Heat: 05 Rating: PG-13/R
Diana deRiggs

She awoke with a start, to see Jagged bent over her, his hands on either side of her face, looking down on her at a very, very short distance.

Remembering where she was, she struggled to sit up and tell him he's not allowed in the Ithorian women's restroom, but he pressed his lips to her and she held her breath, as he moved his body to share the divan with her.

Jaina felt skittish as her former lover stroked her hair. They had shared a kiss and she was lying beneath him on a divan, their hands groping each other. She was a bit annoyed at herself for trembling, but she found that she really couldn't help it. What if Jagg was just toying with her?

She felt his arm around her shoulders and turned her face up instinctively toward him. She was startled that his eyes were half-closed and he took a deep breath through his flared nostrils. "You smell so good," he murmurred. "I never forgot your scent."

"Hmmm ..." she didn't quite know how to respond to this very intimate declaration. But her eyes drooped shut as she subconsciously took in his smell. He smelled a bit like rocket-grade fuel, the type used in starfighters. Perhaps having spent so much of his life in one vehicle or another, the odor had permeated his cells.

And beneath that scent, Jaina smelled a familiar muskiness. She had forgotten that smell, but as soon as she encountered it again, she realized that even if she was blinded, she'd recognize Jagg's basic smell. It was a little like chlorinated water ... and a little like fresh, raw corn.

It was the smell of his semen.

It would get stronger at certain times, of course. And curiously, after he'd bathed in an old-fashioned water shower, that scent was strong then, too.

Jagg listened to Jaina's breathing slow and deepen as she concentrated on refamiliarizing herself with his physical presence. He moved in closer to her and felt the heat of his own desire being absorbed hungrily by her skin.

He gently kissed her cheek, then moved effortlessly to her ear and kissed that softly, so that the sound of his contact didn't boom into the close proximity of her ear. His tongue langorously traced the outline of that organ and he felt her shiver again.

He remembered ... Jaina felt herself drowning in the wave of emotion, responding to her former lover. As his arms encircled her in his embrace, she lost the past tense. My lover ... he remembers ...

Her hands came up to hold onto the arm in front of her and she let out a soft moan. Unwilling to stop this feeling, she pressed up against him, letting him lick and suck on her ear, then the skin under her jaw muscle. She drew a sharp breath when he nipped at her with his teeth.

Turning her around abruptly, Jagg pressed his lips against hers and leaned into her, forcing her to either move away and back ... or to lean in to reciprocate.

Her need was growing stronger, but it suddenly overtook her all at once. Jaina's arms moved around Jagg's ribs as her lips and tongue responded to his oral probings. She breathed more deeply through her nose, pulling his scent more completely into her psyche.

Jagg had subtly started unfastening her clothing; she always wore quasi-military gear, so the locations of the buttons and closures were familiar to him. He kept contact with her ears, her mouth, her throat, as he unveiled more of her skin. The result being that she was soon naked, without remembering how she got that way.

She was leaned back against the divan now, savoring his attentions. He moved one hand over her breast, then covered that area with licks and kisses. Then his hand moved to her hip, followed soon by his mouth. Then to her vagina, which he found wet and receptive.

At the feel of his mouth on her nethers, Jaina started. No one had been there in how long ... her body tensed as she tried to remember the last time, to count the months. I was with a woman, I think ...

Jagg took her stiffening as resistance, and rather than stopping, he became more determined!

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