Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute III: The Return of the ProCorps Trooper
Chapter 1
Rating: X / FemSlash

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth part of the story of Jaina Solo's transformation into Imperial Prostitute SX-51472. To summarize the story so far ...

After Jedi Knight Jaina Solo kills her twin brother, Darth Cadeus, she leaves the Galactic Alliance for the Empire, with her sometimes lover Jag Fel. Jag has just been made High Moff of the Galactic Empire and soon after arriving, Jaina agrees to go through Imperial basic training, with the plan to take command of the Imperial TIE-Fighter Corps upon graduation.

Instead, after a couple of weeks she puts in for transfer to the Imperial Prostitution Corp, or the ProCorps for short. There she learns absolute submission to the Empire, and becomes SX-51472, or “Seventy-Two” for short.

Later Seventy-Two helps recruit Syal Antilles into the ProCorps. Then she helps the Empire keep control of the Hapes Consortium, where Queen Tenel Ka has become a ProCorps trooper as well. Next she ... well, read this story to find out what happens next. ;)

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Prologue: immediately following the Hapes Consortium joining the Empire as detailed in Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 Two ...

Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 stood at attention in front of her Supreme Commander. She was wearing her full Imperial ProCorps uniform, including eighteen-centimeter heeled boots, tight-fitting black pants, and tailored uniform jacket, all in black. The boots were locked on with hidden shackles at her ankles and just below her knees. Her uniform belt, with the Imperial Emblem in the center, was locked on as well.

Underneath her uniform Seventy-Two was wearing her durasteel ProCorps chastity belt, corset, and collar. Her durasteel wrist chrono and comlink, which sometimes doubled as cuffs, were on her wrists. Her ProCorps cap was the only part of her uniform she wasn't wearing. Her platinum blonde hair, naturally waist-length, was up, tightly styled, per Imperial uniform regulations.

“Seventy-Two, I have a difficult assignment for you,” High Moff Fel told her. “As you know, Kyp Durron has been made Grand Master of the Jedi Order. He has asked for you to come back for awhile, and I have decided to send you, for a month. Actually, he wanted all of the Jedi that are currently serving the Empire back, but I'm only allowing you to go, since I think you'll have the biggest impact.” Then he paused a moment, and added, “If you think you are ready for it, that is?”

A little over two weeks ago Seventy-Two had helped stop an attempted rebellion on Hapes by Imperial Admiral Garowyn. Since Seventy-Two had been assigned to Admiral Garowyn as her personal ProCorps trooper, the events had been especially traumatic for her. As a result, Seventy-Two had been undergoing intensive therapy for the past week to help her recover.

“Yes, Your Excellency, I'm ready,” Seventy-Two replied obediently, proud of Moff Fel's confidence in her. She was confused though. She had spent the last couple of years trying to forget about the Jedi. Still, she was a ProCorps trooper, and would obey her orders.

“Good. Now Master Durron seems to think that you can be turned back into Jaina Solo, the Sword of the Jedi, but he has promised me that the Jedi won't force you to do anything against your will. He has also promised that you'll be allowed to wear your chrono and comlink as much as you want to. I explained that you can't even stand up in less than thirteen centimeter heels, as well,” Moff Fel told her.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied. “I will do my best.”

“I know you will, Seventy-Two,” Moff Fel replied with a smile. “I also want you to tell all the Jedi, especially the human Jedi, how great the Empire is. If any of them seem interested in coming for a visit, let us know, and we'll arrange their trip. Or if they are just interested in your spectacles and earpieces, or chrono and comlink, let us know that, and we'll get them a set.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied with a smile.

“Good. You'll also be allowed to visit the Imperial Embassy twice a week, for two hours,” he informed her. “Some other instructions and information will be uploaded to your comlink for you to study on your trip.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied.

“Now, before you leave, I want to thank you again for your help on Hapes. Take off your uniform, and come around here,” he said as he pressed a button on his desk, and she heard her uniform belt unlock. Then he slid his chair back from his desk.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Two replied with excitement as she stripped out of her uniform and laid it neatly over the back of her chair.

Then she put her boots back on, and walked around behind his desk. Besides her boots, she was only wearing her collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono and comlink. When she got close to him, he unlocked her chastity belt, and she slid it off. Then Seventy-Two helped him pull off his own uniform pants. Next she happily climbed onto his lap, and impaled herself on his cock.

Nearly fifteen minutes later, Seventy-Two was still bouncing up and down on his big stiff dick. She had already gotten him to cum once, and she had matched his orgasm with her own, just like she had been trained to do. Now she was working on his second. She barely noticed his office door open, and certainly didn't break her rhythm.

“Oh, hey Seventy-Three,” she heard Moff Fel say breathlessly.

“Hello, Your Excellency,” Seventy-Three replied. “I have that report you wanted.”

“Oh, thanks, Seventy—OH! Just leave it on my desk!” he blurted out. “Then strip down, so you can—gasp—join us!”

“Yes, Your Excellency!” Seventy-Three replied enthusiastically.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the way to Coruscant, Seventy-Two reviewed the information that Moff Fel had given her, as well as details of his orders. She was to work with the Jedi, but treat them as a potential danger to the Empire. While they weren't quite considered enemies of the Empire, they were a group that needed to be watched, and kept weak. Seventy-Two would also be trying to recruit Jedi to the Empire.

Seventy-Two was also allowed to have sex with any of the Jedi if she thought it would help the Empire, and its ally, the Galactic Alliance Chief of State, Natasi Daala. Once again Seventy-Two was humbled by how much Moff Fel was trusting her.

When she visited the Imperial Embassy, though, a Lieutenant Ross would be in charge of her, and would be able to open her chastity belt without paying, just as Governor Garowyn had when she had been assigned to her. Seventy-Two felt a little bad—it had been nearly a year since she had earned credits for the Empire. She didn't feel like she was doing her fair share to support the heroic Imperial Navy and Army Veterans, or recruiting and training more ProCorps troopers. Hopefully I can recruit a few Jedi to make up for it, Seventy-Two thought with a smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Seventy-Two stood awkwardly in the Jedi Council chamber, fighting the urge to assume parade-rest. She also wasn't used to wearing the ugly brown Jedi robes. Luckily for Seventy-Two though, wearing her chrono and comlink was a requirement for her participation with the Jedi. In fact, they were maglocked on, and couldn't be removed without Lieutenant Ross's permission. She could even release them remotely from the Imperial Embassy, if necessary. Master Durron had forbidden her from wearing her collar, corset, or chastity belt, though.

She missed her collar, corset and chastity belt terribly. They were a part of her. Before she had departed the Empire, Moff Fel ordered her not touch herself without permission. So even without her chastity belt, she had no desire to touch the Empire's pussy outside of her duties as an Imperial ProCorps trooper.

“Jedi Solo,” Master Cilghal, the Order's chief healer, addressed her. “Welcome back to the Jedi Order.”

“Thank you, Master Cilghal,” Seventy-Two replied. She would have to get used to pretending to be Jaina Solo again, she supposed, since they weren't likely to call her Seventy-Two.

“Jedi Solo, as you know, we have reinstated you at your old rank, Jedi Knight. However, due to your unique situation, you will need a Master's permission to leave the Temple, understood?” Kyp Durron told her.

“Yes Master Durron,” she replied.

Before being exiled, Master Skywalker had recalled all Jedi to the Temple. Since the Galactic Alliance, and especially Chief of State Daala, didn't seem eager for them to resume their posts elsewhere, Master Durron had pretty much stuck with the recall.

Even so, that left only Master Durron, Katarn, Hamner, Sebatyne, and Cilghal at the Jedi Temple. Masters Kam and Tionne Solusar were at the Jedi Academy on Shedu Maad, and Master Horn had returned to Corellia. Master Ramis, along with her red-headed apprentice, Seha Dorvald, had gone to the Hapes Consortium to investigate the Empire's activities there. Both were now happily serving the Empire as ProCorps troopers.

Seventy-Two hoped she could convince more Jedi, especially humans, to go to the Empire. She sensed a flicker of sexual excitement from Master Katarn, and subconsciously shifted her stance to give him a better view of the Empire's DD tits underneath the Jedi robes. Then she sensed the same from Master Hamner, and shot him a wink. All five Jedi Masters pretended to ignore her actions, although Master Sebatyne was amused at Master Katarn's sexual attraction.

“Jedi Solo,” Master Durron said firmly, calling her attention away from the other Masters.

“Yes Master,” Seventy-Two replied innocently, purposely leaving off the Durron.

“Even though you are a Knight, I will be guiding your re-training, understood?”

“Yes Master Durron,” she replied with a smile.

“As a Knight, you have been assigned your own quarters. Report to my office in the morning. Until then, you are dismissed.”

“Yes Master Durron,” Seventy-Two replied.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The five Jedi Masters sat silently for nearly half-a-minute after Jedi Solo left.

“How can the Empire do that to a Jedi?” Master Katarn finally asked, shaking his head in disbelief.

“How can Jag do that to Jaina?” Master Cilghal asked in disapproval.

“She felt as calm and as centered as a Jedi Knight after a meditation,” Master Durron commented. “Still, I wish Master Skywalker was here.”

“We all do,” Master Katarn agreed. “He never should have allowed Daala to exile him. She's been trying to destroy us—and the New Republic—ever since she got out of the Maw the first time.”

“Yes she has,” Master Durron agreed. “For some reason the Senate decided to forget that, and we've got to live with it though.” Then he thought a few moments. “At least there are not any Sith around to deal with right now.”

Now Master Hamner leaned forward. “That we know of,” he said. “There could be some long lost group of Sith hiding out somewhere in the galaxy, just waiting for the right moment to strike,” he insisted.

The other Jedi Masters glanced at Master Hamner, then each other. Then they all broke out in laughter.

“Yez, the lost Sith that have been hiding for thousandz of yearz!” Master Sebatyne declared with a smile. “Let'z launch the X-wingz immediately!”

Master Hamner frowned slightly, realizing the ridiculousness of his statement. If there were Sith out there, then they would have tried to attack just after Endor, when Master Skywalker was the only Jedi. “Perhaps they've been stranded on a planet,” he suggested half-jokingly.

That caused the other Jedi Masters to laugh even harder.

“Yes, they're too stupid to build a comm, but they are ready to take over the galaxy!” Master Katarn said between laughs.

“Let's not create enemies out of shadows,” Master Durron suggested, getting serious. “Daala and whatever Fel did to Jaina and the other Jedi are enough problems for now.”

The other Masters nodded their heads in agreement as they filed out of the chamber.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The quarters were nothing more than a small room with a bunk, a desk with a computer terminal, and a compact 'fresher and tiny closet. There was enough floor space to meditate, but that was about it. To Seventy-Two, it felt like a typical Jedi cell. She wanted to put on her ProCorps gear and listen to her music, but she had a job to do here. Instead, she went to find some Jedi to seduce to the Empire.

Finding Jedi to talk to was easy. They thought she was Jaina Solo after all, and were eager to welcome her back to the Jedi order. They were also interested in her enhancements, especially her enlarged breasts, and shortened calves. Seventy-Two spent a couple of hours chatting with a growing group of Jedi about the Empire. Several were also interested in her chrono and comlink, and Seventy-Two made sure to get their names, promising to get them a set as soon as she could.

That evening, Seventy-Two had a light dinner in one of the refectories, where she chatted with a few more Jedi. Then she changed into the gym outfit the Empire had given her to wear while she was at the Temple. At least for as long as the Jedi let her, anyway.

Her outfit included a pair of tight black hot pants with the words Imperial Property printed across the ass. Her serial number and the Imperial Emblem had been left off the sides and front though. A matching black sports bra barely contained her tits. Luckily they needed very little support—they were Imperial engineering, built to be firm, while retaining their natural feeling. The words Imperial Property were printed across the entire front, over her tits.

Before she had been assigned to Admiral Garowyn as her personal ProCorps trooper, the Empire's surgeons had shortened Seventy-Two's calf muscles and tendons in her lower legs. As a result she could no longer stand or walk flat-footed. In fact, anything less than a thirteen-centimeter heel was painful, and she wasn't comfortable unless they were fifteen centimeters high. Because of this, the custom-made high-heeled gym shoes were a necessity for her.

Seventy-Two was also wearing her chrono and comlink. She felt very weird without her collar and chastity belt, but she knew that they wouldn't let her wear them outside of her quarters. Actually, she was pretty sure the Jedi wouldn't even be too happy about her strutting around the hallways dressed as she was now. Seventy-Two reluctantly pulled on her brown Jedi robe, grabbed her clear plastex heels that she wore in the shower, and went to the Temple gym.

First she stashed her robe and heels in one of the lockers, then went into the gym itself. There were about a dozen or so Jedi working out when Seventy-Two entered. All of them noticed Seventy-Two's workout attire. The males stared for varying amounts of time while the she stretched out. Seventy-Two made sure to give them all a good show while she did. Not so much for them, but to keep in practice for when she returned to the Empire.

Once she was stretched out, Seventy-Two climbed onto one of the running machines. When the Empire had shortened her calves and Achilles tendons, Seventy-Two had lost some speed. She didn't let it bother her at all. ProCorps troopers really didn't have any need to sprint at Jedi-level speeds. She was still faster than any normal human though. Two male Jedi quickly hopped on the machines to either side of her.

After her brisk jog, Seventy-Two moved to the weight machines, then she did some aerobics to the music from her comlink. Since there wasn't a separate area for it, she just found an empty spot near one wall.

Several of the male Jedi stared at her virtually the whole time she danced and flexed. A few of the female Jedi watched her too, but Seventy-Two thought that was mostly because they were jealous that the guys were watching her instead of paying attention to them.

Seventy-Two thought back to when Moff Fel had fucked her just before she left. When Seventy-Three had come in and saw them having sex in Moff Fel's chair, all she had sensed from her fellow ProCorps trooper was the hope that she satisfied Moff Fel. Seventy-Two was certain there hadn't been a trace of jealously from her. Imperial training and years of very satisfying duty had erased any trace of individualism in Seventy-Three, just as it had in herself.

It was obvious that several of the Jedi wanted to pair up with each other ... sexually. Yet for some reason one or both were trying to pretend otherwise. Seventy-Two shook her head, wondering why they wasted time like that. The ProCorps way was so much better. She felt a little shock when she realized she'd been like that once. She couldn't really remember why she'd acted like that though, which was somewhat of a relief. She knew whatever it was, it was most likely the Rebels' fault. The thoroughness of her Imperial transformation made her smile happily.

Afterwards Seventy-Two went back to the locker room to shower. She was a little disappointed that there wasn't an open gang-shower for all the women to shower in together, with holocameras monitoring them. Since she was a ProCorps trooper though, she would just have to dutifully endure the separate shower stalls, and the unfortunate lack of Imperial troopers watching her.

Seventy-Two quickly pulled off her bra, gym shoes and socks, and slipped into her clear plastex heels. She wore her hot pants to the shower, so the other Jedi wouldn't see the Imperial Emblem over her pussy, or the words Imperial Property on her ass.

As she showered, Seventy-Two gazed down at her smooth pussy, missing her chastity belt. At least she still had the Imperial Emblem there with her title and serial number below it. Those, like the words Imperial Property across her ass, could never be removed. Moff Fel told her to hide her markings, which were genetically altered skin, as much as possible while she was with the Jedi.

As usual, she was aroused. That was why she, like all ProCorps troopers, needed their chastity belts; to make sure they didn't touch themselves without permission. Before she had left, Moff Fel told her that she was being trusted to pretend that she had a chastity belt locked on, and not touch herself without permission.

That was one of the reasons he had insisted that she be allowed to visit the Imperial Embassy twice a week. Even though ProCorps troopers always obeyed their orders, Moff Fel thought she might have some trouble with that one. She needed to be fucked by Imperials! The Imperial Officer assigned as her controller could grant her permission to masturbate though, if the Officer felt like she deserved it. Seventy-Two washed herself down there, but quickly moved her hand away when she was finished. Imperial ProCorps troopers obeyed their orders!

After her shower, Seventy-Two put her sweaty socks, bra and hot pants into the laundry chute, and quickly put the Jedi robe back on. Then she went back to her room, wearing nothing but the robe and her clear heels, and carrying her gym shoes. There Seventy-Two stripped off the robe, and put her collar, corset, and chastity belt back on, as well as her spectacles and earpieces.

Not long after Seventy-Two had recruited her former friend Syal Antilles into the ProCorps, the Empire had redesigned the standard ProCorps collar. The gorget sections had been greatly reduced, so now the collar was just a circle of durasteel about six centimeters wide, contoured to sit comfortably on her shoulders.

The standard color for the collar, chrono, and comlink was also changed from silver to black for all ProCorps troopers that served in high-visibility posts—like the Jedi Temple. Before she departed for the Galactic Alliance, Seventy-Two had also been issued a black durasteel corset and chastity belt to match her other ProCorps gear. She had even been given black spectacles and earpieces.

The first time Seventy-Two had put the new gear on, it felt like it was part of her, just like her old gear had. She loved the new gear, and was very grateful to the Empire for issuing it to her.

Eventually Seventy-Two took off her corset, spectacles and earpieces, and got ready to go to sleep. The Empire had included a few lengths of chain with maglocks on each end for her. She picked out one of the shortest ones, locked her wrists together behind her back, and went to bed, still wearing her collar, chastity belt, and the plastex heels.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning Seventy-Two found Master Durron in a training room. There he spent most of the day trying to re-train her to use the Force like a Jedi. Seventy-Two pretended to try, but every time she caught him looking at her, she flashed him a flirtatious smile, and pushed her tits or ass out for him. That was what she was meant to use the Force for, not trying to pick up stones or moving flames.

Finally, he was so agitated that he called an end to it. By this time Seventy-Two had him frustrated; both as a Jedi Master, and as a man.

“I'm sorry I couldn't do better for you, Master,” Seventy-Two cooed as she stepped up next to him. She slid one hand inside his robe, and stroked his muscular chest though his tunic. She rubbed her other hand up the inside of his thigh, to his stiff rod. “Hey Master, I didn't know you had another lightsaber,” she said as she dropped down to her knees. “Can I see it?”

“Frakk, Jaina. No,” he replied weakly.

In seconds Seventy-Two had his dick out, and was stroking it while she looked up at him. She knew that if he wanted her to stop, he would make her. “Ooh, it's all big and hard,” she said as she wrapped her lips around the head. She heard him moan in pleasure as she slowly slid it into her mouth.

Seventy-Two quickly starting bobbing her head back and forth on his cock, while looking up at him as she had been trained. He was looking up at the ceiling though, probably with his eyes closed. Minutes later, she had him on the edge. She deep throated him, sucked hard and felt him tense, then shoot his load into her mouth.

Seventy-Two stayed on him, swallowing every drop. Then she smiled up at him as she put his softening cock back into his pants. “Any thing else you need me for today, Master?” she asked him from her knees.

“What? No,” he said weakly as he stumbled over to a bench and sat down.

“Great, see you in the morning, Master,” she replied as she strutted out of the room.

On the way to her room, Seventy-Two passed several Jedi. The males all stared in lust, and the females in a mix of curiosity and derision. When one brunette Jedi saw her companion staring at her though, Seventy-Two mainly felt jealously from her, which the male Jedi picked up on as well.

Once she got back in her room, Seventy-Two stripped out of her robes and put her collar, corset, chastity belt, and heels back on. Then she sent a text update of what she did today to the Imperial Embassy.

Way back in the ProCorps Academy, Seventy-Two had revealed every New Republic, Galactic Alliance, Jedi, and personal secret she knew to the Empire. That included all her access codes to the Jedi Temple's database. Since Master Skywalker thought she was still his niece, and would re-join the Order one day, he hadn't bothered to restrict her access codes.

When Master Durron had taken over though, he had finally cut off the Empire's access. Moff Fel had told her that if they gave it back to her, to pass the codes along. He also told her not to worry about it too much, since they had already gotten pretty much everything they wanted from the Jedi database. Seventy-Two was very thrilled that she had helped make the Empire stronger.

Seventy-Two wasn't used to having free time. She would have gone to the gym to workout, but she wanted to wait until there were more Jedi there, so she could start talking to them more. Instead, she thoroughly cleaned her room. At dinner time Seventy-Two changed back into her ugly brown Jedi robe, and went to the cafeteria to eat.

Several male Jedi sat with her, and Seventy-Two happily chatted and flirted with them. She didn't care one bit about any of them, except convincing them to join the Empire. Her main mission was to recruit Jedi to the Empire, after all.

The gym was quite a bit more crowded than the day before, mostly with staring male Jedi. Seventy-Two made sure to put on a good show for them. Several of the female Jedi noticed them staring at her again, and Seventy-Two sensed a flash of jealously from them. Tonight she led half-a-dozen Jedi through an aerobics routine.

After her workout, Seventy-Two decided to go exploring the Temple a little, to see if she could find anyone to seduce to the Empire. Before she left, she commed Lieutenant Ross, and got her to unlock her chrono and comlink so she could take them off. She explained that some Jedi were interested in them, and might want to try them on.

Seventy-Two ran into quite a few Jedi, and spent quite a bit of time chatting with them. Kani Asari, an attractive blonde human Jedi, seemed especially interested in her chrono and comlink.

Seventy-Two let her try them on for a few minutes. Several other Jedi wanted to try them on as well. Seventy-Two also pulled off her modified Jedi boots, and let a few of the female Jedi try them on, too. Eventually, she wandered back to her room, and went to bed.

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