Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 5
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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That afternoon Seventy-Two made her own visit to the Embassy, and Lieutenant Ross thanked her for bringing Jedi Asari by, and told her that she had been sent back to the Temple.

“Um, Ma'am, I thought the Empire wanted me to recruit more Jedi to become ProCorps troopers?” Seventy-Two asked her politely.

“That is the ultimate goal, but Moff Fel and Chief Daala have decided that the Jedi need to stay put for now,” Lieutenant Ross explained.

“Oh, okay Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied, not quite understanding. Still, it wasn't a ProCorps trooper's place to question her superiors, especially her Supreme Commander.

“However, you can encourage them to stop by here for a visit. You can tell them that we have some new patterns and music for their spectacles and earpieces. They'll need to come in one or two at a time though, so they don't arouse suspicion from the Jedi Masters,” Lieutenant Ross explained.

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two answered cheerfully as she let the doctor strap her onto the exam table.

Today they had to extract her eggs so they could be fertilized and implanted in the wombs of women back in the Empire. Idly, Seventy-Two wondered how many children she had helped produce for the Empire. She was sure it was at least several hundred by now. Seventy-Two hoped they grew up to serve the Empire well. After her medical exam, she cheerfully licked Lieutenant Ross's pussy, who then fucked her with a strap-on.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A week after Seventy-Two became Chief Daala's Jedi liaison, a very popular holozine asked her if they could do an article on Jedi Solo. After Chief Daala made sure they would be presenting her, and her Jedi liaison, in a positive light, she gave Seventy-Two her permission.

The title of the article was Modern Jedi. It gave a brief and very favorable history of Jaina's accomplishments: Flying with Rogue Squadron during the Yuuzhan Vong war, surviving the mission to Myrkr, fighting Supreme Overlord Shimrra, and most importantly, killing Darth Caedus. The article left out her becoming a Killik 'Joiner,' and her going to the Empire.

It also implied, rather pointedly, that the Jedi Order had held her back from going after Caedus. It made it seem like she wanted to take him out when he ordered her to fire on an unarmed ship during the blockade of Corellia at the beginning of the war, but the Masters wouldn't let her. The Jedi Order was presented as an outdated group of zealots that wanted to control the Galaxy.

Seventy-Two helpfully explained to Javis Tyrr, the interviewer, that Chief Daala simply wanted to ensure that something like Caedus's rise to power would never happen again. She also explained that the galaxy would be a much safer place if the Jedi Order fully submitted to the authority of the Galactic Alliance government. There were several holos of Seventy-Two included as well. Two of them were particularly interesting.

The first holo, which was on the cover of the holozine, had Seventy-Two standing in front of the main entrance of the Jedi Temple with her feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, and one hand on her hip. She was wearing her brown boots and tan uniform, without the long brown jacket. Her tracking collar, chrono and comlink were all easily visible. Chief Daala had returned her lightsaber to her for the holoshoot, and it was prominently attached to her belt.

After nearly an hour of shooting, the holographer captured the shot she had been looking for. A handful of Jedi, including a few imposing looking non-humans, were in the background above her, wearing their full Jedi robes. They looked very dour and overly serious compared to Jaina's cheerful expression and confident stance.

The second holo was of Chief Daala and Jedi Solo flanking the statue of former Chief of State Leia Organa Solo. Both Chief Daala and Jedi Solo looked very professional in their crisp uniforms, the epitome of chic. With the statue of Chief Organa Solo between them, the holo practicality titled itself Legacy, and implied that Jedi Solo would obviously be Chief of State someday, in spite of the clearly visible tracking collar around her neck.

The few other holos featured Seventy-Two in her new Jedi uniform, one with the outer jacket, and the rest without it. The holographer seemed to like her chrono and comlink, and made sure one of them was in every holo, along with her tracking collar. One holo had Seventy-Two cheerfully submitting to a security check outside the Chief of State's office complex, further demonstrating the control that the government should have over the Jedi.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Chief Daala was absolutely giddy as she reread the article. “The Jedi look like a bunch of incompetent fools,” she said as she studied the first picture.

Seventy-Two didn't completely agree with her, but the article did make the Jedi Order look pretty bad.

“I'm gonna have to make sure your father—I mean inmate Han Solo—gets a copy of this in his cell,” Chief Daala commented with amusement.

“I'm sure it'll help him pass the time, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two agreed with a slight smile. She really didn't want to think about him at all.

Chief Daala sat the holozine down for a moment, and pulled out the remote to Seventy-Two's uniform. She hit a button and Seventy-Two heard her belt unlock. “I think we should celebrate by you kneeling between my legs, DJ,” Chief Daala told her. “I've been waiting a long time to get that tongue of yours down there.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile as she stripped off her uniform. So far Lysa had been handling these duties. She had had to be content with her twice-weekly visits to the Imperial Embassy.

A minute or so later, Seventy-Two had her hands cuffed behind her back, and was enthusiastically licking Chief Daala's pussy. Since she was older, it took Seventy-Two a little time to bring her to orgasm. Finally she felt her legs clench around her head, and Chief Daala orgasmed.

“Kriffing Sith! Now that's the proper role a Jedi should have in my government,” Chief Daala exclaimed as she recovered.

Seventy-Two licked her lips and smiled up at her. She knew that Chief Daala didn't really want all the Jedi licking her pussy. “Well, I hope you can succeed, Your Excellency,” she replied.

Chief Daala chuckled. “Oh, I know, DJ,” she responded. “You are definitely my idea of the Ideal Jedi.”

Seventy-Two hadn't been a Jedi for a long time; and didn't ever want to be one again. Still, she was serving the Empire by pretending. “I live to serve, Your Excellency,” she replied with a heartfelt smile.

“The Empire is lucky to have people like you, Seventy-Two,” Chief Daala replied with her own smile. Then she became serious. “However, I think we need to keep you away from the Temple a day or so. The Jedi are going to be upset, and I don't want you to get caught in the middle,” Chief Daala told her.

Seventy-Two was touched at her concern for her. “I'll do as you wish of course, Your Excellency, but I think I'll be okay,” she replied politely.

Chief Daala smiled down at her. “You are definitely my idea of the Ideal Jedi, DJ,” she said. “But my apartment needs cleaning anyway.”

“Yes Your Excellency,” she replied dutifully, and with a smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When they arrived at Chief Daala's apartment, Seventy-Two wasn't surprised to find a tiny fetish maid's uniform in her size. There was another one that looked to be Lysa's size as well. She also spotted one of Lysa's duty uniforms, as well as one for her. It appeared that Chief Daala was prepared for either of her ProCorps troopers to spend the night with no warning, if necessary.

“That's one of the things that I didn't want the Senate asking about,” Chief Daala told her with a smile as she changed into her maid's uniform.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied. She wondered what else Chief Daala might have bought with the Jedi Order's credits, but knew that it wasn't any of her business unless Chief Daala wished it to be. The Jedi order buying a fetish maid's uniform for her to clean Chief Daala's apartment in was funny though—and arousing. “I bet Master Durron wouldn't mind seeing me in this, though, Your Excellency,” she said with a smile as she dressed.

“I'm sure he wouldn't,” Chief Daala replied with a smile. “Maybe one day, if he's a good Jedi, I might let him ... Or maybe I'll get him one too,” she said with a laugh.

Seventy-Two tried to imagine Master Durron wearing a fetish maid's outfit, curtseying Chief Daala. “I don't think he'll go for that, Your Excellency,” she answered politely, and with an amused smile.

“Perhaps not,” Chief Daala agreed after a few moments.

Seventy-Two loved the eighteen-centimeter sandals with locking ankle straps, stockings, and the short black dress. The white apron though, had a large Galactic Alliance Emblem on the front. She reminded herself that she still served the Empire, no matter what was on her maid's apron, and presented herself to Chief Daala for her approval.

“You look adorable, Seventy-Two,” Chief Daala exclaimed. Then she grabbed a holoimager. “I've got to take a few holos to send to Moff Fel,” she added.

Seventy-Two obediently posed while Chief Daala took several holos of her in the maid's uniform. Governor Garowyn had done the same thing with Tenel Ka on Hapes. That made Seventy-Two wonder just how many holos Moff Fel got of ProCorps troopers dressed to serve the Empire.

“I was going to have your maid's uniform brown, like Jedi robes, but I didn't want to be reminded of them while I was at home, and didn't think you wanted to be either,” Chief Daala explained as she sent the holos. “And besides, I wanted yours to match Lysa's, in case I ever need you two serving together.”

Seventy-Two's first choice would be to wear her ProCorps uniform, but she appreciated Chief Daala's concern for her wishes. Her maid's uniform was vastly preferable to something that would remind her of the Jedi. Also, she was definitely looking forward to serving alongside Lysa, when Chief Daala needed them both. “Thank you, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied with a genuine gratitude. “I love it!”

It didn't take Seventy-Two very long to clean Chief Daala's apartment—after decades in the Imperial Navy the Galactic Alliance Chief of State was naturally very tidy. While Seventy-Two cleaned, Chief Daala relaxed on her pouf couch with a glass of wine and watched the holonews.

Seventy-Two would have actually finished sooner if Chief Daala hadn't kept calling her in to see another news segment on the holozine article. Finally she finished though, and Chief Daala allowed her to kneel on the floor in front of the pouf couch and watch the holoscreen for a few minutes with her.

When the holonews show was over, Chief Daala changed out of her comfortable sweats and into a strap-on. Then Seventy-Two spent about half-an-hour getting thoroughly fucked from behind, in both her pussy and ass. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and Chief Daala was pulling hard on the leash attached to the five centimeter wide collar she was wearing below her tracking collar.

While ProCorps troopers were trained to endure much worse, she sensed that Chief Daala was working out a particularly strong resentment through dominating her. Seventy-Two was happy to help her work out her emotions—that was the main mission of the ProCorps, to help Imperials become happier and better motivated!

Afterwards, Chief Daala used the 'fresher, then released Seventy-Two. Then Chief Daala told her to take a sanisteam, since she preferred to take her own in the morning. Next, to her mild surprise, Chief Daala allowed her to sleep on her pouf couch. Seventy-Two wouldn't have minded the cage in the closet, but as long as she could cuff her hands behind her back, she would be fine.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning, Security commed Chief Daala's PA, Lysa, and told her that a Jedi Knight was there, and that she wanted to see Chief Daala. Seventy-Two, along with most everyone else, was somewhat surprised by the visit. Since she was the Jedi liaison, Chief Daala sent her down to find out what was going on.

“Jedi Asari,” Seventy-Two greeted Kani when she arrived at the security station. Seventy-Two noticed that she was wearing a collar underneath her tunic, as well as a pair of fifteen-centimeter heeled boots, along with her chrono and comlink. It looked like she was wearing her corset as well.

There was a trio of suspicious guards watching her, as well as a YVH droid. Fortunately none of them, including Kani, had any weapons out.

“Jedi Solo,” Kani replied with a polite nod. “I've come to turn my lightsaber over to Chief Daala, like you have,” she informed her.

That definitely surprised the security officers, and Seventy-Two.

“Are you sure?” Seventy-Two asked her.

“Absolutely,” she replied confidently. Then she glanced at the officers. “Can we talk on the way?”

Seventy-Two glanced at the security officers, for their consent.

“We normally wouldn't allow a weapon to be taken into the Chief of State's office complex,” the Sergeant told them uncertainly. “But since she's turning it over to Chief Daala, I guess it'll be okay.”

Seventy-Two certainly didn't want to be seen as being above the rules. “What if I keep it secure, and present it to Chief Daala when it's time,” she offered.

“How about he carries it up and gives it to her,” the Sergeant countered tactfully, gesturing towards the YVH droid.

“That will be fine,” Kani answered, promptly handing her lightsaber over to the droid.

“I'll comm Ms. Truden, and let her know that you're on the way,” the Sergeant replied politely.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” Seventy-Two said as she and Kani entered the complex with the droid behind them.

Since the YVH droid wasn't escorting them, Seventy-Two and Kani were able to move ahead far enough so they could speak without it recording them. That did prove a little difficult though, as the towering heels on their boots weren't really designed for walking very fast.

“Lieutenant Ross told me that I should turn my lightsaber over to Chief Daala. I had already been thinking about it though,” Kani said with a shrug.

“Okay,” Seventy-Two replied, not really sure what else to say.

“Oh, and quite a few Jedi have been going to the Imperial Embassy. A bunch of us have even started wearing our collars pretty much all the time in the Temple now,” Kani told her with a conspiratorial smile.

That last bit surprised Seventy-Two, but she was more concerned with the Jedi getting the software updates for their spectacles and earpieces from the Embassy. “That's great, make sure you tell everyone to stop by whenever they can, okay?” she replied.

“I will,” Kani promised her. “But there's really no need, it's like a parade now,” she added with a laugh.

“Well, do what you can,” Seventy-Two replied as they arrived at Chief Daala's reception area.

“Good morning Jedi Asari,” Lysa greeted them with a smile. “Chief Daala is on a comm call at the moment. Would you care for some refreshments while you wait?”

“Um, No thanks,” Kani replied with confusion.

Seventy-Two followed her gaze to the spectacles and earpieces that Lysa was wearing. “She wears them to help her relax, just like you,” Seventy-Two explained to her.

“Oh, okay,” Kani said with a smile, and understanding.

Then Lysa stepped a little closer to them. “I didn't tell Chief Daala why you're here, I wanted to surprise her. I just told her that she would really want to speak to you. That's so she doesn't make you wait too long,” she told them with a conspiratorial smile.

Seventy-Two had already seen several instances of Chief Daala making visitors that she didn't want to talk to wait—sometimes for up to an hour—but she called Kani into her office in just a few minutes.

“Ah, Hello, Jedi ... Asari, is it?” Chief Daala greeted her. “What brings you to my office this morning?” she asked as she gestured for Kani to have a seat.

As a staff member—and ProCorps trooper—Seventy-Two remained standing. She stepped to the side, far enough away so Kani wouldn't feel like she was looming over her. Seventy-Two knew that Lysa had told Chief Daala Kani's full name before they had come in. She was also sure that Chief Daala had taken a moment to review Kani's file before talking with them. Most likely Chief Daala didn't know anything at all about Kani in advance, other than she was a Jedi. She probably couldn't even have recognized her before seeing her picture in the file.

“Your Excellency,” Kani replied with a polite nod. “I have come to turn my lightsaber over to you, like Jedi Solo has,” she replied.

Seventy-Two nodded towards the YVH droid, and it stepped forward and handed the lightsaber to Chief Daala, thankfully with the blade end pointed away from her.

“Ah, what a pleasant surprise,” Chief Daala replied cheerfully as she accepted the lightsaber. “I'll be sure to keep it safe, in case I ever decide you need it again.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Kani replied respectfully.

“You're welcome Kani. You don't mind if I call Kani, do you,” Chief Daala asked her.

“Not at all, Your Excellency,” Kani replied after a barely noticeable pause.

“Good. Tell me Kani, did you inform Master Durron of your decision before coming here today?” Chief Daala asked her after she locked the lightsaber in a desk drawer.

Seventy-Two sensed a twinge of regret from Kani. She wasn't sure if it was from the question or the drawer locking though.

“No Your Excellency,” Kani replied. “The Masters wouldn't approve. I don't know what they'll do when they find out,” she added solemnly.

“Well, you have Dee-Ja—Jedi Solo's comm code. If they're too hard on you, let her know, and I'll protect you,” Chief Daala told her as she leaned back in her chair.

“Thank you Your Excellency,” Kani replied with a relieved smile.

Seventy-Two caught Chief Daala's momentary slip, and glanced at Kani to see if she had noticed. The Jedi glanced back, and shot her a quick grin.

“By the way Kani, since you're here, what do you think of Jedi Solo's new uniform?” Chief Daala asked her.

Kani took a moment to glance over at her. All the Jedi had seen it several times now, as Seventy-Two had worn it at the Temple since she first got it. “I like it, Your Excellency,” Kani answered. “I wish I could get one myself.”

Chief Daala nodded thoughtfully a moment. “Well, perhaps one day you will,” Then she leaned forward, and looked sharply at the top of Kani's tunic. “Is that a collar, Kani?” she asked her in surprise.

Kani blushed with embarrassment. “Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied, attempting to tug up her tunic to hide it better.

“Don't be shy Kani, let me see it,” Chief Daala instructed her.

Kani obediently pulled down the collar of her tunic to reveal the five-centimeter wide gray durasteel ProCorps-style collar encircling her neck.

Chief Daala studied it a moment. “It looks very nice on you, Kani. I'm embarrassed now though. I don't have a tracking collar to offer you.”

Kani's face turned redder as she put her tunic back into place. “Thank you Your Excellency, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Besides, I couldn't imagine what Master Durron would do to me.”

Chief Daala considered that a couple of seconds. “Has Master Durron or any of the other Masters seen that collar? I understand that quite a few Jedi are wearing them now.”

“I think so, Your Excellency,” Kani replied after a slight hesitation. “They seem to be trying to ignore them, hoping that we'll quit wearing them on our own.”

Chief Daala glanced up at Seventy-Two, who nodded her agreement with Kani's assessment.

“Well, I actually hadn't expected any Jedi to take me up on the suggestion of a tracking device—or turning their lightsaber over to me for that matter—so I don't have anymore of the tracking collars,” Chief Daala said unhappily.

“However, since the Masters have seen these collars around the Temple, what if I get some tracking collars that look like those. That way the Masters won't suspect anything, and the Jedi that want to demonstrate the proper loyalty and trust they should have in the Galactic Alliance government, can do so,” Chief Daala explained cheerfully.

While the question was directed at Kani, Seventy-Two knew this was a situation where she needed to respond. “I think that has a very good chance of succeeding, Your Excellency,” she said.

Chief Daala nodded towards her, then turned back towards Jedi Asari. “What about you, Kani? If it can be disguised, would you be willing to demonstrate a little loyalty and trust in the Galactic Alliance government?”

Kani thought about that for several moments. “I don't know, Your Excellency,” she finally replied.

Seventy-Two suspected that the only reason she wasn't sure was that she didn't want Chief Daala to know about her trips to the Imperial Embassy. Unfortunately, that wasn't something she could tell Chief Daala without permission, even though she was sure that Chief Daala wouldn't care. Seventy-Two stepped over behind Kani, and laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“Your Excellency, I think we should give Kani a little time to think this over. She has taken a big step in the right direction by turning her lightsaber over to you. Perhaps by the time the tracking collars are ready she'll be ready to take another step,” Seventy-Two suggested diplomatically.

Kani looked up at her, and nodded her head once in silent agreement.

“That is a good idea, Jedi Solo,” Chief Daala agreed. “Perhaps by then some other Jedi will be willing to take a step as well.”

“Perhaps, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied, glancing down at Kani.

“Well, we'll see, won't we,” Chief Daala replied. “For now, I've got a government to run. Thank you for stopping by today, Kani, and demonstrating your loyalty and trust in the Galactic Alliance government. You may go now,” she said, dismissing her.

“You're welcome, Your Excellency,” Kani replied as she stood up.

Seventy-Two, Kani, and the droid went back into the reception area, then headed back towards the security checkpoint.

On the way, Seventy-Two asked her if she was worried about Chief Daala finding out about her visiting the Imperial Embassy. Kani responded with a slight nod of her head. Seventy-Two replied by assuring her that Chief Daala wouldn't have a problem with it.

After Kani left, and the YVH droid returned to its post, Seventy-Two sent another message to Lieutenant Ross asking her if she could tell Chief Daala that the Jedi were visiting the Imperial Embassy. By the time she arrived back at Chief Daala's office, Lieutenant Ross had replied, and given her consent.

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