Stay, Immaculata Rating: R / Slash
Diana DeRiggs

This fanfic is based on the animated and manga series HELLSING by Kouta Hirano, and deals with ideas and thoughts that seem to have been kicking around amongst fans of that animé. There is unfortunately not as much information available in English as one might like, and there are differences between the TV series and the comics, and even between comic volumes. Thus, apologies for some of the more "factual explanation," "far out suppositions," and perhaps missing pieces throughout the parts of this tale. This story leans more heavily on the animated episodes, but you know how fanfic sometimes can grow all on its own ... This story addresses several things that go deliberately unexplained in either the animé or the manga, like all fanfic should, eh?

"Walter, not like that ... move it to the left ..." Walter carefully reapplied pressure where he was asked. It would not do to upset Alucard, not when the creature was so close to carnal release. He'd worked hard to keep the vampire sated this way, to quiet his lust for blood. So when Alucard said "left," Walter did as ordered.

The job wasn't onerous -- Walter C. Ddollneazz, retainer to the Hellsing family -- rather enjoyed his duties. It was, in fact, his master's idea to introduce the vampire to the pleasure of human-style sex. In his long life as undead, Alucard had tried sex in the human fashion but found it not as satisfying as drinking blood. The Hellsing family had determined that all the sensual pleasures a vampire could experience were wound up tightly in the taking of blood. Through long training and Pavlovian association, Hellsing was able to help Alucard equate pleasure with carnal human acts.

In order to become a vampire, it was not enough for a human to be willing to become one. The human had to be a virgin, and had to be bitten by a powerful enough vampire of the opposite sex. The more innocent, the more potentially powerful the vampire could become. Thus child-vampires -- like Claudia, or Helena -- were very long-lived and very strong. Alucard's current strength indicated extreme innocence when he was taken into the fold, over five centuries ago. Thus Alucard had never known the pleasures of sex as a human.

It seemed all immortals eventually reached a point of boredom with their state. They do not fear death like living creatures did; many resorted to attempting suicide, just to be disappointed when they awoke after what felt like a particularly deep and disturbing sleep.

Walter and Lord Hellsing realized that vampires could reproduce only via taking a live victim, and thus resulted the complete subduction of a human-type libido. They had managed to first capture then incapacitate Alucard, but rather than killing him, they started experimenting. They managed to find ways to harm him more severely, as well as to heal him. They discovered he retained human DNA -- not a surprise, since he was once human -- but many of the chromosomes seemed damaged or corrupted. Others seemed enhanced, and they discovered they could manipulate them further to bring about gradual changes in Alucard.

At first, he mocked them and was openly derisive of their efforts, but he did not prevent them. Over time, he became interested and curious in what they were doing, and was even sometimes a willing participant. He seemed to appreciate this new adventure and learning about his body. He'd told them he'd forgotten what it was like to be human; he was intrigued that Lord Hellsing seemed to want to remove Alucard even further from humanity.

Lord Hellsing had at last identified a particular withered chromosome, which he thought contained the means through which humans would reproduce. Encoded in the genes was the desire to have sex, and the means to enjoy sex. He manipulated those genes. When introduced back into Alucard, the mutations took over their brethren like a cancer, as all their experimental efforts had, and Alucard showed symptoms of the changes within him. He became confused by his feelings; his behavior started changing. He even broke down and told Lord Hellsing he had a need to fuck the hell out of someone, something, anything; he'd never felt like this before! It wasn't related to his desire to drink blood; he'd tried feeding his hunger that way, but to no avail. Lord Hellsing calmly explained that this was a normal expression of human lust; in a sense, he'd made Alucard more human, rather than less.

Howling with frustration, Alucard resorted to begging for release, "Show me sex like a human!" he bellowed, elated yet agitated by the newness of it all.

Lord Hellsing had given the vampire his first genital-derived orgasm. The semen was sweeter than expected, and Alucard's hunger was insatiable! The vampire's mind was in a whirl, engrossed by this new feeling -- he had to have more! More! Hurry! Hurry!

Ever the faithful investigator, Arthur Hellsing administered to Alucard's needs; initially, the interest was clinical, but eventually, the two found themselves to be lovers. Lord Hellsing was fascinated to watch Alucard becoming more human, not only through the experiments in biology, but through a desire which could be fulfilled in a positive, nondestructive manner. Bloodlust always resulted in the formation of a ghoul or a vampire; once tapped, a vampire could not feed again on the same person. Thus the desire to form long-term bonds with others did not really exist for these creatures of the night; it was more emotionally harmful to have friends than not. With Lord Hellsing, Alucard was able to identify a source of pleasure and return to it again and again, without destroying it!

Walter had discovered his master and the vampire locked in a lover's embrace, and the man known as "the Angel of Death" would normally have killed them both. But he'd known his master was involved with the inhuman creature; he'd been privvy to Lord Hellsing's ruminations and scientific and psychological suppositions these past months. He'd already overcome the intense jealousy of having to share his master's intimacy with another; but accepting it was different from actually witnessing it. He simply stared at the coupling in the dungeon.

Filled with shame at having been caught cavorting with the imprisoned creature -- one the Hellsings had vowed to rid from the earth -- Lord Hellsing ordered Walter to look after Alucard's needs thereafter. Thus commanded, the man who would become the Hellsing family retainer simply included this task among his list of responsibilities.

As for Alucard, he couldn't help himself; he didn't want to grow close to another, he was hurt that Lord Hellsing had abandoned him. But he grew to love and lust for Walter; this was a also new feeling, and over the years, he learned to respect and admire Walter as well. He often complained he'd never understand humans, but felt he needed them, now that his human sexuality had been manifested and awakened.

Then came the day the Queen of England, the head of the Anglican Church, arrived in the dungeons of Hellsing Castle. Alucard was sentenced to restraints and hibernation; he was far too dangerous to exist, yet Lord Hellsing could not allow himself to destroy his man-enhanced creature. In his way, he valued and loved Alucard, and his pride in his creation kept him from executing the creature of the night.

The Queen alone possessed a spell strong enough to subdue the vampire. Alucard felt Walter's fingers secure the bindings, heard his lover's whispered apologies and promises to release him someday. He was bound completely with leather strapping, then attached to the wall of the dungeon cell itself to make free movement impossible.

At last, Alucard saw Lord Hellsing before him, wearing the robes of Masonic priests, muttering the holy incantations to bind the vampire to his prison. He felt Walter inject him with something; the monocled human promised it would help him rest. Alucard heard and felt his lover sob. Before he slipped into oblivion, he heard his master ask a question.

"The vampire Alucard, will you bind yourself to the Hellsing family in perpetuity, in return for your continued and enhanced existence?"

The vampire sighed. My name is Hermes; I devoured my wings to tame me.

"Alucard, you will be induced into hibernation. You will be awakened when you are needed; you will taste the blood of the Hellsings to be revived. Do you understand?"

You showed me love, now I supposed you show me compassion. We will never meet again, not in heaven or Hell. Goodbye, Sir Hellsing, my master.

With that, darkness overtook him, and for the first time in over five centuries, the vampire Alucard slept in the manner of the truly dead.

* * * * *

It had been many years since Alucard had been left to wait in the dungeon for his master to come for him. At last, after twenty years, just as his master had promised, a Hellsing's blood had touched him and he'd awoken! And as he had predicted twenty years earlier, Lord Hellsing was now dead; the master's young daughter, Integra, was now his master. Alucard had promised her father that he was bound to the Hellsing family. His job was to serve and protect his master.

Walter had been away, collecting materials hidden in South America, in preparation for Integra's ascension as head of the Hellsing Organization in a ceremony to be blessed by Her Majesty. He had been afraid that Richard, the younger brother of his master, would be jealous of Integra's ascension, but he never thought the man would try to murder his niece! To his surprise and delight, he learned that the young girl had survived the attempted molestation by finding and releasing Alucard!

What's more, the girl had firm control of the vampire, who seemed delighted by her. When Walter had, at last, arrived back at the house, he heard the creature's dark laughter and feelings long unexplored stirred in him again. He wondered if Alucard remembered ...?

"Of course, Walter! I have been waiting! It is important that our little Immaculata remain so, do you not agree?" The vampire's starved, hibernating body had not yet fully recovered or healed, but Walter thrilled at the wicked grin and lanky form, remembered so fondly. "I've been waiting for you, young man!"

Walter giggled with glee -- he had aged 20 years, the duration of Alucard's imprisonment. But to Alucard, all humans would be forever younger than him!

"Walter, do you know Alucard?" The young girl's eyes looked a bit startled.

"Yes, my lady. Or rather, yes, Sir Integra ... for now you will be head of the household, and a knight is always referred to as 'Sir.' Alucard and I are old friends; we even hunted Nazis together during the War." Walter was a bit concerned how much he should tell his mistress who, after all, was barely just a teenager.

"Ah, yes, 'hunted' is a fine word, Walter!" The retainer noticed that Alucard no longer wore the restraining clothing of his imprisonment. "But come! We have much catching up to do! You don't mind, do you Sir Hellsing? It was Walter and your father who put me in the dungeon, and now that your father is dead, I need Walter to fill me in on what I've missed!"

Integra desperately wanted to know more about Alucard. What had her father and Walter created and held on her behalf? How had they known she might need this dark creature? She knew her traitorous Uncle Richard had known nothing of Alucard; he'd been surprised by the corpse when he found Integra in the dungeon. But she felt that Walter did indeed owe Alucard a reunion, if only to explain who she was, so she nodded. "You are not to feed on Walter or anyone else who works for me, do you understand, Alucard?" She spoke sternly.

The vampire smiled. She thought it was a happy smile, though the maniacal, insane gleam to his eye was a constant. "Of course, Sir Integra! My word Walter, such a young, sweet, little girl, and so very much like his daughter!" He cackled at his own joke.

"Nosferatu Alucard, show respect. She is his daughter. She is now your master, as well as mine." Walter longed to feel his lover from so long ago, and to see if he could make the undead creature yell in pleasure again!

As the mad, raving eyes turned away, Integra called to her butler, "Walter, be sure to get a pair of sunglasses for the vampire?"

* * * * *

Many years later, Sir Integra had survived a traitorous attempt to discredit the Hellsing Organization by a member of the Knights of the Round Table. The Knights were charged with protection of Great Britain, but it appeared at least one of the eleven men resented the young, female Integra Hellsing's membership. Alucard had watched over her during her detention and trial. Integra prayed that she would be found guiltless and released, for no other reason than she did not know what the vampire would do if she came to harm.

She'd also survived an attempted rape and vampire attack, even cutting her own throat open to drain the tainted vampire blood from her body. If she hadn't done that, she would have become a ghoul in a matter of hours -- and better to be dead than under the unwilling control of an undead creature. The stresses had been enormous, and only Alucard's attention and concern reassured her and held her together through it all.

In addition, she had worried about the faithful family servant. Walter had survived a helicopter crash; he'd been shot down while taking Integra to the Tower of London during an invasion by a monstrous creature called Incognito. Walter had managed to deliver her as she'd ordered, but lost control of the vehicle in the effort. Still, one as resourceful and tenacious as himself did not look death in the eye and give up. Besides, he knew that Sir Integra still needed him.

When he was satisfied that she was sleeping peacefully, Alucard left his mistress under the watch of another vampire -- a girl he'd created, named Seras Victoria. Young Seras was annoying to him in that she would not accept her undead state, clutching on to any lingering semblance of humanity. Decades and centuries ago, he would have scorned her; today, even though he found her clinging annoying, he understood that being human had many unique and beautiful aspects. The main aspect that intrigued him was love; this emotion had many negative aspects, including the fear of loss. Nonetheless, Alucard had come to understand that love was precious and worth the risks.

In the past weeks, Alucard had thought he'd lost his master, and the anger that welled in him when he was told he no longer had her was something he'd never felt -- so much intensity -- and he understood for the second time the term "broken heart." The concept of Integra Hellsing not being a part of his waking undead world was not something he wanted to comprehend, and it reminded him of when her father had abandoned the vampire many years ago. He had abandoned his mission upon receiving the threat of her death, rather than risk losing her.

Walter was back from the hospital now, too; his involvement in the battle at the Tower of London had been suppressed, so he had nothing to worry about than to heal. Alucard apparated into the man's rooms, and was greeted warmly. "Visiting the living wounded, eh?" He sounded strong, he'd be back on active duty very soon.

The vampire cocked a smirk, "Just like old times, eh, Walter?" He remembered their time together in battles, many years ago.

"Indeed, indeed! I'd offer you some transfusion blood, but I'm afraid I need it right now, old fellow." It was a joke, Walter was not even hooked up to a saline drip at this point in his healing.

"Walter, this is about Immaculata." Alucard had not referred to Sir Hellsing in that manner since he first met her as a teenager, and the family retainer grew concerned and surprised.

"She told me that the rape by the Baobhan Sith did not progress far enough ... that your intervention saved her. I thank you deeply for that, Alucard." Walter hoped that vampire would not ask for something he could not allow.

"She is still our Immaculata." Alucard knew many things hidden from the world. "Which brings me to a problem ... I am bound to the Hellsing family and to the Hellsing Organization. You know I take orders only from Sir Hellsing. If she should die now, I would be free of my contract, would I not?"

Walter tried not to let his anger and shock take over him, but he couldn't help bursting out, "You will not harm Sir Hellsing!"

There was a hollow laugh, "How little you think of me, Angel of Death!" Alucard knew that Walter was the only human alive who knew the exact nature of his indestructibility; therefore, Walter was the only man who theoretically could truly destroy Alucard. But that was not his concern. "You know that now I have tasted human pleasure, I cannot go on without humans in my presence ... but only certain humans, Walter. You know I love and respect you as an equal, but I obey only the human Hellsings, as I promised our master over 30 years ago."

Assured and calmer now, Walter nodded thoughtfully. He had sometimes wondered if the vampire would obey the Queen, to whom the Hellsings owed fealty, but with Alucard's statement, he knew that not even Her Majesty could command the vampire. "What are you suggesting, Alucard?"

The undead creature pulled up a chair and sat down by Walter's bed. He was silent for a while, but unlike his normal silences, this quiet was restless and perturbed. Finally, he spoke, "Sir Hellsing needs to spawn."

Walter marveled at the devotion Alucard felt toward the Hellsings. He had thought once the undead's contract had expired, Alucard would happily roam freely and away. True, 30 or so years in servitude to humans would not be long for the likes of an immortal vampire, but surely Alucard must grow tired of it. Walter had avoided thinking about the next generation Hellsings; Sir Integra was still young. She was in a very serious business, with no room for mistakes or frivolity. Perhaps someday she would take a husband and have children. He hoped so, for there were no other Hellsings alive now. He hoped to see her children within his lifetime.

"Have you spoken to Sir Integra about this?"

The vampire grunted and a half-grin formed, "To be brave, fear is a necessary ingredient. Overcoming that fear is called bravery. I have only felt the first required element toward bravery; I am not there yet." This was as close to humor as Walter had known Alucard to imbibe. There were many similarities between the vampire and their master, including this dry sense of fun.

"What are you thinking, Alucard? Do you have a husband in mind?"

Alucard nodded slowly, "Not exactly. In a sense, I do, but I will need your help, Angel of Death."

It was Walter's turn to smirk, "Does it involve weaponry? That's really my specialty, not matchmaking!"

Alucard didn't seem to hear the man, "You know the nature of my genetics, Walter."

Walter let his jaw drop. No! You're not suggesting ...!

Alucard continued, oblivious to Walter's stunned silence, "It is important that she remain our Immaculata, Walter. If she isn't, then she cannot make the ultimate sacrifice of her soul. You and I know that a vampire is stronger, more powerful than any human ... someday, if Sir Integra wishes to enter that state, that door should remain open to her. But she must have a child, Walter ... at least one."

Walter had regained his composer, but his voice still wavered in his reply, "Those two things -- childbirth and virginity -- are normally rather mutually exclusive, Alucard. We've had only one example of Immaculate Conception in our history, as you know."

Alucard kept talking, giving no indication that he'd heard his friend, "Walter, my genes are damaged, you and Lord Hellsing had told me so. I want you to splice them with yours, so that Sir Hellsing may carry the child of the beings who love her most."

Walter was speechless as Alucard continued, "Besides, both of us have known her father more intimately than nearly anyone else has. I loved Lord Hellsing, and I love Sir because she is the daughter of the man who damned me to human servitude. Of all human men, her father is the one human who could control her -- that's what makes her so precious. We are sworn to protect her, even against herself, even against any human man she would choose."

As Walter sat up in his bed, he barely heard the vampire, who continued speaking, "We cannot impregnate her secretly. Sir Integra would be distressed; she would not take a rape lightly! She might even abort the fetus without regret, something I know is within her capabilities ... she must know she was not violated to achieve the pregnancy, that she was not harmed in any way ..."

The sunglasses which Integra had ordered Alucard wear normally covered his eyes and gave him a somewhat benign look; looking into the eyes would reveal a tortured, dangerous mind. The vampire had removed them and gazed upon Walter evenly, and the loyal servant could not look away from the wildness trapped within Alucard's skull.

The vampire leaned forward to whisper directly into Walter's ear, "I will not allow anyone to hurt Immaculata, so let me remove the reason any man or monster would even try," he said this in a whisper, "Walter, all those monsters want to rape her, desecrate her ... I won't allow that, I can't! And also, think ... we would be the father of the next Sir Hellsing!"

Walter's fists clenched and his body shook. How dare he? The presumption! How dare he!

"She is not cattle to be bred!" Walter's voice rang out somewhat more loudly than he'd intended, "She is HUMAN, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities implicit to that state of being!"

He's already immortal! Why does he desire THIS form of immortality??

* * * * *

He saw the back of Alucard's red duster as he passed by Sir Integra's rooms. Walter was up and about, not even needing a walking stick now, nearly completely healed and happy to be back in service. Sir Integra was healing more slowly than she should have due to the many stresses she'd suffered, and still required recuperative rest. Under doctor's orders and Walter's insistence, she often took her rooms in the afternoon if there were no visitors to attend.

The vampire and the human in the master's chamber were simply standing and sitting, respectively, staring out at the sunset over London. Walter had often observed them thus, with not a word passing between them, sometimes for hours. He knew Alucard was telepathic, but he didn't think the vampire pried into his mistress's mind unless he needed to. Still, how to define 'need'?

They were more than arm's length apart and motionless, and neither made any overt gesture toward one another. There was not the usual tension between them, just a sort of calm respect and warm comfort. They simply enjoyed being in one another's presence and did not need to prattle or prove themselves.

Walter felt very old, gazing upon his mistress and her vampire -- the one being who likely loved her more than Walter did himself. She was young and beautiful, it was true. But he knew the time she would no longer be thus would come all too quickly. He'd worked for the Hellsing Organization and family since he was a young boy, and now look at him, an old man! The intervening years had gone by so quickly ...

When Sir Integra was ready to make such a decision, would Walter be around to help her? Alucard was old, but would never die; ironically, this was not that sort of immortality the vampire craved anymore, thanks to the changes wrought in him by the Hellsing family.

Wiping his eyes, Walter quietly moved down the corridor. Who am I to deny them their happiness ...? Or, for that matter, my own ...?

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