Heat: 07 Rating: X
Diana deRiggs

Galloping toward his own orgasm, Jagged Fel let his defenses down. Only intending to trap his beloved to him forever, he knew that ejaculating his sperm into her would have the desired effect: Jaina would belong to him!

So imagine his surprise when it turned out that Jaina had enough presence of mind — perhaps augemented by the Force — to push him off her. His body, bent down onto his quarry, was catapulted backward and now he lay on his back, looking up between his legs up at a very pale Jaina.

My cock's blocking my view, was the thought that passed through his mind. It'd be hilarious to think about someday.

She was bent over double, torso leaning forward on her hands while her legs remained splayed open. Jagged admired the shiny, musky wetness between those legs.

"How dare you! You're a gornt, Jagged Fel!" Jaina's declaration came out breathlessly, due to the exertions of the past minutes. "How dare you rape me!"

Raising himself up on his elbows behind him, Jagged propped himself up and lowered his legs. "You can't rape the willing, Jaina." He pushed his upper body up so that he was leaning forward too, right into her face. He grinned when she twitched backward a bit in response.

Peeved by his glee, Jaina leaned back toward Jagged, in challenge. "You're in a women's room lounge, threatening to impregnate me!"

Moving slowly, he leaned in so close that he could smell her anger. He pressed his lips lightly to her, touching no other part of her.

She gasped.

But didn't move away.

Leaning in closer, he kissed her harder. Then more deeply. Still not touching her with anything other than his lips.

When he parted his mouth to offer his tongue, she moved bank away from him, but Jagged followed. Kiss. Push. Pull. Kiss. Repeat.

Till soon, she was leaned back on the back of the divan. He'd follwed her lips as they moved back; she didn't realize her legs were still open, do he was kneeling between them to osculate.

He eventually put his lips on her wet, glistening nethers again, after trailing his lips and tongue down her chil ... to her neck ... throat ... clavicle ... breasts ... stomach ...

Never once touching her with anything but his mouth.

He saw her gaze glaze over, heard her breathing slow — then speed. Her breasts heaved and he licked and blew on her clitoris.

He heard her moan. He fluttered strokes on her vulva and labia. She opened her legs wider.

"Oh ... Jag ... don't ... no ..."

He listened as he made out with her pussy, kissing and licking it, experimenting what strokes would quicken her breathing and make her gasp.

"Oh ... please ... oh ..."

He stopped. "Please? What do you want, Jaina?"

He knew she was weeping. He heard her sob.

"Should I stop kissing you, Jaina? Do you want me to leave you alone forever?"

Her chest heaved and shuddered.

"Tell me, Jaina, say it. Order me! You know I'm your slave, now and forever. I'll do what you want." He whispered the words softly, knowing the turmoil that was going on in her mind. "If you want to never feel me on you again ... I'll hate it, but I'll do it, Jaina."

Her shut and tears squeezed out. He questioned her again, kneeling between her legs, but he did it silently, flicking his tongue along the underside of her clitoris. It was an unfair manipulation; Jagged knew this was the spot that the highly excitable woman found irresistable.

Jagged hummed and breathed as he lightly licked her magical spot. "Do you want me to stop, Jaina?"

"No ... please ... no ..."

"No?" He mouthed her sex again. "No ... what?"

He felt her right hand on the top of his head, pressing him toward her. He found himself hungering to chew her, to force her to an explosive orgasm! But this was not a normal sexual act ... this was a moment that would define everything for him. He knew that this may be the only chance he got to ensnare her. This was important!

"Don't ... stop ... oh, never ..." She breathed it, like a mantra. "Oh, Jagged ..."

He stopped. Her eyes popped open and she stared at him, open-mouthed, as he stood up.

He felt her relief when he leaned in again to embrace her. With his mouth pressed against her ear, he asked, "Jaina ... do you want me ... inside you?"

He felt her sob, as her hands clenched into fists. "Just do it, Jagged."

"Do what, Jaina? This?" He nuzzled her neck, sucking on it gently. "Or this?" He rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, putting pressure on it just the way she liked it. "Maybe this?" His other hand cupped her mons and gently massaged.

He recognized her groan as frustration. "No? I'll stop ..."

Knowing it would happen still didn't prevent his surprise.

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