I Can Wait Forever
Part Three

Rating: PG

Toeing off her boots, Jaina changed into her most comfortable workout gear, and headed straight for the ship’s gym and training rooms. She caught her reflection in the mirror and touched a hand to her kiss swollen lips. The feel of Kyp’s lips on hers refused to fade. Not at all like the playful kisses she shared with Jag, Kyp’s kisses were serious, demanding that she return them just a fiercely, or be swallowed whole by his desire. It didn’t help that being wrapped in Kyp’s arms made her hot and tingly in places she hadn’t considered much since she made her first major mistake as a green Rogue pilot.

In a show of her independence after joining Rogue squadron, Jaina had accepted an invitation from a charming, handsome pilot from another squadron. What followed was the worst night of her life. The experience had been mediocre at best, quick and unsatisfying. It wasn’t until breakfast the morning after she learned the pilot was bragging to anyone who would listen of his conquest. The lesson had hurt and embarrassed her, but she’d learned it well. She’d decided then to wait for someone she truly cared about and who cared about her.

Jaina wondered what spending a night with an experienced Jedi like Kyp would be like. He was so strong, and not just in the Force. She knew, intellectually, that Kyp worked out and had a good physique. At times, it made her feel guilty she didn’t find more time to hit the gym between missions. Then, in his quarters, he’d lifted her off her feet and held her without any sign of straining a single muscle: His body warm and granite hard against hers. The heat they generated seemed to melt away the protective barrier she put up with other men, Jag included.

She enjoyed Kyp’s company, a fact that surprised the Sith out of her and most other people, too. Was there really such a thing as working too well together? Why did men have to be so confusing?

Jaina punched at the padded sparring bag until her clothes were soaked with sweat and her hands ached. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t like she’d need her hands to fly missions. Jaina’s short but illustrious career would be over as soon as the paperwork was completed. Her X-wing would belong to some other pilot, maybe as soon as tomorrow. Her independence would go with it. What was she going to do? She was leaving the familiar security of the military life, and for what? Kyp didn’t want her with him, Jacen was doing his own thing, her parents had their own projects as did Uncle Luke and Aunt Mara…

Hot tears started to flow and she couldn’t stop them.

* * * * *

Tycho Celchu was passing the recreation and training rooms when he heard crying. He approached the door and took a quick look inside to confirm his suspicions. Then, he stalked off in the direction of the visitors’ quarters. Kyp Durron was going to get a piece of his mind. He’d seen the way the man looked at Jaina when he thought nobody was paying attention. He’d also seen the way Jaina had slowly grown more distant and unhappy since the decommission of the Twin Suns and Kyp’s departure. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that there was only one possible reason for Jaina’s tears and that reason was Kyp Durron.

He knocked on the door and waited. The door unlocked and opened before him, and a voice from within called for him to enter. He took two steps forward and stopped, momentarily surprised to find Kyp seated in an uncomfortable looking position on the floor, his attention focused on a single lighted candle suspended in the air before him. Durron didn’t seem the meditating type.

“Whatever I’m being accused of, I didn’t do it. I haven’t left my quarters since I got here.” Kyp spoke softly, his lips barely moving, and Tycho had to strain to make out the words.

The former Rogue commander stepped forward far enough so the door could slide closed behind him and give them some privacy. “Something is wrong with Jaina.”

The candle drifted to the floor and Kyp looked up at him with narrowed eyes. “Don’t you mean, Colonel Solo?”

“Colonel Solo resigned her commission this morning before breakfast. Then, you show up unannounced. Now, she’s sitting on the floor in one of the training rooms sobbing her eyes out. Why don’t you tell me just what the hell you did to her?” Tycho gauged the Jedi Master’s reaction, looking for signs of emotion. What he saw was confusion. “Only one thing that can make a woman cry like that, and it’s a broken heart.”

Kyp blew out the candle and stood up to face the Rogue veteran. “What do you mean she’s crying her eyes out? I would feel it if she were upset…” He stretched his senses toward her and hit a wall. “Sithspit! She’s kriffing shielding from me, again.” He turned his attention back to his visitor, “why think I said something? We aren’t involved. She’s seeing Jagged Fel. And if he broke her heart, I’ll kill him.”

Tycho snorted. “Yeah, you’re not in love with her, at all.”

Kyp whirled around. “I never claimed I didn’t love her. As if it were any of your business.” Kyp shot him a look that said this was very clearly not his business. “I said we aren’t involved, and we aren’t.”

“Are you saying it is a coincidence Jaina Solo has been acting oddly reclusive since you left, then she resigns and you show up the very same day?”

“That is exactly what I’m saying.” Kyp explained, “I came to ask her to take leave time and fill in for me on the Council, and she mentioned resigning.”

Tycho thought about that. Perhaps, he’d been wrong about the attraction between Durron and Jaina. Perhaps, banthas can fly, too. “Her resignation came as a surprise to us all. She wouldn’t do it without a plan or a damn good reason.”

“Where is Jag?”

“He went back to make his report to his superiors on Scilla five weeks ago.” Tycho pinned him with a look. “I hope, for your sake, she’s not wasting all those tears over you, Durron.” Tycho baited the other man, and allowed himself a small unfriendly smile. “It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to deal with someone who played Jaina. Rogues take care of their own.” With the unspoken threat hanging in the air, he turned and left.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kyp growled at the closed door.

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