I Can Wait Forever
Part Seven

Rating: PG

Kyp was ready to call it a night. He hated crowds, and even though Jaina considered him a friend, he didn’t feel comfortable among the pilots here. Word of his Sabaac loss to General Antilles was spreading faster than a bioengineered plague, and he couldn’t stand anymore whispers and considering looks. He started to make headway toward the door and then a hand caught his wrist. He looked up and saw the smiling face of one of his former Dozen pilots, the most attractive, female one.

“Hello, Min.” Minda Eltoras was a good pilot from a rough Rim world, and she truly deserved it when she was offered a commission of Major and a top slot in one of the best squadrons. Kyp was happy for her. “Nice to, um, see you ...” He looked her up and down and realized that he was seeing a lot more of her than usual. What was with the women showing so much skin tonight?

“You’re blushing, Durron. I didn’t think you were capable of turning that shade of red.”

“You’ve become a comedian, great, who’s your CO, Major Janson?”

Min beamed up at him, “How’d you guess?”

“And you were such a nice, normal girl, too. What a Sithing shame.” When she took his hand and started to tug him in the direction of the dance floor, Kyp bit back a groan.

“Come on, Durron, dance with me just this once ... Who knows when I’ll get to cover your six again ...” Her tone implied that she wanted to cover more than just his six.

Kyp decided he would give her a single dance, and then he was going to do what any good Jedi Master did when confronted with a willing woman in a very skimpy dress, he would make some plausible excuse and run like hell. He didn’t need another woman, he had enough trouble keeping away from the woman he did want in his bed.

Kyp led her to the edge of the dance floor and pulled her into his arms for the slow dance. “One dance, Min, then I need to get some sleep. I’m leaving in the early hours for Mon Cal.”

“Right ...” Min didn’t look convinced. In fact, she looked pretty kriffing smug. “If you’re saving yourself for a certain Trickster Goddess, Durron, all you have to do is say so ... I’m all out of love spells powerful enough to work on an aging, hopelessly smitten, Jedi Master.”

“Hey!” Kyp blinked at her. “I’m not aging. I’m in great shape for my age ...”

“Honey, when was the last time you got some?”

He frowned. “Some what?”

Minda laughed, “If you have to ask, then you’re worse off than I originally thought. I rest my case.”

Kyp didn’t like where this conversation was going. “You’re terrible. Janson deserves someone like you,” Kyp grumbled, “I hope you give him grey hair.”

“Oh, I certainly plan to try. He’s fine to look at, for an old timer, and thanks to your glowing report, he’s made me his XO. It’s ... cozy.”

Kyp rolled his eyes. “Force help us all.”

“You keep your Force to yourself, Durron. I’ve got my own spell to work on men ...”

“I don’t want to know.”

“What you need is a good spell to work on a Goddess ... I know just the thing ...” She grabbed Kyp’s face between her hands and planted a long, wet kiss on his mouth. He opened his mouth to protest and got was some serious tongue play. The other couples dancing stopped to cheer them on and Kyp could feel his face burning hot.

He finally unlocked her lips from his and sputtered, “What the kriff do you think you’re doing, Min?”

Min gave him a blinding smile, but she kept her voice low. “Jealously works wonders on reluctant Goddesses.”

Kyp threw his hands up in frustration and turned to stalk away, only to run full into Jaina. Great. Just great. “Jaina.”

“Kyp. Could I have a word with you?”

“Well, I was just about to go back to my quarters and get some sleep ...”

“I won’t keep you very long.”

Kyp eyed Jaina for a minute, his brain debating where the safest place to talk would be. He didn’t trust himself enough to offer to escort her to her quarters. He also didn’t want a repeat of the kissing match that happened in his quarters. “Lead the way, Goddess.”

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