Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17 / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth part of the story of Jaina Solo's transformation into Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. The other stories are also located in WookieeHut, as well: Remember, please leave me feedback, Ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

The next morning Master Durron summoned her to the gardens, where he attempted to take her through some more Force exercises. By early afternoon he gave up, frustrated again in two ways. Then he thought of the question that Master Katarn asked two days ago, right after Jaina left the Council chamber. “Jaina, how did the Empire do this to you?” he asked her with curiosity.

“Do what, Master?” she replied calmly.

“Turn you into a brainwashed sex-slave,” he nearly shouted.

Seventy-Two thought for a moment. While she knew that she wasn't a brainwashed sex-slave, she could understand how Master Durron would think that. “I'm not a brainwashed sex-slave, Master,” she gently corrected him. “I'm an Imperial ProCorps trooper.”

“And what did you do as an Imperial ProCorps trooper?” Kyp asked her.

Seventy-Two was pretty sure—very sure—that Master Durron knew what she did as an Imperial ProCorps trooper. Still, she wasn't about to give away any details that might harm the Empire. “I served the Empire as best I could, Master,” she replied politely.

“You screwed every Imperial they told you to without question,” Master Durron corrected her. “Like a brainwashed sex-slave! Just like Tahiri, Jysella, Valin, Master Ramis, and the rest of them. That's all ProCorps troopers are!”

Once again Seventy-Two could understand why he would think that. However, one of the reasons Moff Fel had sent her here was to make sure that the Jedi didn't try to rescue the former Jedi that were now ProCorps troopers.

“Well, yes Master, I do have sex with anyone the Empire tells me to,” Seventy-Two admitted. “And yes, that's basically what a ProCorps trooper does.” Seventy-Two stepped forward, and looked Master Durron in the eye. “But I'm not brainwashed, Master Durron. I wanted to join the ProCorps. I've been told that they manipulated my Academy process somewhat, but the decision was based on my own tests and psych results. Being an Imperial ProCorps trooper is what makes me happy, Master. I WANTED this and I LET it happen to me. All the Empire did was steer me into the position where I could see that for myself."

Master Durron stared back at her for several seconds. Seventy-Two knew that he was sensing her honesty with the Force. She also knew that he would sense that she was telling the complete truth.

“Master, not every Jedi is meant to be a warrior. I was forced into that role for most of my life. I've always been submissive. The Empire just allowed me to find my true self, Master,” Seventy-Two explained.

“What about the rest of the Jedi?” Kyp asked her. “That became ProCorps troopers,” he added.

Seventy-Two frowned slightly a moment. She wasn't sure where he was going with this question. “They're happy too, Master,” she answered. “I'm sure if they weren't busy serving the Empire, they'd tell you themselves.”

Kyp stared down at her a few seconds. “Yeah, we've gotten HoloNet calls from quite a few of them saying how happy they are,” he admitted. “I just wanted to get a sense of you telling me with the Force.”

“See,” Seventy-Two replied cheerfully. “I'm as happy as I can be.”

Kyp took a deep breath. “Yeah, I know,” he said with resignation. After a second he seemed to shake it off. “Look, I've got some work to do in my office. I want you to take a break for awhile. Later we'll try some more Force exercises.”

“Yes Master,” Seventy-Two replied cheerfully.

Less than half-an-hour later, Seventy-Two was walking into Master Durron's office, with a hot cup of caf for him in her hand.

“Jaina, you don't have to bring me caf,” Kyp Durron told her as she walked towards his desk.

“I want to, Master Durron,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile as she walked around his desk and set it down. “And here are those reports on slavery in the Outer Rim you wanted. I ran into Jedi Saar on the way in,” she explained.

“Look, Jaina, you're not my secretary. I want you to go ... meditate or something,” he said as he stared up at her.

As she sat the data cards down in front of him, she leaned forward, letting her tunic fall open to reveal her DD tits. Thanks to her ProCorps training, she could always sense what others desired. “Can't I stay here and learn from my Master?” she cooed as she sank to her knees in front of him.

“Jaina, not again,” he protested feebly as she deftly pulled his cock out of his pants.

“I told you Master, this makes me happy,” she explained as she sank to her knees. “Besides, I need to practice, Master. The last person I was assigned to was a woman, and she didn't share me with men very often.”

“What?” Kyp asked in dazed confusion as he stared down at her.

Seventy-Two knew that if he really didn't want her to, he would Force shove her away. He hadn't yesterday, and he didn't today. Instead of answering him, she stared up into his eyes as she wrapped her lips around his cock. He gasped as she slid her lips down his shaft. Seconds later, she was bobbing her head up and down, giving him a ProCorps quality blowjob.

Six minutes or so later, Seventy-Two felt him tense, and then he erupted into her mouth. She sucked him dry, and waited until he looked down, then smiled at him with her lips still around his cock. “That was very meditative, Master,” she said with a smile as she carefully put his cock back into his pants.

Then she stood up and glanced at his caf. “Oops; Master, I think your caf is getting cold. Let me get you another cup,” she said as she grabbed it and hurried out of his office.

The next morning Master Durron tried to do some more Force exercises for about an hour, then gave up and retreated to his office. Seventy-Two found a small desk and placed it just outside his office, and began acting as his personal assistant. All of the other Jedi quickly accepted her presence, and began giving most of their reports to her, to deliver. Since Master Durron rarely kept any of his visitors waiting, she didn't have a chance to offer them something to eat or drink while they waited though.

Seventy-Two also insisted on being responsible for cleaning the small reception area, as well as the adjacent 'fresher, and Master Durron's office. The other Masters protested that a Jedi Knight shouldn't be doing things like that, but Master Durron didn't stop her.

He also didn't stop her when she gave him another blowjob with his morning caf—or his afternoon cup.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Seventy-Two worked at her desk until dinnertime, and didn't leave until she got Master Durron's permission. After dinner, and her workout with a throng of admirers, Seventy-Two spent some more time getting to know the Jedi again. Kani Asari even came back to her room with her, and tried on her chrono and comlink awhile. Even though it was for the Empire, Seventy-Two felt weird without the familiar feel of durasteel around her wrists. While Kani experienced the feeling, Seventy-Two showed her the spectacles and earpieces, and explained to her how relaxed they made her feel.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next day, Master Durron tried to re-train Seventy-Two to use the Force like a Jedi. He didn't have any more progress than the previous two days. Seventy-Two wasn't really into it anyway. The Empire had helped her accept her true identity as a bondage-loving submissive, and taught her that the Force was for sensing others' desires, and that was the way she liked it! After a little over an hour, Master Durron gave up.

Awhile later, Seventy-Two arrived at her desk wearing her spectacles and earpieces, as well as her ProCorps durasteel chastity belt, corset, and collar underneath her Jedi tunic and pants.

“Jaina, I thought we agreed that you wouldn't wear those outside your room,” Master Durron told her when he arrived a few minutes later.

Seventy-Two wished they would quit calling her that. She was Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, not Jaina Solo. “I'm sorry Master,” she replied. “They really help me relax and work more efficiently for you,” she explained.

“Take them off,” he said firmly, backing the command up with the Force.

“Yes Master,” she replied dejectedly as she took off her spectacles and earpieces.

“And stop saying Master like that,” he told her.

“Like what, Master?” she asked in confusion.

“Like that,” he repeated. “You say it like a devoted slave instead of a Jedi.”

Seventy-Two thought about that a moment. Moff Fel had ordered her to obey Master Durron and the Jedi as much as she could, but she was still a ProCorps trooper. “I'm sorry, Master,” she said in a slightly different tone of voice. “I should probably be punished for that.”

Kyp blinked hard several times. “No, you shouldn't, Jaina. And don't suggest that again. I'll decide when you'll be punished, and what for.” Then he realized that punishment was probably exactly what she wanted. He sighed with frustration.

“Why are you wearing that collar in the Temple?” he asked her. Then he eyed her shapely torso. “And are you wearing that corset, too?” He felt his crotch start to stir.

In spite of his tone, Seventy-Two sensed his excitement as he checked her out. She shifted her position to give him a better view of her tits, and corset-shaped stomach. “Well since I'm going to visit the Imperial Embassy this afternoon, I didn't think you'd mind, Master,” she replied. “That way I don't have to go back to my room to change.”

Kyp let out an exasperated sigh. “You don't have to wear them at all, Jaina,” he told her.

“Master Durron, you and Moff Fel agreed that I could wear them to the Embassy if I wanted to, and I like to wear them,” Seventy-Two replied politely.

“Fine,” he said. “But keep them covered up until then.”

“Yes Master,” Seventy-Two answered in her natural, submissive tone.

Kyp stared at her a moment, then shook his head and walked into his office. Half-an-hour later, after Master Cilghal had come and gone, Seventy-Two strutted into Master Durron's office.

“What is it, Jaina?” he asked absently as she approached his desk.

“I'm really sorry about disobeying you Master,” she said as she walked around behind his desk. “I just want to apologize in person,” she said as she turned his chair to face her and sank down to her knees in front of him.

“Jaina, no,” he protested as she deftly maneuvered his cock out of his pants.

Since he didn't do anything other than that, and she sensed pretty much the opposite from him, she wrapped her lips around his still soft cock, and quickly brought it to full hardness. Soon Seventy-Two had him gasping in ecstasy as she deep throated him. When he came, she stayed on him, and swallowed every drop.

“All better, Master?” she asked him as she carefully put his dick back in his pants.

“Frakk, Jaina,” he said breathlessly as he recovered. “You can't keep doing that in here.”

“You're right, Master, we need to go to your room next time,” Seventy-Two replied with an impish smile as she walked away.

“Yeah—NO!” Kyp called after her.

Seventy-Two worked happily the next few hours, through lunch. Then she checked in with Master Durron, to make sure he didn't need anything, grabbed her robe, and headed towards the exit, and the Imperial Embassy.

The male Padawan on duty at the main entrance gaped at her as she approached. “Hi, Jedi Solo,” he squeaked out.

“Hey Attan,” she replied with a smile. Then she looked over at the purple-skinned Twi'lek female standing across from him. “Hey Ta'tan'ia,” she said to her. She also had light-pink spots on the outside of her arms, and on her lekku. The last few centimeters of her lekku were pink as well.

“Hey Jedi Solo,” she replied with amusement towards her fellow door-warder.

As Seventy-Two walked past them, she overheard Ta'tan'ia call Attan a nerfherder, which made Seventy-Two smile with her own amusement. Halfway down the steps, she put on her spectacles and earpieces. An Imperial speeder was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs.

At the Imperial Embassy, Seventy-Two found a tall, attractive-looking female Naval Lieutenant, along with half-a-dozen stormtroopers, waiting on her. Well, practically anyone that was wearing an Imperial Naval uniform was attractive to her now, but the Lieutenant was definitely attractive. As she got closer, she realized that the Lieutenant also looked familiar.

Lieutenant Ross had been Seventy-Two's Recruit Leader in Imperial Basic Training, where both had been eager Imperial Recruits. At the time Lieutenant Ross had been enlisted, and didn't seem to have a very high opinion of Imperial Officers. As hard as it was for her to believe now, Seventy-Two had actually been going through basic in preparation for taking command of the entire Imperial Fighter Corps.

Both Recruits' true natures had quickly taken over though. Less than a week into basic, Ross replaced Seventy-Two as Recruit Leader. From then on, Seventy-Two spent quite a bit of time with her tongue between Recruit Leader Ross's legs. That is until Seventy-Two transferred to the ProCorps Academy, and discovered her true nature.

ProCorps troopers got to know a lot of Naval personnel during their enlistments—in private. In public, ProCorps troopers kept things strictly professional, unless their superior wished otherwise, and even then they only relaxed their military discipline when it was appropriate. For ProCorps troopers, Imperial regulations overrode even obedience to superiors they had been personally assigned to. Since the duties of a ProCorps trooper were pretty well-known in the Imperial Navy, ProCorps troopers pretended not to even know past clients, so they wouldn't embarrass them.

Seventy-Two stopped a couple of meters in front of her, and the security gate. “Imperial Prostitute SX-51472, reporting as ordered, Ma'am,” she announced. Since they were still in an area that was the public could view, she didn’t assume parade-rest. The Lieutenant smiled back at her, and Seventy-Two sensed genuine happiness.

“Seventy-Two, nice to see you again. Or should I say, welcome back, my little Jedi pet,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“Ma'am, I'm not a Jedi, I'm a ProCorps trooper,” she replied politely. Then she smiled. “But you can call me whatever you want to, Lieutenant Ross; and congratulations on earning your commission, Ma'am.”

“Thank you, Seventy-Two,” she replied with her own smile. “Now, let's get you strip-searched. The Jedi might have planted listening devices on those ridiculous robes they make you wear.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two replied enthusiastically as she followed Lieutenant Ross through the security scanners into a small room. Two of the stormtroopers followed them.

There Seventy-Two eagerly stripped out of every stitch of Jedi clothes that she had on. To her delight, Lieutenant Ross even had a pair of proper ProCorps boots for her to put on in place of the Jedi ones. Seventy-Two was looking forward to a probing full body search from Lieutenant Ross, or the stormtroopers, but once she was dressed in nothing but her ProCorps gear, they took her to the Embassy's medical clinic.

There they gave her a quick medical exam, which included a brainwave scan. Then they took her spectacles and earpieces to make sure they were still properly synced. While that was happening, Lieutenant Ross and her six stormtroopers took her to the playroom used by the Embassy's resident ProCorps trooper. The stormtroopers waited outside, while Lieutenant Ross and Seventy-Two went inside.

“Now, it's been a long time since I felt that tongue between my legs,” Lieutenant Ross said as she stripped off her uniform. Then she sat down on the pouf couch. “And just like in basic training, if you do a good job, I might let you have an orgasm yourself afterwards.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Seventy-Two said with a smile as she dropped to her knees in front of her.

Seventy-Two leaned forward and quickly began licking her pussy. She had long ago lost count of the number of pussies she had licked, but Lieutenant Ross's had been the first in the Empire, and she knew exactly how to please her. Soon Seventy-Two had her moaning loudly in pleasure, and nearly seven minutes after she started, Lieutenant Ross screamed out in orgasm.

After she recovered, Lieutenant Ross went to the 'fresher to clean up. Then she ran her ID chit over her chastity belt, and ordered Seventy-Two to take it off.

“Since you've been out of circulation for so long, I've decided that my stormtroopers will come in here and do whatever they want with you until you have to go back to the Jedi,” Lieutenant Ross told her.

“Yes Ma'am!” Seventy-Two replied enthusiastically.

When Lieutenant Ross opened the door, the six stormtroopers were waiting outside. “She's all yours boys,” she told them with a smile.

Seventy-Two was surprised when all six stormtroopers filed into the room and started stripping off their armor. She had been expecting them to come in one at a time. She was a ProCorps trooper though, and was always eager to take on a challenge ... or six.

A few minutes later, Seventy-Two had a cock in each of her hands, and one each in her pussy, ass, and mouth. It had been ages since she had enjoyed a proper Imperial gangbang. The other stormtrooper patiently waited for an opening. The six stormtroopers were certainly up to the task of giving her what she needed.

Seventy-Two wasn't sure how many times they had each cum, but she was sure she had given them at least two apiece. They had given her four—or five—of her own. As much as she had enjoyed it, she hoped that they had enjoyed her more.

After Seventy-Two thanked them, she went into the 'fresher to take a sanisteam. When she came out, Lieutenant Ross was waiting for her, with her spectacles and earpieces. Seventy-Two happily put them, and her chastity belt back on, then they went back to the Embassy's entrance.

There Seventy-Two found a container with nine chronos, comlinks, spectacles, and earpieces, with the names of the Jedi they were meant for. The chronos and comlinks were gray. There were also several sets of modified Jedi boots with ten-centimeter wedge heels. Seventy-Two reluctantly put the Jedi Robes back on, and carried the container out to the speeder Lieutenant Ross had waiting, and went back to the Jedi Temple.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Quite a few holojournalists kept a watching eye, and holocamera, on the entrance to the Jedi Temple. When the stunning young platinum blonde Jedi with the gigantic rack came out, they immediately began trying to learn who she was. While they were trying to figure it out, they ran some footage of her on the HoloNet, in the background of a piece on the Jedi.

Just by chance, Chief of State Natasi Daala saw the footage of the beautiful Jedi descending the steps of the Jedi Temple. She knew exactly who she was, and immediately commed High Moff Fel, head of the Galactic Empire.

“Ah, good afternoon, Your Excellency,” he greeted her.

“Moff Fel, why is Jaina Solo at the Jedi Temple?” she asked him without preamble.

Moff Fel frowned a moment. “Well, technically that is SX-51472, but to answer your question, Master Durron asked for her to come back for a while, and I agreed,” he replied.

Chief Daala considered that a moment. “You could have told me,” she suggested.

Now Moff Fel smiled. “I'm sorry, Chief Daala. I was busy getting her prepped, and some other things have come up.”

Chief Daala's expression softened. “How long is she supposed to be at the Temple?”

“She has just under a month left, unless I decide to extend her assignment,” he replied, slightly wary.

“Alright,” Chief Daala said. “Please let me know if you do, Your Excellency,” she added, considering the situation.

“I will, Your Excellency,” he answered.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When Seventy-Two arrived back at the Jedi Temple, Master Katarn promptly confiscated the gifts, including the boots, and notified Master Durron. After some discussion, where Seventy-Two assured them that they were only for relaxation, and the Jedi had asked for them, the three went to the Temple clinic, and Master Cilghal.

After Seventy-Two demonstrated the comlink, spectacles, and earpieces, Master Katarn scanned the equipment. When he didn't find anything obviously dangerous, Master Cilghal suggested that another Jedi try them out for a few days, while she monitored them for unusual signs. That worried Seventy-Two. She knew that although there wasn't any actual brainwashing involved, the music and patterns helped her realize she wanted to serve the Empire. She didn't think that the Masters would appreciate her helping the other Jedi feel the same way though.

Ta'tan'ia, a female Twi'lek Jedi, volunteered to wear the chrono, comlink, spectacles and earpieces for a couple of days, in exchange for a pair of the boots. Reluctantly, Master Durron agreed, and Seventy-Two promised to bring her the modified boots.

Moff Fel had told her that the spectacles and earpieces were only meant for humans, and that each set had to be specially prepared for the person. She had no idea what would happen when a Twi'lek wore them.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Finally, the holojournalists identified the sexy blonde Jedi as Jaina Solo. The story quickly became the hottest news item around. The famous daughter of Han and Leia Organa Solo, returning to the Jedi after over two years in the Empire, and looking at least ten years younger than she actually was. Her enlarged breasts seemed to be shown quite often as well, for some reason.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning, Master Durron attempted another training session with Seventy-Two. Soon afterwards, she arrived at her desk wearing her spectacles and earpieces, as well as her durasteel ProCorps chastity belt, corset, and collar underneath her Jedi tunic and pants. Just like she had worn the day before.

“Jaina, why are you wearing those?” Kyp asked, obviously referring to the spectacles and earpieces.

“Ta'tan'ia is wearing them too,” Seventy-Two replied. “Can I please wear them while she is? They just help me relax so I can work more efficiently for you, Master Durron,” she asked emphatically.

Kyp frowned at her for a few moments. “Fine, but take them off when leave your desk, or my office,” he instructed her.

“Of course, Master,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile.

“And if anyone mentions the collar or corset to me, they're coming off, no matter what,” he told her as he walked into his office.

“Of course, Master,” Seventy-Two called after him, smiling as she went back to work. Not only had he let her wear her spectacles, earpieces, collar, corset, and chastity belt—not that he knew about the chastity belt—he had approved of her being his personal assistant.

Seventy-Two did take off the spectacles and earpieces an hour and a half later, when she gave Master Durron his morning blowjob.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two days later, Master Cilghal announced that listening to the music and watching the transparent patterns had no discernible effect on Ta'tan'ia. Reluctantly, Master Durron allowed Seventy-Two to give the gifts to the Jedi that had asked for them. By that time another half-dozen Jedi had asked for their own as well, including several women that wanted the boots. When the Jedi saw more of them wearing the chronos and comlinks, even more started asking for them.

Seventy-Two stayed busy showing them how to use the gear. Soon they were happily listening to their music through their earpieces, and watching the patterns on their spectacles. When Seventy-Two wasn't talking more of the Jedi into trying out the chrono, comlink, spectacles, and earpieces, she performed her personal assistant duties for Master Durron. He also stopped bothering to protest the daily blowjobs. He did insist on continuing to try to re-train her to become a Jedi, however.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next day Seventy-Two went back to the Imperial Embassy. This time there was a virtual throng of holojournalists at the Main Entrance of the Temple. Luckily the uniformed Imperial driver of the speeder was on hand, along with a pair of Jedi, to escort her to the vehicle. She still had to politely decline to comment on her return several times, as she hadn't been given orders on what to say to the public about it.

Once she arrived at the Imperial Embassy, Seventy-Two got examined and fucked, and gave Lieutenant Ross the names of seven more human Jedi that wanted to try out the ProCorps gear. She also specifically told her that Ta'tan'ia, who was a Twi'lek, wanted a set, and that she had promised her a pair of boots as well.

Lieutenant Ross told her that the boots and ProCorps gear wouldn't be a problem. Seventy-Two thanked her, and returned to the Jedi Temple with the gear that she had already requested. After the gear was scanned, she distributed it to the appropriate Jedi, and gave Ta'tan'ia her new boots.

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