I Can Wait Forever
Part Ten

Rating: PG

Every inch of Jaina’s body was tired. She unfastened the clips that held her hair and winced at how sore her scalp was. Her hair was tired, too, it seemed. Still, it was nothing compared to the pain her shoes were causing her toes. The torture shoes were the next thing to go into a heap on the floor. She decided to skip her nightly hair brushing routine and was about to slip the filmy dress over her head when there was a quiet knock on her door. Jaina bit back a groan and threw herself face down on the hard mattress. “I’m asleep,” she called.

“Not quite, Goddess, but you look pretty cute lying there in that fancy party dress with your bare feet peeking out.”

Had she not been quite so tired she would have jumped at Kyp’s stealthy entrance into her quarters, she hadn’t heard him make a sound. She turned her head a few degrees to the left and sent his smirking face a withering glare. “Unless you plan to spend the next several hours massaging my aching body, go away, Kyp Durron.”

Jaina didn’t know who was more surprised by the unintentional invitation. She suspected it was Kyp, from the hissing sound that issued from him. Like a kettle of water set to boil over. His eyes were narrowed as they traveled from the dark hair cascading over her shoulders to her bare feet and back, the expression in them dark and unreadable. Jaina didn’t know if she should be frightened or pleased to be on the receiving end of that sort of look from the unpredictable Jedi Master. It seemed to make her feel both in turns. She groaned and closed her eyes, too tired and confused to think more.

After a few seconds, she felt hands begin to massage her stocking-clad feet.

It felt so good to have the strong fingers kneed the soreness from her abused feet that Jaina sighed with pleasure. She figured she danced about forty kilometers tonight. And had her toes stepped on by at least two dozen of the worst dancers she had ever had the misfortune to fly with. “I’ve heard of stepping on a few toes in the line of duty, but that was ridiculous,” Jaina grumbled.

“You were the one who insisted on going back. I, for one, know when to call for a retreat.”

“Right…” Jaina gave him another glare. “You spent at least an hour hiding from Minda before your ‘retreat’, Master Durron.”

With no warning, Kyp switched from massaging to tickling and Jaina gave a squeal. She sat up, pulling her feet from his grasp and tucking them under her. That left her eye to eye with the kneeling Jedi Master. “That wasn’t very nice…”

Kyp moved so quickly Jaina had no time to react before his mouth came down hard on hers. In a single, smooth motion, he toppled her over onto her back on the mattress and came down on top of her. The small part of her brain still functioning wondered at how the whole maneuver had been executed without breaking the searing kiss they were sharing. His hands on either side of her head and a knee between her thighs kept just enough weight off her, so she felt pinned but not crushed, under his powerful, very male form.

Jaina was the first to pull back from the kiss for air and was mortified to find her arms wrapped tightly around Kyp’s neck and her fingers sifting through his dark hair. Kyp’s hair was surprisingly fine and silky for belonging to a guy. Nearly as soft as his lips as they trailed along her jaw and pressed moist little kisses on the very sensitive skin below her ear. The man was kriffing amazing with that mouth.

Kyp’s hot breath tickled her ear, “Thank you.”

“Whaa?” Jaina managed to whimper.

“You said I have a kriffing amazing mouth, and I said ‘thank you’.” Kyp went back to kissing her neck until Jaina turned her head away in sensory overload. Undeterred, he started the kiss torture treatment on the other side without missing a beat.

This time Jaina managed a complete word, “Mercy!”

Kyp pulled back and gave her a lopsided half-grin. “You are asking ‘me’ for mercy, Goddess? You’re barely wearing that dress! I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to drive me out of my force forsaken mind.”

Jaina opened her mouth to deny it, but the dangerous look in Kyp’s eyes made her shut it. A shiver coursed through her. She avoided eye contact and simply nodded. It wouldn’t do any good to deny it, Kyp was a Jedi Master and he knew her mind better than anyone else at this point in her life. She did pick the dress to make Kyp pay attention to her. It was something she’d wanted to try again since the sexual tension first sparked that night on Hapes.

“I knew it!” Kyp pushed himself off the bed and looked down at her, frowning. “I came here to tell you I had the General load your X-wing and astromech into to cargo hold of my ship. I didn’t come here to throw you down on the bed.” It was an attempt at an apology, and Kyp knew it fell woefully short. He ran his fingers through his hair and tried to calm down, but with Jaina still sprawled on the bed in that evil dress, he felt anything but calm. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t do it again, Jaina, so this is your one and only warning.” He loomed over her and looked her straight in the brandy colored eyes. “Don’t play bait the Rancor with me, little girl, or you are going to end up with more frustrated Jedi Master than you are ready to handle.”

Jaina was left staring at his retreating back in shock.

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