I Can Wait Forever
Part Nine

Rating: PG

Kyp’s arms refused to let Jaina go. He slid into a chair, pulled her onto his lap, and resumed kissing her. He made it slow and tender this time. He wanted to spend time worshipping his Goddess before the magic of the moment was broken, maybe forever.

“When did you start to fall in love with me?” Jaina barely managed to get the questions out between gasps.

“It was after Sernpidal that I first felt it. You HIT me, Jaina. You, this tiny, half-grown apprentice I’ve known since before you could walk and talk. I’ve never thought of violence as foreplay before, but Sithspit, I wanted to throw you over my shoulder and find somewhere to ravish you. What you said didn’t even register until I felt you start to cry.” Kyp shuddered, “I thought I did what I had to, nothing personal, but you ... you were so hurt by how I deceived you.

“For you, it wasn’t about Kyp the scheming squadron commander and Jaina the Rogue pilot. It was about feisty, seventeen year old Jaina Solo and her first betrayal.” He scrubbed his hands over his face. “I felt like a bucket of Hutt slime.”

All too soon, Jaina stood and put a bit of distance between them so she could breathe properly. “Kyp ...”

“Tell me I’m wrong,” Kyp challenged her. “Tell me that the universe wasn’t a different place when you woke up the next morning.”

“It was,” Jaina sighed. “I was angry with you for using my reputation to get the outcome you wanted, but I was also disgusted with myself for enjoying your flirting. I always had a crush on you, the charm and flirting got to me. It was a secret weapon I didn’t even know you had. That part wasn’t your fault, that was all me.”

Kyp went to her, taking Jaina’s small calloused hands in his. “I swore that night that I would NEVER do anything to hurt you, again, and I would help you in any way I could. I shudder to think what I would have done if you hadn’t turned away from the dark side when you did ...”

This time it was Jaina’s turn to stop the unpleasant conversation by throwing her arms around Kyp and kissing him deeply. When the kiss ended, she sighed, “You weren’t my first betrayal.”

“What?” Kyp frowned, not sure what she was referring to, but not liking it all the same. He would have to live with his actions, and their consequences, but he didn’t know what he could do to fix damage someone else inflicted. “You don’t have to ...”

“A hotshot flyboy from another squadron was my first betrayal, Kyp. He was my first grown up mistake.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Kyp’s frown became a scowl. “Did the Vong kill him? Or do I get to?”

Jaina bit her lip. “He’s alive, but I think the Rogues got to him.”

“So that’s what Darklighter meant.”


Kyp shrugged. “Nothing, I was just thinking aloud. The Rogues, past and present, are very protective of you, so maybe it would be a good idea for you to return to your party ...”

“You should make a quick appearance, too. The way we left, your Dozen pilots will expect bleeding or bruises. We need to show them you’re fine. I want them to remember me as a benevolent and compassionate Goddess.”

“Jaina ...”

“We’ll have plenty of time to talk on the way to Mon Cal.”

Kyp sighed, and conceded. It was better than fighting with Jaina, no matter how good she looked when she was all riled up. She was right when she said they had plenty of time. And if he was lucky, talk would only be a part of it.

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