Many thanks to Csillag, who shared with me the story of the bridesmaid dress she'd worn at her sister's wedding, her mode of revenge, and then allowed me to twist the story into the Star Wars fanfic universe!

The Honor of Your Presence
Diana DeRiggs

"By the power given to me by the government of the New Republic as captain of this ship, Lusankya, I declare to the universe, and to those here present, that you are husband and wife. Corran and Mirax, congratulations, and may the Force be with you, always."

The happy young couple embraced quickly; both had tears in their eyes, and their hearts filled with love. Drawing apart, they gazed at each other, then kissed one another almost tenderly.

Wedge Antilles was nudged by his second-in-command, Tycho Celchu. Looking at the man who was his closest friend in the universe, Wedge returned the nod and smiled in agreement at the unsaid question, Wonder who among us will be next???

What a strange little wedding this was! Wedge had been cornered earlier that day by Mirax, his best childhood friend, to perform this service for her and Corran. He was so afraid of Booster's reaction that he asked Tycho to accompany him as a witness and bodyguard, in case Booster - Mirax's father - caught him in this act. Wedge actually had nothing to fear, for in fact, Booster had great regard for Wedge, and thought of him as more than a son; Booster thought of him as an equal.

Tycho was an appropriate choice for another reason: among the Rogues, he and Corran shared the experience of having been imprisoned by Ysanne Isard in the bowels of this Super Star Destroyer. The younger man had accused the Rogue X.O. of being a traitor, and learned the hard way that he was not always right, Jedi hunches or no. Together, they had managed, at last, to kill Isard as she ran from Thyferra in a modified shuttle.

Iella Wessiri was Corran's best friend in all the galaxy. So close were they that Iella was not the slightest bit wounded when she learned of Corran's engagement to Mirax, second-hand. She knew that if Corran had any questions or doubts, he would have come to her immediately.

Mirax Terrik was the only girl in the galaxy who could help Corran heal from his wounds and stresses. The daughter of Booster Terrik, smuggler and all-around good guy, Mirax was strong and could more than compensate for Corran's arrogance. Only a few years before, Mirax's father had been captured by Corran's father, put on trial, and sent to the penal colony in Kessel. Living in his world of absolutes, Corran imagined that if his father was good, kind and noble, then Booster must be the scum of the universe.

If Corran could marry Mirax despite this past history, he could learn that his father was not always right, that Booster was not always wrong, and become a full person.

Iella fervently hoped so. She'd seen Corran make enough mistakes for two lifetimes, based on his worship of his father, Hal.

She was ecstatically happy for her former CorSec partner. Even so, Iella was not above ribbing him, "Hey, Horn?" She tapped his shoulder has he embraced his wife. "Move away with your hands where I can see them. Let the girl breathe, will you?"

Corran looked back at Iella, and Mirax looked back at Wedge, and Iella and Wedge found themselves being smothered in tight hugs from the bridal couple. Then everyone was embracing everyone else, and smiling and laughing again.

Tycho was hugged by Corran, too. The two men said nothing, but gazed upon each other with a mutual understanding.

"I can't believe you made me come to your wedding in this, Corran!" exclaimed Iella, looking down at her garment. "This is undoubtedly the most hideous thing you've ever made me wear, even on an undercover stakeout!"

Corran looked at what she was wearing, and noticed the shiny pink dress with a tight crossover bodice and gray sash tied around her waist in a big bow at the back. Normally, Iella looked beautiful in anything, but the full skirt and puffy sleeves on this concoction hid her figure completely, nearly pushing her body parts into odd shapes. She appeared both too young and too old for the dress, which made her look dumpy and stiff at the same time.

"Wow, I made you wear that??"

Iella wrinkled her nose at him, "You don't remember??? You came to my quarters with this thing over your arm, said, 'Iella, this is really important to me, I'm marrying Mirax, please come as my second, look I even got you a dress, no excuses about having nothing to wear.' I'm going to kill you!"

Mirax swatted her new spouse, "Husband, if you think this is acceptable garb for services rendered by your best friend, you are not allowed to pick out so much as your own undergarments, ever again!"

Tycho laughed, "He's CorSec, down to his undergarments!"

Corran colored, "They are GREEN... my flightsuit is green, my droid is green, my ship is ..."

Tycho grinned merrily, "A few are red! I think you're color blind!"

Mirax eyed Tycho, "Why do you know more about my husband's underclothes than I do?"

Corran was blushing a deeper crimson now, "Um... because I have them on when he's around?" Giggles abound.

When she finally caught her breath, Iella's grin turned evil, "Revenge is sweet, Corran. If I ever marry again, YOU will be my matron of honor, and I'll make you wear a whole suit - all the way down to your underclothes - in green and white polkadots!"

More shrieks of laughter followed, and everyone was weak when Corran replied in horror, "No! Not the underclothes! I mean, imagine how stupid I'll look wearing just polkadots when Tycho comes around?!"

All thoughout the exchange, Wedge wondered why he'd never noticed the dress Iella had been wearing before she'd brought it to Corran's attention. Honestly, it didn't look bad on her at all. Then again, he suddenly realized, when I'm looking at her, in my mind's eye, she's not wearing any clothes ...

* * * * *

"Mirax! I need to go to the Holo center, a package is there for us."

Mirax sighed, "No need, husband. How long have we been married? And you still don't realize I go there every day to send things and pick them up?"

"Oh, your business," Corran blinked a bit, "Sorry, love. The Force is weak with this one in that regard."

The Horns were back on Coruscant, having spent the past few months on Yavin IV at Skywalker's Jedi academy. The former Rogue no longer piloted fighters and starships regularly, having retired from the New Republic Military to devote his time in service to the Jedi. Right now, Mirax had scaled back on her "antiques and collectibles" business due to her second pregnancy.

Their son, Valin, was the first of the Rogue Squadron children to be born, and thus was spoiled as a toddler. His parents both thought a sibling would be helpful in curbing some of Valin's more selfish tendencies. Besides, Corran admitted to Mirax once that he would love to be the daddy of a girl.

Mirax and Corran spent several months at a time in various ports, including Booster's flagship, the Errant Venture. Both of their children were conceived on the former Imperial Star Destroyer. He and Mirax had many fond memories of love and sex in the "family" suite. Corran tried not to begrudge his enterprising father-in-law for posting a sign within the bedroom: "Where baby Rogues and Jedi are made." Booster made an enormous amount of money renting it out to fertile and infertile couples when the Horn family was not in residence.

Other times, they lived on Yavin IV, where Corran would continue to hone his skills as a Jedi, toward taking on his first pupil apprentice. At the rate Valin was growing and learning, Corran would likely have to be ready to take him on sooner, rather than later. He'd shown Jedi traits almost from the moment he was born.

Mirax had wanted to station herself on the capital world during the final months of her pregnancy, so she could continue to trade and attract business. Corran always enjoyed being on-planet, since most of the Rogue pilots - past and present - were still there, also. Plus, Jedi or not, he wanted the best medical care available for his wife when the time came to deliver their daughter.

So it came to pass that a package several standard weeks old had at last followed them through these various places to Coruscant. It had become grubby with handling, passed from port to port in an effort to find its recipient. This was normal for Mirax's business contacts.

So Corran was surprised when Mirax tossed to him a small, light packet containing something soft. The stamps and marks indicated that it had originated from a newly-discovered planet called Adumar. Corran recalled hearing about it briefly from Tycho; apparently, Wedge had been there, playing diplomat. Corran winced at the thought, knowing his former commander's diplomacy skills ranged from marginal to none.

Just before tearing open the packet, he paused to read the return address. It was from Iella. What was she doing on Adumar? Was she with Wedge? Impossible, she'd told him she was hurt that Wedge was dating that Omwati girl. She'd never play second-fiddle to her in Wedge's eyes, and Iella's pride was a dangerous thing. Corran felt sorry for Wedge, being on the same dinky planet with Iella and her wrath.

Corran opened the packet and peered in at the contents. He called to his wife, "Mirax, we're going to a wedding!" and nearly choked on his laughter.

Concerned, Mirax waddled into the living room, "Really? Imagine the discourtesy of getting married now when I'm bigger than Tarkin's ego! Was that the invitation ...?" She stopped and burst out laughing, too. For Corran was displaying a small garment to her, holding it so she could clearly see what it was. In the packet was green CorSec-issue undershorts, hand-decorated with big, white dots.

No note, no explanation was included. But really, one wasn't needed.

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