Heat: 06 Rating: X
Diana deRiggs

Jagged grabbed onto her thighs, wrapping his arms around them to draw her closer and trap her in position. His determination forced her legs open and she let out a little shriek, helpless.

She moved to push his head away, but he bit her — delicately, softly ... like a cat does to prevent someone from leaving — and it took her breath away!

He did it again, and again. First her labia ... then her vulva ... licking, sucking, chewing! Ow, too hard! Jaina's defenses could only respond to his onslaught, her legs flailing and trying to close, prevented by his strong arms from blocking him.

"Oh ... oh!! Stop!!! ..." Jaina's blithered entreaties were completely ignored by her attacker. Not completely, Jagged hummed to himself. He knew she'd resist in that cute, clumsy way she always did. And, frankly, this turned him on.

Her babbling became incoherent as Jaina became lost in the feelings washing over her as Jagged feasted on her pussy. He'd never considered the most female of organs to be particularly delicate. His mother had had many siblings birthed vaginally. There was no way those tissues were as delicate as women claimed they were, and he felt comfortable being as rough as he wanted.

He bit down on her clitoris, and had steeled himself for her howl of pleasure and the gush of juices as she tumbled over the wall of her orgasm! He'd taken the precaution of grabbing her wrists and pinning them down by her thighs. It allowed him to hold her down firmly against his face, and keep her legs spread wide, too.

As she writhed and bucked against him, he fluttered his tongue along the underside of her clitoris by its root, making her pant like an animal in heat. Her juices didn't abate as she orgasmed over and over in a never-ending sequence.

And then he felt it — her surrender! He kept his tongue flat and still against her clit and she rubbed her clit willingly and independently against it, bringing herself over her own edge. He noted how she'd flick her clit over the roughness of his tongue faster and faster, then press firmly against him as she peaked and moaned. Then she'd rub against him slowly and tentatively for a while as she panted till she started building again.

It would have amused him enough to laugh, if he wasn't so dead-serious about conquering his quarry. The truth was ... he loved Jaina Solo. He always had, almost since the moment he'd met her. And he had been looking toward this opportunity to capture her, and never allowing her to leave him again!

She was tiring, gasping for breath. He wondered if Jaina used the Force to augment the power of her orgasms? Or perhaps she'd use mind tricks on her lovers to make them feel that sex with her was more incredible that it would otherwise seem? But ... the way she was moaning and breathing now, he doubted she'd ever cum so hard as she was now. All because of him!

Her struggling had ceased and her responses slowed to semi-conscious twitching from any aftershocks he inflicted on her body. This was the moment Jagged was waiting for! He let go of her gently and noted that her wrists bore the bruises inflicted by his fingers. And he'd bit her thighs and pussy lips so hard that she had hickies all over her nethers. Jaina looked completely used and worn out.

Jagged had never seen anything so beautiful in his life.

While she lay limp and sweating, eyes closed, Jagged quickly undid his suit so that he was as naked as Jaina was. His balls ached with need and he didn't think his cock was ever as hard as it was right now!

There was no need to line up his member to her cunt hole. She was so wet and slick that he simply needed to let his penis find her groove and push. Without pause or resistance, he slid along her cleft fell right into her pussy.

As lubricated and tired as she was, Jaina still gasped, her eyes flying open with surprise. Blinking rapidly, Jagged thought she looked like a doll with big synth-enamel eyes fluttering in time to his thrusting.

"No ... no, Jagged," she managed to squeak out in her exhausted state, stuttering in time to his rhythm, "I ... I'm not ... protected! No!"

"Mmm ... a bitch like you needs to be raped regularly," sneered Jagged, "you're taking some big chances. And you're going to be punished for it!"

Jaina's mind slid around, trying to make sense of Jagged's words, but the sexual rush that washed over her was drowning her in a sea of her own lust, where reasoning had no place. Only partly conscious of the forced nature of this event, she chose to let him fuck her, and to enjoy this incredible sexual experience.

As she approached orgasm again, she felt herself spinning in a whirlpool that she realized represented a memory of the past ... about when she and Jagged talked about children, and how careful she would be in order to not get pregnant. She had told him she felt raising children would be a punishment for all involved — and especially for her, seeing how difficult it was for her mother to raise her three children as she did.

He wants to impregnate me! She yelped when she realized his intention and tried to push him off her.

He'd anticipated her sudden, peripatic resistance, of course. And held her down and banged her mercilessly!

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