Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 3
Rating: X / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

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After seeing what seemed like the thousandth news piece on Jaina Solo returning to the Jedi, Chief Daala commed Moff Fel again.

“Hello again, Your Excellency,” he greeted her.

“I want Seventy-Two,” Chief Daala replied succinctly.

Moff Fel frowned. “You have Lysa, as well as Zero-Nine,” he responded.

Chief Daala thought a moment. “I'll trade both of them back for Seventy-Two,” she offered.

“It's not that simple, Chief Daala. I gave my word to Master Durron that she could stay for a month. He's trying to turn her back into a Jedi,” he countered, clearly not concerned about the possibility of Seventy-Two becoming a Jedi again.

Chief Daala thought a few more moments. “Alright. I'll tell you what. I'll get him to give her to me. I just need you to tell her to agree when she gets the opportunity.”

Now Moff Fel was confused, and wary. “She's on a mission to recruit more Jedi to the Empire,” he told her.

“How many ProCorps troopers do you need?” she asked in exasperation.

Moff Fel smiled. “You can never have too many of those, and the Jedi are specially talented once properly trained.”

Chief Daala thought of Valin. She had assumed he was just a natural. “I made sure the Senate kept quiet during the Hapes affair,” she reminded him.

Moff Fel shot her a look of pain. “Alright, if you can convince Master Durron, I'll tell Seventy-Two,” he replied reluctantly. “But I get either Lysa or Zero-Nine back,” he added.

A few minutes ago she had been willing to give both of them up for Jaina. Ten years ago she would have kept Valin, and gave up Lysa without a second thought. At her age though ... “I'll send Nine to the Embassy when it's time,” she told him.

“I'll have to wait until Seventy-Two comes back to the Embassy to tell her though,” he replied, thinking. “And I'll have to decide if I need to send someone else to the Jedi Temple.”

“That will be fine, Moff Fel,” Chief Daala replied with a nod of her head. “And please let me know if you do send another former Jedi back for recruitment duties, I like to keep track of the Galactic Alliance's Jedi as much as possible,” she added with a smile.

“I will,” Moff Fel replied with a friendly smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Seventy-Two spent the next few days being friendly with the human Jedi, both male and female. Kani seemed to never leave her side, except when she was performing her PA duties for Master Durron, and training sessions. The Jedi that had received the chronos, comlinks, spectacles, and earpieces loved them. So did the women that had gotten the boots with the ten centimeter heels. Several began asking for higher, like Seventy-Two had.

Seventy-Two also received a message from the Imperial Embassy telling her to transmit the names of the Jedi that wanted a chrono, comlink, spectacles, and earpieces. That way they would have them ready for pickup when she came back.

When it was time for Seventy-Two to go back to the Embassy, the Imperial speeder was waiting for her in the Temple hanger. This allowed her to avoid the holojournalists at the Main Entrance of the Temple. After the usual strip search and medical exam, Seventy-Two was taken to the Embassy's comm room. There she received a HoloNet call from Moff Fel.

“Good afternoon Your Excellency,” she greeted him when his hologram appeared.

“Good afternoon to you as well, Seventy-Two,” he replied politely. “I know that your assignment to the Jedi has been hard on you. I also know that you have done a fantastic job. However, I have decided to modify your assignment. If Master Durron or someone asks you if you want to become Chief Daala's Jedi liaison, or work with her in some way, I want you to accept. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied.

“I knew I could count on you, Seventy-Two,” he told her with a smile.

When Seventy-Two climbed back into the speeder to leave, she had a total of nineteen sets of gear for the Jedi, including Ta'tan'ia. There were also modified boots for the female Jedi.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Good morning Master Durron,” Chief Daala said when her hologram appeared.

“Good morning, Your Excellency,” he replied politely—and warily. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your call this morning, Your Excellency?”

In the time Daala had been Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance he had learned that she lived for titles. At first he purposely didn't refer to her as Your Excellency or Chief, just to irritate her. After the first couple of times however, Master Cilghal pointed out that it was childish. He also decided that it was pointless to upset her over something so petty, so now he made sure to say Your Excellency, or something often.

“This conflict between the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order has to come to an end,” she told him.

He noticed that she purposely didn't say between her and the Jedi Order, which was about ninety percent of the Galactic Alliance's part of the conflict. He didn't believe she had any intention of ending that until the Jedi were completely under her control, or wiped out.

“I would like a full-time Jedi liaison in my office, to work towards this goal,” she added.

Kyp Durron frowned a moment, obviously unsure of her real intention. “Frankly Your Excellency, I'm not sure if I could find someone that would be willing to accept that duty, and I don't know if I want to assign someone that doesn't want the job,” he replied truthfully.

“I would like Jedi Jaina Solo as my liaison,” she informed him triumphantly. “If you ask her, I'm sure she'll be happy to accept the position.”

Master Durron stared back at her for several seconds, strongly suspecting a backdoor deal had been made. “You had her father arrested and imprisoned for basically no reason, and you haven't shown the slightest concern for locating her mother, who is a former Chief of State. What makes you think she'll accept?”

“Just ask her please, Master Durron. If she declines, I'll make another choice,” Chief Daala replied politely.

“Okay, Your Excellency,” Kyp replied in frustration.

It had taken a lot to get Moff Fel to allow Jaina to return to the Jedi Order for just thirty days. Now Daala was trying to get her after barely a week.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Seventy-Two eagerly accepted the position as liaison to Chief Daala. Before she left though, she wanted to find Master Durron another personal assistant. She didn't bother to ask him if he wanted another PA. She would tell him later, while she was giving him a goodbye blowjob.

Her first thought was Kani, who had been spending so much time with her lately. Seventy-Two knew that Moff Fel wanted mainly human Jedi to come to the Empire though, so she didn't want to create any attachments that might stop her.

Instead Seventy-Two asked Ta'tan'ia, who happily agreed. She spent an hour or so explaining what her duties were, and that she needed to stick with them even if Master Durron or one of the other Masters disapproved. After some thought, she decided not to tell her that she had been giving Master Durron a blowjob everyday in his office. She wasn't sure if Ta'tan'ia was ready for that duty yet, and wasn't sure if Master Durron would let her.

Seventy-Two also told her that she would upload an instructional file to her comlink that would further detail her duties. The file would actually be a modified ProCorps PA instructional file. That would teach her how to behave like a proper ProCorps personal assistant, other than her having sex with Master Durron or anyone else whenever he wanted her to.

Ta'tan'ia also asked Seventy-Two for a collar and corset like the one she had been wearing underneath her robes the past few days. Seventy-Two told her that she would see what she could do. Then she left the Twi'lek at her new desk, and went into Master Durron's office to tell him bye.

Nearly fifteen minutes later, Seventy-Two called Ta'tan'ia in. Master Durron was still recovering from his orgasm. She had made sure to give him an extra-long, extra-special blowjob today, since she wasn't sure when she would be able to give him another one.

“Master, this is Ta'tan'ia,” Seventy-Two told him as the Twi'lek approached his desk. “She's going to be taking over as your personal assistant. She's new at this though, so you might have to ride her hard for awhile,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Ta'tan'ia shot her an amused smile at the double-entendre, while Master Durron didn't seem to notice it.

“Whatever,” Kyp replied with weariness. Then he looked up at Seventy-Two, suddenly serious. “If she decides to send in a bunch of Mandos or something, let me know, okay?” he asked her.

Seventy-Two sincerely hoped that something like that wouldn't happen, and didn't think Chief Daala wanted it either. “I don't think Moff Fel would appreciate her doing that, Master,” she replied ambiguously, without making any promises.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Seventy-Two waited patiently out of sight as Chief Daala spoke to the holojournalists. Moff Fel had explained to her that she was to think of Chief Daala as a retired Imperial Admiral. She should give her all the loyalty and dedication a ProCorps trooper should, as long as she didn't oppose the Empire.

It didn't take Chief Daala long to announce that she and Grand Master Durron had agreed on an official Jedi liaison to the Chief of State's office. She sensed surprise from the holojournalists at the announcement, and then shock when she announced that it was Jedi Knight Jaina Solo.

Seventy-Two smiled as she walked out in front of the holocameras. She couldn't blame the holojournalists for being shocked. It had been less than a week since they found out that she was back on Coruscant after being gone for about two and a half years, and they were still in a tizzy over her return—and her new look. Now she was openly working with the woman that had imprisoned Han Solo, who they thought of as her father, even if she didn't think so anymore.

Currently Seventy-Two was wearing traditional white and brown Jedi robes. The dark brown outer robe was open, giving them a better view of the DD breasts the Empire had given her to serve it better. Her brown knee-high boots had been modified to include fifteen-centimeter high wedge heels.

Underneath her robes she was wearing her black durasteel chastity belt, and corset, and collar. The sleeves mostly hid the five-centimeter wide chrono on her left wrist, and the matching comlink on her right. Chief Daala had the remote that controlled all of her restraints now. Seventy-Two walked up to the podium, and microphones.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” she said to Chief Daala, who stepped to the side to give her room. Then Seventy-Two turned to face the holojournalists. “I am very excited, and honored, to serve Chief Daala as her Jedi liaison; and will work tirelessly with her towards greater Jedi cooperation with her government,” Seventy-Two told them with a smile.

The little speech had basically come straight from Chief Daala. Seventy-Two actually wanted more Jedi cooperation with the Empire. Well, total Jedi subjugation to the Empire. Moff Fel had told her to work with Chief Daala towards her goals though, so she was. Seventy-Two made a few more remarks, then took a few questions.

The holojournalists didn't seem to care about Chief Daala's policies though. “Are you really Jaina Solo?” a Bothan woman asked her from the second row.

No, I'm Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, Seventy-Two thought. “Yes I am,” she lied with a smile. “While I was in the Empire, I received age regression therapy, and some other cosmetic work,” she said with a smile as she pushed her breasts out a little more.

Most of the holojournalists laughed, while some just stared wordlessly.

“I assure you, I am me, and I want to be the best example to all the other Jedi I can for Chief Daala,” she said, smiling towards the Chief of State.

“If you are a Jedi, then where is your lightsaber?” another holojournalist asked.

“I'm glad you asked that,” Seventy-Two answered cheerfully. “Since I am serving as an example to the other Jedi for Chief Daala, I have turned my lightsaber over to her. She is the Chief of State, and if she decides that I need it, then she'll issue it to me. Most Galactic Alliance citizens don't go around armed, especially in the Senate District, so there's no need for a Jedi to either,” she explained.

Actually, it was Moff Fel's lightsaber. She had legally relinquished ownership of it to him for the duration of her service to the Empire. Since she could never leave her service to the Empire—even if she were to want to—it was his lightsaber. He had just allowed her to bring it on her assignment to the Jedi Temple, and ordered her to give it to Chief Daala when she asked for it.

Several seconds of silence passed. The holojournalists didn't quite know how to react to that. “Will the other Jedi have to turn over their lightsabers as well?” an older human man finally asked.

“Chief Daala has not asked that at this point. I volunteered to turn my lightsaber over to her as a sign of trust, and to symbolize the proper loyalty a Jedi should have towards the Galactic Alliance's Chief of State. If any other Jedi would like to turn theirs over to her as well though, I'm sure she would be willing to keep them secure, until they need them,” Seventy-Two said with a smile.

She glanced back at Chief Daala, who gave her a slight nod. They hadn't discussed anything like that, so she was improvising. Luckily, Chief Daala had approved.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Chief Daala insisted that her new Jedi liaison would be available to her twenty-four hours a day. However there was some question about her sleeping arrangements. After some discussion between Chief Daala, Moff Fel, and Master Durron, it was decided that she would keep her room in the Jedi Temple. A speeder would be kept in the Temple hanger, with a droid pilot, for when Chief Daala needed her liaison.

Master Durron also made it clear that he would continue her re-training. Moff Fel reluctantly agreed, while Chief Daala didn't seem to care one way or the other. Seventy-Two thought it was funny that he said continue her re-training, like she was ever going to become a Jedi again. She was an Imperial ProCorps trooper, which was exactly what she wanted to be, and that was what she was going to remain, as long as the Empire would allow her to.

Moff Fel was satisfied with the plan, as it kept his ProCorps recruiter in the Temple. Chief Daala liked it because she didn't have to find a room for another ProCorps trooper. At first she had wanted Seventy-Two to replace Valin, as her maid, but it would be a little too difficult to explain why her Jedi liaison was living in her apartment. Master Durron accepted Seventy-Two's living arrangements because he still thought he could bring her back to the Jedi. That, and he was getting used to his daily blowjobs.

Chief Daala also promised that Seventy-Two would be able to visit the Imperial Embassy twice a week, just like she was already. Chief Daala's ProCorps Personal Assistant, Lysa Truden, had been visiting the Imperial Embassy once a week since arriving on Coruscant. The visits were kept secret from everyone except Chief Daala.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following day, in Chief of State Daala's office ...

“Jedi Solo, we are going to have to get you something else to wear to the office,” Chief Daala told her. “Oh, and call you something else, since I know you don't like that name,” she added.

“Yes Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied obediently; happy that Chief Daala knew of her dislike for the name Jedi Solo, not to mention the Jedi robes she was currently wearing. “I'll answer to whatever you choose to call me of course, Your Excellency, but my name is Es-Ex-Five-One-Four-Seven-Two, or Seventy-Two for short, Your Excellency,” she explained politely.

“Oh, yes, I remember now,” Chief Daala replied with a smile. “That will be fine in private. In public though, I'll still have to call you Jedi Solo, or Jaina, understand?”

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two answered with a smile.

“Good,” Chief Daala replied with a nod. “Now, what else do you have to wear while you serve me?” she asked.

“Nothing really, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied, feeling a flash of excitement at her wording. Chief Daala definitely seemed to understand ProCorps troopers. Besides the Jedi robes though, all she had was her gym uniforms the Empire had given her. Maybe Chief Daala would let her wear the Galactic Alliance version that her ProCorps PA, Lysa Truden wore.

“Well, I have an idea. How about a Jedi ProCorps uniform?” Chief Daala suggested. “Of course we won't call it a ProCorps uniform; or a uniform at all.”

“That would be great, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile.

“I guess I'll have to get you a clothing allowance from the budget. The Senate will probably cry about it though, and question some of the things I'd buy for you to wear—for me.”

Seventy-Two thought a moment. “Your Excellency, what if I ask Master Durron for the credits? I could tell him that you want me to dress more professionally since I represent your office as well as the Jedi Order. That way you won't have to bother the Senate.”

Chief Daala smiled. “That would be great, but I don't think he would go for that. He's pretty upset that I have you working for me now,” she replied apologetically.

“I'm sure I can convince him, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two assured her. “And if I can't, all we've lost is a little time.”

“Alright then, go speak with him, but make sure you are back in time for our press conference this afternoon.”

“I will, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile. She was definitely looking forward to the press conference. There was one problem though. “Your Excellency, can you unlock my chastity belt before I leave? I might have to ... go the extra kilometer ... to persuade Master Durron to release the credits to us.”

Chief Daala stared back at her a moment. “I don't think so, Seventy-Two. You're mine now,” she informed her. Then she smiled softly. “Besides, I'm sure you can get them while properly chastity belted,” Chief Daala said with a smile. “And if not, I'm sure I'll come up with a suitable punishment for you. Consider it a challenge.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two answered obediently. While she was sure that she could convince Master Durron to pay for her new clothes, now she had a little extra incentive.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Good morning Jedi Solo,” Ta'tan'ia said politely as she came into the reception area.

“Hello Ta'tan'ia,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile. “Have you had a chance to look over the PA instructional file I sent you?” Seventy-Two also noticed that Ta'tan'ia was wearing her spectacles and earpieces, and nodded her approval.

The purple-skinned Twi'lek smiled brightly. “Yes. It's great,” she answered. “I've really learned a lot from it. Oh, let me tell Master Durron that you here,” she said as she brought her left hand to her comlink on her right wrist.

“Sure,” Seventy-Two agreed with a nod of her head.

“Master, Jedi Solo is here to see you,” she said into the comlink.

“I know. You can send her in,” he replied, sounding bored.

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile towards Seventy-Two.

Seventy-Two smiled softly. She noticed that Ta'tan'ia called him Master, without the Durron, and that he hadn't corrected her. Seventy-Two shrugged off her outer robe—which caused Ta'tan'ia to smile knowingly at her—and left it draped over the chair. Then Seventy-Two strutted into Master Durron's office, winking at Ta'tan'ia, who giggled in response.

“What is it Jaina?” Kyp Durron asked her as she walked in. He raised an eyebrow slightly at the sight of her.

“Hello Master,” she cooed as strutted towards his desk. She sensed his arousal rising along with his eyebrow. “I have a little problem,” she said as she circled around behind his desk. “Chief Daala doesn't want me to wear my ugly Jedi robes, so I need some credits to get clothes for the office,” she said as she dropped to her knees and began pulling his cock out of his pants.

“I'm sure the Galactic Alliance can afford to outfit you,” he replied as she wrapped her lips around his dick.

Seventy-Two looked up into his eyes as she slid his shaft into her mouth, then back out. “The Senate will ask too many questions, Master. You know how slowly the GA bureaucracy moves. I was wondering if you could free up some credits from the Jedi Order's budget,” she asked, then went back to working on his stiff rod a few more seconds.

Kyp gasped in reply.

“Moff Fel has spent all those credits on the boots and comlinks and stuff for the Jedi, can't you help me out just a little?” she asked as she slid her lips back down his cock.

Master Durron gasped again—a little louder.

Seventy-Two spent a few minutes sucking and licking his dick, while pausing periodically to sweet talk him more. She even reminded him that he hadn't always worn Jedi Robes all the time himself.

“Alright,” he finally agreed breathlessly, on the verge of orgasm.

“Thank you Master,” she replied, then promptly deep throated him.

While he had held out longer than she thought he would, a ProCorps trooper never backs down from a difficult task. She expertly sucked him off to an orgasm, and cheerfully swallowed every drop of his cum.

After Master Durron recovered, he summoned Ta'tan'ia into his office. Seventy-Two discreetly moved around to the front of his desk, and was sitting down comfortably when she came in.

“Yes Master?” Ta'tan'ia asked him as she approached his desk.

Seventy-Two noticed that she called him Master again. She glanced back, and saw an amused smile on the Twi'lek's face.

“I've decided to open a small credit account for Jedi Solo to purchase some clothing suitable for wearing around Chief Daala's office. Please make the necessary arrangements. When you're finished, bring it to me for my approval,” he instructed her.

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied obediently.

Ta'tan'ia waited a moment, until Master Durron waved a dismissal. Then she strutted out of the office, her hips swaying seductively. Seventy-Two smiled with appreciation, then glanced down at her chrono. She still had nearly two hours until the press conference.

After Ta'tan'ia left, Master Durron took a deep breath, and looked back at Seventy-Two. “Jaina, why did you give your lightsaber to Chief Daala, and why did you tell the whole galaxy you did it as a sign of trust, and the proper loyalty a Jedi should have towards the Galactic Alliance Chief of State?” Kyp asked her pointedly.

Because Moff Fel told me to do what she said, Seventy-Two thought. “Because I thought it was a good idea, Master,” she replied honestly, without telling him the complete truth. “I really support Chief Daala's government, and I think she is a great Chief of State, Master.”

“Now people are going to expect the rest of us to turn over our lightsabers to her,” he pointed out.

That was certainly a possibility; but unlikely. “I don't think very many people will expect that, Master,” she replied. The Jedi have served the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance since they existed. Chief Daala just wants a little more cooperation from the Jedi,” she explained.

Master Durron stared back at her a few moments. “And when the time comes, we'll be there again. We will not let her destroy us,” he stated matter-of-factly.

Seventy-Two knew that twenty-eight Jedi were wearing Imperial tracking devices, even if they hadn't been activated yet. She also knew that they were starting down the path of becoming ProCorps troopers. While that wasn't a crippling percentage of Jedi, it was a lot.

“Chief Daala doesn't want to destroy the Jedi Order,” Seventy-Two replied earnestly. She just wants complete control of it, she added mentally. Seventy-Two only wanted what was best for the Empire.

Master Durron stared back at her a few seconds. “And the Jedi Order wishes to continue their service to the Galactic Alliance; with a minimal amount of government interference,” he replied.

“That's something I think we can all agree on, Master,” Seventy-Two replied happily. Chief Daala probably won't agree on your definition of minimal, though, she thought to herself.

In the reception area, Ta'tan'ia had her wait while she got the final approval from Master Durron for the line of credit. When she returned, she asked Seventy-Two about the collar and corset.

“They should be ready by tomorrow,” Seventy-Two assured her.

“Thanks,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile. “Oh, I've got a file to upload to you,” she added with a little excitement.

“Okay,” Seventy-Two replied in confusion, but happy that Ta'tan'ia was using the Imperial comlink instead of her old one.

Seventy-Two received the file and quickly opened it. There was a list of eight more Jedi that wanted a chrono, comlink, spectacles and earpieces. There was another list of thirteen Jedi that wanted a collar like she had been wearing underneath her tunic. Five of the Jedi on the second list were women, and they also indicated that they wanted a corset.

“I'll see what I can do for them,” Seventy-Two said with a smile. Then she glanced at her chrono again. For now, she had a press conference to get to.

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