over the next few days half-a-dozen more Jedi came by and turned their lightsabers over to Chief Daala. Several of them also accepted tracking collars.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A couple of days later, Chief Daala issued a proposal to the Jedi Order. It stated that if the Jedi wanted the continuing support of the Galactic Alliance, then they would have to agree to certain conditions.

Seventy-Two had been helping her work on it since day one in her office. She had also been visiting Senators that might be inclined to try to block it, to talk them into staying quiet, or in some cases, supporting it. Since she was a ProCorps trooper, she had been ready to suck or lick whatever was necessary to accomplish Chief Daala's goals.

Chief Daala did tell her not to let any of the Senators see the altered skin on her ass and crotch. Seventy-Two agreed with her on that. If the Senators saw Imperial Property on her ass, or the Imperial Emblem along with her title and serial number over her pussy, they might not respond so favorably to her persuasions. Still, for most of the visits, Seventy-Two didn't feel like the Senators would react positively to oral sex.

The proposal started out by saying that Jedi would only be allowed on government approved missions, under supervision. They would also be given government support on those missions, if necessary. The Jedi could ask to go on a mission, or the Galactic Alliance Government could request Jedi for a mission.

In Chief Daala's original proposal, she had insisted on being the only one that could approve Jedi missions. Seventy-Two had managed to talk her into giving the Senate Security Committee the power to authorize Jedi missions as well.

She explained that by the time the Senators debated and voted, word of the mission would have leaked—probably from the Senator's staffers—or the crisis would be over. After a few leaks and delays—which Chief Daala could secretly help create—the Jedi would be forced to go to her for approval to go on any meaningful missions. This would allow Chief Daala to retain effective control of the Jedi's missions, while allowing for the illusion of sharing the power.

The proposal also had a provision stating that if a Jedi acted on their own, then they would be subject to the same laws as any other private citizen. A Jedi could still defend lives, but they would have to justify their actions to legal authority afterwards.

Another provision Chief Daala had included stated that all Jedi must have observers appointed by the Chief of State whenever they left the Temple. Seventy-Two got her to modify this to give individual Jedi the option of accepting a tracking device of Chief Daala's choice instead. She convinced her that a lot of Jedi would rather have a tracking device they could ignore than a person hanging over their shoulder they couldn't.

Seventy-Two also suggested that Chief Daala have government security officers take over external security of the Jedi Temple. The provision made it clear that the security officers wouldn't be allowed to stop Jedi from leaving, but they would keep track of the Jedi's comings and goings. Last of all, the proposal stated that the Jedi Order had forty-eight hours to accept the terms.

Almost simultaneously with the proposal being issued, Chief Daala had just over a hundred security officers—along with a couple of dozen YVH droids—take up positions around the exits of the Jedi Temple. There were nearly four hundred commandos, along with several dozen more YVH droids, out of sight as back up. Seventy-Two knew that this was the delicate part. If someone made the wrong move—on either side—then things could get violent quickly. Chief Daala had assured her that the security officers were under strict orders not to fire at all unless they were under direct attack.

Chief Daala had wanted to bring in Mandalorians, but Seventy-Two convinced her that the Galactic Alliance public might feel more sympathetic to the Jedi than hired mercenaries. After much debate, Chief Daala agreed to leave the Mandos on standby, in addition to the Galactic Alliance commandos and extra YVH droids.

Both Chief Daala and Seventy-Two were surprised when Master Durron responded by asking to meet with Chief Daala in person, to discuss the matter.

Chief Daala had Lysa clear her schedule, and told Master Durron that they could speak as soon as he arrived. Then she commed the Captain in charge of the security officers, and told him to allow Master Durron to leave.

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